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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • FILES INTO PRISON - ON THE 28TH DAY OF HUNGER STRIKE - unfortunately not the ones he needs for his scheduled trials...

    During the 6 months Maurice has been 'resident' at HMP Cardiff, he was allowed to read in the library 4 times. Ten minutes each.

    Purely for occupying his mind, it'll be good for him to read what he has gathered in terms of his facts and truths vs South Wales Police's actions and infiltrations into the judiciary and prison system - in a minute share of oodles of Lever Arch files.

    And since this operation it has emerged that this is not the lot he needs to prepare for his trials... 

    Maurice can identify the good and the bad guys. But what difference does it make???

    Why does it take a hunger strike to get what he needs to have a chance with his trials? Two are scheduled for 10 and 24 March. But he has not been told what will be heard when.

    Mark Twain said that "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't."

    It is certainly true that nobody could have thought up what all those who pull the strings behind the scenes have made happen to Maurice - by employing staff with remits to 'just do their job'. 

    We also had pen and paper during our visit. But Maurice's frustration is sky high. 

    On top of the deadline of the court hearings, having had to decide to go on hunger strike and to endure it for such a long time, because of prison conditions, while not having the facilities necessary to handle paper work, it's too much for anybody to bear. 

    So far, not for Maurice yet. Mainly due to the most solid of his local supporters who looks after him and his belongings while the other side seems to think that the best would be if he were just to die away... 


    Here is a letter to the Governor of the prison from a supporter,

     Fax to HMP


  • Third week of Hunger strike

    As Maurice is now in his third week of a hunger strike protesting at the violations of his rights as a Litigant in person, a reported intercession of the County court may be forcing the prisons hand.

    Maurice's position statement one week ago:

    Meanwhile the machinations at the Crown court continue;

    Not to mention the machinations at the prison,

     Latest news just in, is that some, at least, of Maurice's Files have been admitted to the prison after questions were asked by the civil case Judge as to why they were not available to his claimant. we await confirmation as to whether they have been passed on to him.

  • WHY I AM ON HUNGER STRIKE & Forensic Analysis of Cardiff's Predetermined Conviction Policy

    It's not dated, this letter, but it arrived on 15th February - in a very torn envelope - with other documents dated 1st February 2014: WHY I AM ON HUNGER STRIKE:

    1. Cardiff Court and prison conditions are, putting it bluntly, an abuse of process.
    2. 3rd May 2012 Cown Court (Breach of Restraining Order). The prosecutor, for the Crown, admitted still having District Judge John Charles' hand drafted 1st December 2011 Restraining Order that was before many witnesses before it was taken to my cell for possible approval. I was never served with the final typed version.
    3. On 24th September 2013 the same prosecutor applies to Crown Court asking I cannot cross examine him in the appeal from my arresting him for not disclosing, following my need for proof it ever existed!
    4. My 'common assault' conviction, for the 'private arrest', should have been heard on 14th October 2013, but I was arrested, anything to slow down my civil claims. His applications included, not just the appointment to have Cardiff appointing a barrister 'on my behalf' but also the judge was to be from outside South Wales and Magistrates from no district bording MS from Swansea to Chepstow. So, who can I not have my trials and other appeals ...?
    5. The heart of the matter is the unlawful manner in which I was gaoled for 7 months over an antique machine gun and when that was doomed to fail try instead to get me sectioned for life in a secure psychiatric hospital.
    6. I remain on hunger strike until conditions improve.
      i) McKenzie Friend be allowed to take notes from a Litigant in Person.
      ii) I am booked, as promised, more than once, to see a neurologist. 
      iii) After 3 months of asking to have a table in my cell.
      iv) The Cardiff Court moved my last appeal to England. So why cannot be, irrespective of the fact Bristol promptly unopposed it?      

    This list is far from exhaustive.

