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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

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October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Welsh Police Steal Computer and Legal Papers? Machine Gun Application re Rogue NHS (Wales) Doctor Listen to Next Dialect Radio Broadcast


    ******** Chambers



    29th November 2012

    Kirk v South Wales Police

    Dear Sam,

    Further to my phone calls each day I wish to confirm I still have no contact with my
    solicitor, instructed some 18 months or so ago, to consolidate my seven or nine
    actions against the local police re harassment, malicious prosecutions etc.

    He acts in an urgent matrimonial matter and several other cases some relevant to
    the twenty years of police bullying. 

    I am reluctant to contact the Law Society as I far from trust them knowing there is,
    as with the press, no longer any effective self regulation of its members.

    have been recently jailed for a few months, re the rogue police NHS (Wales)
    psychiatrist and all charges dropped, ALL part of the pattern these last ten
    years of delaying or severely prejudicing my three month damages claim against
    the police commencing early next year.

    As for the 'machine gun ' trial the police refuse to return my, circa £10,000
    worth of antiques and legally kept shot guns with the local court charging me,
    recently, £4000 for using the 1897 Police Property Act!

    While Welsh courts deliberately delay my million pound
    damages claim against the NHS (Wales)
    psychiatrist and Swansea University's
    psychologist the Caswell Clinic doctor is on permanent sick to avoid GMC,
    IPCC and outside force investigation. 

    I need a solicitor in order to urgently speak to your barrister instructed time
    is very tight or I have to file with the court some home-made concoction of a ‘consolidation
    application' hearing, having originally been promised a jury, now blocked,
    years ago.

    Another urgent matter is a Christopher Paul Alexander, alias Ebbs, a person also operating
    in light aviation, who has complained, in writing, to the South Wales Police as
    they threatened him to alter evidence before the Royal College of Veterinary
    Surgeons that led to my being struck off the veterinary register. The IPCC
    is a joke

    In order to be allowed to at least speak to the briefed barrister a reliable but
    honest and clearly independent solicitor, in Bristol
    or near by, will do me fine if you can find? 

    Yours sincerely

     Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    PS  What is the police motivation?.......all for a rogue doctor or just their pensions?

    What the heightened police activity is all about: SCHEDULE SWP FINAL.pdf 

    Mid Day last Saturday.....there is a police 'Black Maria' hidden around the corner and a policeman banging on my front door....My life is at stake if I am arrested for anything


    Photo of police PC 33 outside my house today SATURDAY.....

    Over a week ago my purported legal helpers against the South Wales Police and my
    Bristol Radio program, Dialect Radio (LINK), all evaporated into the ether.

    30 Nov 2:00 pm

    Download and skip first four minutes of yesterday's broadcast.....and e-mail me,  with suggestions as to what I touch on in next broadcast.......Is it time to be frank and state what the Cardiff newspapers were payed not to print,during these past 20 years of South wales Police persicution



    One acts in an urgent matrimonial matter (matrimonial home,stables, aircraft hangars and airfield, trout stream and pond, all set in nearly twenty acres  valued at a mere £350,000) White Collar Crime? Masonic? Ther are several other cases, some relevant to the twenty years of police bullying all blocked waituing for me to die.

    Three International runways for all wind directions


    Photo from Burma War 1946 Tugmaster.

    St Donats International Airport

    I am reluctant to contact the Law Society as I far from trust them knowing there is,
    as with the press, no longer any effective self regulation of this legal

    Similarly my complaint to the Bar Council re a thoroughly deceitful Welsh welshing barrister David Garreth
    Evans of 9 Park Place, Cardiff, proves my point.

    I have over forty years of proof re ‘white collar crime' and so called self
    regulating professional bodies.

    I have been recently jailed again for a few months on trumped up charges, of a
    breach of a restraining order never served, re the rogue police NHS (Wales)
    psychiatrist and all charges dropped with the police again refusing disclosure
    of evidence always in their possession from the start and confirming my

    ALL part of the pattern by the Cardiff MAPPA Cabal,
    these last ten years, of delaying or severely prejudicing my three month
    damages claim against the chief of police booked for the fourth time and commencing
    early next year.

