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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • NHS Doctor Faces Million Pound Damages re my Sectioned in France WANTED 3 Month P/A + MINDER 24/7 tel 07907937953

    "We Will GetThe B******d"
    See overhead video
    DAMAGES THREE MONTH TRIAL STARTS 18th Feb13 @ Cardiff Civil Justice Centre




    JERSEY 26th January Video Interview re South Wales Police

     and NHS (Wales) Conspiracy to have me Jailed in France

    ‘Frustrated Maurice’

    I am sending to the Crown Prosecution Service (London) samples of tape recordings, similar to those on my website blog, of Cardiff Magistrates original 1st December 2011 conviction for ‘harassing’ the Caswell Clinic doctor. He had, without appropriate medical qualifications, recommended I be sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act and to be incarcerated, as a MAPPA Level 3 registered victim, without my knowledge, to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison, most like likely for life.

    The Cardiff CPS had told the 2nd December 2009 judge, caught on transcript, that this doctor, all on his own, had further stated I that I had both irreversible and significant brain damage causing me to be categorised as being one of the UK’s  5% most dangerous individuals.

    Cardiff Crown Court refuse to allow me to hear the CD record of the redacted 2nd December 2009,  1st and 2nd March 12 Crown Court , the appeal from the original 1st December 2011 District Judge John Charles , Cardiff Magistrates’ ‘harassment’ conviction hearing or that of the 2nd May 12 Trial by Jury, the subject now before the Royal Courts of Justice, a breach of a restraining order never ‘served’ on me in the first place! 

    1.       Did you receive Cardiff Court instructions, as I am given to believe, that on each occasion the respective Cardiff judges, His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, HHJ Hughes and HHJ Curran QC, that one or all three had your original transcribed records changed?

    2.       If so, which ones and what were changed?

    3.       Will you send me copy of the redacted portions in order to avoid a ‘class action’ in an English court against your employers?

    I have spent thousands of pounds, over the years, on transcripts and  ‘being corrupted’ has been the usual court clerk’s excuse for my not receiving the expensive full transcripts and significantly at variance to those of my own record of court proceedings in both Crown an Royal Courts of Justice courts.   

    The doctor had originally, on 7th August 2009, without even examining me, successfully applied to having me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act as having a ‘paranoid delusional disorder,’ having a fixed false belief unameanable to reason, in that I believed I was being persecuted by the South Wales Police and its Cardiff judiciary.

    The omitted oral evidence, recording I was not allowed to have my legal papers, give evidence or call witnesses, some waiting in the building, is urgently needed for my appeal listed before the Criminal Court of Appeal.


    11 11 15 CourtRoom1of3.wma

     Tomorrow at 10am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, disguised as a Kirk v Kirk divorce proceedings, a huge team of local lawyers and judges will commence the next stage in obtaining my  my bankruptcy.


    For the sole purpose of stopping my three month trial damages claim, due on 18th February, from even starting. The Breton affair is an indication, the machine gun and MAPPA registration in order to having me short ave all miserably failed.

    The falsification of family property by chosen taffia is the least I expected in tomorrow's proceedings

    I will be asking for a Mackenzie Friend and the tape recording of it under MY Control and AOLL CASES should be heard OUTSIDE WALES' den of iniquity

    Cardiff Crown Court  continues, of course, to refuse to let me listen to the 4th May13 jury trial conspiracy, originally hatched by a string of   9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff, barristers, back in the 90s, in a ring with key police officers to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

    The trail judge was a party to criminal proceedings culminating in police asking the RCVS to have me struck off.

    Back in the 2000s 9, Park Place chambers, barristers were caught in a lucrative ring reliant on prisoners in Cardiff police cells being charged, using the same defence teams, back hander to the duty sergeant, to dictate the poor sod's fate.

    Cardiff judges, often from those chambers are known to visit the juries, during their private deliberations, stating whether they should bring a 'Guilty' plea or not

    It stinks, doesnt it?

    Not a patch of what will leak out of their manure heap tomorrow and the following day.

    13 02 03 REDACTED Criminal Court of Appeal ref.doc

    13 01 29 Prosecution Witnesses PART ONE requiring witness summonses.doc

     13 01 31 PART 2 MJK Prosecution Witness List.doc

    Oh , I almost forgot..guess where the 4th May 13 CPS barrister came from? and the original one at 1st Dec 12 magistrates harassment conviction ,caught red handed on somebodies recording caught switching cocked up exhibits etc etc, mid trial expecting me not to notice , in custody behind bullet proof glass, refused legal papers from my cell or lawyer or my lawyer's brief, my own witnesses or right to cross examine the rogue police doctor? And in tomorrow's bit of skullduggery guess which cambers Lisa Thomas comes from?? 

    VN850036.WMA   this man talking to District Judge John Charles, wash your mouth out, Maurice

    I am being pushed by all this in publishing  further Cardiff tapes,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41934586,d.d2k&fp=32705b7f4f76e02c&biw=1093&bih=490

    27th Jan 13 LETTER to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

    re Wide Spread Corruption in Cardiff Courts

    13 01 27 SWP Dr MJK to Morgan Cole HHJ SL.doc


    Within 30 minutes of speaking with NHS (Wales) rogue lawers while having lunch he is surrounded in his Merdrignac Breton  main street and bungled into a 'pannier a salad' and driven to Pontivy Hospital for psycho analysis.

    Coincides in just days of GMC conclusion on Caswell Clinic doctor, IPCC machine gun and South Wales Police and CPS re appeals in London, all effeffectively, arriving 'all together' further substantiate a South Wales taffia conspiracy to pervert the course of justice





    After having lunch at a cafe Maurice kirk and myself walked to another cafe for coffee ,where we made a video involving an old gentleman and his opinion of the UK in Europe.

    Having left there at approximately 1.30pm we then walked to a butcher shop, purchased some pate and then carried on to the council office, after this we proceeded to the police station.

    Whilst and the police office Maurice tried to explain that the squatters in one of his properties had destroyed some valuable antiques for fire wood to which the police started to laugh and treat Mr Kirk with from my opinion great disrespect.

     The police then insisted that they could not understand or speak any English and refused to take Mr Kirk's complaint. Mr Kirk then proceeded to become agitated with his treatment and shouted at then calling them Nazi bastards to which I heard laughter, at this point I suggest to morris it would be wise to leave which we did.

