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October 2011 - Posts

Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Cry for Support as Maurice has not telephoned for two days!

    Maurice used to call two of us every day. He has either no money or our numbers have been blocked or both. 

    This is therefore an appeal to support Maurice in whatever way you find appropriate:

    • write to prisoner no. A7306AT in HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, South Glamorgan CF24 0UG
    • contact HMP Governor Richard Booty, T: 02920 923 100, Fax: 02920 923 318. See Norman's letter as a remarkable model (see also that Norman's computer was taken when he was re-arrested!!!)
    • you can also ask to speak to the Chaplain as a messenger
    • write to the Crown Prosecution Service asking for fair hearings, due process and that Maurice's demands are met. Email:
    • just as Haringey Council criminalises the victims of their child snatching and their supporters, so does South Wales Police criminalise and penalise their victim Maurice Kirk - with the collusion of HM Court Services and HMP Cardiff. Hence the term HM Partnership
    • sign the petition WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation.

    Writing to his MP Alun Cairns might make him write to the Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke.Letters by MPs are 'fast tracked'. Ours are ignored. His sister has written to Amnesty International. 

    His next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 10th. 

    Please put any other idea into action. The life of a serious 'victim turned starfighter' is at stake!

  • Is it worth being on hunger strike? Who's worse: South Wales Police or Haringey Council?

     On the positive side,

    • somebody high up has ordered South Wales Police to return his legal papers
    • Tottenham Police Station and Cardiff Central Station are ordered to hand over everything concerning him
    • South Wales Police' Solicitors have sent a judgement dated 25th July 2011 concerning the release of MAPPA minutes
    • why has it been withheld for such a long time?
    • why did it take the Defendant's solicitor to send it rather than the Court?

    On the negative side,

    • Maurice expects not to be able to walk soon
    • Maurice needs to know who has sent cash, cheques, postal orders or stamps so that he can complain about the stealing that has gone on
    • he fears that he will be prevented from cross-examining Dr Tegwyn Williams by the case being dropped on November 10th
    • he suspects that he will be held 'indefinitely' to stop him from pursuing his legal actions and being there for the Musa hearing on October 31st
    • he has evidence that the latest psychiatric report by Dr Tegwyn Williams was sent to Haringey doctors to try and keep him in prison and stop him from supporting the Musas.
    Anybody seen Big Brother lately? Are we living in 1984 or in 2011?

    Here is a recording of one of his latest phone calls.

    This is the phone line for visitors to book a visit - but you must be patient. They let you wait and wait and may give you one or two options some five or six days away: 02920 923 327
  • Conditions Impossible for Producing Defence Statement within 7 Days - as Ordered by Court

    14 kg lost, but HM Prison have been trying to hush up that Maurice is on hunger strike, until they were obliged today to fill in a form.

    Maurice writes: "CPS, South Wales Police and HM Court Services refuse to disclose all witness statements created each incident relied on in current prosecution.

    Witness statements relating to Caswell Clinic staff, Police previously taking no action or CPS withdrawing prosecution." 

    Despite all the odds, he managed to get this defence statement before the courts today.

    His list of complaints about HMP Cardiff will soon be as long as the list of "incidents" that South Wales Police made happen to bully and harass him:

    1. it's freezing, but they don't give him a blanket
    2. he does not get his faxes from Norman Scarth and his solicitor
    3. he is being refused stamps and needs them badly - but they are being taken out when we send him stamps
    4. it is going to take a MONTH to get to his cash and thus can't buy stamps

    From ruining his professional life to holding him in prison and psychiatric clinic the steps experienced by other victims of "white collar crimes" can be foreseen: sectioning and bankruptcy... 