    As for the 'machine gun' trial the police refuse to return my, circa £10,000 worth
    of antiques and legally kept shot guns with the local court Bodfan Jenkins
    charging me, recently, £4000 for daring to use  the 1897 Police Property Act for their theft!

    While Welsh courts deliberately delay my million pound
    damages claim against the NHS (Wales) psychiatrist and Swansea University's
    psychologist the Caswell Clinic doctor is on ‘permanent sick', on full NHS and
    private insurance pay, while running his NHS linked private clinics, to avoid GMC,
    IPCC and an outside  police force investigation.

    It stinks, doesn't it? But who around here gives a damn?

    When the Chief Constable of South Wales Police failed to having me shot, under MAPPA level 3 protection,nine, no less. bent and perverted Cardiff Crown Court judges also conspired to protect their chief forensic psychatrist to try and avoid the machine gun trial, the *** up due in a few weeks.

    So the evil little bast**ds hatched stage 2 and played their 'gulag card' trying to jail me , for life in Ashworth, IPP whilst unconvicted.


    I need any solicitor, well out of South Wales,
    in order to urgently speak to the barrister instructed.

    Time is very tight or I have to file some home-made concoction of a ‘consolidation
    application' hearing, for the High Court, having originally been promised a
    jury by His Honour Nicholas Chambers QC but now blocked, years ago.

    Another urgent matter is a Christopher Paul Alexander, alias Ebbs, a
    person also operating in light aviation, who has now come forward and
    complained, in writing to the South Wales Police, as they, long ago, succeeded
    in threatening him to alter evidence before the Royal College of Veterinary
    Surgeons that led to my being struck off the veterinary register.

     The IPCC, like the Law Society and ECHR, is also a joke so don't send me down that route again ay my age and state of health.

    12 10 26 Ebbs Staterment.pdf

    .In order to be allowed to at least speak to the ‘briefed' barrister a reliable but
    honest and clearly independent solicitor, in Bristol
    or near by, will do me fine if you can find, please?

    This plea goes out on cyberspace.

    Amongst my other numerous but outstanding politically sensitive cases is my Criminal
    Court of Appeal, re breach of a restraining order I never received from the
    court when I was refused all my six witness, CCTV and court and custody records
    kept by statute.

    I enclose, as a sample of the deceit riddled Welsh courts by His Honour Judge Curran QC's version of ‘summing up', the content of
    which, for the uninitiated and new to my web site, may indicate, I hope, the 'melt down' of the rule of law with
    underlying politics dominating even their inherent deceit here, ‘white collar crime'.
    rife in all the Cardiff courts

    12 05 04 T20120090 Sum up REDACTED.pdf

    12 05 04 Curren Summing Up.doc

    A  Competent and Compellable Witness is Anybody’s Property

    His Honour Judge Curran QC 4th May 2012 Summing Up to the Jury

    A few transcript samples for the blog


    The Defendant's defence, for jury trial, was little different to the one discussed with the numerous police officers, prior to the August 2011 arrest re harassment of a rogue NHS doctor and used on the 1st December 20011 before District Judge John Charles (except he would not allow it, of course, to be raised)....listen to tape recordings of the three day farce. copies to be played , hopefully, on Bristol 93.2 FM Dialect Radio.


    (3) Subsection (1) or (1A) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows-

    (a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime,

    (b) that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or

    (c) that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable


    From the cells the Defendant applied for medical attention and eight witnesses, for starters and stating more, subject to availability and or evidence given by the first three witnesses . THE SUN newspaper published the 2010 'machine gun' trial incident when  this same Defendant  had to smuggle into the court dock, per rectum, a £3,500 cheque to give to his sister sitting in the well of the court for legal representation.



    The Defendant was in solitary confinement, throughout the trial, classed as MAPPA ‘dangerous’ on prison record (cell 3 CCTV 24/7), denied pen , paper or his legal papers throughout the trial, once leaving the prison or his medical attention , his daily medicine, access to his own witnesses , family or trial’s Mackenzie Friend, Mr Merion Bowen.


