Maurice uses his time in prison since 14th October to demand rights for litigants in person, especially when they are falsely imprisoned. I experienced exactly the same restrictions with the Musas and with Melissa Laird when I visited them in their respective prisons:

  • the ‘gravy train system' expects ‘professionals' to represent them;
  • but Victims Unite! wouldn't exist if legal professionals were acting in the interest of their clients;
  • hence the need for McKenzie Friends assisting 'Litigants in Person'.

The Legal Services Consumer Panel recently considered whether McKenzie Friends could charge for their assistance. Might they fear the competition??? Do they understand that money decides legal matters, as this affidavit concludes? Do they know that an elegant solution for the Government would be to use Bradbury Pounds to compensate victims of white collar criminals?

Maurice started the hunger strike for reasons that only he can explain. But they culminate in these conditions:

1.       He has been promised to be seen by a neurologist, but it doesn't happen;

2.       As he wrote to HHJ Rowlands, he wants an English court or judge to look at his case;

3.       To get a table to write on and advance his legal proceedings with adequate support, instead of being harassed, ill treated and ‘punished' - whether it's getting access to his money, photocopying, the library or the telephone during working hours;

4.       He and his visiting McKenzie Friends should get pen and paper - supplied by HMP Cardiff - just as in HMP Holloway.

As the Association of McKenzie Friends we were told that the permission to allow for ‘legal visits' where papers can be taken in and out freely, is up to the discretion of each Governor. However, in HMP Cardiff, what the Governor or his Deputy promised, was compromised by ‘white shirts' as Maurice calls them. We saw it first hand when we did NOT get pen and paper...

Maurice concludes that the loss of control by the Governors puts security at risk in the prison.

I guess we're reaching a level of anarchy, where the Australian author Evan Whitton of Our Corrupt Legal System - where Everybody is a victim, except rich Criminals is proven to be right:

  • First we discovered ‘professionals' such as accountants,
  • then the courts,
  • then insolvency practitioners
  • and then Social Services, the secrecy of family courts
  • and finally prisons and the Police who falsify crime statistics.

No wonder there are international concerns about UK Law...