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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Keith Vaz MP & Welsh Judiciary Fudge NHS Control over their own Doctors to Block GMC Investigation


    Associated videos to this epic 'Flight to Australia', 'without a map', suffering 'significant brain damage' and suspect brain tumour, led to the unlawful sectioning, under the 1983 Mental Health Act, of the pilot, 'trading in machine guns', by several NHS (Wales) employees, all guarrenteed imunity to prosecution by MAPPA and eleven Cardiff Crown Court judges, sum up the plans by the Welsh Authorities for YOU or any anyone else who dares challenge the 'New World Order'.

    12 12 31 CPS Dicken re RCJ Appeal.pdf

    12 12 31 IPCC Vaz.pdf

    This early 'draft'was handed to my Mackenzie Friend in the 3rd May12 jury trial from wicked CPS barrister David Garath Evans who continues to produce the written over 'draft' by the eaqually wicked  Judge John Charles in front of a host of my helpers in the public gallery

    11 12 01 RO CPS Draft REDACTED.pdf

    12 12 21 CPS Dicken RO.pdf 

    12 10 21 Restraining Order WitnessStatement REDACTED.doc


    The point is that neither the police Caswell Clinic psychiatrist nor psychologist Professor Wood are medically qualified to interpret a CT brain scan as that is the role of the neuro-radiologist who has training and qualifications so to do.


    All the neuro radiologists that examined the scans contradict the psychiatrist’s findings but still he went ahead and applied that I be sectioned IPP to Ashworth, ‘imprisonment for public protection’ with the full support of MAPPA


    On 2nd December 2009 in Cardiff Crown Court the prosecution, police psychiatrist and court of were all in receipt of my privately funded specialist report faxed the day before. Only achievedm incidentally, by the quick thinking Walter Sweeney, ex MP for the Vale of Glamorgan and his lovely wife, Nuala, a leading consultant radioligist in South East Yorkshire.


    No one would allow it to be referred to as seen on the transcript overlooked to be destroyed at the time.


    9 12 1 medical Kemp.pdf


    09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

   quickly repainted by police but failed to fool the jury


    Machine Gun Indictment.pdf  Carrying a Mandatory 10 year prison sentance and by now the South Wales Police had painted the machine gun a different colour to try and fool the jury


    Likewise, someone stupidly forgot to 'corrupt' the tape before transcription....a common game for distorting the truth to fool the public 

    09 12 17 Court Hearing to Extend IPP.pdf

    However, there is the built in provision in the Act that you cannot be prosecuted 'for a course of conduct' when attempting 'to prevent or detect (further ) crime'.....the very purpose of distributed WANTED posters. A further procaution was taken to get no less than severn police officers to examine the posters for adverse comment whilst they were being distributed. Of course I was refused any of them as witnesses

    The CPS, on 1st December, produced various drafts of a 'Restraining Order' producing the following but still not disclosing the one now needed, of course, for the Criminal Court of Appeal, very shortly, the part hand written draft brought  waved under my nose, in my cell, by that GEOamey guard, the lying little Lee Barker who's statement completely contradicted that of the only other tamed witness in a corridoe of six eager on lookers!

    THE 1997 HARASSMENT ACT is a typically knee jerk written piece of legislation, of the Blair era, now being abused just to lock up those exposing the crimes going on daily in our welsh law courts.

    Anticipating the continuing conduct of the Welsh courts, to protect their very own NHS's conduct in a similar manner to the way they had so far protected their police force, irrespective of the facts, I quietly lobbed into their cess pit of deceipt, rather like a Mills bomb into the mill pool for trout, a petty debt £840 claim for bus fares and time wasted, travelling backwards and forwards countless times to Caswell Clinic, when originally promised my medical records used on 2nd December 09 to have me sent to Ashworth. That claim, as predicted, to prevent the doctor having the risk of committing perjury, was settled out of court to the cost to the tax payer well in excess of £20,000.

    There then followed the substantive claims before the final one due on 30th January 2013 at the hearingr to consolidate with the eight or so police claims:

    10 06 07 One Million Pound Claim against NHS (Wales)_only R.pdf

    12 12 04 SWP High Court Consolidation Application - REDACTED.doc


    it stinks, doesn't it?

    LATEST NHS & POLICE RESPONSE   (Crime Reference number 62126415504  reported 16.45 hrs 28th Dec 2012)

    12 12 13 NHS Rebuttal Restraining Order Variation_0001.pdf

    12 12 30 MJK NHS reponse to 13th letter.doc

    At my 20th December 2012 magistrate’s application, to be able to see my South Wales doctor, this 13th December Morgan Cole document was, without me knowing, already with both District Judge Bodfan Jenkins  and CPS Mr Dicken,  the latter summoned to represent Her Majesty.