    We had walked out of the police station past the butchers when I notice the two young officers who laughed at Mr Kirk in the first instance running down the road past us and pointed this to Maurice, Maurice was involved in a conversation with a local at this time.

     I started to walk towards the car and spoke to the ethnic police  officer as he ask where we were parked, at this point Maurice came around the corner and told me not to speak with them which I did. The police attention then focused on Maurice and several officers were present, two young ones and two older ones.

     Maurice was then marched back to the station with an officer on each arm.

    Whilst Maurice was being processed an officer approached me and asked what the problem was in English and I explained the whole situation regarding the squatters and the damage that had been done, I then asked why they did not help Mr Kirk resolve this situation and was informed that the police didn't have the man power due to cuts and that Maurice was a well known crazy man that will be sent to an asylum .

    I explained we had a booked ferry and that surely they could overlook this and try to understand his point of view but he insisted that he would have Maurice taken to a Hospital to be sent to an asylum.

    I then left for St Malo.




    I was locked up for a while and then taken to Pontivy hospital, central Brittany about 30 miles away.

    The police tried to persuade the doctors, three of them, to admit me as a mental patient.

    After 30 minutes or so more nurses arrived and one said,

    It's the ‘flying vet' he was here to have a hip replacement, insisted he could fish from his room in the river below! ......he crept out far too soon after the operation on his crutches, in his pyjamas and flagged down a taxi and went off to the horse races!

    What is he in here for?

    Police said, to have him sectioned and sent to an asylum.

    A huge amount of laughter followed with comments like, " You will have a job sectioning Maurice, he had the doctor (Dr Maimar?) in fits of laughter with his stories of flying old French wooden aircraft, with out  paperwork, out of Pontivy across the channel, some 30 years ago.

    I was then forcefully dumped in police vehicle driven back to Merdrignac where I was locked up until 9 am next morning.... Showed with questions, refused any paperwork (South Wales Police style) and kicked out.


    The three month trial is booked Feb 18th but with crutial hearing on Wed 30th Jan for the issuing of 60 odd witness summonses on top of their 70 or so police defending/ including Barbara Wilding and rogue psychiatrist I am not allowed to name.

    Interesting, this is the fourth or fifth time booked to start in past 12 years only for myto be mysteriously locked in prison each time just weeks before the trial is due to start.

    ‘machine gun ‘ 2009 trial

    breach of Dr restraining order 2012

    now this

    Interesting, a solicitor, purportedly helping me......disappears off the map for weeks before Christmas.    And now 15 e-mails all at once with clear indication my Tues 28th Jan divorce  case, machine gun case, rogue NHS psychiatrist (both one million pound claims) are being discussed with him with kept entirely in the dark with all parties ignoring my e-mails phone calls etc etc

    It stinks , doesn't it?


     26th January 2013

    I visit my ex wife's divorce lawyers to try and settle some issues on valuations etc to simplify court hearing tomorrow.

    No chance!!!

    I therefore send a missive to an intersted party at short notice:

    27th Jan 2013 

    -- I have only recieved your e-mail this week end, to read, due to squatters getting into our second home, St Doha France and my being sectioned under the French Mental Health Act regulations just 30 miinutes after talking to Morgan Cole, solicitors, re 30th Jan 13 Cardiff County Court hearings re machine gun scandal, before the imminent three month trial judge to apply for witness summonses to be issued.

    Clearly, the age old based conspiracy, between barristers in 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff, specific senior police in area police stations, certain law firms in Cardiff and judges serving both in the civil and/or criminal Cardiff courts means new evidencew has come to light re the police forensic Caswell Clinic psychiatrist, Barbara Wilding and abuse surrounding my MAPPA level 3 registration and police repainted Lewis Machine Gun.
    This, together with serious valuation irregularities having been commented upon in my divorce hearing, due tomorrow, by the case mangement judge, means that there are still further reasons why I need, in the interests of fair play, for all my cases being moved out of South Wales.
    My latest blog on gives a hurried account of just how far the evilness I have witnessed , over the past twenty years, in Cardiff police stations, courts and prison, of the accepted nafarious practises by so many and now protecting a rogue doctor but only because he is in the pockets of the notorious South Wales Police.
    I do not wish your attendance at court, tomorrow, if that is your intention, at such lateness and not even properly briefed.
    HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC appears to be refusing, on 30th Jan, key witnesses in the February three month trial including, can you believe it, the 'Defendant', Barbara Wilding and her pet MAPPA forensic psychiatrist, the Clinical Director of Caswell Clinic, one time, now blaming me for him and his wife, Dr Janis Hilliear both being on the 'long term sick'!
    Maurice J Kirk BVSc
    South Wales Police now join the Trial Judge , it appears, to block MAPPA boss, Barbara Wilding and Caswell Clinic doctor, from giving evidence in 20 Year Running Police Bullying Case, all of us in court this Wenesday.....ALL INVITED
    Police Application to Block MAPP/ Machine Gun/ Barbara Wilding/ NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Rogue doctor ( on the 'permanent sick' with his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, also of Caswell Clinic........blaming me for my harassment!

  • 87 Year Old WW2 Hero Norman Scarth is in Royal Courts Tomorrow Re One Right to Tape Record

    Norman needs YOUR support in Royal Courts of Justice


    see previous blogs


    to me





    Attorney General v Scarth, CO3898/2012

    To the Skeleton Argument Office.


    Last minute, Urgent! Please ensure this reaches the
    Lord Chief Justice before the end of the hearing. (also
    sent as an attachment, for easy printing)

    For all that I have written these last months, the
    situation can be summed up in 63 words.


    ‘The Law’ in Britain (The Police & the Courts), deliberately
    deny me the protection of the law, & deliberately block
    me from seeking a remedy in the courts for crimes &
    other wrongs committed against me.


    That being so, & it IS fact, then that same ‘Law’
    CANNOT be used to punish me.


    Indeed, both Police & Courts have themselves
    committed serious crimes against me, & do so with


    Norman Scarth.


    The content of a series of 1st December 2011 Cardiff Magistrates tape recordings, [examples in previous blogs], mirror the omissions in the later 4th May 12 transcripts, for ‘Breach of Restraining Order', deliberately doctored by HMCTS and Cardiff's Cabal to repeat the CPS David Gareth Evans lying to the court.

