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Thursday 8th Oct 15 'Talk' includes, until breakfast, South Wales Police 'Machine Gun'Conspiracy and NHS (Wales) Fabricating Medical Records

My flight to Australia is but one of 15 talks or so to be given in some sort of order over winter months to raise money for proposed cub flight to Cape Town and beyond. Machine Gun Case – Maurice J Kirk BVSc - Tel 07708586202 This is only a brief summary...

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Cardiff Talk is on 8th October at 8 pm in Cardiff Aero club cafe (no clash with some oval shaped ball game the locals try and play)-See Facebook

JUST released from police cells, following yet more Cardiff police nonsense, Maurice's next talk in Wales is being planned for this THURSDAY 7th Oct 15......who wants it where and what about? Subjects usually include: Flight to Australia in 1943 Piper...

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