    All four parties, the NHS, the protected rogue doctor, scheming  judge and bewildered CPS ALL blocked the progress of the case by pre arranging yet another adjournment, a game they have played now for over a year…...anything to cover up the truth.


    Like wise, Bodfan Jenkins, an old hand at perverting the course of justice, held back the clerk of the court’s notes of the May 12 ‘shooting walking stick’ hearing following my repeated attempts to have my totally legal property returned by the police following their 2009 ‘machine gun’ house raid fiasco.


    The case was adjourned, far too embarrassing for a public arena. My medical care will have wait until their conclusion at  22nd January hearing!!!…….. come, witness and inhale their stench


    The ‘walking stick shot gun case lingers on a ‘case stated’ application forcing the same judge to release the court’s notes indicating it had statements from both police and my then wife , none of which I knew about during the 2010 ‘machine gun’ jury trial, indicating a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice


    So what?  The South Wales Police are past masters at distorting the truth.


    Letter to GMC:

    I emphasize that in writing my psychiatric reports Dr ******** was unduly influenced by the South Wales Police to report that I was suffering mental health problems resulting from ‘significant’ brain damage and that in coming to such a conclusion Dr ******** deliberately ignored reports from properly qualified radiologists stating that my brain scan was normal for a man of my age.

    Instead the doctor sought out the advice of a clinical psychologist researcher who was not qualified to interpret such scans (and who was not made aware of the radiologists reports) and then moved beyond even this advice to tell numerous courts on the basis of no evidence whatsoever that I had suspected brain cancer.

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc


    09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans.pdf

    None of these named three Caswell Clinic and Princess of Wales doctors were allowed in any of my Harassment or Restraining Order hearing

    Caswell Clinic Medical Records Leak REDACTED rcds

    Caswell Clinic Medical Records Leak REDACTED.pdf


     [DOWNLOAD & skip first 4min 30 sec of this 14th Dec 12 Broadcast]

    NEXT Bristol Broadcast shortly.......if not 'pulled'

    None of these named three Caswell Clinic and Princess of Wales doctors were allowed in any of my Harassment or Restraining Order hearings


    09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf


    10 10 17 GMC Wales complaint REDACTED.doc

    12 09 19 GMC Briefing REDACTED.pdf

    09 09 03 MG Trans Redacted.pdf



    11 01 05 GMC close to Mr Kirk.doc

    03 07 23 HM Attorney General Steps In.pdf

    As the Cardiff Cabal dictate the instructions to your own lawyer's and whose turn it is to win, in the stench of their courts, this further futile jesture may amuse or annoy the occasional reader?

    Hearing date 30th January 2013

    12 12 04 SWP High Court Consolidation Application REDACTED.doc

    The three month trial, for first three of eight or nine Actions against the South Wales Police, starts on 18th February all based on police being allowed to refuse to disclose their records and identity of all witnesses at each of the forty odd incidents of police bullying.

    I started this retaliation 20 years ago in Bristolbut then transferred to Wales where the first thing the little bast**ds did was to refuse me a jury.

    Each time the trial was listed, ever since, the same bunch of evil Welsh had me locked me up, for months at a time, on a string of fabricated charges dependant, of course, on a string of very corrupt judges in both Cardiff Crown and magistrates courts and wicked forensic psychiatrist




    and a wee missive from down under.......

    Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters, 


    PANACEA is "an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties ... via Latin from Greek panakeia healing everything, from pan all + akēs remedy".and that's certainly the case for all our problems and injustices here in Australia (& Old South Wales) where we are regarded as Slaves by the Thieves and Traitors, ie: the Banks and Judges, who rule our country because of our ignorance of MAGNA CARTA and gutlessness to fight the evil-doers.When MAGNA CARTA says: "No free man shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed or destroyed in any way, nor shall we pass over him nor send over him unless by the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land", and the Thieves and Traitors continue to steal and kill and destroy unimpeded, then Hosea 4: 6 is 100% correct by saying "People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge".Thomas Jefferson said, "If the people do not know how to govern themselves, then educate them"..... which brings me to the attachment annexed hereto and called "COURTS ARE GOVERNMENT".Robert Balgarnie of Inverell, told me years ago, "We're living in a 5-star prison" and "Nothing is going to change because we're no hurting enough, yet".Educating the People of Australia is a difficult task .. especially against all the lies and propaganda the Thieves and Traitors churn out.It's going to take M-O-N-E-Y........ BIG M-O-N-E-Y.Does anyone know of a PHILANTHROPIC PATRIOT ....... anyone?????If there is such a MAN or WOMAN, perhaps they might like to read the "AIMS and OBJECTIVES" of the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY at saying: “3.1 To ensure that the Commonwealth of Australia remains a Common Law Jurisdiction with Sovereignty belonging to the Australian People who will always be able to exercise their inalienable Right to Trial by Jury in Australian Courts for the administration of Justice, the advancement of Truth, the effective implementation of Democracy and the preservation of Liberty. 3.2 To seek the teaching of the fundamental principles of Common Law throughout the schools and universities of Australia that Common Law is indeed the Law of the People, by the People and for the People. 3.3 To ensure that Grand Juries operate for the investigation of serious offences and of the maladministration of government and the finding of true Bills of Indictment to go to Petit Juries who will judge the facts and the laws presented to them in those particular actions and that Grand and Petit Juries be unimpeded in their inquisitorial role and the full execution of their authority to question and call for witnesses and to determine the admissibility of evidence.3.4 To endorse and support candidates for election to all levels of government in Australia in order to achieve the above Aims and Objectives.”Politicians are either ego-trippers or stooges for the "vested interest groups" (to put it politely).... and our Parliaments are definitely not acting in our best interests, in the spirit of "For we are young and free".Therefore, there is an URGENT and DESPERATE NEED to put these characters in their place. Unless we can firmly establish DEMOCRACY OVER BUREAUCRACY, ie: the PEOPLE having SOVEREIGNTY, then we really are NOTHING but SLAVES and we commit our CHILDREN to that ever-worsening state. Yours sincerely,John Wilson.Chairman, Australian Common Law Party. PS: SUPPORT & FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Firstly, there’s no better way to pitch in than to join the Party. There are no Membership Fees. See: Secondly, spread the word that the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY is now upon the scene. The word is: solutions to all our problems lie within ourselves. Thirdly, send donations to the BENDIGO BANK, 198 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150, Australia, where our account is: Account name: AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY. BSB: 633-000 and Account number: 143521896. For overseas deposits SWIFT No./Code: BENDAU 3B.

    Michael Docherty's US interview  on 'Harassment Act' remakably 'deja vu'!!!!!

    Cardiff County Court Hearing re Doctor  30th January 2013 

    There is an outstanding civil damages claim surrounding police operation, ‘Operation Chalice’ and a ‘machine gun’ I once owned attached to my aircraft.  The armed police raid, backed by helicopter, on the marital home on 22nd June 2009, marked the date of our marital separation. Witnesses present are reluctant to disclose any information always needed. That includes witness identification, copy of all statements taken and substance of all conversations and how and when the house search was carried out etc   My daughter was again at risk, under police code name ‘Operation Orchid’, to ‘snatch her by Social Services. It is MAPPA and a rogue forensic psychiatrist that caused, if you wish to believe a word of it, added reasons given and accepted in court, as to why I was not to be released for nearly eight months and in return sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act.    

    Cardiff Magistrates Court Proceedings Buried


    The case relates to a purported ‘shooting walking stick shot gun’ obtained by the police, nearly a year later, from the marital home, during my January 2010 ‘machine gun’ trial at Cardiff but with no witness statements taken. None of this information came to my notice until three years later and only by my court applications to make the police disclose relevant evidence. 


    Application to Vary Restraining Order continues 22nd January farcical as the previous nonsense


    IPCC Refs 2099/0116588 & 2012/001471

    Cardiff Wales

    CF3 5EA

    5th November 2012

    Dear Sir,

    Re More South Wales Police Bullying

    Further to my ongoing complaint please note the latest complaints, enclosed, of at least several more examples of criminal conduct being occasioned:

    1. South Wales Police cross to England to influence a witness that has caused my name being removed from the veterinary register and receive a criminal conviction.

    Enclosed website blog with one 27th Oct 12 statement agreed and signed by Christopher Paul ALEXANDER originally MR EBBS and witnessed by several people.

    1. . 2nd Nov 2010 conviction of common assault fabricated to use to oppose bail over a two year period only for it to be then withdrawn police never ever having intended to fight my appeal as the two year use of successfully opposing my bail had served its purpose..

    Enclosed as a summary from my current website blog simply to indicate the extreme length Cardiff judges are now actively supporting their own police force’s criminal conduct

    1. False imprisonment re 2nd allegation of Breach of a Restraining Order from approx 21st Sept 2012 imprisonment for nearly 3 months on evidence later withdrawn as the police knew full well my action to fax a pre action protocol draft witness summons to Caswell Clinic was lawful.

