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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • "Intracranial Appearances are within Normal Limits." Who Benefits? Follow the Money!

    Dear ..., sorry, I forgot, I'm not supposed to call you by your name,

    This page is especially for you, your paymaster(s), the Chief Constable(s) of South Wales Police and everybody @ Dolmans, the law firm employed to defend the interests of South Wales Police. 

    Are you aware of the misery that you have caused:

    • the seven months of incarceration in your clinic
    • the weeks and months of imprisonment in HMP Cardiff
    • the number of assaults, mis-treatments, lies and criminal cover-ups
    • the number of court proceedings enforcing litigation as a 'lifestyle' 
    • the number of pages, photocopies, emails and Lever Arch files
    • phone calls and gradual grinding down?

    It takes a Maurice J Kirk BVSc to withstand such institutionalised evil, malice and white collar criminality.

    May the conscience of everybody concerned click in and become effective - in line with all your professional oaths and all human decency!

    Long live Maurice - despite your despicable 'diagnosis' and even more despicable cover-ups!

    Dear Governor @ HMP Cardiff

    Don't forget, it is in your powers to release the prisoner. Promptly! Any time!

  • Merry Christmas Maurice - 23 hours in cell for not having brain damage!?

    As you sit in your cell on Christmas Day, here are some happy photos of your newly restored cub G-KURK; airworthy and certificated, test flights completed and now. READY TO FLY TO SOUTH AFRICA.  ( JUST REQUIRES A PILOT )


    From Sabine: Maurice phoned when I was on one of the best known Christmas markets in Berlin. He was let out of his cell for only one hour a day. And he asked whether we could organise that two of his three planes could be shipped from Neadsville in Florida. He'd offer the third one in exchange...

    He also wondered whether anybody could get hold of the medical records from the clinic he attended after he landed close to Mr Bush's ranch at the time...


    Please note that Norman Scarth fled the country he fought for to avoid another stay in a psychiatric 'hospital'.   Norman writes:

    I rely on memory at the moment, but will check the dates:
    My ten year sentence (six years in prison, four years on extended licence) started on 25th March 2001 in Doncaster Prison, from where I was 'ghosted' to several others.  My own cast-iron appeal was to be heard in July 2002, but it was hi-jacked by the corrupt barrister Mark Barlow, from Manchester.  Without any consultation with me whatsoever, he dropped my appeal, & it was he who made application to have me committed to Newton Lodge 'Gulag' Mental Hospital, Wakefield - 'for assessment'.    To do this, Lord Justice Rose had to quash the prison sentence.  It could be said that on that occasion I had been 'sectioned' (to use that ridiculous word), & on 25th November 2002 I was taken to Newton Lodge.   After three months, the prison sentence was re-imposed, effectively saying that I was not 'mentally ill'.    

    On 25th March 2005, having served four years (2/3rds of the six), I had 'Paid My Debt to Society', & was due to walk free.  Instead, I was UNLAWFULLY dragged back to Newton Lodge, NOT as a patient (neither needing nor receiving any treatment), but as a captive, just as much as Terry Waite, John McCarthy, Brian Keenan in Beirut, Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, Ken Bigley & Margaret Hassan in Iraq.  On that occasion there had been not even the pretence of 'Sectioning'.    

    After a year or so in the 'Medium Security' Newton Lodge, I was then moved to the 'Low Security', Lynfield Mount, Bradford - which was even worse to begin with, though it did improve.  Lucky to come under a Consultant Psychiatrist who was not a puppet of The State (AS SO MANY ARE!), I was eventually put on a farcical 'rehabilitation programme' for six months, & was released as 'cured' in the Spring of 2007.  So,  I was 'lawfully'(??) incarcerated in a Nuthouse for three months, & UNLAWFULLY  for a further two years or so.    


    PS:  "Neither needing nor receiving treatment"?  At Newton Lodge they were mad keen to use the 'liquid cosh' on me;  Only by a miracle was I able to avoid that fate.     NS.




  • In Defence of a Litigant in Person: imprisoned without charges and without access to advancing his legal proceedings

    The poet Friedrich Hölderlin wrote some 200 years ago: "where there is danger, the rescue grows."

    In Maurice's case, an anonymous advocate has sent him these documents in his rescue - now all amended:

    1. a defence statement in the case of supposed intimidation
    2. a defence statement in the case of the supposed breach of Restraining Order
    3. a defence statement in the case of the alleged assault against Police Officer Evans
    4. a defence statement in the case of the alleged assault against Prison Officers
    5. a Notice of Appeal to the Crown Prosecutor regarding the supposed assaults by Police and Prison Officers
    6. and an Application for Disclosure.


    • will he receive his incoming mail?
    • Will his outgoing mail be posted? 

