President Barack Obama                                   

The White House                                                     

Washington DC                                                              

United States of America

17th March 2009                                                                                                        


Dear Sir,

General Patton's WW2 D-Day Piper Cub Reg. G-KIRK

In February last year, about a hundred miles off Haiti, Caribbean, my US army 1943 Piper Cub experienced engine failure and ditched in the sea. For the next three hours I huddled, freezing in a leaky life raft, waist high in water, desperately trying to keep my satellite distress beacon up out of the water!

Just as the sun was going down, expecting to be breakfast for the sharks, I heard the magic drone of a  black and red US Coast Guard Jay Hawk helicopter, out of Great Inagua US Air Base, piloted by Julie Kuck with her merry rescue team.

Safely on dry land I quickly bought another aging J3 Piper Cub in Daytona, Florida, in order to carry on my life's dream, a ‘flight around the world'. I had competed in the 2001 London to Sydney Air Race sponsored by a benevolent Arizonian who, having read my web site, laughed so much paid my $50,000 ticket! A world record from Norfolk Island to Brisbane, Australia for a US J3 Cub and then engine failure with a spectacular crash, in Japan, are just a couple of stories in my travels.

Then things in Texas all went, may I suggest, somewhat ‘pear shaped'.

Whilst ‘test flying' my 1946 little yellow Cub out of a field near Houston, Texas, before setting off for the Falkland Islands, South America, I decided to thank Commander in Chief of US Coast Guard for saving my life. The plans were to land near Crawford and walk/taxi into the P49 Restriction Air Traffic Zone and deliver a note, similar to this, at the gate of the Texas residence. President Bush was away at the time.

I was, I believe, quite misunderstood and was arrested and deported back to UK with a suggestion from the US Embassy suggesting I will not be allowed to re enter the United States of America again. The Federal Aviation Authority [enclosed], however, telephoned me personally to assure me my flight, subject to paperwork, landing in farmer Hawkins's field, near Crawford, was no aviation offence.

I humbly request that I may be allowed to retrieve my little Cub in Houston and fly her direct across the Mexican border, one way, in order I may fulfil my dream of flying the Andes and to our British outpost.


Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc,   dob 12.3.45,     Marlpits, St Donats Aerodrome, Llantwit Major, Wales CF61 1ZB                                              

PS Enclosed US Pilot's report

To whom it may concern:

Brian Throop of the FAA in Washington D.C stated to me on 6/20/08 via telephone that as far as he knew there were no known airspace infractions or FAA violations made by Mr. Maurice Kirk.  I have also spoke with Mr. Throop on several occasions in regards to Mr. Kirk.  Tel: (202) 538-9013.


Also on 5/01/08 in taking Mr. Kirk back to his aircraft in Crawford, Texas. Mr. Arnold Theymeyer of the FAA in Ft. Worth Texas had a phone conversation with Mr. Kirk stating that he had committed no offenses, and was given authorization to fly his aircraft.  My wife, Kandy Howell was also present and spoke with Mr.  Arnold Theymeyer.


Alvin M. Howell

Private Pilot/Airframe and Power Plant Technician/Inspection Authorization with  36 years experience in the aviation industry. Have had a US private pilot's license since 1974.   I also work for Standard Aero located at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston as a QA inspector on corporate Business Jets.

My wife and I have a business that provides Safety Compliance Training to Aviation Maintenance Certified Repair Stations.


AMT Training Solutions


Thanks for your time


Alvin M. Howell

22715 Piper Rd

Needville, Tx. 77461

(979) 553-3040 home

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