    My request for the MAPPA fabricated withheld medical evidence, used by police, CPS and rogue doctor, to apply for my transfer to Ashworth Psychiatric prison on 2nd Dec 2009, requires immediate disclosure in order I may apply to be put back on the veterinary register and for me to be eligible to update my professional flying licences.

    Please do not allow this new evidence slow down you outstanding investigations of 'shoot to kill policy, 'machine gun' malicious prosecution and the falsification and maladministration of my being registered a MAPPA level 3 victim. Just when will you instruct an outside police force?

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

  • District Judge Bodfan Jenkins and Continuing Cardiff Magistrates Scandal to Protect Rogue Doctor


    The New World Order is being tested in South Wales



    1.    The continuing Saga of my Police Confiscated antiques while pretending to be looking for my Machine Guns



    Dear old and very wicked Bodfan refused to comment on his ‘draft’ excuses as to how the police have been allowed to confiscate my £10, 000 worth of antique guns and other personalty knowing I wish, of course, the academic exercise was only to put a Judicial Review enquiry before an exposing English court and so, once again, rub their grubby little noses in their own exceta.


     12 12 10 DJ Jenkins DRAFT + crt rcds.pdf


    This is the version sent, upside down after days of badgering INCLUDING THE CLERK OF COURT’S REDACTED NOTES

    BUT Cardiff’s Cabal will not supply copy of  clerk’s contemporaneous notes that contain a completely different record over the small matter of a prohibited weapon ‘coming to light’ on the 2nd day  of the machine gun trial.


    12 12 21 Response Application to STATE A CASE.pdf



    12 10 26 Draft Prohibited Gun Case Stated shr.pdf



    1. The South Wales Police lost the 2009 machine gun jury trial without any defence evidence or summing up being needed despite ruthless failed disclosure of evidence by the Crown Prosecution failed disclosure of evidence that, alone, would of cleared my name.

    2. During that two week farce, with me having been held in prison for nearly eight months, nine of the jury told us afterwards that their decision was made up after the very first day of cross examination of the police officers.

    3. What I did not know is that on the second day of the hearing the police came into the possession of a 'walking stick shot gun' at my home, a prohibited weapon, my never knowing about this until this year, three years later, when having started court proceedings, under the 1897 Police Property Act, in one last ditch attempt to recover my antique and modern lawfully kept guns, taken from the house during the 22nd June 2009 search of the property.

    4. My repeated requests for of my belongings, valued at around £10,000, to be returned after the machine gun aquittal have proved futile thuis causing the court application.

    5. Court proceeding caused the district judge, clearly unaware of any existence of a purported second 'prohibited gun' ordered the list of what the police admitted they held of mine be revealed.

    6. It was amusing at a similarly bizarre court hearing, only yesterday, on the need to get the same judge to alter a previous court order and so allow me to see my doctor, having refused or clarify why a draft alone, of his reasons for dismissing my application for recovery was dismissed, with costs awarded of £4000 to the South Wales Police, when it was a 'case stated' ' needed to further expose the evilness in Welsh court

    7. to be continued


    Bodfan, having now awarded the police £4000 costs against me, incurred while taking and keeping my antiques, is simply an indication of ‘Cardiff Cabal’s power and quiet warning to any other Englishman so stupid as to rely on ‘the rule of law’ in a Welsh court room.

      Prohibited weapon found under my bed? 

    The fact that I even to had apply, for Peter’s sake, for my own lawfully owned property back, under the 1897 Police Property Act, was enough of an insult but their hiding the fact of a ‘real’ prohibited weapon in my house, from the 2010 ‘machine gun’ jury trial and the machine gun ammo buried in my garden, is a far, far more an interesting a conspiracy, for web site, to slowly un ravel later.


    This Welsh judge was been ordered, obviously, to keep his reply to my ‘state a case’ application as a draft knowing it cannot be appealed against.


    A draft version for JR cannot go to London or in deed explain where the ammo on my desk, I was arrested for, has now mysteriously gone and just how the police, only this year, three years later, now have been forced to admit they have ‘my prohibited weapon’, a fully functional ‘shooting walking stick gun!!!!


    DO NOT FORGET these same police painted the Lewis machine gun a different colour to try and fool the jury only to lose the case meaning they had to re paint it back to siver, getting the shade wrong, before returning it to the Lincolnshire Air Museum


    And does the IPCC or GMC give a damn? Of course they don' is all part of 'The NewWorld Order' and YOU may be next?

     2.    Restraining Order Application 

    Another bit of Bodfan nonsense in court, today, with no less than three GP practices, so far, the whole of Caswell Clinic and an anaesthetist, all in South Wales, all refusing to conduct a medical examination or assist me in a hip replacement urgency, refused to order the prosecution to allow me medical attention.


