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Political asylum and protection from extradition granted - for the first time since the French Revolution, to a British citizen. See this post here.
  • Piper Cub Lock Haven, USA Reunion

    I had this missive this morning to cheer me up....



       I returned to San Diego from Lock Haven on June 26th. I had been looking forward to seeing you (and your hat) there, but I guess that our *** wouldn't let you in. Too bad.


       What is your current status with our people?   Will you ever be able to

    get back into the States? The number of airplanes there didn't seem as large this year. Don't know if that was caused by fuel prices or the low ceilings that we had for the first couple of days.


        Did you ever recover your camera and GPS? I would have thought that whoever took you off would have been responsible for securing your property. Whatever happened to your Cub?  After I send this, I will go to your web site and see if the answers are there.


                                  Len J Buckel


    Dear Len, aviator, bon viveur and overweight,


    I tried to get to the annual Lock Haven Piper Cub gathering but the US Authorities just put me back on the aircraft at Detroit for London.


    CAA have suspended my licences having been told by the US I was 'engaged in criminal activity’! FAA confirm I committed no offence landing in a huge field, 5 miles from President Bush's Texas ranch in a torrential thunder storm.


    Cub is sold to Alvin and re-registered so they cannot use that against me. [Suggested I impersonated a US citizen in order to buy the cub in Daytona Beach!]. Agreement to buy back if I get a US visa ......will visit you, if I do, before flying to Falklands and Alaska for my floats across Canada.


    Please ask mates to read for updates and may be invite me to give talks across US with ones already booked. I will send the Piper Cub petition to President Bush, Department of Homeland Security and Her Majesty The Queen, if need be, to get to California!


    Must go, French lesson and selling a shed of aircraft spares today,


    Best regards,




    Ps. My Camera and Alvin’s GPS [never used] was stolen in Bellville, Texas along with the EPERB satellite beacon that saved my life in the Caribbean. It was while I was being interrogated in the police station for the 3rd time by the Secret Service before being led off in leg irons to your ‘sausage machine’ for deportees.

  • Walter Sweeney, recent MP for Vale of Glamorgan, to Stand in Haltemprice & Howden By-Election






       TEL: 01430 470676   FAX: 01430 424678


    27th. June 2008

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing to explain my decision to stand as an Independent candidate in the Haltemprice & Howden by-election.

    As a former Conservative M.P. who rebelled against the Maastricht Treaty under John Major's government, I am appalled by the failure of all the major political parties, despite low election turnouts, to heed the growing cynicism and strong Euroscepticism of large parts of the electorate.

    I am particularly incensed by the Government's decision to ignore the veto exercised by the Irish people and press ahead with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, even though under E.U. rules, the process is supposed to fail if any one country rejects the Treaty. The arrogance of the French, German and British Governments in expecting the Irish Government to sort the problem out, rather than accepting the verdict of the only nation to have consulted its own people, is appalling. Which part of the word "NO" do the Prime Minister and his colleagues fail to understand?

    I believe that the Rt. Hon. David Davis is right to be concerned about the erosion of civil liberties, but has chosen entirely the wrong target. Although as a lawyer, I am naturally concerned about the length of time which suspects can spend in custody without being charged, I am much more worried about protecting the public from terrorist outrages. I am perfectly happy to see CCTV in our city centres, and successfully campaigned for their introduction in Barry when I represented the Vale of Glamorgan. People who do not commit crimes have little to fear from cameras, and it is up to central and local government to ensure that the images collected are used to help catch criminals and not for any other purpose.

    Mr. Davis seems to have missed the real culprits in removing our liberties; the  politically unaccountable European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Court of Justice are eroding our rights every day. Over seventy percent  of our new legislation is coming from Brussels. Our  Parliament is powerless to control or repeal European legislation. After nearly a thousand years during which English common law held sway, our Courts have to recognise that in the event of any conflict, European law prevails. We now have the freedom to do what Brussels allows, instead of having the freedom to do anything not specifically banned by our own Parliament. Mr. Davis and others need to wake up, and stand up for the freedoms of law abiding people who want to restore our national sovereignty before it is too late.

    If I am elected, I promise to campaign at every opportunity for a referendum on whether we should continue as an increasingly subservient and servile part of the European Union, or cast off our shackles and become a free and independent nation state. I would call for the referendum campaign to be fairly funded, with no tax payers' money to be spent on distorting the outcome.

    Yours faithfully,

    Walter Sweeney

    Photograph attached.

  • Happy Days!


    M is feeling much better and has sped off to Brittany on his motorbike. Or that was the unlikely story which went along the lines of: need to sort out accounts, the garden the cottage etc., etc.

    M obviously became bored v quickly as accounts, gardening, sorting out the cottage are not really his things and so it was no surprise to learn that he is now actually in the South, enjoying weather (good), food (v good), wine (even better). He sounds quite cheerful when we speak via telephone.

    So many people ask me why I don't seem to mind his taking so many holidays, enjoying so many trips...

    Suffice to say that while the cat is away this time, Gen and I have found her a new pony and M is too far away to object or censor. She will be installed by his return and, as he can't now fly over our fields to do a head count, he won't even know that she's here (until we choose a suitable moment to tell him).  My mare has gone away to stud and Morgan's horse will be in the stable just starting work (which means that M's car will be out of the stable).

    Happy days.

    KK (M's wife)