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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • CAA Suspend Medical Cert for Schneider Trophy by South Wales Police Fabricating Diagnosis of Brain Tumour & MAPPA 3 Registration to cover up WW1 Lewis Machine Gun Conspiracy


    My dear old friends, veterinary clients and fellow aviators on Alderney today and, later,

    Good Evening boys and girls,


    Not wishing to spoil a bit of fun about what aeroplanes are really for then may I suggest you by pass this next document, the soul purpose of the web site

    13 09 28 Joint Position Statement T 20130801.pdf


    Liberty Girl II  was 'chomping at the bit' but with the prison refusing to release my passport, CAA relying on false forensic history and  pulling my licence, this week and a Crown court judge, today, ordering for me yet another brain scan.....things were a little stacked against me winning the race when, until today, it had been a foregone conclusion!

    My spare 'cut-a-way speed model', for air racing, stayed in the stable despite my cub (G-KURK) developing 'last minute' oil pressure problems.


    (The only Chaffinch in the world)

    and my US cub, here enroute to Falkland Islands but not a stone's throw from President Bush's Crawford ranch, has been stolen along with my two Pacers, all ready for sale in England, if any one in US can help find them, please......the deal is you keep one aircraft or one of my properties now up for sale in Brittany.


    And my beloved Liberty Girl, General Patten's old D-day cub is far too deep for any Schneider trophy or is she?


    I am also sorry I could not come and give you the talk as promised but perhaps, another time. I wonder if you have ever witnessed log book entries like this?

     no, I thought you hadn't.

    Not a lot of flying lately but three GFTs in five years!

    A snippet of 2001 London - Sydney Air Race

    (Full official film too big to load)

    A snippet from seven page article on the air race

    Pilot Mag April 2002 MJK Profile_0001 (4).pdf 

    Over Java out of fuel looking for fishing boats with an out-board motor only 80 miles from Bali

    Ah, there's a beach, run in 10 knots over stall speed, low run over again and check the depth of tyre tread made to assess if will or won't 'peck the deck'  and around to land;  2 inches measured on a stick broken off tree on right and first tail wind since Haverford West allowed me to reach Bali landing 'downwind'.


    Only 80 miles to Bali now but with very serious oil leak from push rod ends.

    Note the oil leak in less than two hours while re-fuelling to disappear onto the island of Sumba for the night. To avoid the chasing authorities, may be, wishing to question me on landing at a military air base, the jungle and else during the two day experience across spectacular Java.

    Planned modifications for cub  in next year's race.

    , ]

    Interior of D-Day cub

    Sunday 29th September


    13 09 29 And there I was.docx 


    Where in the rules of 1914 did it say we could not?

    If 0nlyJeff, in Alaska, had air freighted those floats in time I could have taxied the course, while mackerel fishing and still won the look out for my cut cut away speed model, G-KIRC, especially modified for winning next years' race


    Saturday 28th September


    A well wisher, following the posting,  e-mails this too late to take up with CAA:

    10 06 04 CAA Medical.pdf 


    Sabine sends me this past Recorder of Cardiff's behaviour, caught on transcript I must have paid for, for the court of appeal, demonstrating the cover ups of the wide spread corruption in Cardiff courts. After my file of hard facts about Caswell Clinic and MAPPA was rejected by the judge, to prove Dr XXX, Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, CPS (Wales) and HMCTS, Luigi Stranati were conspiring to pervert the course of justice, it, apparently, flew threw the air causing the judge to then send me to prison for a month.

     10 06 24 SWP Cooke transcript (1).pdf

    And where is there any record, at all, of a mental disorder on my GP records...expunged from the record the moment I gained an acquittal at that malicious 'machine gun' jury trial.

    10 09 02 MJK GP medical records redac _0002.pdf

    Friday 27th September


    Whilst organising the last minute arrangements to fly to Alderney I get this e-mail, a dreaded CAA 'unfit' letter based on Caswell Clinic four year old fabricated psychiatric reports for South Wales Police trying to avoid their own 'machine gun trial' as they had to change the colour to try and fool the jury.



    I am at Central police station kept waiting for ages for police to attend prison and demand release of passport. In the end, following picking up a parking ticket, I drive to prison and ring 101 and just was given the run around for at least 30 minutes. After an hour of trying to get it released I ring 999 and finally get access to the prison with the same two who had arrested me on the previous occasion. 



    I spent much time in court, today, asking for Recorder of Cardiff to again intervene and order the HM prison to release my passport. Remember, I had been there three times already with each time prison officer Rogan finding it very funny that they did not have the passport and when I entered to search I was locked in and arrested 'for entering a prison without permission'! I explained I needed the passport to fly to the Schneider Trophy as I was competing and may go through or have to land in Normandy. I was promised written confirmation - the court would act.

    The CPS were unaware, nor had Her Ladyship been informed, that David Gareth Evans, barrister for CPS were trying to get a parallel application to another judge asking that he should not be cross examined by me in the imminent common assault appeal, due next month....such was the content of the CPS letter it was clear quite unprecedented fiddles were being concocted bearing in mind the Evans had lied throughout Nov/Dec 2011 harassment hearing to obtain a conviction and again on 4th May 12 'breach of a restraining order similarly arranged by his withholding the tell tale CCTV of cells when I was supposed to have been served a restraining order, most likely, not even yet printed!

    This making up of law and procedures, on the hoof, was reminiscent of Guernsey and their CPS individuals.

    Evans shot himself well and truly in the foot by making application, AS THE COMPLAINANT (I had arrested the snivelling little creature for lying whilst on oath) to have the appeal for assault moved out of the district and that he must no be cross examined by me!!!!  We will not be hearing the end of this as I therefore applied all my cases be moved to Bristol.

    Trial is booked for 12th to 16th November with both squatter assaults to be heard before the same jury as 'intimidation of witness' allegation. I questioned just which November the CPS had in mind bearing in mind, so far, all proceeding may be deemed ulta vires with me considered unfit by the police's chief psychiatrist, CAA and let's not forget the bstd who stated all this, District Judge John Charles, wash your mouth out, Maurice as far back as August 2010 when I was doed to the eye balls on unnecessary morphine due to no GP or surgeon in South Wales could be found prepared to do my much over due total hip replacement. That police psychiatrist is currently, the court heard yesterday, still on 'sick' with income with Dr Janis Hillier in excess of £300,000 a year of tax payers' money, she being on the sick, blaming me, as well!!

    CPS were most anxious I have another psychiatric assessment asap which means a brain scan.

