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Attorney General v Scarth, CO3898/2012

To the Skeleton Argument Office.


Last minute, Urgent! Please ensure this reaches the
Lord Chief Justice before the end of the hearing. (also
sent as an attachment, for easy printing)

For all that I have written these last months, the
situation can be summed up in 63 words.


‘The Law’ in Britain (The Police & the Courts), deliberately
deny me the protection of the law, & deliberately block
me from seeking a remedy in the courts for crimes &
other wrongs committed against me.


That being so, & it IS fact, then that same ‘Law’
CANNOT be used to punish me.


Indeed, both Police & Courts have themselves
committed serious crimes against me, & do so with


Norman Scarth.


The content of a series of 1st December 2011 Cardiff Magistrates tape recordings, [examples in previous blogs], mirror the omissions in the later 4th May 12 transcripts, for ‘Breach of Restraining Order', deliberately doctored by HMCTS and Cardiff's Cabal to repeat the CPS David Gareth Evans lying to the court.

Lawyers and police, when in court, are both immune to prosecution by the ‘Memorandum of Understanding' between police chiefs, Law Society and Bar Council.

The Criminal Court of Appeal have been given statements from the 4th May 12 jury trial public gallery, for ‘Breach of Restraining Order', that the CPS barrister told the court there was a ‘draft' restraining order , witnessed from the public gallery, being hand written on the 1st Dec 11 by District Judge Charles and sent to show me to agree or not.  NOT give to me as a final order.

Months later, in the jury trial, the witness BECAUSE it was that that was shown to me in the cells at lunch time and not public gallery then heard the prosecution barrister admit he may need to be a defence witness

The FINAL Order was never served on me..

The guard, Lee Barker, whose evidence it was that he came into my cell and left me with the FINAL court copy is nonsense.  My cell was opened for release was 5.15pm any hours after Barker was on duty!

ALL CCTV in cells, court logs and custody logs have been withheld because 5 burly guards threw me out of the cell when I was demanding paperwork of the court case outcome, conducted in my absence


NORMAN SCARTH and I are campaigning to be allowed to take tapes of court proceedings.......supervised.

Why are we always refused? In order to cover up the wide spread corruption in our courts and complete disregard for human rights

......My appeal , shortly to be heard in the RCJ, is classic.

The transcript of Cardiff Crown Court proceedings omits the fact my witness names were asked by me in the cells.

Yet another case I did not attend in protest as, again, I was refused witnesses , my legal papers in court or cross examine the same complainant the Caswell Clinic's  police psychiatrist who had fabricated seriously worrying medical records.

WHY?  In order to have me sectioned to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison.

IF my tapes of the original 1st Dec 11 District Judge John Charles Cardiff magistrates are allowed to be heard at my RCJ appeal, shortly, I will win and a number of prosecution witnesses and the prosecutor stand a very serious risk of themselves going to jail



NORMAN STatement



To Mr Sashy Nathan, solicitor & Mr Amos Waldman, barrister.

I have today, Monday, received by post the Attorney General's bundle of 141 pages, 15 dividers & one CD.
He & his gang may have nothing better to do than produce all this garbage (& receive vast amounts of taxpayers' money for doing so) BUT, having seen some of it before, & noticed the many lies, I am CERTAINLY not going to waste my time reading it again!
To recap & sum up:

This is my Final 'FINAL STATEMENT'.

Accused of 'Contempt of Court', how on earth can I 'defend' myself, when I have made it abundantly clear that I have the utmost contempt for those who currently run our courts.

What I seek to show is that my contempt (& that of a growing number of people) is justified.

The Attorney General seems to think that my contempt will be lessened by his savagery in trying to put me (completely sane) in a Stalinist 'Mental Hospital' for what few years are left to me to live. Could anything be more sadistic? (I send again as an attachment the Andy McCardle document.)

I am rather disappointed to learn that Mr Waldman 'handed up' my Statement at the previous hearing, when I had specifically asked that it be read out, & I again ask that he reads out my Statement of Facts, with addendums etc.
This is important, bearing in mind that one of my arguments is that the Official Transcripts cannot be trusted. I am being more than fair in giving an opportunity for the courts to show that, on this occasion at least, they CAN be accurate.

I ask you please to hammer away at the totally irrelevant lies in the Skeleton Argument & Affidavits (put in purely to blacken my character), & the malice of the Attorney General Dominic Grieve, he being the man who had me thrown out of an Election Selection Committee Meeting in 2008, before he come to power.

As regards this hearing, I am in the fortunate position that I cannot lose. If the case goes against me, it will be more proof of the truth of my words. If (as I belief he will) the Lord Chief Justice rules against the Attorney General, then that will indeed lessen my contempt for his profession.

In which case I ask you to remind him of my request that he should use 'The Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court' to order an investigation into the 17 years of persecution, this action by the AG being only the latest. Also that he use that same 'Inherent Jurisdiction' to reduce the obstruction to my own attempts to use the law to seek a remedy for serious wrongs committed against me.

An example(a comparatively minor one) has just arrived by post today, Monday. On
17th September 2012 I made a 'Small Claim' against the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire. Twice, the documents were returned to me for some fictitious fault. Sent in again with the 'fault' rectified, I heard not a word until today, when the letter arrived. With it was a Notice of Issue, saying that the Claim had been sent to the Defendant on 15th January 2013.

Was this just incompetence, inefficiency or laziness? Or deliberate delay against the hated Litigant In Person? I am tempted to think the latter.
I ask you to hammer away at all that which is above at the hearing.
You know you can do it!!

Norman Scarth