    I emphasize that in writing my psychiatric reports Dr ******** was unduly influenced by the South Wales Police to report that I was suffering mental health problems resulting from ‘significant’ brain damage and that in coming to such a conclusion Dr ******** deliberately ignored reports from properly qualified radiologists stating that my brain scan was normal for a man of my age.

    Instead the doctor sought out the advice of a clinical psychologist researcher who was not qualified to interpret such scans (and who was not made aware of the radiologists reports) and then moved beyond even this advice to tell numerous courts on the basis of no evidence whatsoever that I had a suspected brain cancer.




    The so called 1st October 2011 Restraining Order, so irregularly manufactured by Bodfan’s partner in crime, a District Judge John Charles, stating I was not to harass this be named rogue forensic psychiatrist for successfully persuading eleven or so Cardiff judges that I have ‘significant brain damage’ and possible tumour, contrary to the opinions of fourteen  experts, was digested thus:


    i)                    The Crown Prosecution Service opposed any alteration of the ‘restraining order’ terms totally disregarding my argument, under the 1998 Prevention of Harassment Act, to pursue a ‘course of conduct’ to either expose or prevent further crime


    ii)                   and allow me promised medical attention and follow up brain scan in the light of new detected symptoms.


    iii)                 Private solicitors for the doctor, Morgan Cole also acting, would you believe, for NHS (Wales), had written volumes of legal argument to both the CPS and judge as to why nothing must be touched on the six points in the order


    iv)                 Oh , how predictable for such an evil bunch of bast**ds to, again, be prepared to pervert the course of justice just to deprive me of medical attention, anything to hide the Chief Constable’s 2009 original conspiracy over a WW1 Lewis Machine Gun, to having me registered MAPPA level 3 and possibly shot


    v)                  In the absence of CPS lawyer documentation, Morgan Cole's huge laid lawyer bill following, knowing there is no check on tax payer's money, what so ever, refused it by both judge,the bast **d and Mr AJ Dicken, the bemused CPS man, clearly thrown in at the deap end.


      My application quickly scaled down to only change point six, without the opposition argument in my hand….. to get access to have consultation with Dr Gaynor Jones at Caswell Clinic, prison, Bridgend......hoping I will hang myself.


     Her offer of help and clinical examination appeared to leave the corrupt court in some difficulties causing a speedy adjournment, the urgent issues again ‘kicked into long grass’, just like my stolen property,  to a re hearing date at 10am on 22nd January 2013 or did the evil man mean 14?


    vi)                 Meanwhile, as I wait, does the brain tumour continue to grow or also wait?


    21st Dec 12 0950

    Cardiff magistrates were telephoned yesterday, after the court, for the opposition bundle in CPS and judge’s possession…nothing sent

    CPS telephoned, today, for promised opposition bundle…..nothing sent

    It turns out Morgan Cole was asked to attend court but didn’t using CPS while coining in the tax payers’ money for a rogue police psychiatrist playing long term ‘sick’

    Some one at Morgan Cole has just told me she knows nothing of what legal opposition papers were seen in the hand of Bodfan Jenkins promising me them.

     This cabal of Cardiff is expecting me to believe the ‘papers’ will be the same as some prior brief, just as in 14th Nov 11 High court order to influence John Charles over harassment conviction.

     Jenkins had orders to kill  off my application to see my doctor

    Meantime the GMC and IPCC sit on their hands….. 

    Is Cardiff being used for  New World Order testing ground?

  • NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic's Negligence to Pervert the Course of Justice on 4th Bristol Radio 93.2 FM Interview

    Summary for new blog readers world wide

    11 01 02-forensic-analysis-mjk REDACTED.pdf 

    11 01 03-machine-gun-case-summary.pdf


    Eight weeks to go to the start of Cardiff County Court's civil damages claim three month trial, against the South Wales Policemy for their 20 years of unusual and extreme bullying, only guarrateed success and cover up by the protection from a corrupt and incestuous judiciary that puts Channel Island's Guernsey almost in the shade!.

    A list, later today, of a few of the one hundred or so witnesses, mainly police, none of whom 'gives a damn".

    Some will enjoy, ofcourse, my having been denied a jury.

    A jury was my original lawyer's promise, employed twenty years ago, before realising he was a 'plant', for any of these first three, of nine Actions later listed, being half successful.

    "As long as all proceedings remained in Bristol County Court", another expression I remember hearing from many of my South Wales clients at the time.


     Around 1996/97 the 1st Action was, not too mysteriously, transferred to a Wales court once the Principality's authorities realised the police bullying had no intention of stopping, to the contrary.