    Time, therefore, is fast running out for those responsible for the 2009 fabricated Caswell Clinic forensic psychiatric reports, contrary to the brain scan taken at the time, backed by wicked Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University to have me sectioned to Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital tin order to avoid the machine gun case..



    05.31hrs (in a MacDonald's car park somewhere in Wales)

    Eleven Cardiff judges and at least four GPs down the line and due to leave, this afternoon, from Cardiff airport to win the Schneider Trophy in Alderney, I find I now have to pay the CAA agent £57 a letter for the privilege of his making, on my behalf, the futile request in asking Caswell Clinic/Welsh courts/Welsh Health Minister or said Welsh doctor, for the evidence I have 'significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour.

    It has only taken 4 years, at least 18 arrests and numerous terms of false imprisonments from malicious prosecutions, to finally break Cardiff Cabal's conspiracy to pervert this particular course of justice. There remain, of course, some fifty other police incidents, many within the past few weeks, that now require my undivided attention and perhaps, these vindictive individuals may benefit from a 'home visit', un-announced.

    One last step:

    the actual sight of the Caswell Clinic/Swansea University fabricated medical evidence and to be published on this web site as a warning to others as to 'what really goes on in our courts'.

    My bet is the CAA will do what they have always done with both me and my late aviator brother, Michael but I would need notice from Mike to disclose any of that. 

    Meantime I receive my latest custody records when, last week, I was arrested for 'entering Cardiff prison without permission'!

    And still the stench of Cardiff is lingering in my nostrils, this morning, despite such wonderful past few days meeting real pilots and proper doctors, all correctly doing their respective jobs in England. 

    I now drive to Cardiff Crown Court to witness another example of open deceit by the legal trade, answerable to no one, as they coin it in. 



    27th Sept 2013   



    Regina v Maurice John Kirk                                     T 20130801

                                                                       (South Wales Police)  BS614159

                                                                               (Caswell Clinic)    1CF03546

    Defendant’s Application to

    The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees

    My Ladyship, 

    In the absence of requested legal representation, via Legal Aid or by self funding, deliberately failed disclosure by both the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) and South Wales Police with no psychiatric assessment carried out, pursuant to Cardiff Crown Court Order, the accused feels obliged to inform the Honourable Court of the following:

    1.      Both HMP Cardiff & South Wales Police continue to refuse to return his passport

    2.      South Wales Police continues to refuse to disclose the Defendant’s interview DVDs

    3.    South Wales Police (twelve at the scene) conspired with the complainant(s), in this case, by threatening a Bristol court appointed HM Bailiff with his arrest thereby preventing him carrying out a lawful eviction (see Bailiff’s report to IPCC (Wales)

    4.    The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have, today, temporarily suspended the Defendant’s recently issued pilots’ licences pending another psychiatric assessment despite the Defendant’s 16th June 2010 favourable one, following the Defendant’s acquittal for ‘trading in machine guns’ when no defence evidence was even required

    5.      CAA psychiatrists concluded, on that occasion, that its suspension of the Defendant’s flying licences, pending protracted incarceration and psychiatric MAPPA proceedings, was ‘not a medical matter’ (see enclosed CAA 16th June 2010 letter)


    6.  CAA psychiatrists, today, have requested of the Defendant he give written consent to allow the CAA access to the evidence from NHS Caswell Clinic, Welsh Assembly’ Health Minister, 2009 MAPPA minutes and police psychiatrist, (on oath if need be), who’s 2009 reports, alone, were before Her Ladyship or should have been before Her Ladyship, in November 2009, when the Defendant was again refused bail. 

    7.      The Defendant applies for the above evidence in order he may fly away, well away. 


    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

               copies to RCVS, CAA, IPCC, GMC & Cardiff Civil Justice Centre


    Latest assault aggregation following my arrest of prison officer Rogan, all on video, again lying to me that the prison does not have my passport.


    And what is this I find in the post!!!!!!! another application from deceitful CPS barrister David Gareth Evans, no less, the complainant of his arrest for perverting the course of justice over fabricated police psychiatric evidence, now trying anything to block my access to civil courts for right of redress.

    Part of application asking CPS Prosecutor, Evans, not to be again cross examined by me.....spineless individual, go slither back under your Welsh manure heap with the rest of your Cardiff Cabal


    Thursday 26th September (only one day left for Cub into Alderney by Sunset +30 min)


    receive CAA agent e-mail:

    My reply


    Dear David,
    If the CAA are really going to go through all this apparent nonsense all over again, based on thoroughly deceitful Welsh so called 2009 'evidence', then I require, please, your personal permission, in writing, to publish any e-mail or letter by snail mail, from any CAA official or apparent agent, after 72 hours following no receipt to the contrary.
    Thank you
    PS This man, representing such a corrupt incestuous 'gravy train' system, the Welsh police's devil worshipping mate continues to steal tax payers' money daily 'on the sick'; he having informed a court of fellow trouser leg lifting devils, only today, he is still too ill to face England's disciplinary procedures just what hope do you have?
    A litre of 10 year Bush Mills Speciality Malt, every Christmas to you, it being a  Denis, Michael and Maurice Kirk favourite tipple, should you actually obtain the psychiatric evidence from Caswell Clinic and actually have the moral fibre to disclose it to his victim, MOI or my children, then as a stranger to you, I am humbled. 
    Thank you (I am not holding my breath) 
    PS I am touched as to your apparent concern for 'doctor patient confidentiality'.....I am an Englishman in Wales and was on or still am on MAPPA level 3 24/7 surveillance, for Christ's sake


    Crown Court now confirm case is 09.30am @ number 1 court



    Crown Court confirm tomorrow's hearing is in court number 7 @ 10am



    CAA Medical Department ring with the good news, the very good news!

    All the CAA Doctors need, in order to restore my flying licence and to get me to the Schneider Trophy Race on Alderney, is for the disclosure South Wales Police psychiatrist's evidence.

    That evidence that allowed Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, to have me registered amongst the top 5% most dangerous and on 2nd December 2009 Cardiff  apply to his honour Judge Neil Bidder QC I be incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, for life, without a trial. 


    In Bristol looking for CAA examiner extrordinaire, Captain Clifford, for quick words of wisdom after speaking to CAA Gatwick Medical Dept. to return my valid Class Medical certificate and be patient!




    Maurice now told CAA is to consider  re-issuing his new Private Pilot's Licence with only one day left to get to Alderney following its revocation day before yesterday. 

