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About anything from Warrant for Arrest to our online petition demanding Fair Trials and Compensation, for Maurice and other victims, in the spirit of human rights. For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. The latest video of a 12-minute interview with Maurice on Jersey in Dec 2010.

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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • Letter from Jail - counting 17 imprisonments without charges!

    This letter is worth publishing, as it is quite a good list of the 'milestones' in Maurice's more recent battle for justice. Apologies for occasionally xx when I couldn't decipher his scribbles. Why can't they let him have his laptop in the 21st century???

    As the peacemongers won over the warmongers in Parliament, we just hope that some of those responsible will remember their conscience in this completely indefencible war, too!

    (Copy to Alun Cairns MP and John Hemming MP)

    Cases T20130801 - BS614519 - 23rd Aug 13

    FAO Recorder of Cardiff County Court CCRC IPCC RCVS

    1. In Nov 2009 Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees refused me bail because before her was fabricated Crown Prosecution information, conspired by Dolmans, Solicitors, for the Police, NHS (Wales), Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams, sufficient to have had me registered MAPPA Level 3, sectioned under 1983 Mental Health Act and my name removed from the Veterinary Register.

    2. Withheld evidence, to this very day, from Caswell Clinic psychiatric prison was sufficient, on 2nd December 2009, for CPS Barrister Richard Thomolow, now HHJ Thomolow of Cardiff Court, to apply for my incarceration to continue indefinitely, in Ashworth High Security psychiatric prison.

    3. The CPS and Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams told HHJ Mel Bidder QC that I had ‘significant brain damage’ and possible cancer.

    4. To this day no doctor in South Wales will confirm or clarify the CPS contradictions to the August 2009 brain scan or verify my own paid English specialist, in the field, opinion served on Cardiff Crown Court completely ridiculing the so called Welsh ‘findings’ upheld, eventually, by no less than eleven Cardiff judges preferring to believe their own CPS and tame rogue forensic psychiatrist.

    5. Thomolow’s reasons were both numerous and nefarious as the South Wales Police blackmailed the Doctor, over a woman, to ensure I was sectioned, on 7th August 2009, by HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC without the Doctor even bothering to examine his victim.

    6. Both Thomolow and the January 2010 jury trial judge, Paul Thomas QC, knew the Police had painted my one time black WWI Lewis machine gun, to fool the jury, back to black from silver, the colour of the gun’s magazine on the 22nd June 2009, when they seized it from a Lincolnshire air museum who had bought it from me.

    7. Upon its return to the museum, after my acquittal, I acquired statements that the Police, having to repaint her again, even xxx a different shade of grey.

    8. On 17th December 2009 my MAPPA 3 status was completely expunged from the register, first being obtained on 8th June 2009, in Barry Police station. With the Doctor in attendance with the sole purpose of having me lawfully shot. (See leaked MAPPA minutes.)

    9. To this day HM Prison Cardiff, HM Prosecution Service, HM Courts nor anyone else will reveal the reason why senior police officers and the Doctor so had me registered of why it was expunged before the machine gun trial, carrying a mandatory ten year prison sentence, if not so obviously Masonic. I was released after 7.30pm and with no money was expected to immediately leave Cardiff by train to an address in England with no evidence it was xxx

    10. No lawyer can be found, after four years of searching, to sue both the Doctor and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University who also falsified the fact to maintain my incarceration, because it is devil worship.

    11. No lawyer can be found to sue the South Wales Police for more than twenty years of relentless bullying which is extreme, despite countless malicious prosecutions, false imprisonments and acts of perjury having failed.

    12. On 23rd August 2013 a lawyer in Cardiff Crown Court admitted my Particulars of Claim against the NHS (Wales) and the Doctor had been ‘terminated’, no doubt, while the ‘HM Cardiff Cabal’ were again attempting as between 2003 and 2008, to have me registered as a ‘vexatious litigant’ to block my outstanding six civil actions against the South Wales Police.

    13. Since Dolman’s Solicitors Senior Partner, Adrian Oliver, first drafted the then Chief Constable’s 26th January 2009 sworn affidavit, riddled with lies, I have been jailed more than seventeen times without subsequent conviction – anything to prejudice my ongoing civil claim that has heard, so far, ninety-nine witnesses.