    But "white collar crime" is a minor understatement for the "harassment" and criminalisation by the various authorities that I have been watching. These are definitely five star rating in terms of wickedness, cruelty and violence:

    Norman says: Hitler was at least open about it...
  • Being a Political Prisoner in the UK means suffering from Crime and Disorder

    I don't know where to begin to recount Maurice's suffering and his desperate attempts to get the Rule of Law and Order applied rather than the Rule of Money, Crime and Disorder: 

    • he still has no document stating what he is in prison for
    • yesterday, his solicitor wasn't allowed to bring him basic stationery so that he can work on his legal actions
    • South Wales Police refuse to return his computer, cheque books, credit cards, legal papers and everything they helped themselves to
    • he never gets told if / whether and when he is going to court
    • he has been refused stamps since "he's reached his allocation"
    • he has been refused access to law books and had to watch 40 films instead
    • his health is being neglected: serious abdominal pain, causing him to break out in sweat
    • and he writes "I will continue my hunger strike until they take me seriously. But I won't last very long with current undiagnosed internal problems."

    Human Rights?

    The Rule of Law for someone who is in remand, after having suffered unlawful imprisonment, incarceration in a psychiatric clinic and refusal of medical records so that he couldn't get a hip replacement in the UK? 

  • Maurice on Hunger Strike - the only non-violent Defence in the Face of Violence in Courts and Prison

    You couldn't make it up:

    More or less by chance, Maurice went to Lincolnshire and got new witness statements about the fact that South Wales Police re-painted that famous replica of a machine gun - to fool the jury at the time. But he did win that trial!

    However, just like Haringey Council in the case of snatching the Musa Children: cover-up with more crimes is more important than admitting mistakes:

    1. Cardiff Crown Court refused his bail application
    2. His medical records that were used in MAPPA meetings and Crown Court hearings are still being refused
    3. His computer, confidential legal papers, cheque books and credit cards were taken out of his car overnight, while he was being held by the Police.
    4. In HMP Cardiff, he has been refused a medical examination (endoscopy) and PROPER LEGAL PROCESS for his damages claim against South Wales Police that he started 20 years ago!

    Enough is enough. One thing is for sure: he can die with a good conscience, knowing he's tried his best - contrary to all those "white collar criminals". But I now feel that "white collar crime" is a serious understatement for what I see happening. 

    Maybe you'd like to put your name to the petition to support him or write to him? See the previous post for details.

    Here he speaks on video about Litigants in Person - the people who do NOT benefit from the adversarial system of lawyers who make their money no matter whether their client wins or loses - by the "public gravy train" passing...

  • Finally, Maurice will Face Dr Tegwyn Williams in Court: November 10

    At long last Thursday, Oct. 13th, Maurice (watched by his "gang of four") heard that there were four allegations before the Court, but in the end only one was dealt with:

    • having allegedly harassed Dr Tegwyn Williams by displaying his photo on WANTED POSTERS

    The question is: whose 'paranoid delusional order' is worse: Dr Williams' or supposedly Maurice's?

    After all, Dr Williams and everybody he dealt with in the NHS, including the Welsh Assembly and the Health Minister at the time, Edwina Hart:

    • colluded to label him with "paranoid delusional disorder", "significant brain damage" and "potentially brain tumour"
    • used such reports to keep him incarcerated in Caswell Clinic for the maximum of three months (in 2009)
    • tried to use these reports to section him for life to Broadmoor
    • refused to hand over these medical records required to get his hip replaced (which eventually took place in France).

    This refusal of handing out medical records was the basis for campaigning with the petition WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation, which can still be signed!

    This delay of the operation caused not only a LOT of damage due to the need for morphine, but also the necessity to attend to court cases, consequent "not surrendering to court" and other allegations.

    Of course, one has to wonder why Maurice had to be in prison since 21 September - without either being told that he is expected in court being given papers about the reasons for his imprisonment!  But, the authorities always know best, don't they!?

    The Court was reminded today that we fear for his health and safety. Hence please consider offering your support to Maurice:
    • contact the Governor of HMP Prison on 02920 923 100 and ask whether the endoscopy he was promised has taken place
    • ask whether Maurice will be transferred to the hospital wing
    • sign the petition WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation
    • visit him (max twice a week) by arranging an appointment with 02920 923 327 [Mon - Fri: 13.30 - 16.00; Sat: 09.30 - 11.30 and 13.30 - 16.00]
    • write to prisoner no A7306AT in HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, South Glamorgan CF24 0UG.

