Maurice has just received a phone call from Cardiff  police tel 02920527330: there is a WARRANT for ARREST out for him - the result of a court case that went ahead with a hearing, even though Maurice had asked for it to be adjourned and heard outside the Cardiff HM Court Service area.

Cardiff Magistrates Court requested yet another medical report, even though two other courts have accepted his current medical condition. Unfortunately, the doctor's secretary forgot the attachment in her email, so the document reached the Court only by mid-day.  

Maurice is now applying for political asylum in Brittany, to obtain physical protection from a continuation of 18 years of violence by police oppression. The violence includes numerous crimes that were not investigated, against him, his family and his veterinary practice, besides brutal manhandlings, imprisonments and a long stay in a South Wales psychiatric clinic, as they were attempting to obtain a life imprisonment, without trial, by falsifying medical records.

Maurice has obtained information to commence applications,for asylum, from both a very helpful Gendarmerie and the Mayor's office in Merdrignac but unable to obtain his essential morphine sulphate medication without returning to the UK, The doctor there requests all his medical records to prescibe a restricted analgesic. The medical records continue to be withheld by the Cardiff Crown Prosecution Service and National Health Service for fear of incriminating themselves.

Cardiff Crown Court have failed to disclose relevant logs and transcripts, compounding the "conspiracy" and now allowing the medical records to be buried. The court log, as the one Maurice has just put up on the photo Gallery, relates to the video. Lawyers are running up costs whether he is able to show up or not.

The Judicial Committee of Her Majesty's Privy Council wrote to Maurice, today. Would his long awaited Application against the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to be heard very shortly, have anything to do with all this coinciding with the CPS refusing to disclose unused material, to the court that would undermine their case? Incidentally with the sad loss and the funeral this week of Suzon Forscey Moore: she was the one who kindly put together a legal submission on the merits of the 1966 Royal Charter, under which the RCVS conduct their disciplinary proceedings, being contrary to the 1998 Human Rights Act.

When the "s..t" hits the fan, the ''m...e"  will come from Merdrignac!