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Even some South Wales Divorce Lawyers are part of Cardiff's Cabal

15 07 17 Notaire brief.docx Does anyone wish to have their names? To be posted also on twitter and facebook if not expedited

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Judge Denyer QC 'convicts' Maurice after 'Proceeds of Crime' Allegation by South Wales Police Informant (Part One)

15 07 12 blog (2).docx 15-7-10 Mathew's witness statement.pdf 15 06 13 J Mattews post 1st hearing.docx 15 07 11 Police Informer.docx FreezeOrder.pdf

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D-Day Piper Cub to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn

But before G-KURK flies south there are outstanding South Wales Police issues including: The “Black Cab Rapist” – Court of Appeal rules on Article 3 investigative duty Commissioner of the Police for the Metropolis v DSD and NBV and Alio Koraou v Chief...

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Into Africa G-KURK Flies!

Teething problems sorted, post PFA renewal and so quickly into an airfield to study latest equipment on offer for 'kirkifications' needed for Cape Town

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Sabine McNeill & Secrecy of our Family Courts v=VNvQFlFy9Cs Infringement Notice 15 07 07 Alun Cairns MP.docx See Face Book,You Tube & petitions......BUT study the facts yourself

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Brittany Cottages for Sale to Finance Flight to South Africa and Cape Horn

All within 5K of each other and one hour from St Malo Portsmouth ferry: Two semi-detached houses for 40,000 pounds, the lot, with large garden and a barn for the Rolls Two bed modernised village cottage/large garden/roof space for ensuite third bedroom...

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Remarkable Brain Damage Reversal

G-KURK in a farmer's field near Dartmoor Well, this week, the CAA finally allowed my Class 2 medical flying licence renewal despite my 4th South Wales GP practice having also just refused me as a patient! As with its similarly spineless South Wales...

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Another Frustrating Day in our Parliament Building

Busy day for me, yesterday, in Parliament committee rooms- First there was 'child abuse' meeting and then 'whistle blower' almost a riot of over a hundred fearful followers and victims as persecuted 'whistle blowers'. Then, if...

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Shortly, patience, down boyo. Now going to Brittany to try and find my stolen ULM Spineless Greedy Little Buggers This week my 4 th South Wales GP medical practice, this time Ely...

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North Weald Air Show ---Today &Tomorrow

G-KURK WW2 D-Day Piper Cub proposed arrival time 2-3pm Shopping for any radios (fixed & hand-held), transponders, gps suitable gadget for Cape Town Falklands Andes...wind-generator, headsets, maps of Africa, older the better so I can just fly between...

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