    This old CAA letter might help getting my licence back:

    10 06 16 CAA Medical.pdf

    or perhaps this might?

    10 06 07 One Million Pound Claim against NHS (Wales)_only R (1).pdf


    The 17th ‘Island Air Races’ – 2013

    Dear     Maurice                              Race/Registration Number  ...........69 **  ............

    Thank you for joining us for the seventeenth ‘Island Air Races’ organised jointly by the Royal Aero Club Records, Racing and Rally Association and the Alderney Flying Club.


    ** Please ensure that your "Race/Registration No: is entered in Field 18 of your Flight Plan.

    Your arrival time and date is:

    .....17:00.....  Local Time, (....16:00.... UTC), on the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th September.


    In some cases, we have had to adjust arrival times where either duplication has occurred, or to avoid schedule service traffic. If for any reason you will be unable to arrive on, or near to your allocated slot time, please let us know and we will amend your details.

    Please be advised, that Alderney airport closes at 19.30 hrs Local (18.30 hrs UTC), on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Full airport Information is available by clicking ‘Aerodrome Trip Kit for Alderney (EGJA)’ in the left hand margin on the Home Page of the Alderney Flying Club’s website  



    TRANSPONDERS: Unless alternative arrangements have been made, non-transponder equipped aircraft will normally be accepted provided that they fly to Alderney by way of the VFR route between Alderney and Heauville (N493459 W0014807). Heauville is a small village South of Veauville airfield. Details of this route can be found in the UK AIP pages AD 2-EGJJ-3-1(02 May13) and ENR 6-2-1-9 (02 May 13). We understand that French Danger Area D575 has been withdrawn to facilitate this route.

    RECEPTION: When you arrive, please check in at the ‘Reception Area’. This is the area in the hangar where Customs formalities will be completed, any questions that you might have will hopefully be answered and tickets issued for the Saturday evening function.

    LANDING FEES: You will be pleased to know that all Landing Fees and Parking Charges for race and race support aircraft arriving over the three days race period from the 27th to 29th September inclusive are again being paid by Bavaria, Suppliers of Alcohol Free Beer, who we are happy to say have continued their sponsorship for the event.  If you wish to arrive early, or stay over after the weekend, the additional Fee will be £10 for S/E, £20 for M/E, including 72 hrs free parking.

    ADDITIONAL FLIGHTS:  Any additional flights made, not associated with the Race programme, will be subject to normal charges, payable to the personnel at the Flight Clearance Office.

    Telephone and Fax lines have been installed in the hangar at the airport. The numbers are: Tel: 01481 823053, and Fax: 01481 823923. These lines will only be available between 11.30 and 17.00 UTC, on Friday and between 08.00 and 17.00 UTC on Saturday and Sunday. At all other times, you can contact Ralph on 01481 822297 or mobile 07781 101961. From Thursday onwards, we will also have a dedicated mobile in the hangar: 07781 428678.

    Have a safe journey. We would rather be talking to you, than about you!


    Wednesday 25th September 2013  @ car park of MacDonald's some where in Hampshire

    2 Days left


    23.05hrs receive by e-mail from Alderney...the agenda


    race route (later to day) 


    Time to do that intricate planning for Friday's Crown Court hearing and flight from Cardiff airport to Alderney before dark....that should keep me occupied until breakfast time before polishing up G-KURK's wind screen for my first flight in a proper cub since I ditched in The Caribbean.

    The sophisticated 'all weather' flying instrument panel is fitted for flight to South Africa later rtthis winter




    Perhaps Aeros UK at Cardiff airport, if I skip some one £20, can run up a flight plan, routing and radio frequencies for Friday because after the Cardiff Crown court's morning hearing, despite promised legal representation, at last, I will not have much day light left on a 10 gallon tank (no time to connect long range tanks for Cape town).

    Jeff Walker
    23 Sep (2 days ago)

    to me, Robert
    Sure no problem getting those 1320 EDO floats to you via airmail in time for the race (Southampton Airport would be good I trust?) . Shucks they are very light weight much can it cost???? Probably not more than $10 or $15K. That's A drop in The Solent (bucket) in the scheme of things really.  I'll put myself in the crate with the floats and install them on the airplane for you when we arrive in the next couple days. Those good old 1320 floats will make an ideal personal floatation device strapped to my back in the cargo compartment of that 747 anyway. "In case of emergency" I wont have an cords to pull or anything.
    This accelerated schedule gives you time for some test flying before the big race.......maybe 10 minutes in the pattern is all you will need no doubt. I'm sure dropping Liberty Girl (XI or XII?) into Fareham Lake for a quick spin wont raise any eyebrows. Since you are "in tight" with the local law we could just ask for forgiveness (as opposed to permission) with no real risk I'm sure.  I promise I wont let President Bush get any wind of this plan.
    Maybe you wouldn't mind then if I stowed away in the "fish hatch" compartment of the left float during the race?? Of course I would nearly double the weight of the floats but, again,  it seems like a minor detail in the scope of things.  I'll strap a camera on my ball cap and poke my head out occasionally to collect some great never-before-seen race footage. Speaking of that; what is the 10 day forecast?.....wondering if I need some Rain-X on my glasses and the camera lens for the event. I dont want to be a distraction in the intensity of the race of course but I'm confident that the footage will be worth the minor inconvenience to both of us.
    ........Ok then its a plan........ thanks mate........see you in a couple days.
    P.S. do you have a tool kit (Crescent wrench and hammer should do it) I can borrow for the float installation?? (I'm trying to keep the shipping weight to a minimum....I'm always practical first as you know......)
    Jeff Walker

    Seaplanes North

    3830 Aircraft Drive

    Anchorage AK 99502


    907-245-1119 fax
    Reply to all



    Aeros UK

    Cardiff Airport

    26th September 2013  01.32 hrs


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Subject to CAA re issuing my pilot's licence on Friday morning I wish to pay someone to prepare Gen Dec/Flight Plan/ routing and radio frequencies for VFR cub flight Cardiff Bournemouth Alderney.

    Have little memory of these things having not piloted an aircraft since ditching in the Caribbean some five years ago and I detest radios.

    I have little spare time time as in Cardiff Crown Court at 10 am, Friday morning, fighting some latest nonsense

    Dead line ETA for Alderney is sunset +30 allowing one hour on the ground at Hurn airport as I have a lot of friends to catch up with!

    Flight is to be Special VFR with no transponder and I have no dinghy or emersion suit as police prohibit my access to my Cardiff flat  

    Cub is in Hampshire and propose to fly her in to Cardiff early Friday or today , late, late.

