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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Justice for Litigants in Person - defined by Judges and Lawyers - not by Victims

    This transcript of a hearing by HHJ Hughes on 27 January 2012 spells it out clearly:

    1. Litigants in Person (LiPs) are 'undesirables' in courts.
    2. They are expected to have a lawyer talk on their behalf, especially if it's about cross-examining witnesses.
    3. If they don't find a lawyer of their own choosing, the court finds one.
    4. That lawyer is then 'accountable' to the court, not the litigant.

    Any LiP who is expecting courts to comply with The Rule of Law is dreaming, not to say that he lives in cuckooland...

    Maurice will suffer justice next this Thursday, 1st March, in Cardiff Crown Court. 

  • Supporters of Child Abuse Victims get Criminalised, Imprisoned and Ripped Off

    Maurice is not alone in supporting victims of child abuse (the Nigerian couple Gloria & Chiwar Musa whose six children were removed by Haringey Council). And he is not alone in being criminalised for his involvement:yesterday, Robert Green was put behind bars for 9 months of 'breaching the peace' and 3 months for 'breaching bail conditions' - because he has been exposing the 22 paeophiles who had abused Hollie Greig, who were behind the killing of her uncle and the major harassment of her and her mother.

    Belinda McKenzie, co-founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends, talks to him here - the last time before his sentencing.  

    As Litigants in Person, the Musas experience the same problem as Maurice: 

    1. McKenzie Friends don't get legal visits to take documents in and out of prison.
    2. To send money in or out costs £6.50 for £50 or £25 for £300 - the price of postal orders - for "security reasons" of course.
    3. To prepare any defence or to keep legal proceedings going, is virtually impossible, because, if it arrives at all, both incoming and outgoing mail is being delayed.
    4. To be kept on remand indefinitely, without trial, seems to be 'normal'.  

    However, the Musas have just found out that four socilicitors claim Legal Aid on their back, while not doing any work at all! Ironically, the famous Powell & Spencer solicitors whom Maurice visited and asked to represent them in prison had supposedly CANCELLED their Legal Aid certificate. 

    It is hard to find the right words to describe what's happening, but I guess everybody knows what's right and what's wrong, deep down even every wrong-doer! Maybe we can't expect them to be punished here on earth. Maybe life is only about the courage to expose them and to suffer the consequences. Maybe martyrdom has to be part of being a 'truther'... Go figure. Try to make sense your own way, while you can't even send an email to Maurice!

    But you can send him letters:A7306A, HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, CF24 0UG

    and you can write to HMP Governor at the same address

    or the Prison and Probation Ombudsman, even though they only want to receive complaints from prisoners.

    Or do you have any other idea for helping victims and their courageous supporters??? Maurice will be in Cardiff Crown Court on Monday morning...



    More info comes from Maurice;

    Maurice was arrested and remanded in custody indefinitely whilst attending Wood Green Crown Court to give evidence about said actress.

    He writes that this Dr Barnados agent, after slamming her front door in his face, is now being interviewed by the police in connection with Thursday's Cardiff Magistrates Hearing under the Police Property Act of 1879 and the six  Nigerian children snatched by Haringey Council.

    This Cardiff case is adjourned to 15th March following admission by the South Wales Police of not declaring the "finding" and confiscation of a .410 "walking stick shotgun" and ammunition during Operation Chalice in 2009, whilst looking for a deactivated WW2 Lewis machine gun.

    MAPPA minutes will contain related information which will help to explain why Maurice was never made aware of his Mappa level 3 status or given a risk assasment plan but, instead, subjected to false psychiatric reports!

    He says that, Haringey Council, on the 14th February and the 12th March will dispose of the children for adoption, unless we can find some way to stop them.


  • Hearing of the 20th January

     Maurice writes with his views of the hearing before........Judge John Charles........yet again!