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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • > 180 Signatures, wonderful comments and more than 2,600 page views

    What a wave of support and encouragement on our online petition! What lovely comments to illustrate that Maurice is far from alone in realising what is going on. In fact, the comments reflect very much those that we gathered with the Stop the Oppression of the British people (1291 signatures) so far.

    The real questions seem to be: who polices the police?

    Who controls the controllers?

    Who regulates those who are supposedly self-regulating? (The legal and financial profession.)

    [Maurice in Guernsey today gathering witness statements re 'HM Conspiratorial Partnership' and now he's arrived in Alderney without a hitch.] 


  • Maurice in Channel Islands for Talks

    Guernsey Monday 29th Nov, Alderney 30th November, Jersey 2nd Dec.

     Not the 'salty' sort, Jersey Friday, Guernsey Saturday, Alderney, Le 'Centre de l'Univers', Sunday, ...for the rest of my life, if I could fiddle it...

    Researching 'HM' Dependant Territory, Guernsey and its relationship with apparant  'melt down' in the South Wales courts, in the Principality

    Have computer...produce digital projector.and white pub wall....London to Sydney Race, Japan crash, Ditch in Caribbean, drop in to Mr Bush's Ranch for tea, Target to be shot by South Wales Police, 10 Cardiff judges backing MAPPA covert surveillance, whatever ....shout quick as I am a 'moving target'...have sticks, will travel!


    CORRUPT BRITISH POLICE WANT TO TAKE DOWN WEBSITES...what's this all about?  Every one warning my site is going to be pulled by judges, AGAIN! Of course not, not while I am out of the country....that's just not cricket, chaps....

    HM Jersey...oh what a shock and I should have known better, havng experienced 10 years in the Channel Islands in the 80s. Arrive by boat, from St Malo, hobble over to Royal Courts to listen to some 'angry young man', another Health Minister, well ex, as if my coping with the Welsh environment is not enough, just to get my own medical records! This chap, Mr Syvret, had 'rocked the boat', perish the thought, so the GANG had him thrown out of the States of Jersey parish council and given a prison sentence...hang on, have I not heard all this before in Guernsey, 25 years ago, with some questioning their lack of human rights?.

    As a tax payer, whose money subsidises this HM dependent territory of the Crown, not of the UK Government, therefore outside the standards expected by UK, am I not entitled just to walk the corridors of this court ? No, apparently. A couple of 'little Hitlers', at the door of the Royal Court, left overs from 1945, no doubt, quickly argued I could not even come without escort? Now this sounded good, Maurice, what kind of escort? Your tourism has dropped 75%, but I didnt think you would stoop to this, despite the island's insatiable appetite for money, of whatever origin. 

    This court is where once I went, to win a bit of typical insular nonsence at their appeal court, with the prosecution offering no evidence. Only to be given not a penny costs for a night in prison... Is this not a serious Deja Vu? Did I ever leave Wales? Is it a public building or not, I quietly ask, do the general public have access to the criminal courts, to just observe???

    Without hesitation they called the police. Got to keep the Arab investors happy, I suppose. In an hour of hobbling around the Christmas streets I heard no one accent form Jersey. Unless inundated with Poles, Rumanians and the ubiquitous Irish is now the dominant work force?

    Good old Channel Television. Were they nobbled by 'HM', to cause the the cancellation? Are we getting too close to the heart of the 'gravy train', based on HM Royal Charters? No interview, not a problem ...retire to the Prince of Wales pub, in St Helier, before supper... Two in a row, sent back, well 'off' beer, at prices in excess of most London equivalents, soon told me it was to be an early night, Maurice..... But the taxi restored my faith in my conclusions, I was not alone but too risky to quote untill well away from the island.

    Tomorrow, having lunch with my old secretary, Grace de Carteret, in Guernsey, inerview with Guernsey Press and then a flight to Alderney, hopefully, to a real place, that put the 'Great' in Britain. Guernsey, now that stay is going to be quite different, might be delayed. Has anyone beaten the island's hunger strike record or have their veterinary practice stolen by the GANG, I wonder? Who of 1981 to 91 will I bump into first?

  • Wishing for Fair Trials: in Guernsey (1983), Cardiff (2009) and UK-wide (2010)

    Maurice on a crane in Guernsey 1983

    In 1983, Maurice was alone on a crane in Guernsey to make passengers arriving with the ferry aware of his unfair trial.

    In 2009, supporters showed in blog comments here and here how they were requesting a fair trial for him in Cardiff and from across the big pond

    In 2010,we demand "HM Partnership" to comply with Article 6 of the Human Rights Act - the right to a fair trial - in this online petition. Here are comments by petition signers, if you want to be encouraged to click and sign!

  • Wonderful Encouragement from Long Term Supporter Richard C

    You’ve been rude to judges, in attempts to get the truth to register in their twisted minds and finished up in jail for contempt of court, even when the police case against you has crumbled around them.

    Be nice to judges, smile at them, be cooperative and be polite!

    I say this to you because you are now on the winning lap!

