Position Statement 15 August 2014Maurice writes of the way in which the system is being manipulated in order to separate him from his legal papers, his funds, visitors and McKenzie Friend assistance. The whole charade of releasing him on licence, under ridiculous one hour curfew conditions, only to have him recalled to prison within a week, without any evidence of wrongdoing, was just a ploy to isolate him from any chance of winning his civil case against the South Wales police and exposing the greed and corruption that is so rampant in public office.

He seems to be up against a wall, with every move stymied before he has made it. All his attempts to use the safeguards built in to our Law to expose the plot against him come to nothing, bogged down in the mire of indifference to the truth. Sunk in the fog of cognitive dissonance.

The perpetrators of this perversion and deception of the people of this country should take note, the paedophilic scum in the higher echelons of public life are being exposed, one by one for what they are. The satanic scum who are bastardising our justice system in their own interests are surely not far behind them!

There is only one other victim of police persecution who can 'compete' with the torture that Maurice has to endure: survivor of sexual abuse and whistleblower of paedophilia Brian Pead, author of From Hillsborough to Lambeth. They are both Litigants in Person prevented from advancing their cases from 'within'!