A 'meeting of minds', yesterday, during a whole day in discussions with various MPs chairing each meeting, means further touble for the dishonest within our judicary.

Invincible prejudice protecting  those who work there, from criminal prosecutions, is now seriously under threat but mainly due to cyberspace..

The use and abuse of cartels for the huge money making machine, enjoyed by the unscrupulous and reliant on 'HM Prerogative', 'HM Partnership;, written 'Memorandum of Understanding' between lawyers, police, freemasons and the like, are just a few of the cabals getting ever closer in being publicly exposed to the tax payer..


Please forward to CPS officer at my next seriously delayed 22nd? January 2013 Cardiff Magistrates Hearing Application in order I may obtain appropriate medical attention as soon as possible....Thankyou. CPS Cardiff 16th January 2013


 .Dear Sir, 


Erroneous Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Reports 


I seek guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service in the unlikely event that the presiding judge will accept the Caswell Clinic forensic psychiatrist's findings, that I have 'significant brain damage' and possible brain tumour, meaning I will, again, as already ruled by numerous both English and Welsh courts, that I need a court appointed lawyer to represent me, subject to 1983 and 2007 Mental Health Act and Articles contained in the 1998 Human Rights Act.



 The UK NHS (Wales) registered doctor wrote this in September 2009, without qualifications and has, ever since, repeated it to His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009, while applying I further sectioned to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital, IPP and on numerous more recent occasions to both English and Welsh Authorities, only just now coming to light. 


He wrote the 2009 Crown Court reports whilst in possession of several expert medical reports to the contrary and following protection promised by the South Wales Police and seven MAPPA meetings causing me to be registered level three. The doctors need to attend by my already applied witness summons in order to clarify or correct this apparent anomaly. . 

My telephone number is 07907937953



Crown Prosecution Service        ref: 201203241 D 

London                      ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012  

16th January 2013


Fabricated NHS Medical Records and ‘Breach of Restraining Order' Appeal


I came to London to visit the Criminal Court of Appeal, your offices, The General Medical Council and attend meetings with Members of Parliament all relevant to this outstanding appeal. Both HM Cardiff Crown and magistrates Courts, NHS (Wales), GEOamey Custody Services, local CPS and South Wales Police continue to refuse to disclose public records.

After six telephone calls, today, I am still no further forwards in obtaining a corrected 4th May 12 court transcript of jury trial or hear the digital CDs only under Cardiff control.

Your flat refusal, with the Royal Courts of Justice general office, to either accede to my request for either of you to find me legal representation, at my expense, I find disappointing.

 At 10th November 11 ‘Prevention of Harassment Act 1997' trial, leading to a purported ‘service' of a ‘restraining order', under the most dubious of circumstances, the need for  The  Recorder of Cardiff's 14th Nov 11 Court Orders, only just revealed,  the subsequent March 12 appeal, against ‘harassment conviction and February 12 Court Order, blocking my right to either examine or cross examine your main witness, the psychiatrist, requires a third  JR.

I therefore, reluctantly, disclose to the IPCC, a selection of court tapes of proceedings in Cardiff courts, witnessed by police in the public gallery, gathered over the past twenty years, to indicate the general condition of Welsh ‘justice' apparently accepted by Luigi Stranati, HMCTS (Wales) Manager,  for those residing in the Principality. The Welsh Assembly, meanwhile, plod on for their lucrative goal at Westminster for judicial autonomy in Wales.

Enclosed is a sample court tape, subject to a pending and already lodged Judicial Review Applications CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012, as to evidence the jury did not know.

My defence, for the original alleged ‘harassment', cleared by several police officers, denied me as witnesses, is that the  much abused and too hurriedly drafted law, contains provisions for those ‘conducting a course of conduct' in the pursuit of ‘detecting' or ‘preventing crime'.

The GMC are now aware that the 2009 Caswell Clinic Psychiatric prison reports were only fabricated for ‘machine gun' MAPPA level 3 indictments but now prejudice the Musa v Haringey Council Six Nigerian children Snatched Appeal, currently with you and continuously being used by HM Cardiff prison such as prevent my attending their  28th November 2011 London magistrates hearing and my 2012 numerous 2012 Cardiff civil and criminal hearings.

This doctor of these controversial reports remains inappropriately qualified while still stating I have ‘significant irreversible brain damage' and possible cancer requiring court appointed lawyers. Do you require further court tapes or photographic proof for your deliberations?

Yours faithfully,


Maurice J Kirk BVsc 


Supporters, please now go out and disseminate this tape recording, below and 74 others later, of your typical judge in a Cardiff court waxing elequent across the Principality, expecting  some of us, forced to live here, to tolerate an ounce of this blasphemy.

God help the indigenous population when they  finally get judicial autonomy.



