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Delay in Justice is a Denial of Justice

Enclosed is the first of some sixty or so 'encounters' with the South Wales Police, currently being written up for worldwide distribution, now with a Cardiff court for compensation? Alas, half the police incidents are now blocked by the learned...

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A Fine Example of UK's 'HM Partnership'

So, after reading these documents below and what is yet to come, will you still believe in our UK's version of so called democracy? watch this space

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Crete to Cape Town is Off the Ground!

Against all adversity and storm clouds gathering I hope to set off in the old D-Day Piper Cub with one, if not two of my children, flying the other 1943 airecraft originally built to last just six months of the war! . This leaves Genevieve to be cleared...

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A Sample of 'What Daily goes on in our UK Law Courts'

13th October 2015 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrates Harassment Conviction Failed Disclosure contrary to Criminal Procedure Rules While I continue to scour the country for a solicitor, to accept instructions for simple disclosure of court records, I will...

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Criminal Cases Review Commission receive more 'New Evidence' in Three Cardiff Crown Court Mis-trials

Breaking News ‘Breached’ Restraining Order never ever was served on their victim in the first place!--------- Their Lordships’ March 1013 judgment has been located to reveal, in paragraph 9, they were never aware of a ‘jury note’, as with the victim,...

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