Today Maurice was visited by a member of the Independent Monitoring Board.

He was complaining that he should have had a rise in the amount of money he was allowed to access each week. Because of charges which were periodically recorded against him but never proven or even investigated internally he has been on basic funds (£15.50 a week).

If he held a clear record for over 3 months he was entitled to an enhanced amount (£25.50). He has been due this sum for a very long time but each time he complains, he is given another excuse as to why he does not qualify. He discussed this with Governor D K Richards today who suggested 'take it up with the landing staff'.

This is were it always starts. Each member of staff passing the buck like a rugger ball except the field is circular not linear.

The IMB member said he was not entitled because he is using his cell as an office! Before that it was 'because you use too much paper'.

This extra money is vital if he is to conduct his defence or his civil case against the South Wales Police as it gives him access to stamps, phone time, stationery and a few treats such as soap. Where did the order come from denying the rights to Maurice that other prisoners are entitled?

His tenacity of spirit is the most miraculous gift Maurice is giving to the world on this birthday - after having been inside since October 2013!