    Lawyers and police, when in court, are both immune to prosecution by the ‘Memorandum of Understanding' between police chiefs, Law Society and Bar Council.

    The Criminal Court of Appeal have been given statements from the 4th May 12 jury trial public gallery, for ‘Breach of Restraining Order', that the CPS barrister told the court there was a ‘draft' restraining order , witnessed from the public gallery, being hand written on the 1st Dec 11 by District Judge Charles and sent to show me to agree or not.  NOT give to me as a final order.

    Months later, in the jury trial, the witness BECAUSE it was that that was shown to me in the cells at lunch time and not public gallery then heard the prosecution barrister admit he may need to be a defence witness

    The FINAL Order was never served on me..

    The guard, Lee Barker, whose evidence it was that he came into my cell and left me with the FINAL court copy is nonsense.  My cell was opened for release was 5.15pm any hours after Barker was on duty!

    ALL CCTV in cells, court logs and custody logs have been withheld because 5 burly guards threw me out of the cell when I was demanding paperwork of the court case outcome, conducted in my absence


    NORMAN SCARTH and I are campaigning to be allowed to take tapes of court proceedings.......supervised.

    Why are we always refused? In order to cover up the wide spread corruption in our courts and complete disregard for human rights

    ......My appeal , shortly to be heard in the RCJ, is classic.

    The transcript of Cardiff Crown Court proceedings omits the fact my witness names were asked by me in the cells.

    Yet another case I did not attend in protest as, again, I was refused witnesses , my legal papers in court or cross examine the same complainant the Caswell Clinic's  police psychiatrist who had fabricated seriously worrying medical records.

    WHY?  In order to have me sectioned to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison.

    IF my tapes of the original 1st Dec 11 District Judge John Charles Cardiff magistrates are allowed to be heard at my RCJ appeal, shortly, I will win and a number of prosecution witnesses and the prosecutor stand a very serious risk of themselves going to jail



    NORMAN STatement



    To Mr Sashy Nathan, solicitor & Mr Amos Waldman, barrister.

    I have today, Monday, received by post the Attorney General's bundle of 141 pages, 15 dividers & one CD.
    He & his gang may have nothing better to do than produce all this garbage (& receive vast amounts of taxpayers' money for doing so) BUT, having seen some of it before, & noticed the many lies, I am CERTAINLY not going to waste my time reading it again!
    To recap & sum up:

    This is my Final 'FINAL STATEMENT'.

    Accused of 'Contempt of Court', how on earth can I 'defend' myself, when I have made it abundantly clear that I have the utmost contempt for those who currently run our courts.

    What I seek to show is that my contempt (& that of a growing number of people) is justified.

    The Attorney General seems to think that my contempt will be lessened by his savagery in trying to put me (completely sane) in a Stalinist 'Mental Hospital' for what few years are left to me to live. Could anything be more sadistic? (I send again as an attachment the Andy McCardle document.)

    I am rather disappointed to learn that Mr Waldman 'handed up' my Statement at the previous hearing, when I had specifically asked that it be read out, & I again ask that he reads out my Statement of Facts, with addendums etc.
    This is important, bearing in mind that one of my arguments is that the Official Transcripts cannot be trusted. I am being more than fair in giving an opportunity for the courts to show that, on this occasion at least, they CAN be accurate.

    I ask you please to hammer away at the totally irrelevant lies in the Skeleton Argument & Affidavits (put in purely to blacken my character), & the malice of the Attorney General Dominic Grieve, he being the man who had me thrown out of an Election Selection Committee Meeting in 2008, before he come to power.

    As regards this hearing, I am in the fortunate position that I cannot lose. If the case goes against me, it will be more proof of the truth of my words. If (as I belief he will) the Lord Chief Justice rules against the Attorney General, then that will indeed lessen my contempt for his profession.

    In which case I ask you to remind him of my request that he should use 'The Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court' to order an investigation into the 17 years of persecution, this action by the AG being only the latest. Also that he use that same 'Inherent Jurisdiction' to reduce the obstruction to my own attempts to use the law to seek a remedy for serious wrongs committed against me.

    An example(a comparatively minor one) has just arrived by post today, Monday. On
    17th September 2012 I made a 'Small Claim' against the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire. Twice, the documents were returned to me for some fictitious fault. Sent in again with the 'fault' rectified, I heard not a word until today, when the letter arrived. With it was a Notice of Issue, saying that the Claim had been sent to the Defendant on 15th January 2013.

    Was this just incompetence, inefficiency or laziness? Or deliberate delay against the hated Litigant In Person? I am tempted to think the latter.
    I ask you to hammer away at all that which is above at the hearing.
    You know you can do it!!

    Norman Scarth
  • GMC Refuse Police Psychiatrist Exposure re My Falsified Cardiff CrownTranscripts while NORMAN SCARTH at RCJ 23rd Jan Fights for Own Tape Recorder in Court



    Now hear this Cardiff Magistrates 1st Dec 11

    Perversion of justice

    11 11 15 BBC Any Answers.AMR



    13 01 20 Crown Prosecution Service ref 62EA0207711.doc

     22nd Jan 13 Magistrates Application for Medical Attention

    Today, at Cardiff Magistrates, with appropriate witnesses to give evidence to confirm later, I was allowed, but only by the presiding judge's ‘discretion' as he put it, to allow me to rely on tape recordings of previous summary hearings in my application to have urgent medical attention.

    These obviously accurate tape recordings of proceedings proved premeditated criminal conduct by prosecution witnesses, the Crown Prosecution Service and the then  presiding magistrate, District John Charles, in breach of ECHR Article 6.

    Apart from my 21st January 13 letter to the CPS, responding to its 15th Jan letter, suggesting I bring proof to the court, I had served on an earlier, addressed to the Criminal Court of Appeal, summarising the years of ignored applications for basic disclosure, back to the 2010 ‘machine gun' jury trial, by the South Wales Police, simply for public documents to which I was entitled.

    This, of course, is a major breakthrough in the argument for Litigants in Person taping one's own court cases, whether it is because one is a little deaf, as in the Norman Scarth Appeal, currently before the Criminal Court of Appeal on 23rd January 13 at the Royal Courts of Justice or in my own current appeal conviction there, relating  to the bizarre 4th May 12 ‘Breach of a Restraining Order' conviction with expensive official transcripts devoid of critical conversations in the court room that day.

