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My House for a Copy of Cardiff Magistrates Court Records of My Illegal Harassment Imprisonment

Watch this space My telephone is 07708586202 The jury asked for them and was refused and I asked for them, of course, as there is no record of any restraining order ever being served on me in the cells. CPS, polioce, judges and CCRC have them but we cannot...

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Criminal Cases Review Commission CCRC & Prison Release

Maurice's new mobile 07708586202 Jersey/Bristol interviews, re state of Welsh prisons, on NEW WEBSITE SHORTLY as cannot add any more data on this one or she 'falls over' !!¬!! Out of Pays des Galles and I am immediately...

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Escape Wales Incarceration for outside hospital

Another doctor , here in Jersey, pressured not to release ABMU Health Trust medical records. To her patient.......It really makes you wonder if the pigs in 1984 were not ahead of their time!

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Happy 70th Birthday from 12.3.45 to 12.3.15 - on £15.50 a week

Today Maurice was visited by a member of the Independent Monitoring Board. He was complaining that he should have had a rise in the amount of money he was allowed to access each week. Because of charges which were periodically recorded against him but...

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