    Norman Scarth and other supporters write:

    The 1998 Harassment Act

    (1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct—
    (a) which amounts to harassment of another, and
    (b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.

    (2) For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other.

    (3) Subsection (1) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows— (a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime, (b) that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or (c) that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.

    Like most of us, Maurice is fully entitled to use that defence, in that we are all involved in preventing, detecting & exposing crime by people with power!

    Even without that defence, to be remanded IN CUSTODY for such an 'offence' is outrageous!

    This very bad law was SUPPOSEDLY brought in to protect (mainly women) from 'stalking', after several women were murdered by ex-boyfriends & the like, even though they had begged the police to protect them. It was actually designed, & is USED, for very different purposes, as now.

    On the petition on his behalf, Norman comments: 

    At least the old *** (the software automatically replaced the abbreviation of German National Socialists) had a degree of honesty. Even the Kray twins had SOME principles. The Quislings who have turned Britain into an Orwellian Police State hide behind a NAUSEATING pretence of 'Democracy', 'Human Rights' & 'the Rule of Law'. We have none of them. Some people even claim we have Magna Carta & Habeas Corpus. We don't have them either, except in theory.

    Norman Scarth

    As Law and Order have been replaced by Crime and Disorder, white collar criminals are now criminalising victims, such as parents whose children are being kidnapped.

    Until Nov 10th, we hope to be able to grow the "gang of four" into a more solid "network of McKenzie Angels". Just as people needed to be educated about the value of peaceful demonstrations, so we now need 'angels' as witnesses in courts where the real lives of real people are being affected. What happens in the committee rooms in Westminster is a very different kind of 'theatre'...

    Please email if you are interested!


  • Africa rises to the Challenge of Child Snatching in UK - printing Maurice's involvement

    On 9th October, Worst Child Abuse in UK appeared in the Nigerian Standard, a leading African newspaper.

    This morning, Latest Update on Worst Child Abuse in UK! appeared about Maurice's involvement.  

    We're told he is better after having eventually received his prescribed medication.

    We're also told he is supposed to be in Magistrates Court this Thursday (13th), after he was remanded in his absence to be there on the 6th (not the 5th as supporters had been told).

    Meanwhile, he's prisoner no. A7306AT in HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, CF24 0UG if you want to send him a copy of the article or other support!

    Publicity is the very soul of justice. It is the surest of all guards against improbity. It keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial. And in the absence of justice and the support of mainstream media, publicity online is all we can provide - despite all the gags by secret family courts in the UK!... 

  • What they Say (the Law) and What they do (the Law Enforcers): Shocking Letters from HMP Cardiff asking for all the Help Maurice and the Musas can possibly get

    Dear John

    At last! An address to write to and letter today, at last, to send out information!!!

    Urgent to tell S of what she witnessed at the place up the road from the tube station where I picked you up is panning out again – they are trying to play the same card – publish please! [He means that the CPS in Haringey Court tried to section him, using those false psycho-reports by Dr T Williams that he's trying to prove to be wrong in court!]

    All info - enclose summaries & copy of 4th Oct MJK letter to Mag. Court today: (needs typing out) Scan and send too to S – her letter first confirmation I am in court on 5th. I have been given nothing verbally, or in writing as to why I am in prison or when and for what for I am next in court – assume S’ info is correct. Copy of 4th Oct MJK – Cardiff Mg. Letter posted 5th (as L/A officer reposted to MJK cell)

    1. Why was I not allowed under arrest to court last week?

    2. Exactly what happened in June 2009 when they failed to tell me I was on videolink for bail appl. to Cardiff Crown – who is behind all this?