    (URGENT Any spare hand -held radio and headsets needed to buy, rent or steal, if you have any ideas)

    my tel is 07907937953 @ 24/7 

    Thank you,

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc



    Aeros never even returned my e-mail or ring to refuse the chance to earn a bob or two


    Tuesday 24th September 2013 

    3 days left to get both aircraft and floats to Alderney and November's Tower Bridge float fete

    12.55 hrs at CAA HQ, Gatwick airport

    I have been rather busy, as of late, dashing around the country preparing for Schneider Trophy on Alderney, this week end and am currently back at the CAA offices, for the third time this week, only to receive a phone call from the doctor who had, at 10.44 hrs, issued me with a Class 2 medical certificate.

    The CAA licenced doctor had been reading my web site stating from a 30th September 2009 NHS psychiatric report that I had been diagnosed with 'significant brain damage' and possibly from a brain tumour. This was confirmed by the 2nd Dec 09 utterances of the then Crown Prosecution Service barrister, Richard Thomolow, now a Cardiff Judge.

    The doctor at Gatwick, quite rightly, did not accept that SOUTH WALES POLICE psychiatrist, of Glanrhyd Hospital, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend,  was lying for them and that the psychiatric report was only written to stop their embarrassing 'machine gun ' trial by having me sectioned, for life, to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital.....perish the thought!

    So close and yet oh so far, to test fly G-KURK, this afternoon fly her from Winchester  to LAA in Buckingham, tonight, for licencing and radio fitted and then, tomorrow, after a night sampling Chris Alexander/Ebbs' wine and then to fly to North Wheald airfield, North London for 2nd GFT, in a week, this time to check if I know, within the rules, how to get 'home first' or, as in 2001 race to Australia, beat'm all to the bridge!

    watch this space

    09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans.pdf were used, despite their content, by South Wales Police who, incidentally, was not even qualified, to try and convince numerous judges I was so dangerous I was to be locked away for life.

     Another little bstd, Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, also has been given immunity to prosecution when he altered and back dated his Sept 09 report to Dr Ruth Bagshaw (Caswell Clinic) that I had permanent brain damage because I was a drinking partner of an actor called Oliver Reed ands had flown to Australia without a map!!


    09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

    11 11 15 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates REDACTED.pdf

    9 12 1 medical Kemp.pdf

    NHS (Wales) cover up!

    NOT just South Wales Police are bloody liars while they routinely cover up for a significant percentage of the Welsh judiciary perverting the course of justice.

    Eleven Cardiff Crown Court judges, so far, have accepted Maurice's MAPPA level 3 (Terrorist level) registration for 24/7 surveillance with the welsh judiciary and legal trade being  the very heart of this depravity. 


    For Dolmans, solicitors of Cardiff, to monitor the MAPPA information to influence the suspended 20 year running damages claim, BS614159 and many others, for unusual but extreme acts of malicious prosecutions, false imprisonments and plain bullying.


    Guess who took this photo and had driven just some of my 20 year stored files against South Wales Police, for having my name removed from vthe veterinary register, back from France, all alone, while I languished in a psychiatric hospital in Pontivy, Brittany, all orchestrated by the South Wales Police now prosecuting me, tomorrow, in Cardiff Crown Court for 'intimidating a witness'?

    Mark Davenport, convicted drug dealer with another two years of imprisonment for 'Grievous Bodily Harm'  is seen here smiling before the alleged offence of ' 'common assault' captured on his very own CCTV yet another video the police refuse to produce while hell bent in cooking up another conviction.





    CF62 8AZ

    Mr Mark Drayford

    Health Minister,                                                                                         Tel 07907937953

    National Assembly of Wales

    Cardiff Bay


    CF99                                                                                                     17th September 2013

    Mr Andrew R T Davies

    Conservative Party

    National Assembly of Wales

    Cardiff Bay

    Cardiff CF99


    Dear Mr Drayford and Mr Davies,

    Re: ABM Complaints Dept meltdown – will not tell me whether I have

    ‘Significant irreversible brain damage’ or not? Could you please ask?

    I note the discussion in the media and that the Health Minister says the Complaints Department is busy helping police investigate the three members of staff who have been arrested for making up medical records in the Bridgend NHS.


    You may wish to be aware of my dilemma in that no one at ABM complaints Dept will answer that it may appear as if staff at the ABM Complaints Dept collude with the doctor to completely make up that I have ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ with cancer.


    The simple way to address this is, may be, if you were willing to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from the ABM Complaints Dept. So, may be, you can help?


    Please could you answer as to do I have ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ or not? Do you think I should be told so I can manage both my health and my family affairs?


    You may also wish to ask as to why, at a time when NHS money is to be saved and spent wisely, why the ABM NHS, since June 2012, doctors have been indefinitely suspended from NHS duties at a cost which seems to be substantial to NHS and tax payer.


    Is this behaviour of being paid huge salaries, to do no real work but “make things up’, the NHS you wish?



    Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                     

    BUT just how many others from England and elsewhere have suffered this accepted Welsh culture, by being locked up in Caswell Clinic, when also having naively chosen to enter the Principality simply to do a day's work? No wonder my mother cried, nee' Morgan married to a Jenkins).


    It stinks, doesn't it?


    The CAA now appear to be saying, when I challenged it and when revoking my new medical certificate today, that I am a liar in signing this document especially when the medical branch referred to number 117 question. I answered it correctly and stand by it.


    BUT for four years, now, I have scoured the country for legal representation to sue NHS (Wales), the South Wales Police and get independent legal representation for any of the 'fall out' and collateral damage this evilness by the welsh judiciary's conspiracy has caused.

    No self respecting lawyer from England seems prepared to cross the Severn bridge, for easy civil court wins, because on entering the stench of South Wales law courts, prison sand police stations, their future will be seriously compromised. 

    21.19hrs bedding down for the night in West Sussex lay by, en route to fly G-KURK to LAA in the morning for NPPL, if necessary, to get to Alderney before Friday's sun set.

    Just had a reminder from cyber space that just after being before the Lady judge I may see on this Friday, in November 2009, the next judge, on 2nd Dec 2009, disregarded  Dr Tegwyn Williams flagrant lies and  those of CPS officer Thomolow and refused to have me incarcerated in Ashworth at all!

    What a shame neither the CAA nor myself can cause disclosure from both Cardiff courts and South Wales Police!.

    Photo and video shown to the 25th January 2009 jury who needed less than a day of evidence to have me acquitted.   