    The envelope also contained this forensic analysis of Cardiff's Predetermined Conviction Policy:

    1. My name was removed from the Veterinary Register reliant primarily on two common assault convictions involving the South Wales Police assured of predetermined verdicts with no reprisals.  
    2. In the Cowbridge Show incident the Crown Prosecutor was not allowed to give evidence but wrote to the Disciplinary Committee stating that had he been made aware of the full facts stated, it was the Police Inspector who 'struck the first blow'.
    3. In the Aircraft Engineer's incident he was the only witness. The currently stayed BS614159 civil damages claim resulting from Police persecution between 1993 and 2002, contained evidence on oath relating to an incident IPCC (Wales) refuses to investigate. It is that South Wales Police crossed the river Severn to persuade the engineer to significantly alter evidence.
    4. Examples from my antecedent history:
      24/06/10 Contempt of Court 28 days relating to judge's promise to release 2/12/09 medical records;
      24/08/11 Threat to Kill Lord Mayor £50 fine re Police changing machine gun colour;
      01/12/11 Harassment of Psychiatrist 18 weeks re 02/12/09 fabricated MAPPA level 3 records;
      01/12/11 Fail to attend Court 'no penalty' despite valid medical cert. and legal representation;
      02/12/11 Public Order £75 - 1 day (served) re Nigerian Musa six children snatching case;
      02/12/11 Fail to attend Court £50 - 1 day (served) Authorities conspire to not produce me from Cardiff prison due to Haringey Council / McKenzie Friend withheld evidence;
      04/05/12 Breach of Restraining Order 9 months re 1st Dec 11 Order never served in cells;
      25/06/13 Assault on Crown Prosecutor 'conditional discharge' re withheld draft order;
      10/12/13 Assault on Prison Officer (A20140005) 3 months re theft of my passport.
    5. 'Evidence of Similar Fact'
      All the above and pending March 14 Jury trials are 'all tarred by the same brush'. For example see Download transcripts and in particular full sequence of machine gun arrest to acquittal, Judge Bidder QC? 02/12/09, 17/10/13, 03/01/14, 07/01/14 and Newport Crown 23/01/14 transcripts all on;
    6. 14th November 2009 Recorder of Cardiff's Orders for 1st Dec 11 harassment conviction is similar to the deliberate delay of the prison officer appeal (see 10/12/13 clerk of the courts notes) celebrating the signing of ECHR Convention.

    As publisher of Victims Unite I find it 'interesting' to observe how Maurice as one victim turned starfighter and McKenzie Friend experiences in one life time what others experience 'jointly': corruption in the Police, falsification and non-disclosure of evidence in Courts, breaches of all rules and the complete prevention of advancing legal proceedings as a Litigant in Person whilst held in prison.  

    I watched it with Melissa Laird and the Musas. What do they have in common? Child snatching, since Social Services always rely on Police officers to do the snatching.

    Just in case you believe in the virtue of the Police, do look at and ways of falsifying crime statistics.


     That, at least, is the opinion of Maurice who sees the hidden black hand behind the latest disruption to the site.

    It is a well known tactic of the security services to employ internet trolls to disrupt sites that are spreading a bit too much truth!

    As the police are having a hard time stopping Maurice's revelations, they seem to be mounting another campaign on a second front, much as they did in the machine gun farce when they used threats to remove his daughter by the Social Services to weaken his position and divert attention from their wholly spurious firearms claims.

    It may well be the case that there is more than one police/government agent acting on this site as they are often known to play "good cop, bad cop" in order to cause more disruption and confusion.

    Anyway, it is good news according to Maurice as it shows that they are getting desperate to stop the dissemination of the truth.

    Here is another way they try to shut him up.IMG_0004.txt    Evans Ap2.txt   Evans Ap3.txt  Evans Ap4.txt

    This is the same tactic used by Judge Charles to stop him getting the truth out of the Doctor.

    Again, they are using the Laws designed to protect children and vulnerable people. Of course they can't actually say that he is vulnerable as the man is a barrister and spends his days in court rooms ripping into witnesses.

    So instead they make up a pretence that the" quality of the evidence" will be somehow improved if Maurice is kept shut up in the fish tank and some masonic appointed lawyer questions his "brother" about none of  the key points.

    Well they are right, from their point of view the quality of the evidence will certainly be improved, no questions of any import will be asked and they will be able to cover up their cover up, so to speak.

    On the subject of his hunger strike untill they cease to obstruct his defence of himself, apparently he is being moved to the hospital wing shortly.

    So either they are concerned about his health or they are preparing to be concerned.

  • ON THE 14TH DAY OF HUNGER STRIKE: If 3 of his four conditions are met, he’ll eat again

    Maurice uses his time in prison since 14th October to demand rights for litigants in person, especially when they are falsely imprisoned. I experienced exactly the same restrictions with the Musas and with Melissa Laird when I visited them in their respective prisons:

    • the ‘gravy train system' expects ‘professionals' to represent them;
    • but Victims Unite! wouldn't exist if legal professionals were acting in the interest of their clients;
    • hence the need for McKenzie Friends assisting 'Litigants in Person'.

