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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • On the 12th Anniversary of Striking Maurice off the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

    Despite promises, urgent papers for court deadlines couldn't leave HMP Cardiff today. They were not 'processed', but returned... 

    Similarly, his permission to produce CDs is highly curtailed and does certainly not conform to the Order made by HHJ Seys Llewellyn. 

    At the time of his strike-off, Maurice was not allowed to cross-examine a Police Officer who lied. 

    What else is new since then? Damages after damages, battles after battles by "professionals who don't lie" and are "only doing their job", i.e. protect their salaries and pensions, by protecting their brethren. 

    Meanwhile, Litigants in Person can go to hell, rot in prisons and experience stitch-ups in courts.

    None of the complaint procedures work: "we don't deal with individual cases" while statistics don't make the slightest difference. The difference between the parallel economy of civil servants on one hand and independent professionals such as Maurice is that there is always enough money to cover up white collar crimes. Furthermore, there are the Royal Charters who guarantee immunity from prosecution. And so it goes. Everybody knows, as Leonard Cohen sings...

    Litigants in Person are as much a nuisance for that public money machinery as are McKenzie Friends. They must be taught lessons, some policy makers seem to have decided while doing their job and to keep the Oppression of the British people going - with the public gravy train of a dishonest money system...

    In French they say "on boucle la boucle" - when closing a circle. I'm back to where I started: with the publication of fraudulent bankruptcies as white collar crimes

    For Maurice I wonder when will "enough be enough" in terms of violation of laws, rules, practice guidance, ethics, morals, justice, fairness and other lofty terms in professional oaths???

    Another Litigant in Person writes: "three colleagues have long experienced similar prevaricatiive stonewalling - herewith the reply from another one:- the whole system is just another money-making machine for lawyers and strategised to ensure that any complainant body is trapped in a revolving door until s/he disappears up their own arsehole. All these Ombudsmen are government quango's  whose existence are to created to give the illusion of a cosmetic democracy - i.e. it purports to resolve complaints, but no resolution actually ever happens."   

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  • Where's your Duty of Care, Gov? Who cancels health appointments?

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    Maurice Kirk has had rectal pain, an excruciating  situation, which has been impinging on his sleep and more recently, during the day, since late last year. HMP Cardiff rightly organised a colonoscopy at 'The Heath', Cardiff University's Hospital with a Dr/Mr Adam which was supposed to have taken place last March 2014. Maurice travelled to the hospital under escort but before he even saw a doctor the examination was cancelled and he was returned to HMP Cardiff.
    As he was in court during the end of March, he missed his appointment with the Prison Medical Department, Dr Rose Marnell, and so another appointment was made for 6th May 2014 (some 7 weeks later). When this date finally came around, and in regular agony with only paracetamol issued at 8am and mid afternoon each day when he had to take it and not allowed to save it for the pain in the small hours of the night, THE APPOINTMENT WAS CANCELLED with no explanation.
    Since then he has continued to ask for a proper examination as he has previously had rectal problems due to sitting on an extra fuel tank in his Piper Cub from Biggin Hill to Sydney Australia. A seat would have added to the total weight of the plane and restricted distance covered between refuelling.
    Two weeks ago he was able to ask/beg the two main doctors at the unit for a proper appointment and examination but both doctors separately ignored him and would not talk with him. On Bank Holiday Saturday afternoon he was handed a letter from Wing Governor Reed which had been dated Friday 23rd May 2014 suggesting that if he desired a medical examination the Prison could offer the following:
    a) At his own expense he could invite a GP into the Prison to examine him
    but failing that
    b) At his own expense he could visit the surgery via a taxi and escort.
    What is the Prison playing at? One was led to believe that Her Majesty's servants were duty bound to show 'duty of care' of prisoners, but it appears that South Wales 'servants' can do anything, ignore decency, ignore rules, ignore justice. Who can defend inmates from these Welsh 'servants'?