   (The day before flight with Bristol based CAA trapper, Captain Clifford.......any one have his number?)

    Painted silver immediately after purchase by Lincolnshire's air museum's Mr Cooper and his aircraft engineer for south Wales Police to then paint her back to black to try and fool the Cardiff court jury.

    See the WW1 Lewis, well, South Wales Police painted the silver coloured magazine back to black, to match this passing photo taken by a country walker while our three legged Jack Russel, Jacques was with me looking for rabbits. When the gun was placed before the jury they did remark, afterwards in the pub, that they thought it curious why judge Paul Thomas QC did not allow me examine her as the issue was, throughout , was it a different gun to the one on my aircraft used at the 200 Farnborough Air Show? 

    Of course the judge would not let me get the chance to run my seven months prison prepared finger nails near her! Just one quick scratch across the top of the magazine would of revealed the conspiracy by Barbara Wilding and the seven MAPPA committees who conspired to have me sent to Ashworth for life....anything to eliminate the real threat of de-railing the local 'gravy train' of England's tax payers' money.

    24/7 MAPPA 3 surveillance on 'F' wing in Cardiff prison had all the tapes of phone calls relating Lincolnshire's air museum painting her silver the moment they bought her off me a year earlier! As nine of the jury asked, just before I was jailed again by the Bridgend police that night, why weren't the members of the museum in the dock without me?

    Such is the level of evilness in Wales' current  judiciary, with eleven of their judges now, since June 2009, conspiring to have me incarcerated based on fabricated police psychiatrist reports. So why don't they shout a bit louder for independence because, I for one would love to see the back of them.

    Some of the Ring Leaders within Cardiff's Cabal

    Current Chief Constable

    Past Chief Constable


    The lawyer behind the South Wales Police conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice is this man

    To allow this:

    13 09 16 GBH on Bailiff.pdf

    While I was in London on Friday, at the Royal Courts of Justice, Caul Grant was arrested but then released whilst also demonstrating outside that place. Now he was soon released so what has he got what I want to get a fair hearing nowadays in any UK court?

    Sabine and myself giving moral support following multiple arrests. The 'rule of law' will finally prevail irrespective to what corrupt and greedy lawyers may think. 

    13 09 17 to NHS Welsh Gov.doc to be ignored?

    to me

    Dear Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    This to confirm that we have received your correspondence to Mark Drakeford dated 17/09/2013.
    This is receiving attention and we aim to respond within 17 working days i.e. by 16/10/2013.
    Our reference for this correspondence is TO/MD/02500/13
    Please note that no hard copy acknowledgment will be issued and that if you have written to more than one Minister you will receive only one response.
    I am given to understand both the police psychiatrist and his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, part of the original police blackmail to get the unqualified doctor to examine and have me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act without even examining his patient, after causing my false imprisonment, again, this time over most of last summer.
     South Wales Police, Crown Prosecution Service and even last week, The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Ladyship Eleri Rees, have refused to disclose or have disclosed the joint doctors' S9 witness statements that were required to having me jailed for long periods with no intention of securing a conviction.
    It was alleged I was around at their house harassing them, needing the police to attend to 'move me on'. 
     Utterly ridiculous when I have absolutely no idea as to where they live, nor do I care but both are now more than officially suspended on full pay, for the past year but now sacked and facing criminal allegations following, at last, intervention from England


  • Passport as a Trap - for UK Maurice Kirk [jailed in Police Station] and US Melissa Laird [not free to travel]

    I wonder why people prefer fiction to real life. For what's been happening to Maurice and Melissa could not be made up by any fiction writer. First HMP Cardiff don't hand over his belongings back to him, incl. his passport. Then they 'invite' him to pick it up - but only to arrest him again. And then the officers choose the convenient time of 1.24am on this Sunday's morning to alert one of his supporters by phone.

    Melissa didn't get her underwear back when she was released to be deported with the aid of 9 prison staff in riot gear, while she was in a weelchair! Neither did she get the money she was owed, for Travel upon Discharge. 

    Who MASTERMINDS these awful treatments of 'wear and tear' of a 68-year-old pilot and veterinary surgeon and a 44-year old mother that spans Judiciary, Police, Caswell Clinic and Prison?

    Who FEARS to lose should Maurice and Melissa get the justice and compensation they deserve? Would that governments woke up to the Bradbury Pound to compensate victims of white collar crimes!

    Who is MOTIVATED to do this to other human beings for what BENEFITS? 

    Why is it 'better' for people in institutions to deny and lie, cover up crimes and commit more crimes? 

    Why does it seem to be impossible for people to behave like human beings in HMP establishments? Is it policy?

    What a 'consolation' that I have seen repeats of what I've experienced with Maurice with another prisoner, now deported whilst her son is kept for adoption by Barnet Council: Melissa Laird, dumped at Dulles Airport

    Sir James Munby appeals to the courts to adapt to the realities of the internet, escpecially social media

    Mr Justice Charles calls for more Court of Protection cases to be made public.  

    Many prisons allow for Email a Prisoner - one way that is. A7306CJ is the number you need to email Maurice. Is the whigged generation slowly going to be replaced by Digital Natives with all matter of audio and video facilities to ensure justice, fairness, publicity and transparency? But then, when CCTV footage is in place, it doesn't get released as in the case of Leah McGrath Goodman - just to add UKBA to the list of joint culprits between Leah and Melissa...

    What a 'strange coincidence' that another mother reports the same drama of being deported without travel documents 18 years ago... 

    Unmitigated hypocrisy [in the best interest of the child] is added to institutionalised hypocrisy [justice, fairness, the Rule of Law] aka perfidious Albion. What a sad side of Britain... Fortunately, I attended the UKIP conference yesterday and could take heart!

  • NHS Doctor Suspended Crown Court's Luigi Strinati Ordered re Eviction & The Schneider Trophy Air Race

    The Schneider Trophy AIR RACE over Alderney on 28th/29th Sept 13

    I have just been released from Cardiff prison

    My cell window on 'lifer's E Wing 



     for a day or two, at least and am about to drag out of the shed another one of my an old WW2 D-Day Piper Cubs, hopefully, for winning your King's Cup race over my beloved Alderney where I practiced as a veterinary surgeon in the 80s.

    The old gal looks tired, like me but remarkably similar, bar one digit, to my dearly missed 'Liberty Girl' sadly left behind miles below the Caribbean.

    I need to get her stable mate, I suppose, 'certified to fly' this time and she has not even 'broken the bonds of Earth' for at least 20 odd years.