    Page 2D    The judge erred in that he knew or should have known the Defendant  had already applied to the court for the doctor ‘complainant’ to be a defence witness, under Harassment Act 1997 following the failed disclosure of police evidence despite the Defendant requesting the jury see it under Harassment Act 1997 sub section….. ‘a course of conduct’ to ‘detect and prevent crime’.


    1)      As a witness of fact ie he was neither qualified to have supplied numerous psychiatric reports, stating the Defendant had irreversible but ‘significant brain damage’ and ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’, to seven clandestine MAPPA meetings and to at least nine Cardiff Crown Courts, Tottenham police, Oxford police, both London and Cardiff lower courts and HM Prison Cardiff when knowing, through out, there were several both psychiatric prison and Caswell clinic medical reports and Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, ALL to the contrary


    2)      As a 'character' witness ie he had in his possession three months of intensive medical and social reports, from no less than sixteen doctors and forensic psychologists, following the Defendant’s forced incarceration in Caswell Clinic psychiatric prison under this doctor’s 7th August 2009 court recommendation, using section 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, he having not even examined his patient. In September ,AFTER, the extensive brain scans:



    3)      Dr Gainor Jones  level 12 forensic psychiatrist, who ordered the 28th August 2009 brain scans and received reports from expert opinions, was refused as a witness on this and previous occasions.


    Page 3A   4) Mr*****&&&**** had, repeated by the Defendant, detailed evidence, in advance, in anticipation of the court’s refusal to allow him to give evidence on both aspects precied in 1]. He was never called (3B).


    Page 3D   5) Barrister and Her Majesty’s Representative, Mr David Gareth Evans, instead of reminding the court he had already been identified as a Defence witness ( his admission to the presiding judge, on the second day, he had been a party to 1st  December 2011 draft part District Judge John Charles hand written and  typed CPS draft ‘restraining order’ being taken down to the Defendant, in the Cardiff magistrates’ cells, to ‘consider’ or ‘amend’.


    A draft version handed to the Defendant AND Mackenzie Friend during trial and in front of the judge!


     12 05 03 T20120090 lee barker REDACTED.pdf

    12 05 02 evid of williams REDACTED.pdf


    The prosecution barrister was made aware, again from the cells, the Defendant therefore needed him to give this evidence plus the fact by the time the final draft of the ‘restraining order’ was typed up no further visit to the cells was made as the Lee Barker, custody manager, had ‘gone home’ and document was being retained, under Defendant’s licence, to be served on him by HM Prison, Cardiff, following the unusual 14th November 2011 Welsh High Court's Mr Justice Llewellyn Jones QC's interference, the full facts still withheld from the Defendant , to this day, despite seven applications for Section 8 disclosure.




    Page 3G onwards…..a prosecution total denial (a pack of lies) of either GEOamey Custodial Services or any court record of a ‘service’ of a ‘draft’ or final court order on a Defendant, in custody, in his conditions of being denied legal papers, a pen and paper to write on and legally unrepresented!


    Para 4C  The learned judge erred in misdirecting the jury as to ‘evidence’ of two sets of CCTV footage in the control of both the private custody firm and the prosecution main witness, clerk of the court, Mr Michael Williams ( see cross examination transcripts).

    Para E   Legal papers ‘stuffed up my ***’ included previous Court Orders ordering the appearance of the Dr ‘complainant’, various policemen and eye witnesses to give evidence as long as the 'Defendant did not conduct the cross examination' a reason, possibly, why the Defendant, over twenty years of Welsh court 'experience', had obtained no less than a 90%  success rate in the one hundred and sixty or so criminal allegations brought against him by the South Wales Police.  The remaining 10-12% were used in the welsh police 2001 complaint to have me struck off to curtail my funding to expose this extensive 'white collar crime'.


    To obtain the original 1st December 11 'harassment conviction' and production of a restraining order, District Judge John Charles, as in previous but unrelated trials, had always ordered a stranger of a solicitor to act for the Defendant dispite his jesticulations to the contrary!.


    Magically given 'right of audience', over night, as in the 1st March 2012 appeal in Crown Court, no instructions were ever given, in fact to the contrary. This was when cross examining South Wales Police officers whilst on oathneeded to be 'protected'.


