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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • Code Napoleon showing through the veneer!

    A draconian punishment regime seems to have been imposed upon Maurice since he has been returned to prison in Swansea. News just in reveals that he has lost as much as 20 kilos in weight. He is being kept confined and denied contact with other prisoners. He is not allowed to make phone calls out of the prison and has not been allowed to send out his appeal. Still no reasons for his licence revocation have been forthcoming, apart from a terse "he behaved badly".

    More than a week after he was recalled to prison, ostensibly on the orders of the home secretary, the "authorities" have still failed to come up with any sort of plausible reason as to why he was recalled.

    This is because they are in a bit of a bind, contrary to what they would have us believe, Maurice was actually recalled to prison under European law and not under English Law.(remember the "fish tank" they put him in in court?)

    This can be discerned because there is actually NO REASON under English Law why he can be recalled as he hasn't actually done anything wrong! English Law also says that they must provide him with the reasons within 5 days of his re-arrest, well that has come and gone!

    Under the alternative Code Napoleon, which is slowly being introduced by stealth, they need no reason, as he is already guilty under that twisted doctrine. All that is needed is for someone to make an accusation, no matter how trivial or unsubstantiated and they have him guilty until proven innocent and hence they can put him back in prison, indefinitely!

    The trouble they now have is that their scam is in danger of being exposed, unless they can come up with a reason that will be plausible under English Law then it will be obvious to any thinking person that they are using a different law, a different set of rules. Obviously they are not yet ready to expose the full extent of their deceit in robbing the British people of their historic right to justice and protection from a corrupt state. (If anyone reading this is in any doubt as to wether our state is corrupt, then ask yourself who has the power to cover up the enormous and extensive network of paedophiles that have been and are now infesting the corridors of power?)

    This is where they are stumbling because there just simply is NO REASON to put the man back in prison under our own Law. They are frantically having MAPPA meetings to try and find a way around this problem, but it seems as if they might have shot themselves in the foot, so to speak, (possibly with a machine gun!)



    Here is what Maurice thinks about the situation in a letter that he has sent to the criminal court appeal office, the criminal case review commission and to his trial judge at Cardiff civil court;





  • Back in prison a week after being "let out"

    It has now been confirmed that Maurice was arrested by the police sometime around 4pm yesterday, on the orders of some faceless probation service worker. Exactly what transpired is not yet clear but apparently he is being held by the police awaiting transfer to Swansea prison.

    Here is the version of events supplied by his Sister who visited him.

    Having stayed in at hostel all day as probation officer Sally Powell (based at Barry Police Station) had said she would see Maurice at 0930hrs . She arrived worked with 6 other folk went to lunch and then never came back.

    At 4pm the Swansea Police are asked to arrest M. He is currently in their suite and with probably be transferred to Cardiff Jail tomorrow.

    The police report that they have been given very little information but that he has behaved badly and the 'other' box has been ticked. Even they are baffled!

    His licence has been revoked and now there is no recourse via courts etc and they could keep him inside UNTIL NEXT MARCH thus squashing the civil case against the South wales Police as it will have run out of time.

    ONLY publicity will free Maurice................please help!

    Bad behaviour = a stitch up when he visited Kingsway Surgery to confirm his long awaited  The Heath Hospital appointment for anaesthetic op for internal examination due next Thursday 17th July. He saw a lovely genuine doctor Dr Lewis. He had asked the staff to check his appointment still stood. It was not confirmed whilst he saw the Dr and so he went back a second time (having walked back to the hostel) and again the staff had not rung the hospital. He was exasperated but never rude nor spoke loudly.

    He was reported as being 'intimidating'. On visiting another medical practice he was told: 'folk from that hostel go to the Kingsway Practice'. It now turns out that very few people are able to comply with their licence and are returned with no hope from whence they came.

