During the 6 months Maurice has been 'resident' at HMP Cardiff, he was allowed to read in the library 4 times. Ten minutes each.

Purely for occupying his mind, it'll be good for him to read what he has gathered in terms of his facts and truths vs South Wales Police's actions and infiltrations into the judiciary and prison system - in a minute share of oodles of Lever Arch files.

And since this operation it has emerged that this is not the lot he needs to prepare for his trials... 

Maurice can identify the good and the bad guys. But what difference does it make???

Why does it take a hunger strike to get what he needs to have a chance with his trials? Two are scheduled for 10 and 24 March. But he has not been told what will be heard when.

Mark Twain said that "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't."

It is certainly true that nobody could have thought up what all those who pull the strings behind the scenes have made happen to Maurice - by employing staff with remits to 'just do their job'. 

We also had pen and paper during our visit. But Maurice's frustration is sky high. 

On top of the deadline of the court hearings, having had to decide to go on hunger strike and to endure it for such a long time, because of prison conditions, while not having the facilities necessary to handle paper work, it's too much for anybody to bear. 

So far, not for Maurice yet. Mainly due to the most solid of his local supporters who looks after him and his belongings while the other side seems to think that the best would be if he were just to die away... 


Here is a letter to the Governor of the prison from a supporter,

 Fax to HMP Cardiff..zip