    At the 2nd May 12 jury trial for 'breach of a restraining order' the judges argued, amongst them selves, now trying to protect theirt own pensions.



    Bristol Crown Court recently avoided this 'abuse of process' by simply not opposing the Defendant's appeal, when Cardiff's Cabal had transfered  the Defendant's two year old 'common assault' conviction delaying the appeal to keep the defendant months and months imprisoned on remand.

    An ex police officer now court official had pushed him down the Crown Court stairs, whilst he was on crutches following a hip replacement, breaking his leg). Transfered for fear of Cardiff papers, for once, publishing the predicted acquittal with the allegatiion to counter the grevious bodily harm civil action nshortly before the High Court.

     Another passing example of ‘white collar crime’ is daily HM perpetrators, all immune to prosecution by the usual  HM ‘Royal Prerogative’, a much out dated practice, in this century of 1998 HumancRights Act but these evil little bast**ds using it widespread across the UK as fellow victims are only too well aware.

    Etc, etc…….I’m bored with this disgusting subject to write any more, just now.

    Immune to prosecution or threat to a judge's pension, when he , like in the machine gun trial,judge                  this judge should have stopped the proceeding on the 2nd day upon finding it was the draft restraining order, barrister Evans admitted to, that came to the cells. NOT the FINAL Court Stamped  ORDER.

    The related Judicial Review Applications, also pending in the Royal Courts of
    Justice, also need an honest lawyer who does not practice the other local
    custom, worshiping the devil.

    Related transcripts and witness statements will be found scattered amongst the previous
    blogs should the reader doubt one word I have published.

    Arrest of a Forensic Psychiatrist and Swansea University psychologist

    My varied application is currently before the Cardiff magistrates'court, following consultation with police with whom I can rely.

    This means plans are afoot to have the rogue doctor arrested either at his home or places of work without further notice.

  • Sabine McNeill's Victim Unite Campaign & Bristol's Dialect 93.2 FM Radio Interview 'Pulled' by HM Partnership?

    1st Interview

    Download (bottom right orange button) Sabine McNeill's above 1st January 2012 interview with Tony Gosling on 93.2 FM Dialect Radio, Bristol.

    Skip the first 40 minutes of it into the weekly 2 o'clock Friday afternoon program when Sabine begins intoducing the 'victim' subject, affecting so many and myself, my being a typical example as a victim of our thoroughly corrupt and deliberately out dated legal system designed only to steal huge ammounts of taxpayers' cash.

    2nd Interview   19th Oct again skip the first four minutes of download of program 


    3rd Interview  20th Nov 12 ...... appears to have been 'pulled' just as we home in on the 'nitty gritty'.

    May be on Friday 30th Nov 2pm  93.2FM

    4th Interview booked.......suggestions?


    Regulated newspapers in England?

    The publication of news has been controlled, here in South Wales, masonic style, for decades and no doubt, in the rest of the UK so what's new?

    The Lord Leveson report, out very shortly, may only be 'coming clean' on this matter of State censorship, also in England, which he very well knows, has been with us since time immemorial and will continue to flourish with still too many 'sheeple' about.

    At least HM Partnership will no longer be able to deny it.


     watch this space

  • Maurice Kirk Sectioned under 1983 Mental Health Act with Application for Ashworth High Security Prison for Life



    This Caswell Clinic psychiatric report was used to keep me
    in prison for eight months, in 2009, destroying my marriage, prior to ‘machine
    gun' case when the police helicopter and armed police stormed our home to
    arrest me and attempt to snatch my then 10 year old daughter with Social

    On release I was then jailed, using the very same
    psychiatric report, on three separate occasions in London,
    by the Metropolitan Police, twice in Oxford
    and eight times in Cardiff.

    Each time, in England but not Wales, following my presentation before three London courts and one Oxford court, while I was unrepresented, I was released.

     With all allegations dropped, safe one, a ‘public order offence'm another conspiracy.

    That  case was heard in my absence with the Cardiff
    authorities deliberately preventing my production from Cardiff prison as it
    related to the Musa Nigerian six children
    having been snatched by Haringey Council, my being a major witness into the
    huge lawyer fraud surrounding this case and  to scupper the chances of their own very
    frightened clients [see previous blogs/ gallery and downloads].

