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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.

    Court Manager  21 NOV
    Crown Court

    Re: Bail Application   
    re: 1} "shoot to kill" policy 2} Dr. Tegwyn Williams 3} police re: painted machine gun.

    Dear Sir,

    On 16th Nov. I found out, once in the dock, I was brought from prison for a bail application. Obviously, with no warning, I could not address the learned judge.

    Fortunately I had a few papers, re: 20 years blocked civil damages claim with me so I handed them in and was returned them a few minutes later having asked they be photocopied as prison continues to refuse me photocopying at my expense or even buy carbon paper.

    Please confirm photocopying was done as many documents relating to conspiracy by using clandestine MAPPA meetings in 2009 were the only ones needed for Court of Appeal and ECHR.

    I have sent what I can, again to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC {CF101741 etc}  in the light of Dolmans now admitting causing my arrest and jail, unconvicted, for over 7 months. Dolman's acted throughout 7 months giving both MAPPA and their client in my civil damages claims, ex chief constable and Dr. Tegwyn Williams {see leaked MAPPA minutes on}.

    I have sent you, recorded delivery {first time allowed in over 2 months} another bail application so please copy and return yet again asap to brief my "K team".

    To date I have been called to 3 Cardiff crown court judges on the pretext they were bail applications when clearly HM partnership has another agenda.

    First one recused himself, 2nd ordered CPS/police/magistrates and court disclosure - what a joke and the last one I never saw.

    Has HHJ Nicholas Cooke QC thought about answering my Bristol magistrate referred matter in June re: private prosecution of Dr. Tegwyn Williams?

  • Can we Prevent the Magistrates Court in Cardiff from "Sectioning" Maurice into Psychiatric Hell?

    "Section 12" of the Mental Health Act has become a "guillotine" for Maurice: the axe with which to cut him off life for good and for life: after having robbed him of his livelihood as a vet, South Wales Police want to rob him of all his possessions and his liberty to fly to relieve hunger in Africa.

    Stealing his computer and legal papers is not worth mentioning as a criminal offence, compared to his current unlawful imprisonment and this next step of "sectioning". A judge has the power to rubber stamp the opinion of three psychiatric "experts". Never mind the 35 juries of public opinion who have signed the petition in Maurice's support. Never mind the evidence Maurice has against South Wales Police, HMP Cardiff and HMCS (Wales).

    What counts seems to be abuse of the power of positions in institutions. Never mind ethics, morals or conscience. Just repeating the power of adults over children: South Wales Police in collusion with Haringey Council and local players in Cardiff.    

    It is a common pattern, this whistleblower treatment: first prison under draconian conditions, hoping that you accidentally die, then sectioning into an environment where you can be not only physcially, but also medically controlled - as sinister as you care to imagine.    

    Section 12 seems to be concerned with the "authority" that two doctors must have so that their "opinion" can send Maurice to Ashworth or Broadmoor. They are high security prisons that Maurice feared already when in Caswell Clinic for three months in 2009 - courtesy of South Wales Police who asked Dr Tegwyn Williams for help. He obliged by writing that Maurice suffered from "paranoid delusional disorder, significant brain damage and possibly brain tumour". The NHS withhold these records, don't allow a brain scan and therefore could not operate on his hip. 

    The fact that French doctors did not find anything wrong with Maurice and did replace his hip, seems to be held against him now. Or what information might the learned doctors base their "professional opinion" on?

    Might it be that all efforts are being made so that Maurice's "consolidation" of 20 years litigation against South Wales Police MUST not happen and some psychiatrists are called to help, just as Haringey Council calls "experts" to sanction lies? 

    Whose opinion counts? - is that the question? Or is it: how much money does it take for 2 psychiatric surgeons and a psychiatric nurse to agree on the necessity for Maurice being locked up in yet worse conditions than HMP Cardiff? I am told that "Independent Monitoring Boards" watch prison conditions and report to the Home Secretary. 

    The IMBs' remit is:

    • to monitor to ensure that people in custody are treated fairly and humanely
    • to operate independently of prisons
    • they are volunteers appointed by the Home Secretary to report on closed establishments on behalf of the community
    • they have unrestricted access to prisons
    • they listen to prisoners' complaints
    • they see that the rules are properly applied
    • they challenge things that they are not satisfied with and take their concerns to the Home Secretary.

    This letter tells Maurice about the solicitor that the Court has appointed to cross-examine Dr Williams and other witnesses. 

    Maurice uses it to authorize the bearer to collect papers on his behalf. 

    For lack of "disclosure" is half his battle. One does wonder what people need to hide all the time, whether it's South Wales Police or Haringey Council.. 

    Thank god there are American reporters who like to bring light where there is darkness:

    see Beyond the Rule of Law: Being a Political Prisoner in HMP Cardiff


     World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk

    And do phone the Listings Officer at Cardiff Magistrates Court on 029 2047 4330 to find out when and in which court might be the hearing on Tuesday. The judge must see Maurice in person to send him to a psychiatric hellhole. Can you think of a way to prevent it?

  • Benefitting from other Whistleblowers' Experiences

    It takes one to know one: when reading about Maurice's current experience, a whistleblower recognised how she had been treated.