    My ‘Restraining Order' was purported to have been handed down in that 1st Dec 2011 magistrates hearing but within my library of Wales' way of administering ‘justice', so similar to my past experiences in Guernsey, all indicated a rampant abuse of process.

    Today's case revealed the fact that, while the court downloaded my 21st January 13 letter from my website, only because the CPS seemed to have difficulty finding their own copy, my original argument in the 1st Dec 11 court, that I was not allowed my own legal representation, my papers defence or witnesses in court, it was the police psychiatrist, not me, doing the harassing when one cannot be accused of harassment when applying the same ‘rule of law' the CPS appeared to be relying upon.

    Sub section 3 a) & c) of the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act allows me to:


     ‘Pursue a course of conduct' to detect or prevent crime'.


    Apart from false medical reports and written without appropriate qualifications, whilst in possession of contrary evidence, the MAPPA doctor continues to break the law.

    Recently, by MG 11 police witness statement, which had me jailed for several months, he stated that I had been accosted by the police whilst I was committing further harassment at his home. I had also made several attempts to break into Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, to gain access to my medical records. He told the court I suffered ‘paranoid delusional disorder', believing the South Wales Police were bullying me, had ‘significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour.

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc


    A typical tape recording of Cardiff Magistrates catching the wide spread corruption in Cardiff courts by District Judge john Charles and CPS barrister David Gareth Evans (9 Park Chambers Cardiff)

    A series of Cardiff court tapes will continue to be broadcast world wide on this web site and many others, to try and wake the country up as to how governmant policy now controls our courts to convict and not to be run by the 'rule of law'.>

     John Hemming MP sets down Early Day Motion

    re New Ban by The Judicial Executive Committee for Litigants in Person (LiPs) to listen and check court tapes against grossly inaccurate/ in Wales, manipulated and expensive transcripts.


    Questions Judicial Executive Committe blocking LiPs access to Listening to Court Tapes!

    14th Jan Questions in The House

    Regular readers of this web site are, no doubt, aware it is not exactly ‘rocket science' to understand why  the General Medical Council, concerning a South Wales Police forensic psychiatrist, Crown Prosecution Service acting for NHS (Wales) and South Wales Police ‘private' lawyers ALL wrote to me all on 15th January13 to now affect the welfare of not just me but my family.

    eg Letters from Crown Prosecution service, General Medical Council  and south wales Police

    13 0115 CPS re Vari F REDACTED.pdf  

     13 01 15 R12 Mr Kirk letter REDACTED.doc


    Delt the Gulag Card?


    Download 18th Jan16 Bristol


    Radio re SOUTH WALES




     [ skip the first 5 minutes of recording]

    My 13thJanuary13 letter to Their Lordships in the Royal Courts of Justice

    relating to Norman Scarth's appeal this Wednesday, 23rd January at RCJ and to be used onTuesday, the day before, on 22nd January, at another ridiculous Cardiff Magistrates hearing, before District Judge Bodfan Jenkins, in order that I may, at last, receive medical attention......lunch, cas usual, is on me! 

    13 01 19 Criminal Court of Appeal.doc




    £10,O00 REWARD


    to find the Snatched


    Haringey Council


    MUSA Nigerian Children

    Favour Tabitha Sarah Abraham Nesara Queen Eliz

    and one more whose name, sorry, I forget



     BACK TO




    (Parents in Prison)


    DO NOT FORGET THE DeliberatelyDELAYED RCJ APPEAL MUSA Nigerian Family and Haringey Council snatched six Nigerian children to give the Authrority time to have them adopted

    and lets not forget that lying little b**** of Coronation Street, whose name I also forget, who gave false evidence at the London trial causing the parents get seven years a piece

    Christopher Booker Article

    Christopher Booker in Action .pdf

    This gun was painted silver by the South Wales Police to try and fool the jury but had to paint it back to black when I was acquitted thereby having to retrun it to the Lincolnshire air Museum who bought her from me a year BEFORE I was arrested!


    please see the Musa case,the Baylis family, Norman Scarth, Maurice Kirk, Hollie Greig:




  • Strong Welsh Participation at House of Commons Lively Meetings

     A 'meeting of minds', yesterday, during a whole day in discussions with various MPs chairing each meeting, means further touble for the dishonest within our judicary.

    Invincible prejudice protecting  those who work there, from criminal prosecutions, is now seriously under threat but mainly due to cyberspace..

    The use and abuse of cartels for the huge money making machine, enjoyed by the unscrupulous and reliant on 'HM Prerogative', 'HM Partnership;, written 'Memorandum of Understanding' between lawyers, police, freemasons and the like, are just a few of the cabals getting ever closer in being publicly exposed to the tax payer..


    Please forward to CPS officer at my next seriously delayed 22nd? January 2013 Cardiff Magistrates Hearing Application in order I may obtain appropriate medical attention as soon as possible....Thankyou. CPS Cardiff 16th January 2013


     .Dear Sir, 


    Erroneous Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Reports 


    I seek guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service in the unlikely event that the presiding judge will accept the Caswell Clinic forensic psychiatrist's findings, that I have 'significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour, meaning I will, again, as already ruled by numerous both English and Welsh courts, that I need a court appointed lawyer to represent me, subject to 1983 and 2007 Mental Health Act and Articles contained in the 1998 Human Rights Act.



     The UK NHS (Wales) registered doctor wrote this in September 2009, without qualifications and has, ever since, repeated it to His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009, while applying I further sectioned to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital, IPP and on numerous more recent occasions to both English and Welsh Authorities, only just now coming to light. 


    He wrote the 2009 Crown Court reports whilst in possession of several expert medical reports to the contrary and following protection promised by the South Wales Police and seven MAPPA meetings causing me to be registered level three. The doctors need to attend by my already applied witness summons in order to clarify or correct this apparent anomaly. . 

    My telephone number is 07907937953



    Crown Prosecution Service        ref: 201203241 D 

    London                      ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012  

    16th January 2013


    Fabricated NHS Medical Records and ‘Breach of Restraining Order' Appeal


    I came to London to visit the Criminal Court of Appeal, your offices, The General Medical Council and attend meetings with Members of Parliament all relevant to this outstanding appeal. Both HM Cardiff Crown and magistrates Courts, NHS (Wales), GEOamey Custody Services, local CPS and South Wales Police continue to refuse to disclose public records.