    14. In this current conspiracy the CPS refuse to disclose, for my bail application, CCTV coverage of the past SW Police incidents proving my Cardiff residence or even my right to have a copy of my interview, under caution, clearly asked for at the time.

    15. On 23rd August 2003, I attended Cardiff Crown Court to have varied quite unacceptable bail condition in that I was refused entry into Cardiff City when everyone knew His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had already written to the Cardiff Prison I should be allowed access to my laptop and general legal papers, much being in my Cardiff residence, in order to submit final submissions to a three month trial before the deadline.

    16. Later that same day, having been arrested for entering Cardiff Crown Court, I was put before a judge of the Magistrates Court who refused bail, simply because the CPS continued to deny the Court a copy of the CCTV, my custody DVDs or a corrected Police National Computer printout not riddled with mistakes in the one tendered to successfully oppose bail every xx (see separate document)

    17. Since alleged offences Crown Court, County Court, Mag. Court, CPS & Police have ignored my letters.

    18. The Stipendary Magistrate, CPS nor the local duty solicitor would either order or ask the HM Courts Service to disclose 14th November 2011 Recorder of Cardiff, HHJ Llewellyn-Jones QC, court orders, to 1st December 2011 District Judge John Charles, to have me convicted for ‘harassing’ the Doctor who fabricated six or so psychiatric reports and 59 victim police statements and that the subsequent Restraint Order was not to be served on me, in the cells (covered by CCTV), in order to allow a further incarceration. HHJ John Curren QC refused to allow the last jury sight of CCTV, xxx to my custody services on court record.

    19. I have been banned from Cardiff Civil Justice Centre public counter for five years, anything to block the progress for compensation, all I have since Articles 1 and 13 have been also expunged from our Rule of Law that Parliament must intervene.

    20. Remember, please, it was the then Recorder of Cardiff, HHJ Nicholas Cooe QC who has ordered a psychological report, HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC who ordered be sectioned on 7th August 2009 and the former refused to have the evidence I have cancer and / or significant brain damage in June 2010, leading to my contempt of court imprisonment, to be disclosed.

    21. Remember, please, it was an ex South Wales Police officer, now HM Court Service Staff, who pushed me down the Crown Court steps, to cause my admission to hospital with a broken leg.

    22. Remember, please, it was this ‘conviction’ of common assaults, by me on walking sticks, that CPS so successfully used to have me refused bail, until it was transferred to Bristol Crown Court two years later when my appeal was quashed unopposed.

    23. Remember, please, my arrest of CPS barrister David Gareth Evans, carrying the perverse conviction of common assault Cardiff Court refuse to list, again for fear the general public may become aware of what really goes on by the Principality’s Judiciary.

    24. Remember, please, the CPS rely on opposing my entry to Cardiff on July 28th 2011 conviction in London, over the Haringey Council’s snatching seven Nigerian kids while their parents Mr & Mrs Musa of Nigeria remain in prison to feed the UK lawyers’ ‘gravy train’ instead of being simply reunited and deported, if need be, but at least have their children back. ... obtained by Cardiff prison and refusing my attendance at respective courts.

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

  • Does Technology come to the Rescue? In and out of Jails & Courts and up and down their Stairs...

    It takes geeky persistence and perseverance to get photos off a battered phone and up to this site that acts as monitor and observer, if not as a kind of 'social conscience' for the trials and tribulations of one Maurice J Kirk BVSc. No scriptwriter could make it up. Only real life can write these stories of LOTS of people 'only doing their job', denying and lying and committing crimes to cover up crimes - against one individual.  No matter how you may want to criticise any victim, 'the system' always consists of many people who victimise individuals. 

    Here we see the stairs that Maurice was kicked down - in 2011, we think - by Court 'security'.

    Recovered from the push down these stairs? 

    Ready for the next push down by 'security'?Available for being arrested?And we see the restaurant in which he was arrested after having been out of jail recently for barely 24 hours. It's a miracle that Maurice can chronicle his own experiences and remember dates. 

