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Wanted for Attempted Murder


Barbara Wilding, Ex Chief Constable

Substantial reward for information behind the South Wales Police attempts to having me shot by armed police unit purportedly guarding this woman, 24/7

Absolute confidentiality, trust me, all is true See this private prosecution link, HM Conspiratorial Partnership, here: this document.


  • Posted By: Maurice Kirk
  • Posted : 06-06-2011
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Alison Wunderland said:

Hi Maurice, Norman &Co,

On --------- I was in the Mayors & City of London County Court for a permission to appeal hearing against the City of London Corporation for the damage done ---------- by City police.

The hearing was recorded on a digital device. From that transcript judge William Birtles, husband of Patricia Hewitt MP, (who said the judiciary are independent of the executive?) said

"You should see some of the transcripts I've seen, you would think they weren't the same hearing sometimes ---". What is the point of paying for a transcript if they are not an accurate recording?

Is this not the time for us to push for plaintiffs and defendants to be allowed to record court proceedings?

Birtles dismissed my application after saying that I was right to sue the police! In preparation for the hearing, Birtles ordered both sides to cross serve skeleton arguments. The opposition did not obey the order and Birtles totally ignored my skeleton argument.

Contrary to the Pre-action Protocols (CPR B1-003.10 and B1.002.2.10) when the defendants denied liability they were duty bound to disclose anything and everything pertaining to the proceedings including witness statements, police log books and notebooks. They presented no bundle of documents and Birtles said at the hearing that neither he nor the previous judge, Parfitt whose order I was appealing,were working from evidence because the court had not ordered it!,,

I suppose, if challenged, they would rely on DISCRETION, that marvellous word so succinctly inserted into the law books, the judge, THEY say, has DISCRETION on which evidence THEY PREFER! Blind fools they are.