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Perversion of justice

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 22nd Jan 13 Magistrates Application for Medical Attention

Today, at Cardiff Magistrates, with appropriate witnesses to give evidence to confirm later, I was allowed, but only by the presiding judge's ‘discretion' as he put it, to allow me to rely on tape recordings of previous summary hearings in my application to have urgent medical attention.

These obviously accurate tape recordings of proceedings proved premeditated criminal conduct by prosecution witnesses, the Crown Prosecution Service and the then  presiding magistrate, District John Charles, in breach of ECHR Article 6.

Apart from my 21st January 13 letter to the CPS, responding to its 15th Jan letter, suggesting I bring proof to the court, I had served on an earlier, addressed to the Criminal Court of Appeal, summarising the years of ignored applications for basic disclosure, back to the 2010 ‘machine gun' jury trial, by the South Wales Police, simply for public documents to which I was entitled.

This, of course, is a major breakthrough in the argument for Litigants in Person taping one's own court cases, whether it is because one is a little deaf, as in the Norman Scarth Appeal, currently before the Criminal Court of Appeal on 23rd January 13 at the Royal Courts of Justice or in my own current appeal conviction there, relating  to the bizarre 4th May 12 ‘Breach of a Restraining Order' conviction with expensive official transcripts devoid of critical conversations in the court room that day.

My ‘Restraining Order' was purported to have been handed down in that 1st Dec 2011 magistrates hearing but within my library of Wales' way of administering ‘justice', so similar to my past experiences in Guernsey, all indicated a rampant abuse of process.

Today's case revealed the fact that, while the court downloaded my 21st January 13 letter from my website, only because the CPS seemed to have difficulty finding their own copy, my original argument in the 1st Dec 11 court, that I was not allowed my own legal representation, my papers defence or witnesses in court, it was the police psychiatrist, not me, doing the harassing when one cannot be accused of harassment when applying the same ‘rule of law' the CPS appeared to be relying upon.

Sub section 3 a) & c) of the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act allows me to:


 ‘Pursue a course of conduct' to detect or prevent crime'.


Apart from false medical reports and written without appropriate qualifications, whilst in possession of contrary evidence, the MAPPA doctor continues to break the law.

Recently, by MG 11 police witness statement, which had me jailed for several months, he stated that I had been accosted by the police whilst I was committing further harassment at his home. I had also made several attempts to break into Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, to gain access to my medical records. He told the court I suffered ‘paranoid delusional disorder', believing the South Wales Police were bullying me, had ‘significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


A typical tape recording of Cardiff Magistrates catching the wide spread corruption in Cardiff courts by District Judge john Charles and CPS barrister David Gareth Evans (9 Park Chambers Cardiff)

A series of Cardiff court tapes will continue to be broadcast world wide on this web site and many others, to try and wake the country up as to how governmant policy now controls our courts to convict and not to be run by the 'rule of law'.>

 John Hemming MP sets down Early Day Motion

re New Ban by The Judicial Executive Committee for Litigants in Person (LiPs) to listen and check court tapes against grossly inaccurate/ in Wales, manipulated and expensive transcripts.


Questions Judicial Executive Committe blocking LiPs access to Listening to Court Tapes!

14th Jan Questions in The House


Regular readers of this web site are, no doubt, aware it is not exactly ‘rocket science' to understand why  the General Medical Council, concerning a South Wales Police forensic psychiatrist, Crown Prosecution Service acting for NHS (Wales) and South Wales Police ‘private' lawyers ALL wrote to me all on 15th January13 to now affect the welfare of not just me but my family.

eg Letters from Crown Prosecution service, General Medical Council  and south wales Police

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Delt the Gulag Card?


Download 18th Jan16 Bristol






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My 13thJanuary13 letter to Their Lordships in the Royal Courts of Justice

relating to Norman Scarth's appeal this Wednesday, 23rd January at RCJ and to be used onTuesday, the day before, on 22nd January, at another ridiculous Cardiff Magistrates hearing, before District Judge Bodfan Jenkins, in order that I may, at last, receive medical attention......lunch, cas usual, is on me! 

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£10,O00 REWARD


to find the Snatched


Haringey Council


MUSA Nigerian Children

Favour Tabitha Sarah Abraham Nesara Queen Eliz

and one more whose name, sorry, I forget







(Parents in Prison)


DO NOT FORGET THE DeliberatelyDELAYED RCJ APPEAL MUSA Nigerian Family and Haringey Council snatched six Nigerian children to give the Authrority time to have them adopted

and lets not forget that lying little b**** of Coronation Street, whose name I also forget, who gave false evidence at the London trial causing the parents get seven years a piece

Christopher Booker Article

Christopher Booker in Action .pdf

This gun was painted silver by the South Wales Police to try and fool the jury but had to paint it back to black when I was acquitted thereby having to retrun it to the Lincolnshire air Museum who bought her from me a year BEFORE I was arrested!


please see the Musa case,the Baylis family, Norman Scarth, Maurice Kirk, Hollie Greig: http://www.butlincat.wordpress.com