Public pressure seems to be having an effect, news in that Maurice was taken to the Cardiff Royal Infirmary for x rays of his hip and damaged ankles last week. His ankles were bandaged up before they returned him to his cell at Cardiff prison. He says that the reason that 17 prison officers dragged him onto the punishment wing was that he was demanding to see the remand warrant they are using to detain him. Does it even exist? And if so, what is written on it that they don't want him to see?

Maurice was also in Cardiff Crown Court on the 16th, although none of his supporters knew and thus unable to attend. He says they only gave him 10 minutes notice that he was going to court . Only when he got there, did they tell him it was a bail hearing and then he spent another 10 minutes standing in the dock waiting for the judge. Eventually Maurice stormed out of the court in protest at what he describes as a complete abuse of all procedures.