    After six telephone calls, today, I am still no further forwards in obtaining a corrected 4th May 12 court transcript of jury trial or hear the digital CDs only under Cardiff control.

    Your flat refusal, with the Royal Courts of Justice general office, to either accede to my request for either of you to find me legal representation, at my expense, I find disappointing.

     At 10th November 11 ‘Prevention of Harassment Act 1997' trial, leading to a purported ‘service' of a ‘restraining order', under the most dubious of circumstances, the need for  The  Recorder of Cardiff's 14th Nov 11 Court Orders, only just revealed,  the subsequent March 12 appeal, against ‘harassment conviction and February 12 Court Order, blocking my right to either examine or cross examine your main witness, the psychiatrist, requires a third  JR.

    I therefore, reluctantly, disclose to the IPCC, a selection of court tapes of proceedings in Cardiff courts, witnessed by police in the public gallery, gathered over the past twenty years, to indicate the general condition of Welsh ‘justice' apparently accepted by Luigi Stranati, HMCTS (Wales) Manager,  for those residing in the Principality. The Welsh Assembly, meanwhile, plod on for their lucrative goal at Westminster for judicial autonomy in Wales.

    Enclosed is a sample court tape, subject to a pending and already lodged Judicial Review Applications CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012, as to evidence the jury did not know.

    My defence, for the original alleged ‘harassment', cleared by several police officers, denied me as witnesses, is that the  much abused and too hurriedly drafted law, contains provisions for those ‘conducting a course of conduct' in the pursuit of ‘detecting' or ‘preventing crime'.

    The GMC are now aware that the 2009 Caswell Clinic Psychiatric prison reports were only fabricated for ‘machine gun' MAPPA level 3 indictments but now prejudice the Musa v Haringey Council Six Nigerian children Snatched Appeal, currently with you and continuously being used by HM Cardiff prison such as prevent my attending their  28th November 2011 London magistrates hearing and my 2012 numerous 2012 Cardiff civil and criminal hearings.

    This doctor of these controversial reports remains inappropriately qualified while still stating I have ‘significant irreversible brain damage' and possible cancer requiring court appointed lawyers. Do you require further court tapes or photographic proof for your deliberations?

    Yours faithfully,


    Maurice J Kirk BVsc 

    Supporters, please now go out and disseminate this tape recording, below and 74 others later, of your typical judge in a Cardiff court waxing elequent across the Principality, expecting  some of us, forced to live here, to tolerate an ounce of this blasphemy.

    God help the indigenous population when they  finally get judicial autonomy.



    Criminal Court of Appeal    ref: 201203241 D

    Administrative Court       ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012

     Royal Courts of Justice Court                                                     



    13th January 2013


    Dear Case Lawyer,

    Appeals against Restraining Order and Breach Thereof

    1. The South Wales Police psychiatrist's protection appears extreme and again highlighted in the enclosed hand written notes taken by one of many helpers, in the public gallery, all determined to witness the original  summary conviction of ‘harassment' re fabricated medical evidence, in Nov/ Dec2011 Cardiff Magistrates before District Judge John Charles.
    2.  If you accept it as evidence I wish, also, to forward the taped recordings of those quite unusual proceedings when the judge ruled, for no good reason, just as a year earlier [‘common assault' conviction obtained in my absence quashed in May12 Bristol Crown Court], that I was not allowed call or cross examine the police while repeatedly denying my access my own legal papers, even those from my solicitor he had sent, originally, directly to the judge
    3. Judicial Review Applications CO/3970/2012 & CO/6357/2012 cover some these facts surrounding this and magistrate's subsequent 1st March 12 Cardiff Crown Court appeal, before his Honour Judge Hughes is where, for no reason, I was, again refused my right to cross examine any prosecution witnesses or have my legal papers in court or call my main defence witnesses.
    4. Their tactic was hatched during the farcical 2010 ‘WW1 Lewis machine gun' trial, on its 2nd day of its two week hearing, following my cross examination of the first four policemen that caused, not just those in the public gallery but also the jury of my innocence.
    5. Nine members of the jury told us after, in a Cardiff restaurant, "We were forced to return and sit there for another ten days"!
    6. My ability to prepare and attend High Court hearings, in those two years and process these JRs in an orderly manner, was thwarted by these allegations, exemplified from those of many similar prison telephone tapes, enclosed, indicating the conditions I had to endure whilst incarcerated in HM Cardiff Prison BEFORE and DURING the 1st Dec11 conviction,1st March 12 Appeal and 4th May 2012  ‘Breach of Restraining Order' conviction, subject to my much delayed London appeal before the Criminal Court of Appeal.
    7. I apply, as I am refused, for the release of Cardiff prison and GEOamey custody records and to hear the 4th May 12 Court CDs.

    Yours faithfully,

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc


    Enclosed         4th Feb12 Association of Mackenzie Friends letter

                          12 02 04 Assoc Mackenzie Friends to HM Gov Cardiff Prison.pdf      

     Samples 30 odd telephone prison tapes during mmy two years of Cardiff Cabal persecution

    Do you recognise my photo of the Coronation Street lying  little b**tch, who's name escapes me and who opened the door to me but committed perjury while telling the jury what then happened. Did it affectthe Nigerian Musa Haringay Council six snatched chilodren trial? It gave the parents seven imprisonment LONG OVERDUE for an appeal                                                    

                       29th November 11 Public Gallery witness notes for my bizarre 'Harassment' Cardiff Magistrates hearing

                       Dr Magistrates Evidence.pdf

                      15th Nov 11 Solicitor letter blocked by Luigi Stranati HMCTS Delivery Director  

                    11 11 25 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates REDACTED.pdf

     09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf


    Witness Summonses applied for rogue MAPPA doctor and my preference, Dr Gaynor Jones, psychiatrist of Caswell Clinic

    This ridiculous case, just to obtain medical attention, continues in Cardiff magistrates in a few days, before District Judge Bodfan Jenkins.

    Well worth a visit with candy floss and ice cream served in the interval.

