Just heard the exact words of 1st December 2011 District Judge John Charles confirming, as I always thought, the final Restraining Order was not to be given to me until after I was released from the cells below the court.

But I was not released until after 5pm many, many hours after the case was over that morning!  I was refusing to leave my cell until I was given, in writing, the accurate outcome of the hearing but it, instead, resulted in five GEOamey bully boys throwing me out as they wanted to go home, throwing my crutches on top of me.......

But where is the CCTV, you ask, I demanded as no such final copy was ever served until weeks later.

AND just where did the draft copies and variations of the Restraining Order finish up, one admitted by CPS to have been in existance and heard about its content by the auduience in the  amateur theatricals of Cardiff court and was to be taken to me for my approval?

They brought me the part hand written alright but denied it before the May jury trial to successfully get a further 9 months of imprisonment.

Another was handed to me by CPS during Crown May trial!  So when and who moved those around,,,,,all now, apparently, conveniently missing, feared shredded.

A can of worms or a can of worms?

Much more of this conspiracy is shortly to be heard Bristol Crown Court Appeal, before His Honour Judge Tycehirst, on the common assault appeal.

AND how they had me locked up in Tottenham police station, last September, using this same rogue doctor's false psychiatric reports, having me locked away for many months will be revealed in court as I am able to speak publically, now, of this rogue Welshing police doctor under legal privilage........all welcome.

Charles said that my being pushed down the court steps by Derrick Hassan and breaking my leg, was," a relitively minor incident which carries no penalty".

But it was used to have me jailed since September until December for failing to surrender (FTS) to Cardiff police station,,,,, the CPS tellling the Court they had, "offered no evidence '. 

So just who opposed my bail applications from my Cardiff prison cell, all Autumn, if it was not the police?  It stinks, doesn't it?

Was it because the falsified Welsh police psychiatric reports, used in 19th Sept Haringey Court, were ridiculed by the lay Magistrates and I was released from the temporary imprisonment under the 1983 Mental Health Act?

What as great pity we cannot have lay magistrates in Cardiff a little more......but then the locals would experience something no longer acceptable. 

But what else did this evil man dribble out and all caught on tape?

The harassment carried a sentence of 18 weeks, just the amount I had been jailed for!!!!  So the little b******d cannot say I was in custody for FTS for the 'common assault' outstanding triviality, can he, as the CPS had offered 'no evidence' and on arrest for ' Harassment of a Welsh NHS  doctor ' I was granted immediate unconditional bail.

Oh what an evil and rotten to the core environment Cardiff courts are.  

More to be written on this later.

Who wants a copy of the District Judge John Charles records?  Four witnesses from the public gallery heard the lot......... and have statements for the English authorities now expressing 'concern' over what is being reported on cyberspace with welsh papers continually gagged.