As Maurice languishes in gaol, once again, after being free for a mere 20 days after last being released, should we be looking more closely at just what happened during the by now famous, "MACHINE GUN TRIAL"?

Evidence was presented by the police at that trial that the jury did not believe! This would tend to indicate that the evidence was false. More evidence was presented in the form of reports and opinions by, amongst others, the Doctor whose name we are not allowed to speak of any more! This evidence, the Jury also, did not believe.The Jury serves the function of the Law at trial. So this must mean that the Law did not believe the evidence!

Maurice seems to be in gaol again, because he had the temerity to point out that the Law did not believe the reports presented and they were therefore false, in the eyes of the Law. If the reports were deliberately false, then a crime may well have been committed. This should of course have properly been uncovered at the trial for harassment, but as anyone who attended will know, it could not really be described as a fair trial!

I am sure that there is a defence against harassment charges, if one is in pursuit of a criminal who has committed a crime!

Perhaps some of the legal minds (from both sides of the fence) who frequent this site, will be able to enlighten us further on this rather important point of Law!?