                        09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

                        09 09 30 INTERIM PSYCHIATRIC REPORT Oct1 2009 REDACTED.pdf

                        13 01 07 Magiistrates reply re Dr witness summons


    Legal Advisor                                                                                         ref 1200734025


    Cardiff CF24 ORZ

    11th January 2013

    Dear Sir,

    Doctors' Witnesses Summonses for 22nd January 13 Hearing

    Your asking why I need these doctors to give evidence, following District Judge Bodfan Jenkins' predictable refusal to allow me to have a ‘restraining order' varied, in order to receive medical attention, I would of thought somewhat obvious.

    1. Doctor  ****** ********, South Wales Police's MAPPA Psychiatrist

    This gentleman wrote the enclosed 30th September 2009 psychiatric report for Cardiff Crown and civil courts recommending I be further sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act but registered IPP, Imprisonment for Public Protection, probably for life.

    This Welsh doctor pressed that I be transferred to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital but, he wrote, only because of  threats to him by a Norman Scarth RN Rtd as Caswell Clinic was only a medium security psychiatric prison with a 14ft fence.

    On 2nd December 2009 this individual, fully supported by Crown Prosecutor barrister, Richard Thomlow and already accepted by at least seven previous Welsh judges, all recommending my continued incarceration, whilst unconvicted and that I must remain locked up in either Cardiff prison or in his own experimental facility, Caswell Clinic.

    This police doctor always gave this information (transcripts enclosed), in my absence, for some reason and always without my designated legal representation present. This time, before His Honour Judge Neil bidder QC, he stated I may have a brain tumour but that I suffered ‘significant brain damage' that was, most likely, irreversible.

    No one notified moi of any of this until many, many months later when I luckily escaped by being released from prison. I had been found not guilty for trading in WW1Lewis machine guns, other alleged prohibited weapons and being in possession of a small arsenal of machine gun ammunition enough, apparently, to start a war.

    have since then experienced not inconsiderable inconvenience in my failed attempts for clarification of this medical evidence, little obtained only by my three times having to apply, for my own medical records, under the Freedom of Information Act!

    No one, to date, in the Principality has indicated the moral fibre to simply elucidate.

    1. Dr Gaynor Jones, Caswell Clinic is a lady, however, I can trust will give  medical evidence for my need for the court to vary the Restraining Order

    Maurice Kirk BVSc


    Norman Scarth RN Rtd  23rd January13 Royal Courts of Justice Appeal

  • Prosecution Refuse to Supply Depositions to Litigant in Person or Mackenzie Friend & RSA Informed

    Tuesday 15th January House of Commons Meeting

    Bristol Community Radio Friday 11th January 2013

    'Victims Unite' Interview with Sabine McNeill

    Litigant in Person

    The thorn in the eye of the legal professionals, Litigants in Person run the risk of being labelled “vexatious litigant”. But also THE opportunity for strengthening one’s character and one’s ability to help others and get help from others, eventually to make a difference to a system of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here are [...]

    click download 

    Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal,  ref: 201203241 D Administrative Court  ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012 Royal Courts of Justice Court                                              



    12th January 2013


    Dear Ms Bracken,


    Prosecution Refuse to Supply Depositions to Litigant in Person   


    1. Police evidence, for the 2nd May 12 ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ jury trial and this subsequent appeal, was sent to Cardiff prison by the CPS but I was not allowed them  in court unlike any other prisoner, on my prison wing, on legal aid.
    1. I repeatedly requested for a duplicate copy for a solicitor or Mackenzie Friend outside the prison in order to help an incarcerated Litigant in Person prepare his defence.
    1. During my 2009 farcical ‘machine gun’ trial and acquittal, again being unable to give evidence, I was given duplicate copy of deposition papers and even legal aid, without examination of my financial status, anything to stop my cross examining the police officers in the MAPPA, Chief Constable and NHS conspiracy. It was blackmail to use a Luigi Stranati, HMCTS Delivery Director’s hand picked Welsh nobbled barrister.
    1. A fat lot of good, no need, as His Honour Paul Thomas QC simply refused me either deposition copies in the court room until the closing stages of a two week trial.
    1. During 4th May 12 ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ trial I was again refused, in court, any legal papers at all [See references on transcript, court log, prison and GEOamey Custody Services records and prison and court cctv except an extortionate obviously redacted and inaccurate Luigi controlled HM transcript, bought on borrowed money].
    1. Both at original 1st Dec 11 magistrates ‘harassment’ conviction and at its 1st March 2012 Crown Court Appeal, Luigi, again refused my legal papers in court, eye witnesses or those to confirm I was, any way, immune to prosecution by sub section 3 a) & c) of 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act.
    1. In July 2012 I was again jailed for alleged ‘Breach of Restraining Order’, again only reliant on the false information from the original ‘on the sick’ police psychiatrist.
    1. The CPS continue to refuse to provide copies of those depositions for this appeal that must have been in existence by my September12 release, with all charges dropped.
               Yours truly,             Maurice J Kirk BVSc                   Copies to CPS, Cardiff & GMC, London, very shortly to receive my visits.


    Luigi Strinati's title is a Delivery Director (for the whole of Wales)
    He is one of only seven delivery directors across the UK. Thats how powerful he is.


    Ha? What is this?

    Caswell Clinic doctors in Cardiff court next week?

    13 01 07 Magiistrates reply re Dr witness summons appl REDACTED.pdf

    12 02 04 Assoc Mackenzie Friends to HM Gov Cardiff Prison.pdf

    Solicitor's Regulatory Authority letter re Morgan Cole, NHS(Wales)Cardiff solicitors

    13 01 10l SRA re Morgan Cole_0001.pdf

    Notes from the public gallery of the extent the doctor was CPS barrister Evans 'examined' and little shyster, Swansea solictor, appointed by court against my wishes, 'cross examined!

    Neither asked any relevant questions needed to 'put to proof' or 'challenge'

    The tape recording of the case is available for any one as to publish may place me 'in some difficulties'.

    Dr Magistrates Evidence.pdf 

    Your Police Budget.pdf


    Please Sign The Petition 

    To Mr Sashy Nathan, Solicitor, Bindmans, & to Mr. Amos Waldman, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers.

    Re the Application by the Attorney-General's team for my 'COMMITTAL', to be heard before the Lord Chief Justice, the Right Honourable Lord Judge, in the Royal Court of Justice on the morning of 23rd January 2013. I have been looking again at The Treasury Solicitor's letter dated 21 December 2012 (received by email from you on 2nd January 2013). & note it invites written questions for the 'witnesses'. I believe this could be better than questioning verbally.