Criminal Court of Appeal    ref: 201203241 D

Administrative Court       ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012

 Royal Courts of Justice Court                                                     



13th January 2013


Dear Case Lawyer,

Appeals against Restraining Order and Breach Thereof

  1. The South Wales Police psychiatrist's protection appears extreme and again highlighted in the enclosed hand written notes taken by one of many helpers, in the public gallery, all determined to witness the original  summary conviction of ‘harassment' re fabricated medical evidence, in Nov/ Dec2011 Cardiff Magistrates before District Judge John Charles.
  2.  If you accept it as evidence I wish, also, to forward the taped recordings of those quite unusual proceedings when the judge ruled, for no good reason, just as a year earlier [‘common assault' conviction obtained in my absence quashed in May12 Bristol Crown Court], that I was not allowed call or cross examine the police while repeatedly denying my access my own legal papers, even those from my solicitor he had sent, originally, directly to the judge
  3. Judicial Review Applications CO/3970/2012 & CO/6357/2012 cover some these facts surrounding this and magistrate's subsequent 1st March 12 Cardiff Crown Court appeal, before his Honour Judge Hughes is where, for no reason, I was, again refused my right to cross examine any prosecution witnesses or have my legal papers in court or call my main defence witnesses.
  4. Their tactic was hatched during the farcical 2010 ‘WW1 Lewis machine gun' trial, on its 2nd day of its two week hearing, following my cross examination of the first four policemen that caused, not just those in the public gallery but also the jury of my innocence.
  5. Nine members of the jury told us after, in a Cardiff restaurant, "We were forced to return and sit there for another ten days"!
  6. My ability to prepare and attend High Court hearings, in those two years and process these JRs in an orderly manner, was thwarted by these allegations, exemplified from those of many similar prison telephone tapes, enclosed, indicating the conditions I had to endure whilst incarcerated in HM Cardiff Prison BEFORE and DURING the 1st Dec11 conviction,1st March 12 Appeal and 4th May 2012  ‘Breach of Restraining Order' conviction, subject to my much delayed London appeal before the Criminal Court of Appeal.
  7. I apply, as I am refused, for the release of Cardiff prison and GEOamey custody records and to hear the 4th May 12 Court CDs.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Enclosed         4th Feb12 Association of Mackenzie Friends letter

                      12 02 04 Assoc Mackenzie Friends to HM Gov Cardiff Prison.pdf      

 Samples 30 odd telephone prison tapes during mmy two years of Cardiff Cabal persecution

Do you recognise my photo of the Coronation Street lying  little b**tch, who's name escapes me and who opened the door to me but committed perjury while telling the jury what then happened. Did it affectthe Nigerian Musa Haringay Council six snatched chilodren trial? It gave the parents seven imprisonment LONG OVERDUE for an appeal




                   29th November 11 Public Gallery witness notes for my bizarre 'Harassment' Cardiff Magistrates hearing

                   Dr Magistrates Evidence.pdf

                  15th Nov 11 Solicitor letter blocked by Luigi Stranati HMCTS Delivery Director  

                11 11 25 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates REDACTED.pdf

 09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf


Witness Summonses applied for rogue MAPPA doctor and my preference, Dr Gaynor Jones, psychiatrist of Caswell Clinic

This ridiculous case, just to obtain medical attention, continues in Cardiff magistrates in a few days, before District Judge Bodfan Jenkins.

Well worth a visit with candy floss and ice cream served in the interval.

                    09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

                    09 09 30 INTERIM PSYCHIATRIC REPORT Oct1 2009 REDACTED.pdf

                    13 01 07 Magiistrates reply re Dr witness summons


Legal Advisor                                                                                         ref 1200734025


Cardiff CF24 ORZ

11th January 2013

Dear Sir,

Doctors' Witnesses Summonses for 22nd January 13 Hearing

Your asking why I need these doctors to give evidence, following District Judge Bodfan Jenkins' predictable refusal to allow me to have a ‘restraining order' varied, in order to receive medical attention, I would of thought somewhat obvious.

  1. Doctor  ****** ********, South Wales Police's MAPPA Psychiatrist

This gentleman wrote the enclosed 30th September 2009 psychiatric report for Cardiff Crown and civil courts recommending I be further sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act but registered IPP, Imprisonment for Public Protection, probably for life.

This Welsh doctor pressed that I be transferred to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital but, he wrote, only because of  threats to him by a Norman Scarth RN Rtd as Caswell Clinic was only a medium security psychiatric prison with a 14ft fence.

On 2nd December 2009 this individual, fully supported by Crown Prosecutor barrister, Richard Thomlow and already accepted by at least seven previous Welsh judges, all recommending my continued incarceration, whilst unconvicted and that I must remain locked up in either Cardiff prison or in his own experimental facility, Caswell Clinic.

This police doctor always gave this information (transcripts enclosed), in my absence, for some reason and always without my designated legal representation present. This time, before His Honour Judge Neil bidder QC, he stated I may have a brain tumour but that I suffered ‘significant brain damage' that was, most likely, irreversible.

No one notified moi of any of this until many, many months later when I luckily escaped by being released from prison. I had been found not guilty for trading in WW1Lewis machine guns, other alleged prohibited weapons and being in possession of a small arsenal of machine gun ammunition enough, apparently, to start a war.

have since then experienced not inconsiderable inconvenience in my failed attempts for clarification of this medical evidence, little obtained only by my three times having to apply, for my own medical records, under the Freedom of Information Act!

No one, to date, in the Principality has indicated the moral fibre to simply elucidate.

  1. Dr Gaynor Jones, Caswell Clinic is a lady, however, I can trust will give  medical evidence for my need for the court to vary the Restraining Order

Maurice Kirk BVSc


Norman Scarth RN Rtd  23rd January13 Royal Courts of Justice Appeal