17th December 2014

Dear Mr Wiltshire,

Re Maurice J KIRK A7306AT

As Maurice's sister I have been appalled at the treatment metered out by the lower echelons of your staff. On 24th November he was manhandled by officers out of his wheeled chair and bundled into the van en route to court. I believe that the GeoAmy crew refused to move him out of his plastic box and so he missed his vital court case.

Since he has been with you :

  • no post for over three weeks
  • not allowed any visitors despite filling up the list on 19th Nov
  • no wheelchair only a chair with small wheels which requires staff to manoeuvre
  • all complaint forms filled never reaching their destination only staying on the wing (in the bin?)
  • no notice of a court appearance in Cardiff (12th Dec14) .
  • Two staff came to fetch him with no warning and in the time he had to get glasses, paper and pencil the transport left without him.
  • At the time (12th) he had been with you since 19th Nov he had had no bath or shower
  • no change of clothes • no change of bedding
  • no ability to phone out to anyone
  • no visit by a doctor despite continuing aggressive abdominal pain.

Under these circumstances it is no surprise that he was not even fit to be seen outside the prison gates. My brother has a grievance that the authorities in Wales are keen to suppress. A Psychiatrist made a false report about the condition of his physical brain in October 2009. He has been trying to get this report overturned after receiving medical evidence that it was untrue. Bungling by the court service in Cardiff has compounded his situation and he has had to go to extreme lengths to prove his case. The involvement of the South Wales Police in this whole matter has been extreme such as branding him MAPPA 3 which is clearly nonsense and only aimed at preventing him for finalising his civil case against the South Wales Police for over 22 years of harassment.

The Prison Medical Service has also not covered themselves in glory. It maybe that they only want to work with addicts but in my brother's case they are dealing with a talented veterinary surgeon who just wants a diagnosis/prognosis and appropriate treatment . Not the barbaric behaviour used by your staff last Sunday when he was wheeled to his bathing area where he ran a bath, rang a bell for help to get him into it only to be ignored for seven (7) hours. In that time he ran six to eight baths, rang the bell, water went cold, ran another bath. Nine o'clock at night five staff arrived and dragged him back to his main cell area but failed to notice the bath was filling. It flooded bathroom and cell. Again no-one answered his bell of alarm. Since then he has paid for it by no hot water flask, no breakfast, no lunch, no photocopying facilities for his appeal court papers, no anything!

He managed a quick call to me yesterday stating that important court post from 21st November had only now been delivered. Do you call this justice?


Celia Jeune (retired magistrate) nee KIRK

cc: Prison Ombudsman, MoJ,NOMS, Probation Sally Powell

 But prison and its medical 'service' is not enough, it's also malfeasance by court staff, as Maurice points out below:

Case Worker 2014 02428-C1-JAB
Criminal Appeals Office
Royal Courts of Justice

22nd December 2014

Dear Sir,

Regina versus Maurice John Kirk
Failed 1st December 2011 'harassment' Conviction Disclosure of Public Record

1. Further to your deadline given of my having to lodge final documents by 24th December 2014, despite the conditions under which this 'forced to be' litigant in person is incarcerated, please find enclosed 27th March 2014 unambiguous Crown Court Order in the form of official transcript (pp37F-41H).

2. CPS admission that I will get original 'clerk of the Court's notes' is now a complete joke as they will now be 'modified'.

3. You will note that I was both dumbstruck and extremely deaf as not only the usual defendant 'inaudible' comments are redacted on the transcript but corrupted on tape just like the RCJ Royal College of veterinary Surgeons/Lord Thomas Saga!

4. I completely misheard the CPS admissions of the clerk of the court's notes will record his assurances to Mr Barker, the custody manager, (see May 12 transcript) in 1st Dec 2011 cells, that of the time when the 3rd version of mythical 'restraining order' was served.

5. I will serve on your court my hospital audiogram and later fitting of hearing aid record all far too late for your March Jury Trial now on Appeal deliberately convicted behind bullet proof MAPPA3/3 glass despite my complaining I could hear little (confirmed by dock custody staff).

6. The 'notes' will identify allegation No 3, 'my' posting of a Wanted Poster and argument of 'abuse of process' as CPS had overlooked the fact I had already served the Recorder of Cardiff's custodial sentence when none of the original allegations carried such a required tariff. It stinks doesn't?

7. And 1st Dec 2011 'gate arrest' withheld police records?

signed Maurice J Kirk BVSc

copy to CCRC HMP Bristol, England

PS I am still refused a laptop to type this.

Here is the document proving his hearing difficulties aka deafness. 

Here are the 6 pages of the court hearing relating to the CPS having got hold of the court documents but never reached Maurice.

Will you at least sign the petition to release Maurice, as it triggers an email to everybody who could and SHOULD make a difference???