    My questions to ALL witnesses - and everyone else involved in this persecution - JUDGES, LAWYERS, POLICE, COURT STAFF, 'SECURITY' STAFF, BAILIFFS & ALL, are:


     Did you read the story that Prime Minister David Cameron had announced that an Arctic Convoy Star medal will be awarded "to those who braved the deadly missions." "I am very pleased that some of the brave men of the Arctic Convoys will get the recognition they so richly deserve for the very dangerous work they did," the British prime minister told MPs."? It is notable he says 'some of the brave men'. In fact, more than 3,000 died on the convoys: Of those who survived, only a couple of hundred or so are still alive to receive the medal.

     QUESTION 2:

     Are you proud to be playing your part in sending one of those men, a man who fought to give you the 'Freedom' which YOU now enjoy, a man who has worked honestly & hard all his life, A MAN WHO IS COMPLETELY SANE, to die in a Stalinist 'Mental Hospital' - for the 'crime' of exposing the rotten apples in the judiciary?

     QUESTION 3:

     Or would you claim there are no rotten apples in the judiciary? QUESTION 4: Did you ever wear a poppy, & if so, what did it mean to you? Norman Scarth.


    Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal      ref: 201203241 D Royal Courts of Justice Court    ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012  1CF 03546  9th January 2013  

    Royal Courts of Justice Court



    Dear Case Worker,


                                        Regina v Kirk               Breach of Restraining Order Appeal 


    Supervised Personal Recording of Cardiff Courts’ Evidence 

    The Cardiff Crown Court continue to refuse to reply to my applications to both hear and purchase digital CD record of my 4th May 12 jury trial when I was refused my legal papers in court, witnesses to give relevant evidence and carried on despite my need for medical attention following my attempts to extract some of the CPS deposition paperwork from my rectum.


    In the past I have been allowed to hear court tapes but now I am blocked despite clear evidence of erroneous record on delayed and expensive transcripts omitting critical words as ‘inaudible’.


    Yesterday I visited an almost fruitless Cardiff Crown Court encounter, following your advice following their refusal to deal with the matter over the telephone.


    HMCTS Amanda …… flatly refused my hearing or obtain true copy of evidence subject to appeal in the Royal Courts of Justice .


    I even summoned police from the street to witness and record in note book as no one, around here, seems to believe a word I say of what actually is going on in Wales as they barter for judicial autonomy.


     I APPLY to the Criminal Court of Appeal to allow me the right to hear and keep, at my expense, what /I heard on official digitally recorded CDs under the control of Luigi Stranati, HMCTS Wales manager.


    I managed, by using the police presence, to make the court manager hand over copies of letters instigated by Luigi Stranati ….fairy tales relied on in blocking my access to any of the court buildings in order to frustrate appeals and civil actions for ‘s damages.

    Website Blog summary of yesterday’s Cardiff Crown Court experience: .I have repeatedly been refused the right to hear my Crown Court hearings or buy the digital recorded CDs. Interesting that in England friends have not been so hindered by their courts, under the same jurisdiction.So I asked the police to attend Cardiff Crown Court this afternoon and PC 4215 witnessed it all,,,,,,eventually, an hour later, after the usual inherent deceit from one or two, I left ,faxed from County Court, Luigi Stranati's 2010 letter and Neil Pring's letter both refusing me access to any Cardiff courts unless I have a for listening to or getting CDs I was again flatly refused by Amanda MaCafrey, manager.


    The Criminal Court of Appeal are therefore also being denied the proof that despite my asking my defence witnesses be named to HHJ Curren QC, in 4th May jury trial, re breach of Restraining Order, we are both refused proof that what is on the 'official transcript' is NOT what was accurately recorded by someone in the public wonder the Norman Scarths and Patrick Cullinanes are also so frustrated to be convicted for taping their own cases strictly for their own use and serve prison sentances....interestingly Norman Scarth’s appeal in London is on 23rd January...PLEASE BE THERE


    JUST IN FROM A MACKENZIE FRIEND I think the answer to the issue of refusal to supply the digital copies must be article 10 ECHR in that it is denying legitimate freedom of expression and also receipt of ideas etc.There is nothing in law to say that you shouldn't have copies, so any decision to deny you copies won't be prescribed by law. Also article 6(1) ECHR is involved, as you want the transcripts in connection with your appeal and JR. I think that the only remedy would be a Human Rights Act challenge by JR. However, it would be desirable if you obtained a written decision as to why you are being denied the transcripts.Have you received anything in writing explaining why you are being refused permission to obtain the copies? 

    Yours truly,


    Maurice J Kirk BVsc







    Cardiff Crown Court,Wales  UK                                                                                                                          ref: 201203241 D & CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012 & 1CF 03546

    11th January 2013


    Dear Amanda Mackafry,


     Litigant in Person Refused CDs or Hearing Trial’s Digital Record .The Criminal Court of Appeal have suggested I ask yet again to hear the digital record of just what was said in 4th May 2012 Crown Court following my messages from the cells, for witnesses, being stifled. 

    I wish the previous applications, over the past 20 years, also to be reconsidered for the civil damages claim hearing commencing 18th February 2013.


    If I were a lawyer or on legal aid I am assured the recording is freely available and a doctor has just confirmed she was supplied with court CDs of a hearing in England so why so different in Wales?


    It stinks, doesn’t it?


    No wonder more and more, not on legal aid, tape record hearings for them selves.


    In order to get that to which I am entitled do I really have to disclose publicly my mother was a Jenkins and grand mother was a Morgan, being a direct line from a notorious locally born pirate?


    Yours patiently,


    Maurice J Kirk BVSc


    Copy to Criminal Court of Appeal




    Cardiff Cabal Poster.doc    

    In Cardiff County Court               Case No. BS614159

    30th January 2013


    Before: His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

    B E T W E E N







    Application to call witnesses

    I, Maurice Kirk, make application to call further witnesses, contained in the enclosed witness list, that have become relevant, since 1992, when these damages proceedings were first commenced. Between now and during the trial, commencing 18th February 2013, more prosecution witnesses will be identified and traced requiring, from time to time, still further applications for disclosure of evidence from parties to include both serving and retired police officers, HM court staff, HM prison staff, Probation staff, participants of MAPPA, FTAC and Special Branch, New Scotland Yard employees, Civil Aviation Authority officers and NHS(Wales) personnel.                        