    I have a small problem over current bail restrictions which prevent my landing on Alderney because I had applied for asylum there when seeking protection from the South Wales Police. See u tube clips on home page.

    Also the South Wales Police appear to have my passport, HM prison hold my legal papers, for appeal and so,  coupled with the fact the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) are also 'burning the mid night oil' in finding ways of having me again sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act,  I now await a psychiatric report and brain scan.  Before I fly, as I have been diagnosed with ‘significant brain damage’ possibly , the CPS, told  the Crown Court, cancer and the lawyer must be right as he is now a Cardiff judge and may be trying my jury trial booked for November. (Not, this time, for ’trading in machine guns’ bolted to a replica DH2 1916 biplane).

    Do I, in the circumstances, qualify for any special handicap or get a couple of hundreds yard start? 

    If the flight organisers have any influence in Guernsey, maybe, to 'grease the wheels of officialdom' or can put the word about so I can flog, in time, a couple of my cubs, Pacer or Taylorcraft, then my chances of financing another win in an air race is considered almost 'in the bag'.

    Despite getting from West Wales to Sydney Harbour Bridge first, on a 'test flight', the last time I seriously raced, I was not even allowed to loop the ‘coat hanger’ bridge but received a magnificent pair of Aussie made boots, instead, from Prime Minister, Mr John Howard!

    Thank you.

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    PS The 'other' Alderney Race I battled through, many times in the dark in 1970, was when perched on top of a very rotten 16 foot catamaran, bought for £65, stuffed with whiskey and two shillings a packet King Size Number 6, which was just enough to buy my first aircraft, a super  Sipa 901, registered G-ASXC (and could she 'flick-roll' and the rest, legend Neville Browning taught me!).

    Tel 07907937953                                                                 7th September203





     G-KURK nearly ready for  Falklands via South Africa





    'Nitwit 2' on a Jersey beach, in 1969, just before solo night sail to West Bay, Bridport,  Dorset, stuffed to the gunnals with Standfast whiskey and, triangular bottles please note, that don't roll around and break!

     GAOLED for non arrestable offence (My aircraft banner usually trailed my 1946 6a Tugmaster ......  See Photo Gallery

    DO READERS of this BLOG wish me to name the doctor(s) before I return to prison? Your family may also have been contaminated by Caswell Clinic's petty politics, with their immunity to prosecution, when so reliant on local HM greed??

    My e-mail:

     Following fabricated evidence, last summer, put in a 'victim' statement to South Wales Police, it appears the GMC have, at last, decided to act on both this aborted trial by jury 'stitch-up' and why the police had painted the machine gun a different colour to try and fool the 2010 jury...........I, for one, am not holding my breath as 'devil worship' is the dominating influence in both South Wales courts and UK police stations.

    What is suspension?

    The term suspension is used in two entirely different circumstances.  It may be either a neutral act while an investigation or other proceeding takes place or, in the case of a final decision by a Fitness to Practise Panel, suspension may be disciplinary in nature.

    10 06 07 One Million Pound Claim against NHS (Wales)_only R (1).pdf

    Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, great masonic friend of a certain psychiatrist, examined me in Caswell Clinic for nearly an hour. With, I must say, Ruth Bagshaw, the latter, I suspect, having none of his 'mumbo jumbo' that I had 'significant brain damage' because (quote from his well paid/ Caswell Clinic concocted 2009 report to get me to Ashworth for life) writing:

    1.I was a drinking partner of actor Oliver Reed

    2. I sunk a WW2 Piper Cub in the Caribbean

    3. I had flown the same aircraft to Darwin (to beat Amy's, circa 1932, 19 day record) and  Sydney Harbour Bridge (to loop) from West Wales  without a map!....Dr Bagshaw was a witness , remember. And, remember I am still registered as a 'mental patient' despite refusing medication (food and liquids brought into Caswell almost every day by very loving wife) ......if only the sheeple 'knew what really goes on in our courts'... But there's hope: Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Division, calls for courts to adapt to the realities of the internet! See I Want to Sing, I Want to Scream, I Want to Shout: Parents and Grandparents Unite!


    Dr David Roger Thomas and others at Caswell Clinic medium security NHS (Wales) prison, Bridgend, all in on the lucrative taxpayer funded scam of funnelling off vulnerable patients into their syndicate private clinics scattered across Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan.

    Letter to Cardiff Magistrates:
    5th Sept 13
    Dear Sir,
    This is my application in the light of proven fraud committed by Dr complainant to have me successfully gaoled yet again.
    With it I require the medical evidence that I have 'significant brain damage' and possible cancer relied upon by His Honour Judge Richard Thomolow, back in 2009, to recommend , with 2nd Dr's signature, I be incarcerated in Ashworth for life.
    The evidence needed is pursuant to 2rd Sept 13 Crown Court Order I that may obtain  an English brain scan using the correct technique this time.  
    Maurice J Kirk
    copy to MP

    12 04 21 MJK REDACTED Psychiatric Summary.pdf

    12 01 20 Remand Warrant &12 02 22 Judge Curran QC Court Order REDACTED.pdf

    11 01 17 GMC REDACTED.pdf

    09 12 02 Crown court Trans Extract.pdf


    CPS Barrister David Gareth Evans fabricated document to placate jury withholding, throughout, the 1st Dec 11draft part hand written longer version all concocted in front of 10 helpers in the public gallery as district judge John  Charles scrawled all over it.

    When jury asked, in writing, to see cctv and court/custody record of 'service' Judge John Curren QC said ' not available' (I, meantime , was in the prison , still unrepresented, following excessive rectal bleeding only because I was banned from having my legal papers in the court room!. (see transcript on earlier blog).

    11 12 01 RO CPS Draft REDACTED.pdf 

    13 07 05 15 @ 17.11 Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police BS614159.doc

    23 08 13 prison letter to Recorder.pdf


    5th September 2013



    Clerk to the Courts of Cardiff Crown, County and Magistrates Courts

    1. Please confirm  hearing is on the 17th of this month at Cardiff Magistrates as I need copy of the 14th November 20 Court Order issued to the magistrates by HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC, currently refused me, before I can defend it.

    I had in prison a CPS letter dated 28th August over some suggestion I might agree with the case going to Crown instead. Some time period was given to me but I cannot remember what it was? This is not my current view but without proper disclosure of all correspondence, sent to me by e-mail and CCTV of the five police incidents just where is this case going?