    As an observer of MANY white collar crimes and criminals, my current summary is: 

    • his punishments without crime cannot be compared with any of the bankruptcies, child snatching and having to flee the country to escape imprisonment or mental hospitalisation - because every victim can only cope with their Legal Abuse Syndrome in their own particular way
    • his courage and audacity to take on what is clearly one of the worst Police forces in the country can only ask for admiration
    • his commitment to advancing the cause of Litigants in Person (LiPs), whether in prison, in Courts or simply 'back home' might only make a difference thanks to technology.
    Whether web, phone or video technologies:
    1. if courts didn't have anything to hide, authentic, unadulterated video and audio recordings would be available to whoever needs / wants them;
    2. if LiPs were treated as lawyers, they would not suffer as much as they do, for they would get 'disclosure' of any document;
    3. BUT LiPs are not 'part of the club'; hence they don't get 'club protection'...

    I wonder whether 'the system' will begin some 'positive PR' and publish cases where people actually did get justice and compensation? Meanwhile, I put my hope on 'technology for good': An illegally arrested mother was saved by her phone.

    Will these photos suffice as 'evidence' in the minds of 'club members'? Or will they bank yet more on Maurice ageing, while public officials 'just doing their job' take early retirement to make room for the next generation of victimisers and white collar criminals?

  • From Russia with Love and from HMP Holloway to HMP Cardiff - in less than 24 hours

    Maria, Maurice, Sabine *** STOP PRESS ***

    14 August 2-13 -- 09.40 

    DISGUSTING treatment of a 68-year-old Litigant in Person on remand - for stitched up imprisonment in the first place:

    "Money for phone calls has not come through. He should ask the warder to check with the finance office. I spoke to a clerk there yesterday who could/would not confirm was up to the prisoner but that it took 'some time' to add cash to a prisoner's account! (5 days so far!)" - His sister - former Magistrate. 

    13 August 2013 --- 11.40

    Maurice has been remanded in his absence until Friday. His barrister will see him Thursday. They are trying to move the 17 Sept magistrates trial to a jury trial on 12 Nov. The two together bail application is going in on Friday. Not sure when M will be informed of the outcome/progress!


    There's always You just need to know his prisoner no: A7306AT.


    Thanks to Norman Scarth, I now know about PRISONGATE as the clear explanation for this 'culture' of oppression, repression and suppression in the country of fairness.

    Russia is Maurice's country of choice for asylum. American Melissa Laird whom Maurice visited in HMP Holloway prefers to go to Iran, once she is re-united with her son. Barnet Social Services want to adopt him, while UKBA do their utmost to send her back to the US. Completely fabricated allegations as with all the families Christopher Booker writes about regularly in The Telegraph.

    Maria has become a British citizen ages ago, but wonders whether to go back to Nigeria, after she was fraudulently imprisoned for six months. Maurice KNOWS that he is not alone in this Campaign for Truth and Justice.

    As Litigant in Person,

    • he is seriously prevented from advancing his legal proceedings while 'inside'; but why should Governors care?
    • he can't get the same kind of disclosure, as if he was legally represented; but why should Courts and Prisons bother?
    • he finds solicitors from hell and bent judges rather than those worthy of their respective professions. Again: isn't everybody only there to protect their own interests and their respective brethren at all cost? 

    I wonder what will happen to those six judges who seriously harmed another pilot: Len Lawrence was poisoned from the exhaust fumes and his (genuine) brain damage was such that he was given a 'mental capacity certificate'. But the Court of Protection uses these to steal people's assets. In his case, his savings and his house.Conveniently, it's part of the Family Courts that are set up to steal people's children. The Court of Protection aids along, as parents who don't have mental capacity can, of course, not consent to the adoption of their children. 

    Do you think that the deaths of the 50 children who die in 'care' every year get investigated, let alone prosecuted? Maybe I'm digressing. But Maurice knows what it's like to be inside and to have Social Services breathe down your neck. Hence he visited Melissa and she was thrilled! If you find Maurice's stories as unbelievable as those of victims of child snatching, look at this Dossier of Evidence. And remember that Maurice tried to help the Nigerian Musas get their children back! The Nigerian Standard Newspaper writes United Kingdom on Sale to Homosexuals. A paedophile charter has gone through the Senate! So much for colonialisation and 'imperialistic grooming'...

