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Video of Liberty Girl 2 Test Flight in Vale of Glamorgan _Z052.MPG LAA magazine advert now published for vintage aircraft and engines/props etc for sale to finance flight to South Africa Pre War Taylorcraft Only six thousand pounds and a few propellors

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Maurice has South Wales Police Helicopter on his Tail Again!

Much stimulated in the Vale of Somerset to go on the lecture circuit and write 'that book' (s), even while holding a valid flying licence, I am now immediately available for film show talks, anywhere in the UK, to finance towards the flight, eventually...

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Bristol Balloon Festival

Bristol Balloon Festival A proverbial 'dawn patrol' with daughter, Belinda, gave us a magic experience witnessing the early mist over the river Avon near Bath and the 'occasional' balloon on the horizon. Cardiff airport fly-in this week...

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Flight to Lundy Island

Cub flight to Lundy, camping, via Bristol farmer's field to collect immersion suit and autogas, Compton Abbas, Dorset for cream tea and free landing and Eggesford, Devon, for more strawberry and cream teas and vintage aircraft much for...

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Is Maurice's Stolen Money Claim deliberately being delayed by Bristol County Court ? (Part Four)

13th JULY 2015 OUTSIDE THE COURT Delay is unexplained as in all civil litigation in Wales? 28th July 2015 I will camp outside court on Monday if I can get tent pegs...

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