    2. On 2nd Sept 13 the prison confiscated  all my legal papers and clothes with it being the day of my release. I was refused access to my own 'high risk' category cell to even pack them up in some orderly manner. Can you send me copy please, of anything you may have sent since 30th January 2013?  Thankyou

    3. Can one of the Cardiff courts, please, hand down an Order to get my papers back from the prison for the 17th hearing as, without, I am unable to take advice?

    4. In prison I was refused carbon paper (removed from incoming post) so please return copy of my letters to your courts  and applications, in order to take advice...thanky0u


    5. Last year on a longer prison sentence, whilst un-convicted, with all charges eventually dropped, I was promised the police depositions, including the doctors' statements I had harassed them both at home. I continue being refused by CPS....Can any court order them is it relates to the 17th September 13 magistrates hearing?

    6. Now I am told, having telephoned Caswell Clinic as their registered mental patient, the two psychiatrists are that true?

    7. Not just one but both doctors and each on one year joint £300,000 tax payer paid sick leave salary. AND that is not allowing for their joint income on the private psychiatric work they continue to do. Sickness is recorded as being due to my purported home visit when the police 'moved me on'.....I have no idea where they live nor any desire to know.

    . The clinic promised to telephone me back but have not over the doctor who authorised my August 2009 brain scan revealing, unless miraculously cured by prison food, my 'significant brain damage and possible cancer. THE CPS told the Crown Court all this just to block my bail in 2009 for nearly 8 months so how can I be now eligible for bail or fit to defend this case in England without another brain scan, this time using the correct procedure?

    Without clarification of the above issues the Bristol CPS, again, just like last time these judicial Cardiff games were played over an alleged 'common assault' allegation, will remain in some difficulties and so not oppose my appeal. A most unsatisfactory way of dishing out so called justice when the conspiracy cover up by failed disclosure wins the day.

    7. In the five weeks of my recent incarceration I have asked all three courts for information and Crown Prosecution Service for disclosure disclosure of evidence under their control.  None of my letters had achieved a reply from any one department within Cardiff.

    fg. Why would that be or may I transfer all cases, both civil and criminal out of the clutches of THE CARDIFF CABAL?


     ALL WE NOW WANT ARE THE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS THAT WERE BEFORE THE CURRENT RECORDER OF CARDIFF and Mr Justice Neil Bidder QC, in the Nov/Dec 2009 Cardiff court rooms, before the CPS applied for my permanent incarceration into Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital, any thing but anything to stop the current and six awaiting damages claims against the South Wales Police


    Maurice J Kirk BVSc  







    Luigi Stranati , HM South Wales Director of all courts, calls for  police to block my getting Criminal Court of Appeal and Legal Aid forms, with the hope I can appeal this latest preposterous nonsense designed, yet again, in blocking my swift determination of all my remaining civil actions. I am escorted from building immediately after being stopped from taking legal advise with a lawer.


    I managed, just in time, to get Sue, in the office, to at least hand over copies of my unanswered prison letters before I am evicted. The time before, when there over appeal matters, I was violently pushed down the stairs, on a walking stick, causing ex policeman derrick Hassan to break my leg but that is just one of 50 odd complaints, in the past 20 years South Wales Police have refused to investigate. 










    Another Classic WHITE COLLAR CRIME committed in CARDIFF COURTS


    Rick outside Cardiff Civil Justice Centre yesterday

     So, just what is left in Cardiff that is lawful?

    gaoled - definition of gaoled by the Free Online Dictionary ...

    A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons awaiting trial under local jurisdiction. 2. Detention in a jail. tr.v. jailed, jail·ing, jails.                                  


    ‘The whole of government consists in the art of being honest” American
     President Thomas Jefferson



  • OUT OF JAIL Dr Janis Hillier Suspended while The Roman Edict, 'Crossing the Rubicon', Now has a Whole New Meaning!

    Just received 23rd july 13 county court order which explains, may be, this sudden flurry of police cps activity? the lady recorder cardiff, judge eleri'rees, told me aspects my bail terms, on video screen in prison week, but we both await a copy map ordered route river taff and one west it, to lay down bridge i can cross, go cannot go cardiff while i yet another 'trial by jury' reliant, as always, on failed disclosure cctv footage, witness statements medical evidence, that stand alone sorting out just who is lying over facts latest bit nonsense originating from

    Lord Leveson Mr Justices Mitting & Males REFUSE Maurice's Applic...

    10 Mar 2013 - Last July he signed a 'victim' statement that the Appellant had harassed him at his home with his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, also of Caswell Clinic...

    Today's E-mail out to McKenzie Friends and faithful helpers

    Please copy me any e-mails to any one about my recent two imprisonments, since 10th July latest South Wales Police conspiracy, especially messages to my cell and original photos/scans of any of my letters out to you (and/or typed versions, already done that you may or may not have received or translated to!....please get original letters back to me in due course. THANKYOU


    A lawyer has just told me he was refused access to me in the prison, two weeks ago, despite his pre-booked appointment.

    This adds to my BLACKMAIL list, against the usual Litigants in Person, (Lips), being refused;

    i.  visits from friends and family

    ii.  cash in to buy stamps

    iii.  telephone facilities to witnesses needed for November jury trial

    iv.  access to my legal papers inside the prison, on my lap top, despite His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC's routine missive each time I am jailed, jailed to prejudice on going three month civil trial on 20 years of Masonic based police bullying, achieved only by having such a corrupt 'gravy train' lawyer controlled judiciary. 

    v. access to fellow prisoner, G Thomas, for update statement, who failed to answer to his witness subpoena in civil trial as police had locked him up.

    [His evidence is he heard on police scanner the police at my thief's BMW motor bike crash in Barry....went there saw Guernsey registration on back of it but by the time my veterinary client, Mr Clode arrived, with his pick-up truck the police had  already removed it. Six week's later 'big' BMW police rider came into my veterinary surgery with his 'rescued off M4 Rottweiler and tipped me off the bike was hidden in Mr Clode's garage quite unaware whose it was!] 

    Both QC and Dolmans solicitors (ADRIAN OLIVER, THE RING  LEADER )  for South Wales Police, kept quiet

    ........ 'kept quiet' in court over all this when issues raised by me as they knew exactly where this key witness was as they had already been paid a million pounds of tax player's money to further pervert the course of justice (WHITE COLLAR CRIME) and was goading me on to appeal, to the court of Appeal (Wales), to make them in their 2nd million pounds out of the conspiracy originating from Guernsey's nefariously run judiciary.

