"We Will GetThe B******d"
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DAMAGES THREE MONTH TRIAL STARTS 18th Feb13 @ Cardiff Civil Justice Centre





JERSEY 26th January Video Interview re South Wales Police

 and NHS (Wales) Conspiracy to have me Jailed in France


‘Frustrated Maurice’

I am sending to the Crown Prosecution Service (London) samples of tape recordings, similar to those on my website blog, of Cardiff Magistrates original 1st December 2011 conviction for ‘harassing’ the Caswell Clinic doctor. He had, without appropriate medical qualifications, recommended I be sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act and to be incarcerated, as a MAPPA Level 3 registered victim, without my knowledge, to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison, most like likely for life.

The Cardiff CPS had told the 2nd December 2009 judge, caught on transcript, that this doctor, all on his own, had further stated I that I had both irreversible and significant brain damage causing me to be categorised as being one of the UK’s  5% most dangerous individuals.

Cardiff Crown Court refuse to allow me to hear the CD record of the redacted 2nd December 2009,  1st and 2nd March 12 Crown Court , the appeal from the original 1st December 2011 District Judge John Charles , Cardiff Magistrates’ ‘harassment’ conviction hearing or that of the 2nd May 12 Trial by Jury, the subject now before the Royal Courts of Justice, a breach of a restraining order never ‘served’ on me in the first place! 

1.       Did you receive Cardiff Court instructions, as I am given to believe, that on each occasion the respective Cardiff judges, His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, HHJ Hughes and HHJ Curran QC, that one or all three had your original transcribed records changed?

2.       If so, which ones and what were changed?

3.       Will you send me copy of the redacted portions in order to avoid a ‘class action’ in an English court against your employers?

I have spent thousands of pounds, over the years, on transcripts and  ‘being corrupted’ has been the usual court clerk’s excuse for my not receiving the expensive full transcripts and significantly at variance to those of my own record of court proceedings in both Crown an Royal Courts of Justice courts.   

The doctor had originally, on 7th August 2009, without even examining me, successfully applied to having me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act as having a ‘paranoid delusional disorder,’ having a fixed false belief unameanable to reason, in that I believed I was being persecuted by the South Wales Police and its Cardiff judiciary.

The omitted oral evidence, recording I was not allowed to have my legal papers, give evidence or call witnesses, some waiting in the building, is urgently needed for my appeal listed before the Criminal Court of Appeal.



11 11 15 CourtRoom1of3.wma

 Tomorrow at 10am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, disguised as a Kirk v Kirk divorce proceedings, a huge team of local lawyers and judges will commence the next stage in obtaining my  my bankruptcy.


For the sole purpose of stopping my three month trial damages claim, due on 18th February, from even starting. The Breton affair is an indication, the machine gun and MAPPA registration in order to having me short ave all miserably failed.

The falsification of family property by chosen taffia is the least I expected in tomorrow's proceedings

I will be asking for a Mackenzie Friend and the tape recording of it under MY Control and AOLL CASES should be heard OUTSIDE WALES' den of iniquity

Cardiff Crown Court  continues, of course, to refuse to let me listen to the 4th May13 jury trial conspiracy, originally hatched by a string of   9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff, barristers, back in the 90s, in a ring with key police officers to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

The trail judge was a party to criminal proceedings culminating in police asking the RCVS to have me struck off.

Back in the 2000s 9, Park Place chambers, barristers were caught in a lucrative ring reliant on prisoners in Cardiff police cells being charged, using the same defence teams, back hander to the duty sergeant, to dictate the poor sod's fate.

Cardiff judges, often from those chambers are known to visit the juries, during their private deliberations, stating whether they should bring a 'Guilty' plea or not

It stinks, doesnt it?

Not a patch of what will leak out of their manure heap tomorrow and the following day.

13 02 03 REDACTED Criminal Court of Appeal ref.doc

13 01 29 Prosecution Witnesses PART ONE requiring witness summonses.doc

 13 01 31 PART 2 MJK Prosecution Witness List.doc

Oh , I almost forgot..guess where the 4th May 13 CPS barrister came from? and the original one at 1st Dec 12 magistrates harassment conviction ,caught red handed on somebodies recording device....eg caught switching cocked up exhibits etc etc, mid trial expecting me not to notice , in custody behind bullet proof glass, refused legal papers from my cell or lawyer or my lawyer's brief, my own witnesses or right to cross examine the rogue police doctor? And in tomorrow's bit of skullduggery guess which cambers Lisa Thomas comes from?? 

VN850036.WMA   this man talking to District Judge John Charles, wash your mouth out, Maurice

I am being pushed by all this in publishing  further Cardiff tapes



27th Jan 13 LETTER to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

re Wide Spread Corruption in Cardiff Courts

13 01 27 SWP Dr MJK to Morgan Cole HHJ SL.doc


Within 30 minutes of speaking with NHS (Wales) rogue lawers while having lunch he is surrounded in his Merdrignac Breton  main street and bungled into a 'pannier a salad' and driven to Pontivy Hospital for psycho analysis.

Coincides in just days of GMC conclusion on Caswell Clinic doctor, IPCC machine gun and South Wales Police and CPS re appeals in London, all effeffectively, arriving 'all together'......to further substantiate a South Wales taffia conspiracy to pervert the course of justice





After having lunch at a cafe Maurice kirk and myself walked to another cafe for coffee ,where we made a video involving an old gentleman and his opinion of the UK in Europe.

Having left there at approximately 1.30pm we then walked to a butcher shop, purchased some pate and then carried on to the council office, after this we proceeded to the police station.