    Only time will tell - and the conscience of everybody involved in committing crimes to cover up crimes. Meanwhile, some judges and prosecutors might consider justice and compensation - in the spirit of Christmas...

    Of course, it would be more informative to publish the respective orders. BUT:

    • I'd have to check whether I got them on my laptop at all;
    • 'social visits' in prisons don't allow for the exchange of documents;
    • god only knows whether Maurice does have all the relevant documents, given the way 'the system' prevents him from pursuing his proceedings. 
  • First the Police, then the Prison Records. White Collar Crimes are all about Falsifying 'Official' Documents

    Maurice is not only the martyr, but also the fighter, not only for himself, but always for all of the victims he's come across.

    The fact that he's being victimised and mis-treated in such an appalling, inhuman and 'not according to rules and law' way is only due to his super-human tenacity, persistence and perseverance. 

    The latest accounts of his phone calls and a visit - at long last - are: 

    • the visitor was given the key to his car - at long last - by the wing governor
    • he was told to pack everything and to to 'solitary confinement' in the 'punishment block'
    • the key supporter was confirmed that an 'investigation was underway' - I just don't have the time now to upload the evidence - as planes don't wait...
    • the prison DENIES that he has HAD A BRAIN SCAN which took place at the University Hospital Cardiff on 28th November
    • medical records have been back dated and removed
    • there are no x-ray records of the injuries sustained from being kicked by David Myers
    • on 10 December, on the way to Court, D Gould was seen throwing his application to release his passport and legal papers at the reception area; Maurice argued, he flew at him, throwing him to the ground in the presence of wing governor Sarah Rowe
    • his tobacco was confiscated which he only buys to exchange for stamps.

    As a result, he's being charged with 'bad behaviour' and needs to be punished, doesn't he!?...

    Go figure!

  • Visit allowed, visit cancelled. On the Use and Abuse of Power and Process in HMP Cardiff, South Wales Police and ???

    Maurice's explanation is: they are all running around protecting their pension, for they know that they've broken the rules. Is it worth putting my own thoughts down about another Litigant in Person who is prevented from advancing his legal proceedings? What are legal proceedings good for, except to keep the 'professionals' in pay? 

    One professional was diligent enough to remove the carbon paper which would have allowed Maurice to keep copies of his writings, since he is not allowed to get photocopies done. Apparently he could build bombs from carbon paper! After all, he is as dangerous a terrorist everybody else on the 'lifers' wing...

    Tuesday is supposed to be a court hearing regarding some 'contact sport' with a Prison Officer. Wouldn't it have been nice to have a visitor - in that anticipation - and in general - after all, he's only kept inside 'on remand' - without visibly recorded charges!... 


    But instead of getting what he wants, he filled in this form to PROTECT whom from what?

    Landing Officer TUCK in front of Applicant ordered / refused to process Rule 39/17 (PSO?) mail to my lawyer and witness for 10th Dec 2013 trial  (my arrest of Prison Officer for conspiracy).

    Landing Officer GODBEAR, witnessed by P/O OWEN and Officer WACKHAM also refused despite my having explained importance. 

    My second request, following reflection, was received by felonery language from Godbear.





  • The Miracle has happened: a brain scan - indicating no tumour or significant brain damage

    This makes Dr Tegwyn Williams and other culpable of falsifying medical evidence. Will anybody care? Will any judge honour this? The brain scan was carried out by instructions from Consultant Rupert Evans at University Hospital Cardiff. 

    Maurice encloses

    1. the latest fanciful witness statement by Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams of 14 October 2013  
    2. the 2nd December 2009 part transcript of Dr Williams' application I be incarcerated in Ashworth maliciously registered MAPPA level 3 by irregular 8th June 2009 meeting
    3. 1st December 2009 Dr Paul Kemp conclusion.

    No fiction writer can make it up.

    No other de-registered veterinary professional would have endured the shame and kept the fight going - for the five years of just this little part of his journey of 30 years!!!

    If only HMP Cardiff staff could give him two crutches, medical attention and pain killers!!! What prevents them? Who tells them NOT to be helpful?

    Why can't he do photocopying? What 'consolation' is it that Melissa Laird experienced exactly the same kind of problems as Litigant in Person in HMP Holloway? She is another Litigant in Person (LiP) I know from experiences with imprisonment. He gave her hope when he visited her in as he wants to advance the cause of LiPs and help other LiPs, as he asked to be put on his complementary site. It meant soo much to her! And she keeps asking how he is, while still homeless - as a victim of the UK authorities - and the UK Judiciary are doing their best not to delilver justice either! Melissa who told me that every day of unlawful imprisonment is compensated with £300.

    How many people have to go to prison to find out what a ridiculous system is operating in there?

    How many babies have to be stolen from mothers' wombs for the world to BELIEVE what parents and supporters have been saying for years???