    Four complaint forms have been published and typed out on the support blog. Please use them to send them to

    In summary: it's about imprisonment first and then sectioning to avoid trials, especially with juries.But the 420 signers of the petition to support Maurice represent 35 juries of 12 already!

    One thing is for sure: it's not about justice, let alone public interest. It's about control and self-interest. Just in case you hadn't figured that out for yourself...

    But then "Things are not what they seem", as Henry Longfellow wrote already well over 100 years ago in his Life's Psalm - generously sent by another seasoned victim turned starfighter: Be a hero of the strife!


  • How can we Free a Political Prisoner whose Reasons for Remand are not being Stated?

    Helping Maurice (prisoner no. A 7306 AT) while he is still held in false imprisonment (a criminal offence) means supporting his current mission statement:

    "The trial concerning Dr. Tegwyn Williams is on behalf of those that have been sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act unlawfully reliant on arrogant and deceitful doctors immune from HM prosecution due to HM Crown Court rules."

    A former prison officer finds the fact that there is no document stating his reasons for remand "quite sinister".

    How can sympathetic and supportive readers help?

    Let me count the ways: 

    1. sign the petition on his behalf; large numbers of signers have helped to free Norman Scarth!
    2. telephone HMP Governor Richard Booty on 02920 923 100
    3. fax HMP Cardiff on 02920 923 318
    4. ask when "Email a Prisoner" will be operating in HMP Cardiff; it was soo good for Norman Scarth in HMP Leeds
    5. ask his MP Alun Cairns to write to the right Minister; letters by MPs are 'fast tracked' and count more than the ones by our humble selves 
    6. try anyway: email or send a hard copy letter to anybody in any authority who could make a difference in the Ministry of Justice
    7. write to him in his cell: A 7306 AT, HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, CF24 0UG
    8. visit him in HMP Cardiff by telephoning the visitors booking line on 02920 923 327  
    9. come to support him at his next hearing on Tuesday, 29th November, Cardiff Magistrates Court
    10. send him legal reading material, as he is hungry for intellectual food and hates having to watch dumb TV films
    11. blog, email, forward emails, spread the word
    12. wake up to the new world order that uses the police state for its inhuman goals. We owe it to our children and grandchildren.

    Remember that Maurice is not only fighting his own case of worst police harassment but knows too much about the worst child snatching case, too. Hence he is a political prisoner: he knows too much...


  • "If you put me back into that prison, they will kill me." Cardiff Magistrates Court, Tuesday, Nov. 15th

    These were Maurice's words as the Magistrates Court took a lunch break today.

    His supporters saw his swollen ankles. He had told them not only about the freezing cell, but also the 17 prison officers who had beaten him. First and foremost prison officers 344 and 140.

    The conspiracy to kill him is as fully fledged by South Wales Police regarding Maurice, as Haringey Council wants to see the Musa parents dead. For victims need to be silenced when they have evidence - whether it's about police corruption or child stealing. 

    It is dangerous to be right, when the state is wrong! It is not enough to falsely imprison him for nearly eight months, to take his computer, cheque books, credit cards and mobile phones. 

    If sectioning and bankrupting doesn't work, killing is the "last resort" for "royalle protected" criminals. Normal criminals at least need to fear prison!... 

    When leaving the court, one of the supporters asked whether he knew that the charges in Haringey were dropped yesterday. He asked "why didn't anybody tell the court?" But the judge ruled he won't take anything from the public gallery.

    The four supporters heard Maurice tell the court that Prison Officer 395 had said "we have you in the block again and we're going to break you, you f... ing b...d. 

    Should Maurice die in prison, we at least know who the culprits are and who will be covered up, once again... 

    The limit of 56 days arrest is over this Thursday...

    Can the magic of the internet save the lives of victims??? The Chaplain's telephone number is 02920 923 233.

    He is due to be back in court in two weeks: Tuesday, 29th November. 

  • 17 Prison Officers on the Way to Sectioning - in Hospital and Freezing Punishment Wing

    Filed under:

    Once again: no author could make up what the combination of South Wales Police, Dolman's Solicitors, HMCS (Wales) and HMP Cardiff can come up with to give Maurice a hard time - above all, to protect Dr Tegwyn Williams and his Caswell Clinic establishment. 

    First, Maurice was sent to the Hospital wing and then 17 police officers took him to the punishment wing, once again, where the window in his cell can't be closed. So he is freezing. 

    The current "harassment of Dr Williams" case is the fourth case in which Maurice is denied his right to cross-examine witnesses.

    Let's hope they won't kill him before he gets some form of justice some time. 

    Meanwhile, his efforts on behalf of the stolen Musa children are being appreciated by this African paper.

  • Anybody who's ever doubted the Multi-Agency Conspiracy is invited to read these 5 pages of leaked minutes

    It is said that Wales is the test bed for Police State UK. The Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement (MAPPA) is one such mechanism that was started in Wales. Being categorised level 3, like Maurice was, means being treated like the top most violent 5% of the population: terrorists or sex offenders. 