Whilst and the police office Maurice tried to explain that the squatters in one of his properties had destroyed some valuable antiques for fire wood to which the police started to laugh and treat Mr Kirk with from my opinion great disrespect.

 The police then insisted that they could not understand or speak any English and refused to take Mr Kirk's complaint. Mr Kirk then proceeded to become agitated with his treatment and shouted at then calling them Nazi bastards to which I heard laughter, at this point I suggest to morris it would be wise to leave which we did.

We had walked out of the police station past the butchers when I notice the two young officers who laughed at Mr Kirk in the first instance running down the road past us and pointed this to Maurice, Maurice was involved in a conversation with a local at this time.

 I started to walk towards the car and spoke to the ethnic police  officer as he ask where we were parked, at this point Maurice came around the corner and told me not to speak with them which I did. The police attention then focused on Maurice and several officers were present, two young ones and two older ones.

 Maurice was then marched back to the station with an officer on each arm.

Whilst Maurice was being processed an officer approached me and asked what the problem was in English and I explained the whole situation regarding the squatters and the damage that had been done, I then asked why they did not help Mr Kirk resolve this situation and was informed that the police didn't have the man power due to cuts and that Maurice was a well known crazy man that will be sent to an asylum .

I explained we had a booked ferry and that surely they could overlook this and try to understand his point of view but he insisted that he would have Maurice taken to a Hospital to be sent to an asylum.

I then left for St Malo.




I was locked up for a while and then taken to Pontivy hospital, central Brittany about 30 miles away.

The police tried to persuade the doctors, three of them, to admit me as a mental patient.

After 30 minutes or so more nurses arrived and one said,

It's the ‘flying vet' he was here to have a hip replacement, insisted he could fish from his room in the river below! ......he crept out far too soon after the operation on his crutches, in his pyjamas and flagged down a taxi and went off to the horse races!

What is he in here for?

Police said, to have him sectioned and sent to an asylum.

A huge amount of laughter followed with comments like, " You will have a job sectioning Maurice, he had the doctor (Dr Maimar?) in fits of laughter with his stories of flying old French wooden aircraft, with out  paperwork, out of Pontivy across the channel, some 30 years ago.

I was then forcefully dumped in police vehicle driven back to Merdrignac where I was locked up until 9 am next morning.... Showed with questions, refused any paperwork (South Wales Police style) and kicked out.


The three month trial is booked Feb 18th but with crutial hearing on Wed 30th Jan for the issuing of 60 odd witness summonses on top of their 70 or so police defending/ including Barbara Wilding and rogue psychiatrist I am not allowed to name.

Interesting, this is the fourth or fifth time booked to start in past 12 years only for myto be mysteriously locked in prison each time just weeks before the trial is due to start.

‘machine gun ‘ 2009 trial

breach of Dr restraining order 2012

now this

Interesting, a solicitor, purportedly helping me......disappears off the map for weeks before Christmas.    And now 15 e-mails all at once with clear indication my Tues 28th Jan divorce  case, machine gun case, rogue NHS psychiatrist (both one million pound claims) are being discussed with him with kept entirely in the dark with all parties ignoring my e-mails phone calls etc etc

It stinks , doesn't it?


 26th January 2013

I visit my ex wife's divorce lawyers to try and settle some issues on valuations etc to simplify court hearing tomorrow.

No chance!!!

I therefore send a missive to an intersted party at short notice:

27th Jan 2013 

-- I have only recieved your e-mail this week end, to read, due to squatters getting into our second home, St Doha France and my being sectioned under the French Mental Health Act regulations just 30 miinutes after talking to Morgan Cole, solicitors, re 30th Jan 13 Cardiff County Court hearings re machine gun scandal, before the imminent three month trial judge to apply for witness summonses to be issued.

Clearly, the age old based conspiracy, between barristers in 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff, specific senior police in area police stations, certain law firms in Cardiff and judges serving both in the civil and/or criminal Cardiff courts means new evidencew has come to light re the police forensic Caswell Clinic psychiatrist, Barbara Wilding and abuse surrounding my MAPPA level 3 registration and police repainted Lewis Machine Gun.
This, together with serious valuation irregularities having been commented upon in my divorce hearing, due tomorrow, by the case mangement judge, means that there are still further reasons why I need, in the interests of fair play, for all my cases being moved out of South Wales.
My latest blog on www.kirkflyingvet.com gives a hurried account of just how far the evilness I have witnessed , over the past twenty years, in Cardiff police stations, courts and prison, of the accepted nafarious practises by so many and now protecting a rogue doctor but only because he is in the pockets of the notorious South Wales Police.
I do not wish your attendance at court, tomorrow, if that is your intention, at such lateness and not even properly briefed.
HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC appears to be refusing, on 30th Jan, key witnesses in the February three month trial including, can you believe it, the 'Defendant', Barbara Wilding and her pet MAPPA forensic psychiatrist, the Clinical Director of Caswell Clinic, one time, now blaming me for him and his wife, Dr Janis Hilliear both being on the 'long term sick'!
Maurice J Kirk BVSc
South Wales Police now join the Trial Judge , it appears, to block MAPPA boss, Barbara Wilding and Caswell Clinic doctor, from giving evidence in 20 Year Running Police Bullying Case, all of us in court this Wenesday.....ALL INVITED
Police Application to Block MAPP/ Machine Gun/ Barbara Wilding/ NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Rogue doctor ( on the 'permanent sick' with his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, also of Caswell Clinic........blaming me for my harassment!