    Maurice must be the Guinness record holder: 13 arrests with charges dropped and over 90 court hearings in his favour. This is since the former Chief Constable Barbara Wilding signed an Affidavit on 25 February 2009 that Dolmans had drafted for her. And on 9th August 2013 he wrote this Position Statement in Case B6814519, Maurice J Kirk, Claimant, v South Wales Police, Defendant:

    Since Dolmans, Solicitors, fabricated, 6 weeks late to court order and signed by Chief Constable, her Affidavit contains lies causing the Claimant to be:

    1. jailed more than 13 times with no subsequent convictions despite the Police painting a machine gun a different colour to fool the jury or having fabricated the Claimant's 'significant brain damage' and 'possible cancer' just to have him sectioned.

    2. in more than 90 civil and 90 criminal daily court hearings, anything to prejudice his position in fighting a 20 year running damages claim.

    3. In last 9 days denied access to his laptop or via 3rd party to serve on his court his 31st July 13 application.

    4. a witness, yet again, of HM Crown Prosecution Service and partner to Defendant, consistently lie on the facts relating to both Claimant's criminal record and clear permission by lay magistrates allowing his access to his legal papers in his flat while Police continue to refuse to disclose custody records and witness statements from doctors.  

    Previously he sent this letter for HM Prosecution on 2nd August 2013::

    R v Kirk

    Kindly disclose CCTV coverage of incidents with Police, myself, complainants including Doctor from 

    1. 1st Dec 11 Magistrates 'service' of Restraint Order causing jail.

    2. 20th July 12 Dr Janis Hillier & husband's home.

    3. 1st June 13 my flat forecourt of car break in.

    4. summer 13 my flat forecourt re arrest attempt for fraud.

    5. summer 13 my flat forecourt and shop re my stolen property.

    6. 10th July 13 my flat forecourt in shop and rear yeard re incident of fly tipping.

    7. my Police interrogation under caution for assault.

    8. 13th July 13 flat forecourt, adjacent shop and rear of both properties. 

    This list is not exhaustive. Kindly correct my forensic records and produce proof of my 'significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour used to block me of vital witnesses. 

    This one was addressed to the Association of McKenzie Friends on 6th August 2013:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

     Please find enclosed a significant document indicating the Police's use of force to prejudice a Claimant against the Chief Constable in a 20 year running civil damages claim for malicious prosecution - false imprisonments. 

    Your phone number has been 'unblocked' but for one person. 

    I am trying to get this information to County Court hearing. 


    Here's the 'significant document': 


    I just wish I had more hours in the day to compensate for all these shortcomings of a system that has victimised victims for far too long! 

    I also wish I had a better ability to make sense of exceedingly inhuman behaviour. Can't all be due to 'austerity cuts', can it?


  • Letter to Cardiff Crown Court, 4th August from Maurice, currently languishing in the County Gaol........Again

     1, I am being refused my right to apply for bail.

    2,  I am refused access to my website information already prepared on my laptop including Emergency application to Cardiff Civil Court ( to get access to my legal papers in my flat ) and disclosure application to HM Crown prosecution service to now release the real evidence.

    3,  CPS continue to refuse to disclose other depositions of past cases directly related to ongoing Civil and Criminal cases.

    4,  CPS continue to refuse to disclose CCTV evidence of related incidents, all required for the Jury.

    5, CPS continue to refuse to correct my forensic history, fabricated for 2009 "machinegun" conspiracy in order to prevent my release on bail.

    6,  CPS continue to refuse to say whether I am MAPPA registered and if so why?

    7,  Cps continue to refuse to explain why, on 17th December 2009 my name was removed from the MAPPA register at level 3 and why.

    8,  CPS continue to refuse to explain why, following the 2nd December 2009 hearing when the CPS told the Court that I had significant brain damage and possible cancer, am I now fit to conduct my own case?

    9,  Further to my arrest of CPS barrister, Gareth Evans, for lying to the Court that a restraining order had been served on me on 1st December 2009, Cardiff Crown Court continue to delay my appeal re; assault conviction.

    10,  Why am I still registered as a "High Risk" prisoner and psychiatric patient at Caswell Clinic?

    Maurice J Kirk, BVSC.