    But the Welsh police and their very own incestuous and thoroughly corrupt judiciary had a
    completely separate agenda, the details of which are legendary.

    18th November 2012    2nd CAR BREAK IN

    12 11 18 IPCC.doc

    This Friday's  2pm Bristol broadcast is planned to name names






    9th Oct 2012  JUDGMENT

    The European Court of Human Rights delivered a new and remarkable judgment on trade union freedom of expression. In Szima v. Hungary the European Court of Human Rights concluded that a criminal conviction of a leader of a police trade union for having posted critical and offensive comments on the Union’s website was to be considered necessary in a democratic society for the prevention of disorder or crime, and more precisely of preserving order in the armed forces



    FROM latest issue of  PRIVATE EYE

    i.e. South Wales Police and Cardiff Judiciary's Lynette White murder cover up.



    Wails from Wales


    For nearly a year a police force has refused to return a journalist’s work on one of Britain’s most notorious miscarriages of justice, despite repeated requests.


    Satish Sekar cooperated with police, allowing officers investigating the wrongful arrests of the Cardiff Five two decades ago access to his own investigation. Sekar has covered the case and its fall-out for many years, including for Private Eye.


    Officers borrowed material, including taped interviews, for use in the police corruption trial on the strict understanding it would be returned as soon as the trial ended. That trial ended last December in farcical circumstances as the judge decided the eight former police officers couldn’t get a fair hearing because evidence files had been destroyed.


    Although the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Director of Public Prosecutions are still investigating the trial, Sekar asked South Wales Police to return his property, not least because he was finishing a book about the case. Although Sekar told police chiefs his voluntary cooperation with the force was over, the police have now prevaricated for 11 months and, despite the lack of a court order or it being the proceeds of crime, police still have his material.


    They ignore solicitors letters and refuse to explain what entitles them to keep Sekar’s property. “If anyone else had done this they would be arrested for theft”, says Sekar. Police now refuse to talk to Sekar, even though the IPCC has ordered them to record his complaint.”






    Aftermath of my 2010 Cardiff  'machine gun' trial acquittal.


    In June 2009 helicopter and twenty five other police, many armed, storm our home and jail me for eight months without a shread of evidence of any fire arms offences. As later proved, it was the Chief Constable's private solicitors, Dolmans, who instigated my imprisonment to prejudice the forthcoming three month civil damages trial, she being the defendent !


    Thee years later, despite my numerous attempts to retrieve police snatched £10,000 worth of antigue and licenced legally held shot guns and humane killers, the thoroughly corrupt Cardiff cabal have, instead, refused their return and ordered, by that deceitful District Judge Bodfan Jenkins, to pay the cabal  a bill of £4000 costs following my attempted use the courts and1897 Police Property Act  just to return my property!




    Between 1992 and 2002 the South Wales Police ordered me to produce my driving documents 35 times. On the 34th occasion I refused and the court was forced, under the then Magistrates Act, to dismiss the case.


    I have refused five times since with the police doing nothing about it as they had already complained to The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and succsessfully had me struck off the veterinary register.





    I, Christopher Alexander (Ebbs) wish to add to my previous statement, on the matter of Maurice Kirk's common assault conviction at Bristol Magistrates, that I was approached by the South Wales Police to ware a neck brace and sit at the back of the court throughout proceedings while  he was remanded to prison.


    YOU maybe you are asking yourselves, the tax payer, why GMC, IPCC, an outside police force and HM Govenment Departments all continue to sit twiddling their toes while South Wales' nemesis looms before them in early 2013.  


    It stinks, doesn't it?


    Why? These culprits are all on huge protected salaries and pensions paid by you.


    So, why have they not had me killed, three years later, with the three month trial looming?








    Trying to re live Sir Francis Chichester's world breaking record and without a map?

    The cub flew a world record of her own, via Norfolk Island, direct to Coolangata, Queensland.

     (Liberty Girl on a lonely windswept beach on the tip of North Island New Zealand preparing for Queensland)

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