    Prosecution Witnesses for Trial




    1.  Barbara Wilding ex Chief Constable c/o South Wales Police HQ, Bridgend

    2.  David Vaughan, Chief Constable c/o South Wales Police HQ, Bridgend

    3.  Luigi Stranati HMCTS Delivery Director c/o Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

    4.  Neil Pring HMCTS Manager c/o Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

    5.  Inspector J Dave MAPPA

    6.  AJ Richards ACO MAPPA

    7.  Assistant Chief Officer Granville Brunt MAPPA

    8.  Nine of ‘machine gun’  25th January 2010 jury trial

    9.  Jerry Cooper  machine gun buyer

    10.         Original machine gun seller

    11.         Detective Inspector Hughes c/o Cardiff Bay Police Station

    12.         Chief Superintendent Tim Jones, Professional Standards Dept,

    13.         Christopher Paul Alexander, (Ebbs) Hintern Airfield, Banbury

    14.         Inspector Grothier Professional Standards Dept, South Wales Police HQ

    15.          Dr Phillips, FTAC, London

    16.         Dr S Coleman Cowbridge Health Centre, Cowbridge Vale of Glamorgan

    17.         Dr Andrew Metters c/o Princess Of Wales hospital Bridgend

    18.          Dr Gaynor Jones c/o Caswell Clinic, Bridgend

    19.         Dr Seely HMP Cardiff c/o HM Cardiff Prison

    20.         Dr of MAPPA c/o NHS (Wales) HQ, Port Talbot

    21.         Dr Aisling Butler of Princess of Wales Hospital Bridgend

    22.         Dr Tudor Princess of Wales Hospital

    23.         Ian Mulholland Deputy Director Custody HMP

    24.         HMP Governer Richard Booty, Cardiff

    25.         HMP Governor Heidi Murray, Cardiff

    26.         Dr John Azami, Anaesthetist, Vale Hospital, Vale of Glamorgan

    27.         Professor Rodger Wood  c/o Swansea University

    28.         Jim Mackenna CAA Investigator, CAA House Kingsway

    29.         DC Evans c/o South Wales Police HQ

    30.         DC Jones c/o South Wales Police HQ

    31.         David Gareth Evans c/o 9 Park Crescent Chambers, Cardiff

    32.         Ms Caress, Barry Magistrates

    33.         Mr M Williams Cardiff Magistrates

    34.         Inspector Trigg Rtd c/o Barry Police Station

    35.         Sgt PS Warner c/o Barry Police Station

    36.         PC Nigel Brown c/o Cardiff Central Police Station

    37.         Crown Prosecutor Ms Jackie Seals, Capital Tower, Cardiff

    38.         Sgt Runnels c/o Llantwit Major Police Station

    39.         Sgt Phil Davies Rtd c/o Bridgend Police Station

    40.         Maurice John Kirk

    41.         Diane Graham, Brittany

    42.         Scott Parry Highbridge Somerset

    43.         Jane Walker, Llandow

    44.         Michael Powell, Cardiff

    45.         Jennifer Hanson Tynewydd Road

    46.         Mr Thomas  Tynewydd Road

    47.         Linda Holland, Barry

    48.         John Francis Clode, Barry

    49.         Gerald Thomas, Thompson Street

    50.         Mr Murphy The Old Police Station Barry

    51.         Ieuan Rees, Barrister, Angel Chambers, Swansea

    52.         Antony Glen Gafael Cardiff

    53.         Kirstie Kirk, Llantwit Major

    54.         Angus Turnbull St Athan

    55.         Jonathan Clayton ATC Cardiff

    56.         Andrew Aishe, Taunton

    57.         Crown Prosecutor Robert Mundy New Scotland Yard

    58.         Sue Jenkins Dinas Powis

    59.  Dr Bruce Fergusson NHS(wALES)

    60.  Dr Push Mangat NHS(WALES)


    This list is not exhaustive



    The Gravy Train


    Back in 1992 I was originally granted a jury trial by my then English solicitorand in around 2003 His Honour Judge Chambers QC granted one!


    But the 'powers that that be', the Cardiff Cabal that run all the courts, had other ideas.....the Welsh papers being at reious risk of breaking rank with the obvious outcome. Cyberspace, remember,was still in its infancy.


    No, I as given a jury purely to waste nearly three years of of my time and money with it being over turned in the Welsh High Court in a matter of nana seconds. Another court settled in a bottomless pit of tax payers' money and a cosy relationship between the 'all powerful' Welsh judges and a pack of unscrupulous lawyers, yapping at their heals soaking up the cash.


    They have managed to draw this one out, so far, for twenty years. Der.oes it matter? The more they delay the more cash they get either from me or from the tax payer. [The usual arrangement is to steal from both as their is no effective taxation of lawyer bills in the UK and never forget the 'Memorandum of Understanding' between lawyer and theie local men in blue.


    Cardiff civil justice centre pg1.pdf

    Cardiff civil justice centre pg2.pdf

    Cardiff civil justice centre pg3.pdf

    Cardiff civil justice centre pg4.pdf






    My Witness if the cabal dare





    SWP Witnesses Kirk v SWP.doc


    schedu;le motoring.pdf





    On the 23rd Norman Scarth RN Rtd will challenge the current law with one hand , if not both hands, well behind his back.


    My trial, similarly, will be another Cardiff traversty of justice its outcome settled years ago....only dragged out to steal cash, mine or yours.


    Compimentary to any Whitehall Farce of Brian Ricks the stench from clumsilly hidden evidence from within police records will not be stiffled and is further arguement to allow supervised recording, for litigants in person (LiP) of magistrates and other proceedings HM runnning the extortionate game of selling you a so called accurate transcript at nearly £10 a page!!!!


    I used to listen to court tapes but the evil bastards who run Cardiff Courts now refuse my listenng to or buying CDs as is allowed in the English High Court.




    EBERT another case I have studied in detail......clearly swindled by corrupt judge...(it took three hours, under tuition to go through the papers)




    Princess Diana and Royal Courts of Justice




    this blog is in its infancy