    Since my being jailed, in July, Cardiff's Crown Court, Magistrates Court, County Court and police, despite court fees paid, have ALL ignored by numerous letters and list hearings to progress my 20 years of litigation against the CARDIFF CABAL with their unique inherent culture based on deceit.

    Incidentally, Her Ladyship kept me in prison those extra four days only because my bail address needed 'checking out' by police when Crown Prosecution Service, police, HM Court Service, Probation, MAPPA level 3 committee, my Caswell Clinic psychiatrist, 'Uncle Tom Cobley and All', ALL KNEW it was my own bought and paid for house for the past almost twenty years.

    The address was not just on the charge sheet and custody records it was 'address for service' for court documents!

    Could Enid Blyton do better?  

    [his evidence is he heard on police scanner the police at my thief's BMW motor bike crash in Barry....went there saw Guernsey registration  on back of it but by the time

    vi.   access to Church of Wales chapel unlike any other 'faith' purported to be amongst inmates within the Cardiff prison four walls

    vii.   my 'paid up front for' daily 'Daily Telegraph' needed to stop myself from going completely mad in a prison environment dominated by the drug dealing human detritus washed down from the Welsh valleys.

    viii. access to the prison library for law books  etc, etc.

    I have to urgently prepare applications to courts etc, this week, as prison threw me out without releasing my legal papers in my cell....I was dragged out by four or five and refused permission to pack up my papers on bed, floor and cupboards etc.

    The good news is by staying in prison that extra 4 days I have achieved what I have been striving for, for 4 years,  another UK psychiatrist examination and brain scan BUT to be done in England.

    This will prove, once and for all, that the wicked Welsh police and eleven equally corrupt Cardiff law courts knew, all the time , whether I had a brain tumour or not but had all clubbed together to protect the CASWELL CLINIC police psychiatrist, a bloody liar, when he and HM Crown Prosecution Service barrister, now a judge, RICHARD THOMOLOW, (known to the jury, in the machine gun trial, as 'Tom Thumb'), applied, on 2nd Dec 09, for my incarceration into Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, most likely for life due to my ‘significant brain damage’ and ‘paranoia’ of believing the South Wales Police were persecuting me..

    (Leaked Cardiff magistrates record of the then 14th Nov 2011 Recorder of Cardiff, HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC, ordering my 1st December Cardiff magistrates conviction and imprisonment, reliant on keeping undisclosed custody records and CCTV footage,for my 'harassing' their bent police chief psychiatrist' now, it is rumoured, suspended with his wife for framing me last summer, to have yet another long term in prison sentence, unconvicted, following another aborted 'trial by jury' conspiracy planned for that November...... Police and courts refuse to let those depositions, as well, from being disclosed OBVIOUSLY needed for this November's jury.....deja vu?


    These recent imprisonments have been, along with 15 times I have been jailed, since June 2009 (machine gun arrest), purely to frustrate the 99 witness on going civil damages claim in which I have received bills exceeding one million pounds if I lose it.

    Those 15 arrests and jail never succeeded with a conviction that has finally stuck and now even exceeds my personal record obtained in Guernsey when jailed 21 times on oh so similar Masonic based devil worship, rife in both Cardiff's judiciary and police force.  

    Incidentally, Her Ladyship kept me in prison those extra four days only because my bail address needed 'checking out' by police when Crown Prosecution Service, police, HM Court Service, Probation, MAPPA level 3 committee, my Caswell Clinic psychiatrist, 'Uncle Tom Cobley and All', ALL KNEW it was my own bought and paid for house for the past almost twenty years.

    The address was not just on the charge sheet, l in the court room and custody records, it was  my address for 'service' for court documents!

    Could Enid Blyton have done better?  


    The idiom "Crossing the Rubicon" means to pass a point of no return, and refers to Julius Caesar's army's crossing of the river in 49 BC, which was considered an attack on the city to change its constitution ... 


    If I am not allowed to cross the River Ely it means I cannot see my GP needed to book a level 12 psychiatrist, for me, in England.

    BUT all Cardiff courts continue to ignore my 'disclosure application' letters; so there is little point in some un armed roman cohort escorting me across the Ely bridge to my doctor's surgery!   Que faire?

    Answers on a post card, please, to Keynsham, spelt K-E-Y-S-H-A-M.......could what is going on in Cardiff's judiciary be put to music, I wonder and put on the West End stage?

    EXTRACT from my prison letter:

    3,  CPS continue to refuse to disclose other depositions of past cases directly related to ongoing Civil and Criminal cases.

    4,  CPS continue to refuse to disclose CCTV evidence of related incidents, all required for the Jury.

    5, CPS continue to refuse to correct my forensic history, fabricated for 2009 "machinegun" conspiracy in order to prevent my release on bail.

    6,  CPS continue to refuse to say whether I am MAPPA registered and if so why?

    7,  Cps continue to refuse to explain why, on 17th December 2009 my name was removed from the MAPPA register at level 3 and why.

    8,  CPS continue to refuse to explain why, following the 2nd December 2009 hearing when the CPS told the Court that I had significant brain damage and possible cancer, am I now fit to conduct my own case?

    9,  Further to my arrest of CPS barrister, Gareth Evans, for lying to the Court that a restraining order had been served on me on 1st December 2009, Cardiff Crown Court continue to delay my appeal re; assault conviction.

    10,  Why am I still registered as a "High Risk" prisoner and psychiatric patient at Caswell Clinic?

  • Released on Bail - to be left on the lawn - blue in the face

    A caring supporter writes: "He has been given conditional bail......he said he doesn't want it.....she still granted the bail although the police objected to the Barry address. They are saying no further West than the river Taff....he wants it from the river Ely which is nearer the byker.... He will then also be able to come to my place...

    Just thought I'd pass the jail to see if there was a chance of picking him up. Arrived at 4.10. Asked if he was due out... He was lying out there on the grass... He had collapsed and was lying there for 3/4 of an hour... I asked the moron at the counter "why didn't you ring me"... I'VE ONLY JUST COME ON ......

    I called an ambulance. They've taken him to the heath.... He was blue with the cold - the bastards."

    No, you can't make it up: the absence of conscience, humanity, caringness, soul or any goodness whatsoever. But who am I to judge?

    Do make up your own mind! And do count the number of people who were 'just making their living', while ensuring that Maurice does NOT get fair jury trials, justice and everything he believes in: the Rule of the Law.

    'Litigants in Person' seem to be hated by all of them because they are not part of 'the club' - whatever the membership may require...