    Stay out of jail!  Don’t break the speed limit, or drive past a police patrol waving a bottle of wine!  Go into court confident that you will win, because you have right on your side.

    You no longer need to bait them (if you ever did, though I suspect you might have), because you know what they will do when they can’t pin a real crime on you; they will invent one: this much you have proven over and over again.

    You commit a minor offence – or act as if you might – and they…

    • Conspire to get you struck off the veterinary register. (Successful.)
    • Conspire to put you unlawfully in a secure mental hospital knowing you are sane. (Successful up to a point.)
    • Conspire to put you unlawfully into prison without trial, knowing you are innocent (Successful up to a point.)
    • Conspire to cause you a great deal of aggro and financial expense. (Very successful.)
    • Conspire to assassinate you. (Unsuccessful only so far!)

    You’ve got so much evidence against South Wales Police and their recently retired CC; you don’t need any more: just get on and use what you’ve got effectively.  Screw them legally, before they screw you illegally, but permanently, so that you can do nothing more to pursue the good case against them.

    If you fail, you will have let down every citizen that in future may find themselves being conspired against by police officers, lawyers and judges.  I can never take up where you leave off; I doubt there is anyone that can: you’re the only one that has the evidence, knows what more need be extracted from them, and knows how it should be used.

    Please succeed for the sake of us all.

    Even if you have broken the law, it gives South Wales police no right whatsoever to use anything other than lawful means to stop you doing whatever it is they’d like to stop you doing.  If they are allowed to use illegal tactics against someone they know to be a criminal, they will soon use illegal tactics against someone they think to be a criminal, and before long they will be using illegal tactics against someone they take a dislike to.  Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile!

    There is no justification for the police to break the law, even in pursuit of someone that may be committing minor infringements, or that they imagine to be committing minor infringements.  There is no justification for the police to break the law in pursuit of someone that may be committing serious crime: there is no justification for the police to be allowed to break the law at all.  You are absolutely right in pursuing your case against South Wales police, and I’m pleased you are doing it for my sake, and the sake of every other citizen.

  • Maurice is not alone: Violence by Police, 'poor' service by the CPS and SECTIONING

    This BBC news article illustrates the unjustified brutality that South Wales Police got up to in the case of an innocent musician, his partner and child. 

    The officer who handcuffed Victor Frederick did not come forward and could not be identified... 

    Here's a story on WalesOnline that reports on an assessment carried out in April. Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate deemed the body's overall performance as 'poor'.  

    This covers in performance in pre-charge advice and decision making, preparation and progression in magistrates’ court cases, custody time limits and disclosure was poor. "Disclosure" has become one of Maurice's 'hobby horses'...

    And this is the extra-ordinary story of Neil Jones who had details on the Jill Dando murder to offer. After five different charges, he was not only imprisoned, but also 'interviewed' to be sectioned..


  • Re-Kindling the Fire to get Restored as Practising Veterinary Surgeon

    Thirty-five paragraphs on 21 pages in January 2004 were the pro's and con's of whether Maurice

    • is fit or unfit to practise as a veterinary surgeon
    • can be considered to practise as a member of the profession
    • "continued conflict with authority must inevitably affect not only yourself, but also your profession by bringing it into disrepute".

    What Maurice is up against in his repeated attempts to get re-instated as a vet are various levels or 'firewalls' of institutional behaviour:

    1. the Royal Charter that was granted in 1967 - the ticket to immunity from prosecution for any wrong-doing
    2. the collusion between lawyers who make money between each other by operating an adversarial system rather than seeking justice on behalf of a client 
    3. rules and regulations that are being ignored rather than adhered to, e.g. note this annex to his appeal and the Privy Council decision 'not to have jurisdiction'  
    4. general attitudes and assumptions such as Suzon Forscey-Moore RIP has pointed out:
    • those in power can do no wrong
    • white collar crime, with very rare exceptions, goes untried and unpunished in English law
    • money decides legal matters.

    Ironically, it was Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England who attacked the commercial legal system: the adversarial system for settling civil legal disputes was in reality ‘a profitable monopoly of lawyers’ and called for the Government to take steps to reform the law.

    This quote was among the documents from Suzon Forscey-Moore. Here's what Charles Wehner wrote about her: 

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    All who love freedom must shed a precious tear.

    We have lost Suzon Forscey-Moore, a glorious fighter for justice.

    She had a masters degree in law, but was not a lawyer.  She campaigned for HONEST LAW.

    She is gone.

    The world is darker now.


    Charles Douglas Wehner


  • Long term reflections from Asylum in Brittany

    Obviously, an application for asylum has got to be done in French.

    But in case you want to know what it means, here's the English text of the request sent.

    It's actually quite simple: you just supply some proof of being persecuted and we think that this website does the job.

    The terrible loss of Suzon Forscey-Moore whose funeral Maurice could not attend this week, for fear of arrest and jail before reaching Cambridge, was a timely reminder as to what  may ly behind the current 'ratcheting up' of police oppression in South Wales. 