    The Legal Services Consumer Panel recently considered whether McKenzie Friends could charge for their assistance. Might they fear the competition??? Do they understand that money decides legal matters, as this affidavit concludes? Do they know that an elegant solution for the Government would be to use Bradbury Pounds to compensate victims of white collar criminals?

    Maurice started the hunger strike for reasons that only he can explain. But they culminate in these conditions:

    1.       He has been promised to be seen by a neurologist, but it doesn't happen;

    2.       As he wrote to HHJ Rowlands, he wants an English court or judge to look at his case;

    3.       To get a table to write on and advance his legal proceedings with adequate support, instead of being harassed, ill treated and ‘punished' - whether it's getting access to his money, photocopying, the library or the telephone during working hours;

    4.       He and his visiting McKenzie Friends should get pen and paper - supplied by HMP Cardiff - just as in HMP Holloway.

    As the Association of McKenzie Friends we were told that the permission to allow for ‘legal visits' where papers can be taken in and out freely, is up to the discretion of each Governor. However, in HMP Cardiff, what the Governor or his Deputy promised, was compromised by ‘white shirts' as Maurice calls them. We saw it first hand when we did NOT get pen and paper...

    Maurice concludes that the loss of control by the Governors puts security at risk in the prison.

    I guess we're reaching a level of anarchy, where the Australian author Evan Whitton of Our Corrupt Legal System - where Everybody is a victim, except rich Criminals is proven to be right:

    • First we discovered ‘professionals' such as accountants,
    • then the courts,
    • then insolvency practitioners
    • and then Social Services, the secrecy of family courts
    • and finally prisons and the Police who falsify crime statistics.

    No wonder there are international concerns about UK Law...

  • VISIT IN HMP CARDIFF on the 10th Day of a Hunger Strike

    Despite the tube strike I made it to the right train. In Cardiff we hand delivered two letters from Maurice - to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and HHJ Rowlands at the Crown Court. I want to understand procedures and 'due process'. 

    One of his questions to the CPS: how come I've become a 'sex offender' on th VISOR register? Reminds me of his MAPPA issue - it's all a pretext to justify treating him (and others) as a terrorist (i.e. shoot to kill) or possibly paedophile now!? 

    Maurice is on file for hearings on 10th and 24th March. Regarding bail, he needs to make yet another application. It's supposedly the CPS who decide whether an address is acceptable - not the Police. But we know that South Wales Police are as much in charge of Maurice's life and belongings as they possibly can - both inside and outside HMP Cardiff... 

    Shocking to see all these young visitors in the waiting area. To see Maurice was not too shocking, even though he had not shaved - to preserve his energies, as he said. The notes on his arm had Litigants in Person on top of the list. I can see why - not only from his but other prisoners' experiences. That's why we created the Association of McKenzie Friends!

    By now it appears that prisoners who have anything to do with #childsnatchuk leading to #paedobritain get the worst treatment.

    His list of 25 breaches of prison rules was not exhaustive. But his fighting spirit and tenacity will never be broken. Incredibly admirable while he's busy reading a book on Prison Law. This DIY approach to the Law is what all victims of white collar crimes must resort to, it seems, after nearly 300,000 visits on Victims Unite! 

    Maurice was promised pen and paper by the Deputy Governor. But his underlings didn't comply. Why is it normal to get it in HMP Holloway and not HMP Cardiff? It's of great assistance as long as McKenzie Friends don't get legal visits - one of our campaigning goals. Our Chairperson's vision is a McKenzie Friend attached to every law practice in the country!

    Help4LiPs had asked me to make a list of recommendations on behalf of our experiences as McKenzie Friends. For the judiciary is worried about McKenzie Friends charging money. After all, they are the professionals whose jobs are at risk when they don't conform. If only they were to conform to the Rule of Law and not the Masonic Lodges! But "all gravy trains lead to Masonic Lodges", said Maurice... And South Wales is full of them. 

    John Hemming MP once said "we have to become less punitive." I think that everybody in the prison and judiciary system needs to understand psychotherapy instead of relying on money as stick and carrot besides whatever bribes are at stake. 

    Maurice's letter to HHJ Rowlands ended with "I remain on hunger strike until I am transferred to England with my court case, like last time when it suited them, or conditions in this hell-hole, for unconvicted, are properly addressed as per my letters to numerous MPs."