  • Maurice Vacates His Cell for Rolf Harris


    14/05/14                Appellant to Criminal Court of Appeal             BS614159

                                                                                                                    T20131144 Etc                                                                                                              

             3rd Breach of ‘Restraining Order’ 17th March14 Cardiff Crown Court Trial

    My attempt to submit further ‘Grounds’ already with Criminal Court of Appeal



    1. Refused medical attention
    2. Refused process legal aid form
    3. Refused access to lawyer in prison
    4. Refused glasses in court
    5. Refused legal papers in court
    6. Refused, either in court or in prison, to interview defence witnesses
    7. Refused access to his own funds
    8. Refused outstanding relevant appeals/applications required to be heard first
    9. Refused access to his legal papers in prison
    10. Refused the right to call defence witnesses
    11. Refused the his right to cross examine
    12. Refused Sect 8 police disclosure or basic primary disclosure despite promises, over 22 years, by countless South Wales Police and CPS personnel.

    This list is far from exhaustive

    Maurice J Kirk A7306AT

    HMP Cardiff

    South Wales



    [ Deja Vu? Who remembers Maurice rebuking R'olf Harris up on stage before 400 veterinary surgeons and police being called ?] 


    A Swansea Castle dungeon break out 

    STOP PRESS  (10th July 2014)
    South Wales Police's  contentious NHS Zero Tolerance policy, to 'arrest on sight' anyone who dare question any one in a doctor's surgery I have now witnessed for myself. Cardiff prison is full of them.   .


    1. South Wales Police are refused some court applications, I am told, to 'vary' HM Prosecutor's 'Restraining Order' as protection from being gaoled or struck off

    2. My 17th Nov 14 Bristol Crown Court Appeal, moved to England as with previous ones to avoid the publicity, was first listed last November, yes, last November !!

    3. Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees had agreed, last September,  it was to be heard first because of CPS failure to disclosure public court records

    [ I am waiting for transcripts to arrive at me new Swansea residence in order to publish these public documents world wide].
    4. If anyone out there can explain as to just what is going on then please, please comment on current blog or ring me 

    5. Cardiff Cabal admit, in writing this time, I am registered MAPPA but for what? What nefarious conduct is afoot this time to delay my 22 year civil damages claim? Please, someone, advise

    6. Please visit as  there is precious little time left and take me out for afternoon 'tea' in sweet sunny Swansea

    7.  I have to report on the hour and  every hour between 6am and 6pm

    8.  I am being 'set up' to an alleged breach of licence conditions so be quick!

    9.  No proof is needed, as if there ever was in any Cardiff 'court', because:

             I will get arrested without any warning 
             I will not pass GO
             I will not collect £200
             I will go directly to prison
             I will not go via  any court
             I will get no appropriate appeal procedure

    The decision will have been taken in the same MAPPA Barry police station office by the very same 8th June 2009 cabal that conspired for the 'machine gun' conspiracy shredding the records as they speak 

    my tel:  07907937953 or 07598801723 I need your help

    Highly Dangerous’ Prisoner moved out for Rolf Harris.

    MAPPA Level 3

    1.       HM Probation Service officers joined us at the gates of the prison for a specially assembled HM prison van escort to somewhere out west. This unusual clearance was granted by Sir Peter Vaughan, The Chief Constable for South Wales Police, having personally chaired, most likely, the hurriedly needed MAPPA meeting at Barry police station for a quick disposal of one of their country’s registered top 5% most dangerous victims of the regime.


    2.        On a previous but equally bizarre 2009 occasion I was left ‘at large’ for three weeks quite unaware of the Barry police station’s MAPPA decision. Then armed police with helicopter swooped on the family while we enjoyed a quiet Sunday’s afternoon tea in the garden.


    3.       That 8th June 2009 MAPPA decision included The Vale of Glamorgan Probation Service and NHS Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, psychiatric staff sitting around discussing my fate. Were I to be incarcerated in Ashworth Psychiatric hospital IPP indefinitely or by introducing the Chief Constable’s new ‘shoot to kill’ policy and simply taking me out and having me shot?


