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Maurice is on trial in the Crown Court for possession of a gun which can fire two or more bullets on one pressure on the trigger and for trading in the same (10 yrs sentence).

Maurice, who is regularly denied his defence papers, unless he goes through various hoops, and then denied a pen and paper in court by the Reliance Security Firm controlling the Crown Court of Cardiff and on Friday denied his suit from the Prison and so had to appear in shorts and tee-shirt in front of the jury, recently had sight of two statements taken from his wife.
The first statement on 22nd June 2009 was taken when her home was being raided by over 20 policemen which constituted two seperate search teams. During this traumatic event, she was interviewed by a male policeman who proceeded to ask her nothing about a gun, nothing about ammunition and nothing about malicious damage (the reasons given for his arrest), but instead probed and questioned her about initimate details of their marriage and asked about Maurice's mental history.
It can be shown that MJK was already under MAPPA 3 investigation at least 6 weeks before he was arrested and that staff from the South Wales Police, the forensic psychiatrist from Caswell Clinic, Bridgend (Dr. Tegwyn Williams), the social worker Elizabeth Paul and others had all been present at a meeting to discuss Maurice long before the arrest on 22nd June.
Police, without M knowing, took a second statement from his wife on 2nd December 2009. This was served to Maurice this Thursday, 4th day of the trial! It indicated that the Police again searched the property . A further 70 odd 'items of investigation' including witness statements taken Dec '09 and as late as Jan '10 of Aircraft Engineers asking about the aeroplane before, during and after MJK owned her including the 'prohibited live ammunion' as described by the CPS firearms expert.