    It continued for 10 years until they had succeded in having me struck off the veterinary register.

    Then it all suddenly stopped, for a few years, until each time the substantive trial was listed for a hearing.  Then the 'taffia' conspired still more, instigating my long terms of imprisonment, wholst unconvicted and lately, using bizarre Cardiff Crown Court fabrications and a strange Cardiff magistrates court hearing to the horror of those, open mouthed, in the public gallery. 

    I am routinely ignored, when applying for court exhibits, access to any court public counter or replies to written applications, all being part of their 'treacle treatment':


    1. ignore, if the dissident persists,

    2.ridicule,  like 'water off a duck's back',

    3 'play the gulag card', using the rogue system from within Caswell Clinic psychiatric prison

    and if that also fails then 'set him up' to be,

    4. eliminated  [1st June 2009 Independant Advisory Group (IAG) and 8th June 2009 Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) level 3 registration.


    None of my appeals, incidentally, on the  small matter of my being refused a jury, were ever allowed to be heard in an English court, 0f course,oh, what a surprise.

    A sample of some of the damages claim, in an era of being stopped thirty five times to produce my driving documents, listed for February's trial:



     Evidence will be added to this blog, from time to time, as the trial date draws near and during His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC's hearing.

    Accommodation arranged for those wishing to stay and watch the longest  running spectacle of Cardiff judicial 'cover up' and police failed disclosure and destruction of damning evidence of their 20 years of wickedness.....

    There willl be a cerimonial burning of the Welsh flag just before or after my appearance, this Thursday, 20th December 12, at one of Cardiff's sewer cesspits, Fitzallan Place, CF24 0RZ.

    I will be renewing my private proseutions against the rogue Caswell Clinic psychiatrist, Adrian Oliver, Dolmans solicitor and past Chief Constable, the instigater, Ms Barbara Wilding, while demanding the return of my confiscated antique guns and legal papers, stolen during the combined armed police raid, in Operations 'Chalice' (Lewis machine gun) and ') and 'Operation Orchid' (to snatch my then 10 year old daughter by police and Social Services) 



    This latest Bristol Radio broadcast, below, is for the new website reader as yet un aware of the lengths to which these vermin are prepared go to either milk the UK tax payer and/or safeguard their huge pensions.

    Download 14th Dec12  Friday 2pm Tony Gosling interview......Skip the first three minutes of tape...... 

    Machine Gun and NHS(Wales) damages claims are blocked each time, for years now, while I try to get them into any Welsh court or before a jury so this is the second attempt to have my grievences connsolidated and heard by an impartial adjudication, BEFORE A JURY and well out of WALES!

    12 12 04 SWP High Court Consolidation Application REDACTED.doc

    Next hearing for this new set of legal proceedings will be 'heard' on 30th January 2013 10am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre to hear if if I get a jury for the first time!

    A sample of some of the hundred odd police incidents or so, in eight or nine Actions, of their continuing criminal conduct where senior South Wales police officers, in collaboration with NHS (Wales) and countless corrupt conspiring Cardiff Crown Court judges,

    WW1 Lewis Machine Gun.....painted back to all black by South Wales Police to try and fool the jury

  • Chicago Psychiatrist Exposes Corrupt South Wales Police and NHS Incestuous Bed together with 'Big Brother'

    • "Frighteningly Orwellian", my old Barry plumber friend said, over lunch yesterday, following my latest vivid but rather jumbled account of my three months of shear hell in South Wales Police controlled [NOT HMP] NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Prison, Bridgend, my being held just as another 'guinea pig' to test the latest US and CIA drugs on,  no doubt and for  fuelling, if not UK 's totally out of control but lucrative psychiatry/legal trade 'gravy train', the the rogue doctor's partnership with NHS (Wales)'s  Dr Fergusson at their cosy Port Talbot  HQ


     So just what is going on in our National Health Service (Wales) incestuous tribal world with  Cardiff Crown Court's full blessing?


     Listen to our next radio broad cast on Bristol Radio


    11 01 17 GMC REDACTED.pdf




    BOTH  GMC and IPCC APPEAR TO BE COVERING UP COMPLAINTS FROM SOUTH WALES......who else thinks that ...e-mail me or tel or 'comment' below....THANKYOU




    Other complainants of rogue doctor at CASWELL Clinic

   Tel 07907937953


    Dear old  Norman Scarth RN Rtd has just dug out this old e-mail for me written, incidentally, while I was incarcerated in the notorous Caswell Clinc Lunibin,Bridgend,  at the height of South Wales authorities' frenzy to have me locked away for life havng just failed to having me shot, on Barbara wilding's orders  or jailed for 10 years for trading in decommisioned WW1 Lews machine guns!