     14 07 03 confirmed MAPPA Victim.mht


    4.       But I also had an urgent agenda after being locked up for a further nine months over the issuing of NHS fabricated medical records. Bang goes my four weeks again, I sighed, originally  requested to the County Court in order to complete closing legal submissions for my euphemistically so called ‘civil remedy’ route, anything to slow down police harassment.   


    5.       It had not gone unnoticed by their victim, incidentally, on how the prison had taken the precaution in allowing him to leave with no money or signature required except for some ‘restraining order’ recently deemed as possibly ‘meaningless’ by a Cardiff Crown Court


    6.       The hundred and sixty odd pounds found in my pockets, following my dubious October 2013 arrest in Barry police station, also failed to feature in ‘discharge’ papers explaining why, perhaps, they had withheld my passport last time despite court directions to the contrary.


    7.       A prison van was also to join my entourage with two more government officials, dedicated to me for the whole day, simply to carry some forty odd bags of leaver arch files to some far away ‘lock up’. Somehow I was expected to visit it, each day, to prepare the civil damages claims but in between the MAPPA designated one hour compulsory ‘signing in’ ritual.


    8.       What benefit, this time around, was it if for the South Wales Police to delay the civil proceedings if not identical to the Caswell Clinic 2009 fabricated police psychiatric reports  needing police officers to paint a WW1 Lewis machine gun just to fool yet another jury?


    9.       My court designated Mackenzie friend, in order to bar him as an eye witness in this week’s Crown Court’s proceedings, had stood patiently throughout with alternative transportation.


    10.   This will continue as long as no one  is found accountable   and the money does not run out!




    South Wales Police’s MAPPA Level 3 ‘Approved Premises’ Swansea

    Staff will be asked:

    1.       Why do South Wales Police conveniently use 1997 Harassment Act in order to have me gaoled despite legal argument that it is clearly an abuse of process?


    2.       Why will no one disclose, in writing, the purpose of this current Swansea incarceration?


    3.       Why am I registered MAPPA level 3?


    4.       When was I registered MAPPA level 3?


    5.       Who caused my registration if not to obstruct current civil proceedings in County Court?


    6.       Why was I registered in June 2009 and at Barry Police Station?


    7.       Why was I then removed from the MAPPA register on 17th December 2009?


    8.       Was it before or after the Newport Crown Court ‘machine gun’ hearing (transcript later)?


    9.        Why am I again on the MAPPA register?


    10.   Who caused my MAPPA registration again?


    11.   Why  is the ‘Executive Summary’ for all MAPPA Barry police station decisions, with their contemporaneous notes, not now disclosed following November 2013 County Court ruling?


    12.   Why do all Cardiff courts refuse PII MAPPA legal argument relating to my restraining order?


    13.   Why refused the right to even apply for variation to my restraining order?


    14.   Why not allowed to challenge the police application for my Ashworth IPP incarceration?


    15.   Why is NHS (Wales) not allowed to correct or clarify my medical records?


    MAPPA's reason for my passport being 'withheld' for nearly a year and my being arrested 'for entering a prison without permission' trying to get it back is all to prolong this incarceration to further affect the 22 year running police malicious prosecution’s case. These letters, for example, display 'what really goes on in our courts' and you or someone 'near and dear' may be next

    14 06 02 Prison Assault A20140005.doc

     14 06 20 A20140005 Abuse of Process Application.doc

     14 06 15 Governor Aggett Maurice Kirk A7306AT.doc


    14 06 18 arbitration reminder.doc


    Outside Supreme Court of Appeal and HM Privy Council with 'trusty scribe' and RCVS application 


    14 06 06 BS614159 ps.doc

    14 07 03 Arrest of HMP Rogan ref A20140082 F.doc

    To be continued with copies of 'leaked' MAPPA documents and transcripts   

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    Tel 07907937953 or 07598801723


    p3 of my licence I have taken down as there may be valid argument it is security was put up because the last judge rebuked me , while halving my prison sentance on appeal (MAPPA told prison to hold my valuables), saying if I had signed for my passport, in the first place, at the prison exit last September we need not have had all these court cases!