    For South Wales Police it meant holding meetings between South Wales Police, NHS and Caswell Clinic (and possibly others) trying to 'assess the risk' that Maurice represented and finding ways of locking him away for life.

    Dr Tegwyn Williams played the key role with his false medical reports. But who will acknowledge, let alone admit or compensate? It seems 'cheaper' to pay lawyers and to keep Maurice in prison...

    These six pages are an excerpt of a leaked report that HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC refuses to disclose... 

    Meanwhile, Maurice has been denied the opportunity to cross-examine Dr Williams and is waiting for some sort of sentence for some sort of charge of being imprisoned, under the most oppressive conditions imaginable, ignoring all rights and facilities for prisoners to prepare his defences in a number of court cases... 


  • Six weeks of prison (unconvicted, no sentence) on four pages to Court of Appeal

    Maurice has been figting "lost causes" for all his life. But I sincerely hope that his own "civil action for damages"will not be a 'lost cause'. After all, his record of winning legal actions against three police forces is well above 90%!

    God only knows what the Court of Appeal office may have done to him in his absence, while 

    • our carbon paper did not reach him
    • he could not photocopy, telephone, write or post as much as he needed to
    • he had no access to a law library.

    What may be worst, is the fact that his records on the Police National Computer system have been changed.

    But he did see "unconvicted, no sentence". I guess that this is only possible because "white collar criminals" get away with anything they do, for nobody polices the Police... 

    Here are the four pages he composed for the Court of Appeal office in London. 

  • "HM Shrinks" to support South Wales Police, Crown Prosecution and HM Court Services (Wales)

    On the prison computer (PNC) it seems to state that Maurice is unconvicted, with an unknown sentence. But it has been changed to suit the needs of whoever orchestrates this campaign to ruin him as many others' lives have been and are being ruined: false bankruptcies, false imprisonments, false incarcerations, false sectioning.

    Royal Charters make sure that "white collar criminals" get away with their crimes.

    Already, Maurice is being extremely limited in his ways of dealing with court cases: 

    • his solicitor's mail doesn't get delivered
    • mail sent by him gets bundled and sent to one of our addresses
    • his list of allowed phone numbers is down to eight
    • his time for phone calls is limited
    • his money for phone calls is budgeted and he can't use his own cash
    • CPS, HM Court Service and South Wales Police's solicitors don't respond or the mail gets withheld.

     As European Citizens, we should benefit from Article 6: Right to a Fair Trial:

    Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the following minimum rights:

    (a) to be informed promptly, in a language which he understands and in detail, of the nature and cause of the accusation against him;

    (b) to have adequate time and facilities for the preparation of his defence;

    (c) to defend himself in person or through legal assistance of his own choosing or, if he has not sufficient means to pay for legal assistance, to be given it free when the interests of justice so require;

    (d) to examine or have examined witnesses against him and to obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on his behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against him;

    (e) to have the free assistance of an interpreter if he cannot understand or speak the language used in court.

    I'm told that South Wales is the 'test bed' for the rest of the island. So we're facing Police State treatment a la South Wales in the rest of the UK in future, is that it? 

    Psychiatrists are supposed to 'judge' Maurice next - the Gulag card, as he likes to call it. Will they decide that he's "unfit to plead" on this Thursday and for other hearings? Will they try to section him AGAIN to Broadmoor, for life?     

    As we know that the Judiciary and the Police view and scrutinise this blog, I would like to use a phrase that I am sure they will all be familiar with: "Take a quiet moment's reflection" and consider this: is it not going too far to protect the bretheren "at whatever consequence to others"? 

    If you do have a conscience, then examine it. If you have just one ounce of decency left, come forward and help this man. It can be done in such a way that you will never be named or identified in any way whatsoever.

    For once, do the right thing. Because if people don't act, this cancer, like all cancers left untreated, will kill without any remorse. 


  • Who Governs HMP Governors? Who ensures Human Rights for Prisoners?

    It obviously helps to have prison experience, if you want to survive those limitations and de-humanisations.

    When Norman Scarth realised how severely hampered Maurice was, while he does have a few court proceedings to look after, he pointed out that litigants in person have the legal right to have access to computers, printers, Law Library, etc. In fact, Norman praises two prisons but got great obstructions in others! Eventually, he was even given a laptop in his cell. 

    So why do South Wales Police not return Maurice's laptop which they stole on August 24th - for "efficient investigation of the offence"?

    Why is he prevented from communicating with courts, solicitors, McKenzie Friends, friends and family? 

    Why is his mail being opened and sent to one of his supporters? 

    Here are judgements that HMP Governors should follow and respect. They are based on Article 6 of the Human Rights Act. In fact, Articel 6 (b) ensures "the right to time and facilities to prepare a defence." But do prisoner's have human rights?...

    1. Raymond v Honey (1983)
    2. Ponting v Governor of HMP Whitemoor (2002)
    3. Cooper v HMP Service (2005) 


    Do Litigants in Person have a chance to be treated fairly?

    Maurice's Mission Statement

    The trial concerning Dr. Tegwyn Williams on 10th November is on behalf of those that have been sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act unlawfully, reliant on arrogant and deceitful doctors immune from HM prosecution due to HM Crown Court rules.


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