    A Sample of Taffy's 'Big Brother's daily conduct, tactics even used on their own, talked about on Bristol radio last night


    93.2 FM Dialect Radio with Tony Gosling.......Fridays 2pm


    11 07 25 SWP Note of Judgment re MAPPA.pdf


    10 09 27 Medical MAPPA 4p.pdf


    12 12 11 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal ref.doc


    To: Christopher Fogarty <>
    Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 5:32:43 AM
    Re: Psychiatric report on Maurice Kirk by Dr ****** ********.

    This report could be funny if was not so tragic: according to the author, one of the symptoms of Mr. Kirk's "mental illness" is his "poor writing."
    It is sad to see that a presumably free, highly educated person such as Dr ****** ********, writes such a long, incoherent piece to be read in a court of law of Wales.
    The doctor constructs a "brain damage" hypothetical and then the doctor transubstantiates the hypothesis into a fact that "causes Mr. Kirk's false beliefs."
    God Save the Queen and the Prince of Wales.



    Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 11:41 AM

    Subject: Fw: Psychiatric report on Maurice Kirk by Dr ****** ********


    This Maurice Kirk is yet another who seeks justice against a specific case of blatant judicial corruption in Britain. <SNIP> Here is the sinister report by a State psychiatrist being used to silence him.


    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    To: Various.

    Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 4:07:49 AM
    Subject: RE: Psychiatric report on Maurice Kirk by Dr ****** ********.

    “Paragraph 32. Maurice Kirk’s history is complex, convoluted and difficult to understand. The clinical picture appears to be of a man who has always had a background of minor cognitive difficulties, (poor writing and spelling).. He developed a personality characterised by narcissism (abnormal sense of entitlement), grandiosity (believing that normal rules and regulations do not apply to him) and paranoia (believing he is the victim of persecution). He also shows evidence of poor judgement, impetuosity and a willingness to hold himself hostage by way of hunger strike in an attempt to manipulate his environment. Whilst these personality characteristics have undoubtedly overshadowed Maurice Kirk’s life, and probably had a negative effect on his social and family functioning, they appear to have been reasonably stable throughout his life. However, Maurice Kirk and the evidence both suggest that over the past two years his functioning has deteriorated and that his beliefs have become more intense and that his beliefs have become more intense and overwhelming and at times, to no others, and purely act normal. Maurice Kirk now shows clear evidence of some degree of neuro-cognitive damage (brain damage), probably as a result of a combination of normal ageing, previous heavy alcohol misuse and deceleration injuries following plane crashes. The specific area of brain damage affects his ability to monitor and control his behaviour, decreases self awareness, judgement and decision making abilities and have compounded his paranoid beliefs to the extent that when subjected to further stress, his beliefs intensify so that for periods they have a quality of paranoid delusional disorder (mental illness characterised by fixed false beliefs unamenable to reason of a paranoid nature).
    “Paragraph 33. With regard to treatment neither Maurice Kirk’s underlying personalities or brain damage will respond to medical intervention. Due to the transient nature of his clearly abnormal beliefs, as opposed to his general paranoid view of the world, it is unlikely that medication will make any significant impact, tough it is impossible to be certain. Appropriate medication has been offered to Maurice Kirk which he has refused.
    “Paragraph 34. Clinically it is unclear whether Maurice Kirk’s brain damage is likely to progress. Should it be so his difficulties will become more marked and he will become more obviously disabled. Of particular concern is that this may well involve increasing impulsivity and poor judgement, features which are already apparent.
    “Paragraph 35. With regard to risk, risk is always difficult to quantify especially in highly complex cases such as this and it is almost impossible to consider Maurice Kirk’s risk in isolation from those he encourages to act on his behalf. The risk of Maurice Kirk continuing his action against South Wales Police and acting in a way that he feels justified to achieve his ends is high, but whether Maurice Kirk himself would be involved in inter personal violence is less, it cannot be discounted nor is the risk that others would act violently with his encouragement. If Maurice Kirk’s condition is progressive, these risks are likely to increase over time.”
    “Paragraph 36. I have been asked to give my mind to the issue as to whether or not Maurice Kirk is fit to plead and stand trial. Maurice Kirk clearly understands the nature of the charge and the significance of the plea. However, due to Maurice Kirk’s mental disorder described above, specifically his brain damage and its relationship to self awareness, judgement, decision making, self regulation of behaviour and control of emotions, combined with difficulty in organising and sequencing information, his inability to filter out relevant information and his problems with attention and concentration, his overwhelming perception of himself as being a victim of persecution by the system, all of which are clearly evident in discussions with him concerning the alleged offence, he appears unable to address a specific legal and technical area

  • Welsh Flag to be burnt on Cardiff Court Steps?