    3. I have not been told or given papers as to why I am in prison – why not? (21st Sept Mag Adj to establish just that!!)

    4. I am refused medication, promised blood test & endoscopy, why not?

    5. Last week I told them not fit enough to travel to court – were you told that?

    6. Police have seized my legal papers, computer, cheque books, credit card, mobile phones, etc.

    7. Have you received my papers from prison?

    8. Police refuse to return my property (now not relevant to current proceedings xxx to screy up 28th Sept High Court hearing re MJK v Police civil actions and 4th Oct hearing re JR & 2nd Nov convict.

    9. Prison refused me access to 28th Sept hearing in High Court and tomorrow’s 4th JR. Both in Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. When you write down – I am frantic for names, addresses and phone numbers. (Pref. Land lines but anything) from those who can help. I have been bed ridden since almost day came in – severe gut pain & upper xxx bleeding – no diagnosis is being done and all well’s jab getting just medicine prescribed by Princess of Wales hospital, Bridgend in August. Someone high up is controlling each legal move within. As I said at xxx they are playing all the same tricks of summer 09 and to not intend to call it up this time.

    Best regards

    M Kirk

    PS. Has my car been moved by Sabine? Nothing wrong with place. It will be too expensive to buy bail soon.

    Please write to Maurice as Prisoner No A7306AT at HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, South Glamorgan CF24 0UG.

    Or telephone 029 2092 3100 if you want to leave a mark with HMP Cardiff.  And sign the petition in his name which I will update asap as well as the one to Send the Musas home WITH their Children!.

    Summary of Bullying by Police

    re Dr Tegwyn Williams

    Aug 23rd / 24th 2011 Three visits to Cardiff Central Police Station to see Police – refused. Visor quote: Flashes *Firearms * Weapons * Violent * Escaper *

    4th visit arrest “Threat to Kill” – Magistrates Charge Sect 4 Public Order – reduced in court to Section 5 (refused proof). Found guilty in absence despite change of plea £50 fine – JR lodged. [Doctor advised endoscopy re ? stomach ulcers following recent admission to hospital and Lanoprozole 30mpg is prescribed] Police confiscate computer + scanner and legal papers re alleged harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams.

    Sept 5 McKenzie Friends repeatedly refused at Family Courts since February 2011 in case of Haringey Council v Musa following confiscation of their six Nigerian children. Visit Principal Registry Family Court London to find case re Interim Care Order (ICO) not issued. Case heard in secret despite parents attempting to attend. MJK attempts detailed complaint at Hornsey Police station re Musa case.

    Sept 8 Repeat hearing where opposition lawyers falsifying information to cause HHJ Mrs Atkinson to have MJK arrested and jailed for tape recording in court. MJK released – No Further Action. NFA.

    Sept 9 MJK with Muas and witness to Haringey DSS and speak to new manager, Mr B. Dowells having been followed by Hornsey Police. Attempts by Musas to file detailed complaint re apparent false 28th June and 2010 evidence by Haringey Council. MJK and Musas visit Nigerian High Commission to press for investigation now that it is 13 months since parents had not heard from 11 year-old daughter with DNA results contradicting Haringey Council findings – not parents.

    Sept 12 MJK + witness interview Michelle Collins at home where almost last place all 5 children were last seen by parents in August 2010. [Collins being an actress, is given anonymity in court hearings over the children being released or not]. MJK returns with parents to witness the possibilities as to children’s fate before all of that’s concerned. Visit parents’ once legal team in Kilburn High St still refusing to return parents’ court papers. After 6 hours MJK dragged out of solicitors office by police.

    Sept 16 MJK attempts, again, to make a detailed statement of complaint at Police Station. Tottenham Police attempt to detain him without an arrest, one locked door window is broken. MJK ... and further arrested, whilst in custody, for conspiracy to abduct children, but given bail. Criminal damage charg carried no police bail.

    Sept 19 MJK at Haringey Magistrates to witness CPS go frantic to block his bail reliant only on Dr Tegwyn Williams and his false psychiatric reports, 2 years old, stating MJK had “significant brain damage” and possible brain tumour, recommending MJK be further sectioned, xx to another and to be sent to Ashworth High Security Prison. