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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Worst case of police harassment + worst case of child snatching in the UK in Cardiff Magistrates Court on 5th October

    On September 28th, Maurice refused to leave his prison cell. Hence he will be on videolink on 5th October and we expect he will seize the opportunity of talking about the utter criminality of Haringey Council, Police, Social Services, Solicitors & Barristers, as they collude in covering up the disappearance of six Nigerian children.

    And make a reality check which country you live in. Ian Josephs publishes about child snatching on Forced Adoption from Monaco and writes what's unique in the UK.

    Please write to Maurice as prisoner A7306AT in HMP Cardiff, Know Road, South Glamorgan, CF24 0UG or phone 029 2092 3100.
  • To be Sectioned in Cardiff Magistrates Court: on behalf of Haringey Council!

    Once again: Maurice's experiences are beyond anybody's imagination. His sister writes: 

    Luckily I was at home to receive the ONLY phonecall Maurice has been allowed to make since being held at Cardiff Police Station on Friday. A member of staff at Cardiff prison dialled and spoke to me first: Apparently he is being held as he had failed to attend Cardiff Police Station to receive a charge of HARESSMENT against Dr. Tegwyn Williams (the Doctor who suggested to a bail court that MJK was suffering from a brain tumour when he could not find another psychiatrist to agree to having him sectioned and locked away for life) but who has refused to release the medical notes to the court or the patient! Maurice went to the Cardiff Police Station as they had confiscated his computer AND his legal documents which he was using to show that the Police had been harassing him for over 18 years!

    As a side issue MJK was also acting as a McKenzie Friend for the Musa parents who have a legal battle against Haringey Council who have taken their 6 children. He had asked the Musa's lawyer to return their legal documents to the family but he refused to hand them to the respondants.

    On the way to Tottenham Police Station to report this Sabine and others witnessed Maurice giving chase and removing a baseball bat from an attacker who was beating a victim in the street. On arrival at Tottenham Police Station the Police again put MJK in a room and then after a few minutes they arrested him for failure to answer police bail in Cardiff and sent him down there but not before Haringey Council asked for MJK to be sectioned as they did not want him involved with the 'Musa snatch case' as he was helping the parents. Luckily the female clerks and magistrates of the court were having none of this rubbish and this caused the CPS rep to shake in his shoes(!) as there was an unseemly shouting match. MJK was granted bail and not sectioned. NEXT WEDNESDAY MJK is to appear in front of Cardiff magistrates as the CPS are going to try again to SECTION Maurice. MJK says' Please I would be MOST GRATEFUL if there were friends in the gallery as they would not dare to section me in Public'.

    So this e mail is to plead that someone in Cardiff or elsewhere get to the magistrates court on 28th Sept in support of Maurice.

    Rregards Celia (MJK's sister)

    PS MJK has a medical problem which requires further investigation. It has worsened since he has not had access to his script drugs. There is a suggestion of internal bleeding which the prison doc is concerned about. As it is the w/e the Dr has found some appropriate drugs within the prison but MJK needs an endoscopy as soon as possible.

  • In and out of Police and Court Cells - in London and South Wales - facing Magistrates rather than Judges

    Maurice is for South Wales Police what the Musas are for Haringey Council: the potential to lance the boil of covering up criminal activities. Thus they must not be seen together at all costs. That's what "they" think. Hence the Police prevented the Musas from coming to Highbury Court today.Police State in action!  

    And the attempt to recover Maurice's mobile phones from Tottenham Police Station resulted in him being taken down to South Wales where he'll be in court eventually. He was not fit to travel after he had not been given his daily medicine in the cells. But he must have forgotten to tell them. After all, his mobile phones were still in Tottenham Police Station.

    In bullet language: 

    • Thursday, Sept 8th: Holborn Police because he "mislead the court" and "recorded proceedings" - released - no further action
    • Saturday, Sept 17th: Tottenham Police because of "conspiracy to commit child abduction" [the Police believed that the Musas had paid Maurice to fly their children to France of all places!] - released on bail by Haringey Magistrates Court on 19th - with trial on 14th November
    • Meanwhile, Police cordoned off a road and raided the previous Musa home with 28 officers, expecting a demo in support of the Musas
    • Tuesday, Sept 20th: Kentish Town Police because of a "racially aggravated public offence" in the offices of the Musas' solicitors who had promised, in the presence of two police officers, to provide the missing documents on Monday - released on bail by Highbury Magistrates Court today - with trial on 28th November 
    • the Musas couldn't pick up their documents themselves, for Gloria was still hurting - after their arrest for "conspiracy to commit child abduction" [see here]

    Hero, Martyr and Crusader - all in One. I do hope that someone somewhere counts the brownie points for Maurice! Excessively generous, he looked after other victims rather than himself...

  • The Psychiatric Tentacles of South Wales Police reach as far as London!

    One does have to wonder whether psychiatrists are capable of hearing, seeing and feeling. When I read this statement that three doctors produced when Maurice was in a cell in Tottenham Police Station, I thought they take "paper reality" more seriously than what is in front of their eyes. 

    The "medical records" produced by Dr Tegwyn Williams who had not even examined Maurice and was certainly unqualified to interpret a brain scan seem to provide the basis for all future "assessments". 

    Why don't these people take into account the fact that Maurice is in the top 5% of the population as far as his IQ is concerned? After all, that was established in Caswell Clinic, too! Why do they insist on "paranoid delusional disorder" - this "fantasy" of being bullied and harassed by South Wales Police?

    Just as academics keep quoting others' publications, so do judges rely on judgements that have been made beforehand and psychiatrists take a brethren's report for gospel - without checking one iota. 

    But many people who sign petitions write "The Truth will come Out!" More about what got Maurice into Kentish Town Police Station HERE.

  • Musas Arrested for Conspiring to Steal their own Childen and Everybody Escaped being Sectioned

    Enid Blyton could not have made this up!!!

    Anyone knowing which court tomorow, lunch is on me!

    Bring 'renta crowd' and megaphones......and there I was, getting drunk because I failed to get this wickedness to Crown Court tomorrow.

    Could be Haringey Magistrates Court in Bishops Road, Highgate...but knowing the wickedness of CPS and HM Partnership and Memorandum of Understanding....could be anywhere South of the Tyne.

    Well, it turned out not to be a court, but a mental hospital for the Musas! Without a blanket, being asked to take clothes off, the Musas had a terrible time in custody, but escaped being sectioned.

    Maurice had the pleasure of being visited by three level 12 psychiatrists in his cell. They had the power to send him to Broadmoor or any other high security prison for LIFE. Hence he refused to respond to any of their approaches to get him to say something. Very wise! For they went by the assumption that Dr. Tegwyn Williams' "assessment" of "persistent delusional disorder" was a valid one, as demonstrated by this statement

    Isn't it amazing that the tentacles of the South Wales Police extend to Tottenham Police Station, thanks to modern technologies???

    Sabine writes on Victims Unite:

    As Maurice writes on his own blog: Enid Blyton could not have made it up: Maurice gets himself arrested - quite consciously - as he wanted to tell the local Magistrates what is going on in Haringey Council.

    1. He was charged with "criminal damage", for he had smashed the window of a door, behind which he had been held unlawfully since Saturday night.
    2. The Duty Solicitor in Haringey Court told me yesterday that Maurice was right with his claim.
    3. However, during the hearing, the CPS seemed to have a field day by going into "previous convictions" and "old medical reports". In fact, three level 12 forensic psychiatrists produced a statement about him based only on data stored on him re South Wales Police. He refused to engage in conversation aka "autism". To think that such psychiatrists can send you to high security prisons such as Broadmoor for life is seriously frightening.
    4. When the Court wanted to grant bail, the CPS duly asked to appeal within two hours, but didn't.
    5. Hence Maurice was set free, with a next trial date set for 14th November.

    Meanwhile, the Musas were arrested on the same charges and are expected to be heard in one of the following courts this morning:

    • Haringey Magistrates Court
    • Highbury & Islington
    • Enfield Magistrates Court, Tottenham

    Christopher Booker had written on Sunday Couple denied legal help while lawyers make £1m removing their children. And the Nigerian national paper Leadership published British Journalist Writes Jonathan Over Seized Nigerian Children..........

    RING ALL COURTS and NEWSPAPERS ,,,,,,,,,, WHERE ARE THEY?............... PLEASE RING SABINEs NUMBER ..................

    Ppolice have my computer [all the French air field diversionary spots and storming of Haringey SS, should plan F now come into play at the Nigerian High Commission].................

    Police also have my French and English mobiles, brief case and court papers....................

    Meanwhile the aircraft hidden along the Kent coast might be soon found and the Calvados for the cuddly Duty Solicitor, as someone described Bill, might also have been found causing my aircraft engineers and ground crew for the next D-Day onslaught on the Normandy beaches, with 300 hysterical kids, getting thoroughly p****d!

  • With "Solicitors from Hell" to "Tottenham Custody" and on to "Highbury Magistrates"!


    In his attempts to get the Musa children out of the clutches of Haringey Council, Maurice visited Tottenham Police Station with them today. As a result, he has been detained. I was told "he's been looked after, wondering whether he has any mental health problems." Obviously, with an IQ of the top 5% of the population (as ascertained by Caswell Clinic), one is bound to be considered off the mental scale of normality!... 

    Anybody concerned, please phone 020 8345 0830. "Criminal damages" is the allegation...

    At 3.15pm the Musas and myself entered the offices of Powell Spencer & Partners, solicitors, 290 Kilburn High Road, London,  as I was told they were withholding the court bundle, supplied originally by Haringey Council. The Musas had had only one conference at these offices, before the solicitors were withholding the court records and the Musas' own information, on CD, originally supplied with the hope they may soon see or get back their children.

    There then became a yoyo of farcical contradictions from varying partners and paralegals, passing through the waiting room, as to if and when the firm had ever acted for the Musas or even now acted either for the civil matter and, more urgently, the criminal matter causing the bail conditions, pending a charge about the children.

    The ‘*** in the woodpile' was clearly the para-legal named Michelle Boldeau  who, after our nearly six hours in the building, interrogating anyone I could find, admitted she had represented herself portrayed as a lawyer, when the Musas had been first arrested, on 28th June 2011, at St Thomas' s Hospital and were being interviewed on tape, whilst in custody in Hornsey police station.

    Without telling the Musas, she had received their custody records that same day, had been communicating with the police, even this week, with reference to our frequent visits to various police stations. She deliberately misled her ‘clients' that they were not legally represented, but continued dealing with the police in order to continue drawing legal aid when the Musas were being told they had none!

    The deceit went much further than here in this room. Court, police, Haringey Council and five other law firms of solicitors and oodles of barristers were all milking the tax payer for millions. The ‘gravy train' was only running, because family courts are secret, the only country, I am told in Europe with such an obscene example of avarice.

    The partner, Mike Tait, soon ceased acting for them in the civil hearings  annoyed that the Musas had first refused to eat or drink anything whilst in police cells and obtaining an immediate private but negative drug analysis following their release. His barrister, at the pre trial conference, re the snatching of the children by police and Haringey Council, he witnessed Alison Brooks informing the Musas that they would never see their children again explaining, perhaps, his reason for not attending the court, two days later. It was there that I saw her she strutting out of the July Royal Courts of Justice hearing leaving them both unrepresented.

    According to the Musas, Brooks said, "Even though you cook African food for your children and they love it and enjoy it and have nice contact, you will never get your children back; because they belong to the State even though you are good parents".

    Both McKenzie Angels attending the RCJ with me, Sabine and Ian Josephs, as McKenzie Friends, were refused entry to the court by judge Mostyn.

    In the Kilburn solicitor's office, last night, I was told the judge, a Mr Brasse, had ordered the Musas were not allowed the court papers of that hearing when cancelling legal aid, leaving the Musas up the proverbial ‘creek without a paddle'!

    I was to arrest Boldeau for apparent criminal conduct, if she did not immediately hand over her contemporaneous notes taken during the Musa police interviews, especially as she was now saying she was not acting for them!

    But her computer should be seized by police, as it will record what, when and where clandestine communications were going on without clients' knowledge.

    She was tipped off with our arrival at the office and typed her 1st 16th September letter (page 2) releasing part of the custody records the Musas would, otherwise, would never have known about.

    An hour or so later she released a 13th September letter never received by the Musas.

    She was to also ordered to hand over the withheld medical reports and custody records already in the Haringey's possession that must be somewhere in either Tait's file or her own. This seemed to provoke her 2nd 16th September letter to be typed as we waited, after she had disengaged herself from the case.  

    So, during the two hour wait and kind assistance of good Metropolitan police officers, passing by, who, incidentally,  conducted themselves with impeccable cause for concern, extracted not just  part of the their custody records from the solicitors, for us but also some important medical results.

    Police attendance, as predicted, caused the main contentious issue to really crack wide open, Haringey's real motivation, the ‘adoption targets' and money laundered in such a lucrative industry.

    In the Kilburn solicitors' office a solicitor promised the four of us the release of Haringey witness statements, this Monday, the ones needed to obtain the Musa's June arrest as they were mysteriously missing on the schedule of the court file he had now reluctantly released handed to me. From the very file the Musas could not have due some purported Court Order, if you wish to believe it, but Haringey council can.

    It was becoming clear immunity to prosecution had been promised as long as the solicitors ‘played ball'. I therefore called for the police but it took nearly two hours and only by my running after a passing police car and flagging it down at the traffic lights did we get them at the crime scene.

    Boldeau continued to refuse to hand over her contemporaneous notes of police interview or results of the long awaited other medical reports obviously also in the court file. Another hour went by with police arguing and refusing to take my detailed statement of the apparent conspiracy. 

    I was eventually physically evicted leaving the Musas again alone for thirty minutes, without any form of support which is appearing to be the pattern in family court cases.

    We are now off to publically demonstrate, with megaphone and a gathering crowd of sympathisers, to have these children released and  be allowed to go home to Nigeria.

    The result of visiting Tottenham Police Station is our invitation to you to join us on Monday at 10am when Gloria will discuss the consequences of not having signed in according to her bail conditions three times a week - like a criminal!

    The result of Maurice mentioning at Tottenham Police that he'll personally fly the Musa children back to Nigeria got him to be charged, not with "criminal damages" as the police told his sister and everybody else he phoned, but with conspiracy of child abduction.

    Hence he'll be at Highbury Magistrates at 10am today, represented by the very firm of solicitors above. After all, they know about the case!... Should anybody reading this be able to witness him telling the Magistrates what is going on in and around Haringey Council, I'm sure he'd be delighted.

  • Haringey Council refuses Consular Visit to Nigerian Children - Letter to Home and Foreign Secretary

    After my release from London's Holborn police cell, with all allegations laughed out of court, I might even have experienced a touch of sadness to leave such a bunch of 'Peelers' of the old school. I was treated throughout my incarceration with both respect and courtesy for PACE so unlike my 20 years of experiences in South Wales.

    The two arresting officers were of exceptional quality, restoring much of my lost faith in those who, so often, are given such a thankless task in their attempts to keep the peace in our kingdom. My memories of the Principal Registry of the UK Family Courts near by, however; were quite a different matter!

    Were these letters written by the same person or who wrote this letter?

    Well, Haringey Council used this letter to justify their snatching 5 children on 8 April 2010 as a precursor for taking the 6th baby on 11 June 2011, after birth. 

    The letter that went out this morning:

    Dear Home Secretary and dear Foreign Secretary

    This is to request you to do everything in your powers to send the Nigerian family – with all their children - back to Nigeria. They were taken into “care” by Haringey Council on 8 April 2010.

    As the latest of their apparent cover up activities, Haringey Council have refused a request for a consular visit on the basis of the children “not being Nigerian”.

    British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children was published on 28 August 2011 by the National Nigerian paper Leadership.

    Please find attached a copy of the High Commission’s request for a visit together with the confirmation that Mr Chiwar Musa is the biological father of Bishop Gloria Musa’s five children.  Their sixth baby was taken at birth by five police officers.

    The DNA confirmation was carried out for the Council, for they alleged that the mother was a sex worker and child trafficker, when it could be the opposite.

    Trusting that you will deal with this request with your most urgent attention,

    Yours sincerely,

    Sabine K McNeill, Web Publisher and McKenzie Friend

    Bishop Gloria and Chiwar Musa
    The Prime Minister
    The Deputy Prime Minister
    His Excellency, The High Commissioner of Nigeria
    The Deputy High Commissioner, Sierra Leone, personal friend
    Lord Harris of Haringey, former Council Leader
    Claire Kober, Leader of Haringey Council
    Maurice Kirk, McKenzie Friend
    Ian Josephs, Publisher of Forced Adoption, Monaco
    John Hemming MP


    We are now leaving to go to stand outside the police station with my loud haler and remind the police the Musas have refused to sign in for bail on Monday , Wednesday and today and will not until they get the results of their baby's drug tests results no doubt already given to the Haringey mob two months ago.

    Then it is proposed to visit, with loud haler and swelling crowd of supporters, the last known address of the last known foster parent and then, by dividing the small army of liberators,  on to several schools similtaneously for trouble. 

    This only just the beginning of what is planned unless the Uk Parliament does not step in and save the family and help them home to Nigeria

    Links coming shortly:

     1. Audio tapes of Michelle Collins' involvement with the six children and Africa

     2. Gloria Musa's mother's letter to Nigerian High Court

     3..Both Musa's custody records and police medical results on alleged drug doping of their baby

    4. Cardiff graphologist's opinion on authenticity of alleged F's complaint letter

     5. Resignation letters from Haringey Council

     6. Private Prosecutions of both culpable lawyers and Haringey council officials

    7. Family Court Reform


    Gloria on video just wishing her kids were no longer a burden on the tax payer! However, more and more foster carers, corrupt lawyers and judges get fat by dragging parents through courts while their children are paid for...

  • Michelle Collins, when did you last see the Missing 11 Year Old Little Girl F, Disappeared for 13 months?

    Michelle Collins plus kidsTo:
    Subject: Re: Missing Children Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 17:16:33 +0200

    Hi John,

    I will offer £1000 reward to anyone who produces a video of F in which she recounts

    1:-her experiences since April 2010 when she was taken,up to the present day including

    2:- if and when she was abused and by whom,

    3:-why she refused to see her mother or speak to her by phone if indeed that was the case,

    4:-whether she really wrote the letter in the garden saying she and the other children were beaten by her mother or denying both letter and beatings if that is the case,

    5:-whether or not she has asked to go to court and been refused,

    6:-how often she sees her brother and her sisters,and

    7:-if she or her siblings have been staying at all with Michelle Collins. 

    "When did you last see the missing 11-year-old little girl F" was the question that Maurice asked that Coronation Street actress shown on this photo here with the missing kids.


    Further ideas about missing little girl

    e-mail extract:

    "Just so you can see what I am talking about, here is a bit of that awful book Tom O Carroll wrote, incidentally Mary Whitehouse was fighting against these scumbags, and thanks to her Tom O Carroll was exposed and sent to jail eventually. These people were linked in with Stonewall, the Gay Rights movement and the Pro Paedophile movement were in unity in the 70s. 

    "You ought to have a look at this as well, bearing in mind that Michelle Collins is actively fundraising for this man's organisation Stonewall""

    "I think it would be a very good idea to look very carefully at Michelle Collins's overseas trips, to do some FOI requests on these charities that she is working for, and some FOI on the BBC to see why they are shoving gay rights down every ones throats and neglecting to cover anything negative about Peter Tatchell and his cronies". 

    But, pointing her finger at F's father in the car, she said that she was being harassed, knew no such children and would call the police besides using other foul language.

    Maurice was then followed by one staff who gave up after a while. 

    He asked neighbours where the nearest police station was to report new evidence but it was too far for his schedule. 

    However, he did tape the conversation and overheard her saying to her maid a lot, including "somebody is looking for those kids"...

    Well, the parents are looking and waiting, too!!!  For 13 months Haringey Council have snatched them on the trumped up pretext the mother is a sex worker and doses her one year old on opium, neither issue with a shred of evidence!

    So he returned with them and a witness and had a variation of replies as to the childrens' whereabouts and had they already been adopted or shipped out of the country.....all very worrying, meaning a visit to the police station, what a joke and Haringey DSS in Station Road .....the planned venue for a large demo coming soon, loud halers, banners and 500+ lying down in the middle of the road road, if not right outside her house.

    Barnardos need a visit next and the Continental papers need contacting re child trafficking info. Here's the list of 10 articles written by Christopher Booker for The Telegraph so far.

    This document is a 105-page statement prepared by the parents in August 2010 for the courts, with all details regarding contact with Haringey Council. 

    This letter is a recommendation by the Deputy High Commissioner of Sierra Leone who had visited their home on several occasions and observed their stable family life. He says that he even bonded with their children and was especially fond of two of them. 

    "It is unfortunate that such people of an amenable character have fallen victims of injustice, harassment and persecution."

    This is a letter of complaint about the Children's Solicitor who certainly has not acted in the interests of the children, but has nicely collected taxpayers' money...And here's the usual fobb off answer.

    Wednesday 1pm 14th September, London, on the way to the police station to demand disclosure of kids and long overdue drug laboratory results

    I am getting pretty cheesed off by the usual number of people complaining that I have become involved in this case. I definitely do not have the time but on getting a phone call from Germany asking for my help as there was serious risk no one would attend the family court of the Musas, I travelled from afar.

    To my horror, Sabine was correct and the same applied: for no McKenzie Friend,  in the Thursday even more farcical hearing with only Janet, a family friend from Nigeria, again offering vitally needed moral support.

    After this morning's tirade from three more, to mind my own busiiness, I will reluctantly publish the relevance of learning about all UK courts and their devious practices to steal UK tax payers' money.

    This, below,  is part of a letter to a lawyer helping me over a Judicial Review application to try and  prevent the South Wales Police having me shot: 

    Re Kirk v South Wales Police

    Court of Appeal Hearings on 28th September 2011 [First Three Actions] & MAPPA Disclosure

    • 1. Consolidation of cases, including Machine Gun, Dr Tegwyn Williams and 4th Action are the subject matter of the hearing to indicate unusual, extreme and indefinite bullying by the South Wales Police since 1992.
    • 2. 2009 Machine gun Case and Dr Tegwyn Williams case, particulars already served, need consolidation with a new pleadings drafted by a barrister for joining to Actions 1, 2 and 3. 
    • 3. Last month the police interviewed me on ‘possessing a firearm' which they knew, this time, was true. My subsequent four voluntary but frustrating visits to the police station, to obtain clarification, led to my arrest and custody for ‘threats to kill'.
    • 4. My computer, scanner memory sticks and electrical paraphernalia were immediately confiscated, deliberate, of course, to further frustrate my civil actions against them. I was promised their return at the conclusion of the case. 
    • 5. Following my 22nd June 09 arrest, for possession of a machine gun, it took nearly eight months for my seized computer to be returned with other property, such as my other guns, still being unlawfully withheld by the police, purely out of spite.
    • 6. At around 3am, this August, the police documented a long list of reasons to oppose my release and bail for a charge now changed to a Section 4 of the Public Order, also carrying the risk of a custodial sentence. 
    • 7. Just minutes before this a female custody sergeant had granted me unconditional police bail I only founding it out when I eventually obtained my unlawfully delayed custody records.
    • 8. In the Cardiff Magistrates, the same day, the purported duty solicitor, a complete stranger to me, informed me that if I pleaded ‘not guilty' to the Section 4 allegation then the CPS would offer ‘no evidence'. Was I expected to run the risk, again, of months in custody with no compensation? 
    • 9. In court, the same day, the allegation was changed yet again, as I stood in the dock. I now understand, an even more minor infringement, a Section 5 of Public Order Act was now before the judge but I saw refused any sight of it.
    • 10. The return of my computer and papers, as the police very well knew, was urgent for the records to prepare this new JR and the rapidly approaching 28th September 2011 hearings in the High Court of nineteen years of the cases in court. 
    • 11. With the 24th June 2009 Barry magistrates having granted me unconditional bail on ‘possessing a machine gun', only to be overturned on 25th June by Cardiff Crown Court, following a long list of spurious and false police allegations that I would not attend, could I risk pleading, again, a not guilty plea?
    • 12. Similarly, 2nd November 2010 Cardiff Magistrates, also subject to a Judicial Review Application, ignored considerable medical evidence of my being unable to attend for a common assault allegation by an ex South Wales Police officer, now an HMCS official. An arrest warrant was issued and as my life was at risk, documented in MAPPA leaked memos, I applied for asylum in France. 
    • 13. This HMCS(Wales) complainant, Derrick Hassan, in July 09, had provided false forensic history to Dr Tegwyn Williams and the Crown Court, about me, to keep me further locked up under a Section 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act. I was to be further incarcerated in the South Wales Police forensic prison hospital, Bridgend of which Dr Williams was the clinical director.
    • 14. Research since has established the HM Court Service (Wales), from whom I have had years of well documented abuse, delayed putting my GP's most up to date medical report before the November10 judge, until after the hearing. 
    • 15. In my latest Cardiff case, following a Section 4 changed to 5, that caused a conviction of a mere £50, I had little choice but to plead ‘guilty' for fear of a potential repeat of another eight months on remand , as in the machine gun case when we all knew it was doomed for failure from the start.
    • 16. To have pleaded guilty meant my computer would be immediately returned for the civil actions. The police lied. 
    • 17. On the day after my release from court the officer in charge of my case promised the immediate return of my computer and memory sticks etc but on arrival at Cardiff Bay police station a fight broke out involving eleven police officers (see video) attempting to snatch back my computer bag.
    • 18. It was eventually returned completely empty, including my cheque books, credit card, private and current court papers, with the excuse I was now being prosecuted for harassing Dr Tegwyn Williams . Williams had falsified psychiatric reports, unqualified, to have me transferred to his private clinics before going onto Ashworth High Security Prison, recommended to HHJ Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009, potentially for life. 
    • 19. Needless to say I lodged a JR for the High Court to seize this equally similar ongoing example of police bullying but, as with previous JRs, I am not holding my breath.
    • 20. With the recent imprisonment of other frustrated litigants, Patrick Cullinane Esq and Norman Scarth RN Rtd , also unable to easy access to official inexpensive court record, I, only last week, was also jailed to Holborn police station, London, for tape recording in the Principle Registry of Family Courts. 
    • 21. The Haringey barrister and so called appointed children's solicitor, yet to raise one finger to properly intervene on their behalf, reported to the presiding judge, after the solicitor was arrested, information that they very well knew was false to have me barred as a Mackenzie Friend.
    • 22. HMCS and those also on this unregulated ‘gravy train' knew it would further frustrate my preparation for the Cardiff civil Justice Centre 28th September 2011 appeals. 
    • 23. I am seeing a number of MPs, today, on the current state of our law courts and intend to include this current ‘Haringey Council/drugs/ Michelle Collins' children case before the criminal courts , for long overdue public scrutiny.
    • 24. Unchecked ‘sharp practices', I have witnessed each time I go to these secret family courts, are designed in order to steal vast amounts of tax payer's money and it has to stop. 


  • Haringey Council's Barrister and Children's Solicitor make False Claims so that Judge Imprisons Maurice

    Not being family means you don't get information from Holborn Police Station. As McKenzie Friend, I was eventually told he was detained for nearly five hours until 6.10pm, without any charges or further action.

    Meanwhile, I've pieced this together from a witness of the Nigerian parents whose story was reported in the national Nigerian paper Leadership on 21 August 2011: British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple's Six Children as to some of what happened:
    1. Maurice went to court with snatched children's parents who have been named by the Nigerian newspaper.The children's Guardian solicitor Jonquil Houghton, apparently in league with of Haringey Council's barrister, Ms O'Donahugue, allowed several false claims before HHJ Carol Atkinson, new to the case


      a Coronation Street actress, I forget which and unsavory male habits appear to be mixed up in all this.........the next blog, after I have spoken to her or her agent, may clarify the whereabouts of six stolen children so a few poeple can be jailed and the family can GO HOME
    • that he was recording proceedings with a dictaphone or mobile neither of which he had in court.
    • Neither barrister nor solicitor corrected the judge when the judge assumed that Maurice was Paul Randle-Jolliffe who had acted as McKenzie Friend for the Musas before. [Both barrister and solicitor had acted before and had spoken to Paul numerous times in previous hearings but at 2pm deliberately told the judge, when Maurice was safely behind bars, that he was using two names to mislead the court!]
    • Maurice believes they did this to bar him from future hearings, because he had suggested to the judge, both lawyers stating 'the idea had never been considered', to simply 'deport' the children, not the parents, in the care of the NHS to the aircraft and allow the Nigerian authorities to take over from that point.
    • Maurice had also told the judge DNA tests, withheld from the parents for months, proved the six children was theirs afterall, making 'child trafficking' even more less likely
    • Maurice also had told the judge that the police, if that concerned with an allegation, armed with a positive opium drug result, illicit drugs inflicted on a one year old baby, would of had one or more of the parents behind bars months ago.
    • The drawback of this simple solution, pressed a year earlier by the parents, to send the children back to Nigeria, was that the huge 'gravy train', as Maurice calls it, would no longer be available.
    • Maurice suspects the UK is the only country in the world with such secrecy law to disguise this day by day fraud. 

    That morning, in the presence of the parents and another witness, Maurice had arrested the solicitor for 'perverting the course of justice', by misleading the court and covering up, for the past 18 months, the original spurious reasons for the snatch that, so long ago, had been proved false. What finger has this law firm raised to help the children?

    Maurice was told, by the clearly annoyed Holborn police due to being duped, that police drug analysis from the baby, in June11, would have been confirmed, either way,in a matter of days vwhich is one of the3 reasons why Hornsey police refuse to release the parents' custody records, Maurice insists with, clearly, Haringey being told to shut up.

    Maurice says, "either there are drugs involved or there are not----if not then send the family home NOW" and that includes daughter, feared to be now dead.

    Daughter's last alleged handwriting, when the parents believed she was still alive, submitted by Haringey BUT refused to be even looked at, yet alone examined, by three or is it six judges now, is a pointer as to where the truth lies. 

    Death or worse is seriously now possible by examining the content of the 8th September 11 Haringey Council brief for the new judge, deliberately written to deceive: page 1, page 2 and see paragraph 17 of page 3 of this Case Summary, unless the Hornsey police have conspired in this enquiry from conception?

    Incidentally, what  Maurice actually indicated, on the way out of court to get the police, was that he would use his megaphone, confiscated by court officials earlier, to call the public to save the family from this room full of criminals. The plan, put off until next time now, is for him to stand in the middle of Higher Holborn road, outside the 42-49 numbered Principal Registry of the Family Division, broadcasting the appalling facts and cover up by so many lawyers/judges and police all determined to swindle large sums from the tax payer by dragging out cases with no concern for the families in a secret environment unique within Europe.

    With Maurice now safely locked up in the cells of Holborn police station and his captors now having perused court documents, they soon realised the lawyers had lied.

    There never was a tape recorder and together with the false documentation the barrister had just served  on Her HonourJudge Atkinson and Maurice's few words as the parents's Mckenzie Friend, had caused her to swiftly vacate the court room. She soon realised, by her repeating the ICO Haringey application, would be unlawfully settled now  in court if it was done on 5th. Maurice has warned that the ordered transcipts would not be complete and to prolong yet another separation of children from each other and from each parent was further crimiinal conduct.

    On the Monday, 5th September, when the ICO was 'nodded' through, with neither party, the lawyers now say, privy to it, now triggers an emergency Judicial Review Application commmencing after the parents visited to 'that place' in the Strand. 

    Examination of served papers, at commencement of the 8th September hearing, suggest the Council, if you wish to believe it, had 'no knowledge' of the Monday, 5th September, hearing, despite being listed before a District Judge for parents with the subsequent court order for the 5th Sept hearing (Copy redacted as identifies all six kids) served on both parties, to lodge rebuttal.

    Maurice has studied numerous cases riddled with sharp practices and cover-ups in both South Wales and in the RCJ, indicating the problem is endemic in the cartel of 'family law' since incidents of child abuse were taken out of the criminal courts in 1948 to be hidden in this new but lucrative medium.

    He vows he will therefore now campaign to make family courts go public and the crimes committed by lawyers to be put back into the criminal courts. Ther will be some exceptions, of course and supervised recording for the applicants' immediate use and ownership is also of paramount importance. See The Secrecy of Family courts should be Lifted NOW! and Send the Musa Family back Home to Nigeria - WITH their Children!

    What also is clearly outdated is the UK adversarial systerm, with no checks as to the voracity of the players, is no proper taxation of the huge bills fabricated for the tax papyer.

    Here is custody record page 1 and here's page 2.

    What is clear from all this shambles is that avarice has once again prevailed and Haringey should be subjected to an external police enquiry.

    Punishment without Crime is an article that Ian Josephs based on his experiences, with golden rules for parents.


    .......Sex Worker/Child Trafficking/Paedophelia all concluded by police but Haringey Council continue withholding the whereabouts of the six children and if they are still all alive?

  • Regina v Haringey Borough Council re Child Snatching Cover up @ Holborn Family Courts 10 am

    On 5th September the Nigerian parents of six children, ‘snatched' by Haringey Council in June 2010, waited all day in the London Family Court to oppose the Council's application to renew an Interim Care Order (ICO), as the Council and police had disclosed no evidence to support their spurious arguments that the children be separated from their parents and taken into care.

    On 30th August Mrs Justice Hogg had specifically ordered that the case be heard on 5th September with the sole intention for the parents to bring further evidence and for the Council to produce the documents upon which they relied. 

    I arrived and spent the first hour trying to establish where the case was being heard as no one knew. Separate from me and unknown to me, the totally distraught parents were doing the very same from 9.30 onwards. 

    I eventually demanded a judge and a hearing be convened or there was going to be ‘trouble'. Staff clearly indicated something unusual was going on.

    At 4pm a District Judge Berry informed the three of us, in a matter of nanoseconds, that the case was already over!  

    It transpired that the case had taken place in the very same building without any of us being told and obtaining, for the fourth time, a further one month Detention Order (IC0) by the simple use of a telephone call from the Council to District
    Judge Hess. 

    After the court abuse, off we go to Hornsey police station, near Haringey Council, where the police had first jailed the parents, but are now refusing to disclose their custody records or copy interview tapes needed for the 8th September hearing in the Holborn family courts at 10am.

    These frustrated parents are being blackmailed to leave the UK without their kids; that bit is obvious, but why does the police demand they report three times a week at Hornsey police station? For what?

    On 6th September I suggested we go to the Nigerian Commission to establish what progress, if any, had happened since the parents had first contacted them in June 2010.

    I arrived and waited inside, refusing to discuss the confidential matter until the parents arrived. 

    When the parents eventually arrived, I explained to a senior member of staff that these very worried parents had not seen or heard from one of the daughters for over a year and four months, at least, for the rest of the children.

    There is information coming in, not as yet substantiated by me, that children from the Haringey Council and other Councils are being found in South Africa and elsewhere abroad, while their adoption service was also being brought into question where cash handouts were concerned.

    There appears to be a serious situation elsewhere also, South Wales being very well documented, all due to the police not intervening, while judges take the word of council staff without any proper proof!  Are judges also being given information, to issue an ICO on the phone, which is being withheld from respective parents? That is exactly the case with the Nigerians, is plainly obvious, with no chance of rebuttal.

    The Haringey Council have no supporting evidence that would stand the test of a criminal court or they would disclose it to the parents and Nigerian Commission.

    I was assured by the Nigerian Commission representative that it was fully aware of the seriousness of the separation of young children from their parents and ‘all that could be done was being done'. We obtained no documentation, however, to support their apparent answer that the Council was ignoring the Commission's concerns.

    I did not leave without throwing in a ‘wild card': I was at school, I told them, with the first black head boy of a public school, Taunton School, Somerset in 1962/63. He went on to become a judge in Nigeria, it was rumoured and his father was also a judge. Peter Thomas's age now would be around 66 to 67 and I now need his help to get the kids out of here and back home.

    He would remember me, as a number eight, his rarely getting past me on the front rugger pitch as I invariably took him by the ankles just ten yards from the try line!

    I indicated, also, my own daughter was oh so nearly snatched, recently, by the South Wales Police, in operation Orchid and that it was only by quick thinking of her mother that their plan was foiled. I knew only too well of the horrors of forced separation from one's children, it being my ‘driving force' now to help this family and others embattled in a judicial system riddled with plain avarice and apparent anomalies contrary to the Rule of Law and basic human rights.

    It appears UK family courts operate on a completely different level, when considering a standard of proof for evidence, as to what should be required to separate frantic children from their loving parents. This case clearly stinks with cover up after cover up, all of which should be turned over, now, to an outside police force to investigate the Haringey Council, NOT the
    police investigating the injured family.

    In exasperation, with intention to return, we finally left the Commission, hoping at least to have had some evidence of action.  We must find the whereabouts of all these children and send them home to Nigeria.

    On 7th September we three decided to visit the Haringey Council to examine the children's medical records upon which the Council relied for the ‘snatch' being lawful.

    The parents were not just refused they were denied any information as to whether the children were even still alive!

    There is big money, tax payers' money being shared out in all this which is why the child industry will not allow the united family return to Nigeria. 

    Tomorrow, in the Holborn Family Court, these parents will be refused disclosure, for the fourth time, of the documents upon which the Council rely, because the judge already knows there is no such evidence.

    Is not lawful rebellion long, long overdue?

    Time to distribute the Lewis machine guns? Meantime,on behalf of Liz Watson and Norman Scarth,I am taking into court my mega megaphone should anyone be found to be a little hard of hearing concerning this clearly criminal matter.

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