Despite the tube strike I made it to the right train. In Cardiff we hand delivered two letters from Maurice - to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and HHJ Rowlands at the Crown Court. I want to understand procedures and 'due process'. 

One of his questions to the CPS: how come I've become a 'sex offender' on th VISOR register? Reminds me of his MAPPA issue - it's all a pretext to justify treating him (and others) as a terrorist (i.e. shoot to kill) or possibly paedophile now!? 

Maurice is on file for hearings on 10th and 24th March. Regarding bail, he needs to make yet another application. It's supposedly the CPS who decide whether an address is acceptable - not the Police. But we know that South Wales Police are as much in charge of Maurice's life and belongings as they possibly can - both inside and outside HMP Cardiff... 

Shocking to see all these young visitors in the waiting area. To see Maurice was not too shocking, even though he had not shaved - to preserve his energies, as he said. The notes on his arm had Litigants in Person on top of the list. I can see why - not only from his but other prisoners' experiences. That's why we created the Association of McKenzie Friends!

By now it appears that prisoners who have anything to do with #childsnatchuk leading to #paedobritain get the worst treatment.

His list of 25 breaches of prison rules was not exhaustive. But his fighting spirit and tenacity will never be broken. Incredibly admirable while he's busy reading a book on Prison Law. This DIY approach to the Law is what all victims of white collar crimes must resort to, it seems, after nearly 300,000 visits on Victims Unite! 

Maurice was promised pen and paper by the Deputy Governor. But his underlings didn't comply. Why is it normal to get it in HMP Holloway and not HMP Cardiff? It's of great assistance as long as McKenzie Friends don't get legal visits - one of our campaigning goals. Our Chairperson's vision is a McKenzie Friend attached to every law practice in the country!

Help4LiPs had asked me to make a list of recommendations on behalf of our experiences as McKenzie Friends. For the judiciary is worried about McKenzie Friends charging money. After all, they are the professionals whose jobs are at risk when they don't conform. If only they were to conform to the Rule of Law and not the Masonic Lodges! But "all gravy trains lead to Masonic Lodges", said Maurice... And South Wales is full of them. 

John Hemming MP once said "we have to become less punitive." I think that everybody in the prison and judiciary system needs to understand psychotherapy instead of relying on money as stick and carrot besides whatever bribes are at stake. 

Maurice's letter to HHJ Rowlands ended with "I remain on hunger strike until I am transferred to England with my court case, like last time when it suited them, or conditions in this hell-hole, for unconvicted, are properly addressed as per my letters to numerous MPs."