    Marvelous! I never signed a purported licence this time around either, leaving the prison to Swansea 'approved premises', as there is no legal obligation AND as no one but no one,  to date, timed 315 hours local time on 11th July 1014, will explain why I am on MAPPA regime at all ?

    Janet Kirk had the inicietive to get my passport out of the court despite my needing it for a vital defence exhibit 




    14/05/14                Appellant to Criminal Court of Appeal             BS614159




             3rd Breach of ‘Restraining Order’ 17th March14 Cardiff Crown Court Trial


    My attempt to submit further ‘Grounds’ already with Criminal Court of Appeal





    1. Refused medical attention
    2. Refused process legal aid form
    3. Refused access to lawyer in prison
    4. Refused glasses in court
    5. Refused legal papers in court
    6. Refused, either in court or in prison, to interview defence witnesses
    7. Refused access to his own funds
    8. Refused outstanding relevant appeals/applications required to be heard first
    9. Refused access to his legal papers in prison
    10. Refused the right to call defence witnesses
    11. Refused the his right to cross examine
    12. Refused Sect 8 police disclosure or basic primary disclosure despite promises, over 22 years, by countless South Wales Police and CPS personnel.

    This list is far from exhaustive

    Maurice J Kirk A7306AT

    HMP Cardiff

    South Wales


     14 07 11 Summary of reasons for asking for words to be crossed out July 2014 (1).doc14 03 03 HMP medical report.pdf


    I HAVE JUST RECEIVED  8,700 e-mails to read in order to update this current blog........ when time!!!! 
  • Maurice is released under draconian licence rules.


    It has now been confirmed that Maurice is being "accomodated" in a halfway house approved hostel in Swansea, He is being held under a one hour curfew and has to return to the hostel to sign in every hour.

    He is listed as MAPPA level 3, in other words he is classed as a terrorist and one of the top five percent most dangerous criminals in the country! 

    One has to wonder exactly who he is most dangerous to?

     He was transported to the hostel from Cardiff prison in a convoy of two vehicles and escorted by two prison officers and three probation officials

    All of his court and legal papers are being stored in a facility several miles from his accomodation making it extremely difficult for him to get there and back within the hour.

    It seems that such tight restrictions have been placed on his movements in order to set him up to break one of the conditions so that he can have his licence cancelled and be returned to prison, all within the letter of the Law you understand.

    All decisions about his fate are now in the hands of the Barry/Vale of Glamorgan probation service.

    Hang on a minute, what exactly did this man do? it all seems a bit lost and confused,

    Perhaps he murdered some innocent person in a most vile and heinous manner?

    Maybe he masterminded a plot to overthrow the government of the day ( which is busily covering up the paedophilic misdeeds of one of its predecessors in the eighties)


    In actual fact what he did was call out a corrupt doctor who wrote a false and malicious report at the behest of the Crown (prosecution service) in order to try and have him sectioned to Ashworth for life, after the South Wales police made up a story about him trading in machine guns.

    A jury of his peers agreed with him that the evidence was false and freed him.

    He then made public the misdeeds of the doctor and on several occasions produced evidence in court to back up his claims. This was repeatedly ignored and he was rewarded, after a stalinesque trial, with a restraining order to stop him telling the truth. When he insisted that the truth be heard he was thrown in gaol. Somewhere along the line he was classed as one of the most dangerous men in the country.

    I repeat, most dangerous to whom?

    He has just served eight months of his life in gaol for refusing to be silent about the corruption in the judicial system.

    That's what you get for telling the truth about the masonic cabal that runs South Wales!



    The news in today, which is still a bit sketchy so far, is that Maurice was released on licence from HMP Cardiff at 11.05 this morning.

    Apparently he may have been driven to a bail hostel in Swansea by the probation service.

    It is believed that he is required by the terms of his licence to live at this hostel and to report back to the hostel every hour.

    The fact that he has not yet contacted any of his supporters leads us to believe that this may be the result of another condition of his licence.

    No one on the outside was aware of or informed about his release in advance, not even his family!

    That is all the information available at the moment, this site will be updated as and when more news comes to light.