    Suzon was approached by Maurice, many years ago, for her interpretation of the apparent anomilies in the 1844 RCVS Charter and its subsequent replacements. Maurice believes the latest version is clearly in breach of the 1998 Human Rights Act and contrary to current European legislation. Suzon wrote this marvellous legal document as a 'Friend of the Court'.

    'In house' lawyers for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons should have made it clear, very clearto Maurice, that at the  commencement of legal proceedings against a member of the veterinary profession, in 2002, the 1967 Royal Charter granted the College and its agents, 'out house' lawyers, (literally), full immunity to either civil or criminal prosecution in any UK court proceedings.

    Likewise, the South Wales Police, the complainant giving evidence on oath at the RCVS court, were also granted immunity, when giving false evidence, by The Memorandum of Understanding between The Association of Police Constables and the Law Society.

    Her Majesty's Judicial Committee has done EXACTLY what the College has done each year, since 2006 by refusing for a court to convene. The clerk in the Supreme Court building, Parliament Square, just as with the RCVS single member of their 'in house' jury, has refused Maurice's June 2010 (see photo gallery) application to their Lordships to intervene, Maurice dependant on the terms laid down in the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act.

    Why, you may ask, are the RCVS so desperate not to allow Maurice ever to practice veterinary surgery again?

    Maurice took the precautionary step, to see what support he had within his father's and wife's profession, by standing for election to college council, just before Their Lordship's dismissed his appeal.

    Should Maurice be re-instated, both camps of lawyers believe there is a very real risk of him being voted on to Council which will give him automatic access, at last, to the contemporaneous record of the years of expensive enquiry made by both College staff and Penningtons, solicitors of Gutter Street London.

    The Information Commissioner's Office, ICO, has flatly refused to reveal the College's excuse for withholding the information gathered for the trial, asked for under Article 6, ECHR, before 2002 proceedings before his HM Privy Council 2004 Appeal, in Downing Street and each year since, in his Royal Courts of Justice Judicial Review applications.

    Asylum details will follow shortly. Meanwhile, he has appealed the clerk's place the grievance in open court.    

  • NEWSFLASH: Warrant for Arrest by Cardiff Police means Political Asylum in Brittany

    Maurice has just received a phone call from Cardiff  police tel 02920527330: there is a WARRANT for ARREST out for him - the result of a court case that went ahead with a hearing, even though Maurice had asked for it to be adjourned and heard outside the Cardiff HM Court Service area.

    Cardiff Magistrates Court requested yet another medical report, even though two other courts have accepted his current medical condition. Unfortunately, the doctor's secretary forgot the attachment in her email, so the document reached the Court only by mid-day.  

    Maurice is now applying for political asylum in Brittany, to obtain physical protection from a continuation of 18 years of violence by police oppression. The violence includes numerous crimes that were not investigated, against him, his family and his veterinary practice, besides brutal manhandlings, imprisonments and a long stay in a South Wales psychiatric clinic, as they were attempting to obtain a life imprisonment, without trial, by falsifying medical records.

    Maurice has obtained information to commence applications,for asylum, from both a very helpful Gendarmerie and the Mayor's office in Merdrignac but unable to obtain his essential morphine sulphate medication without returning to the UK, The doctor there requests all his medical records to prescibe a restricted analgesic. The medical records continue to be withheld by the Cardiff Crown Prosecution Service and National Health Service for fear of incriminating themselves.

    Cardiff Crown Court have failed to disclose relevant logs and transcripts, compounding the "conspiracy" and now allowing the medical records to be buried. The court log, as the one Maurice has just put up on the photo Gallery, relates to the video. Lawyers are running up costs whether he is able to show up or not.

    The Judicial Committee of Her Majesty's Privy Council wrote to Maurice, today. Would his long awaited Application against the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to be heard very shortly, have anything to do with all this coinciding with the CPS refusing to disclose unused material, to the court that would undermine their case? Incidentally with the sad loss and the funeral this week of Suzon Forscey Moore: she was the one who kindly put together a legal submission on the merits of the 1966 Royal Charter, under which the RCVS conduct their disciplinary proceedings, being contrary to the 1998 Human Rights Act.

    When the "s..t" hits the fan, the ''m...e"  will come from Merdrignac!

  • Maurice's Action for Civil Damages from a High Level Perspective

    A friendly 'onlooker' has been so concerned about Maurice's (the Claimant) health deteriorating, while nobody seems to care, except for the Defendant's lawyers running up their costs well above £800,000, that he wrote this 'legal framework' for considering the case as a whole.

    In essence, "On the Ethics, Philosophy and Politics of Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police" makes the following points:

    • human rights law needs to be considered: Article 6 of the EU Convention on Human Rights - the right to a fair trial
    • Oppression by police can be better explained now
    • South Wales Police seek to avoid Fair, Proportionate & Proper Administration of Justice 
    • Human Rights & Proportionality in a democratic society
    • Explanation of 'unusual', 'extreme' and 'indefinite'
    • Remedy and the Defendant's lawyers' attempts to erode democracy.