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  • Another Horrific Persecution - to put it mildly

    Maurice's sister is still the best to keep track of how he is being mis-treated by HMP Cardiff, HM Court 'Services' and everybody else who is worried about their salary, pension or perks... 

    After he told me yesterday to alert everybody that he'd be in Bristol Court for a BAIL application TODAY, here's Maurice's sister account: 

    "I have been away so not heard from M nor able to access e mails but had first call from him yesterday am when I was still out in mainland Europe. He phoned again in the afternoon yesterday (12 May 14) to say

    A. he was due in Bristol court today on application for bail.

    B. Paper under door of cell told him of his Rowlands (restraining order) sentence. He had not been informed before!

    C. He was/might be eligible for a tagged release on application.

    D. His long awaited doctor's appointment (6th May) had been mysteriously cancelled.

    E. He was very short of telephone money

    Today: Went to reception for transport to Bristol with a copy of Rowe transcript to hand to judge. Told he had to hand it over to GeoAmy. He refused as when he came to Cardiff court, he was unable to access his legal papers which had been left in the cell below the court (24/25 March) and Judge Rowlands admitted he had no power to order the papers to come up to court. Maurice was not allowing that to happen again. (The papers were in a slim folder which the prison staff could inspect.)

    As he had had very little warning of this Bristol appearance, he wanted to study the papers before arriving in court as he was defending himself.

    Of course the Prison Staff could not guarantee that he would receive the file back once he had arrived at Bristol. So he refused to travel without his legal documents being available in Bristol.


    Now only 85p on his telephone account!

    The transcript (also 3 Jan 14) has huge significance to 10 previous incarcerations/cases, as it shows that the CPS have falsified reasons to prevent M cross examining witnesses including police. The CPS have, by ducking and diving, prevented M from seeing these reasons even though the court on several occasions have ordered he should see these documents.....because they know that they will be exposed."

    Who can do what to bring sanity / justice / fairness to this horrific persecution, fantastic cover-ups and demonic victimisation through brute physical force?

  • Maurice sentenced to 8 months.

     At the hearing for sentencing yesterday, Friday the 2nd May, Maurice received 8 months for the conviction for breaking the restraining order and the same for making threats to damage!

    The following was reported by a supporter who was present in the court;


    Sentence was passed by HHJ Rowlands today at Cardiff Crown court over video link from Cardiff Prison where Maurice is now being held.  

    The judge cut off Maurice's speech in which he referred to "significant brain damage" and MAPPA level 3, on the grounds according to him that it wasn't mitigation and proceeded to then pass his sentence.

    the judge gave 8 months on each of the 2 charges he was found guilty of by the jury to both run consecutively, making 16 months in total, minus the six weeks he also got for the Rogal assault at Cardiff Magistrates' Court back in December 2013.

    However, if he wins that. appeal, then that sentence will of course be quashed.

    HHJ Rowlands didn't however order the restraining order to be amended, although Mr. Smyth on behalf of the CPS applied for this.  

    HHJ Rowlands was of the view that there had been no evidence that any postings were still on the site that were prohibited, and that the effect of the original order was to prohibit continuing publications even though they may have been posted prior to the Order being made.

    HHJ Rowlands also stated that he was taking into account Maurice's age and medical problems, but was of the view that Maurice hadn't shown any remorse or contrition and had persisted in his campaign as he was obsessed by what he perceived as conspiracies and persecution by the authorities.

    There was also no application for costs by the CPS, somewhat surprisingly.  The trial must have cost at least £30,000 if not more.

    Therefore, if the six weeks for the David Rogan appeal is taken into account, assuming that his original sentence isn't quased, Maurice should therefore  be due for release sometime in the middle of August, although on licence for the remainder of the sentence.

    No doubt others will make interpretations and comments on the sentences passed today..

    However, we can only speculate as to why Maurice in fact received quite a lenient sentence.  No doubt others will comment further on this.  I say no more.