    12 09 19 GMC Briefing REDACTED.pdf 

     South Wales NHS Psychiatrists and GPs to be Named Riding the ‘Gravy Train’. 

    27 November 2012 Last updated at 11:14

    Port Talbot: Investigation after body of man, 19, found

    The body of a 19-year-old man has been found in Port Talbot, say South Wales Police.

    Officers say they are investigating the circumstances leading up to his death, but it is not being treated as suspicious.

    The body of the man was discovered near Afan Wayshortly after 13:30 GMT on Monday.

    The man's next of kin and the coroner have been informed. His name not been released by police.

    My string of GPs since my acquittal from prison , on 9th Feb 2010 for trading in machine guns, included Cowbridge Health Centre, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, (patient for 18 years), Ravenscroft surgery, Barry, (patient until also nobbled) and my latest Barry GP, ALL very frightend to admit I  never had a brain tumour as CASWELL CLINIC were NHS (wales) ordered to indicate to at least nine Cardiff judges, I was ' Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know' to their tax payer financed 'gravy train'.

    When, in 1992, I told Mum and Dad I was buying a veterinary practice, in Wales, Mum cried and and Dad looked seriously I know why.

    ..........Over the next few days evidence will be published on this blog and else where to indicate, to the unsuspecting general public, the extreme lengths to which HM Cardiff judges, HM Crown Prosecutors, HM court staff , HM prison and South Wales Police are prepared to stoop just to protect their lap dog NHS (Wales) doctors, essential for locking away, without trial, that injured section of the community who have witnessed too much, first hand, of the wide spread corruption in Cardiff’s Crown, County and Magistrates courts.


    It has again been suggested the Welsh Flag needs to be burnt on the steps of Cardiff courts before the Royal Courts of Justice

    12 12 11 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal ref.doc


    And for me it did not end there!


    Once I was locked up in Caswell Clinic prison, quite terrified out of my mind, I watched the smooth operator of all corrupt NHS (Wales) psychiatrists, with his mate Professor Rodger Wood, from Swansea University, manoeuvre patients out of the ‘state financed system’ to their own lucrative private clinics dotted around South Wales.



    Why doesn’t Port Talbot NHS (Wales) HQ do anything about it?


    Why, because several doctors and key positioned executives have a financial interest in the very same private clinics.


    The Welsh Assembly, now what are they doing about it? …..’Sweet Fanny Adams’, now there is an out of control conspiracy while they fight, behind closed doors, for their very own, but just out of reach, even more lucrative judiciary.


    Yet another mysterious sad teenage suicide near Caswell Clinic, a few days ago, again with the wrong medical team implicated…..


    I will start this blog with more trickled out 4th May 12 transcripts, to tickle your fancy, as a sample of just how wicked Cardiff judges regularly are and in my cases always refusing me my legal papers from the cell below, access to my witnesses and , oh yes, and their little game in front of the jury, this time…….pretending to let me have my lap top computers back, to placate the jury but ,as uasual, lying through their evil filthy back teeth my never even being aloud to plug either



    Next time you think of confiding in a doctor establish ,beyond reasonable doubt, your medical records are not then whisked out to tom *** and Harry…..listen to my next broadcast on 93.2 FM dialect Radio Bristol.



    T20120090 - Kirk - proc from 10.40 - 12.26 - 04.05.12 REDACTED.pdf


    Extracts from this transcript explained  below as to what evil thoughts were going through their vindictive little minds to have me eliminated once and for all.

    12 01 20 Remand Warrant &12 02 22 Judge Curran QC Court Order REDACTED.pdf


    12 12 09 Blog re RO Appeal ref.doc







     12 12 04 SWP High Court Consolidation Application REDACTED.doc

    12 03 09 Consolidation appl.pdf


    Watch this space


    Mean while,



    09 07 08 SWP Refusal Investgn.pdf

    12 08 20 MJK MG11 Redacted shr.pdf

    12 09 14 CPS Cmn Assault Discontinuance.pdf

    12 10 04 CPS Br Rest Order discontinuance.pdf


    Criminal Court of Appeal

    12 12 10 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal ref.doc

    12 04 20 Crt12 0425 Judge 12 09 07 CPS ALL IGNORED.pdf 

    09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans.pdf


    Welsh Assembly


    Alun Cairns MP

    HM Government


    and YOU,  appear to be doing little about it





    As I read incoming e-mails, about the South Wales Police, John wilson knocks the subject on the head , again......of things to come?



    12 09 19 GMC Briefing REDACTED.pdf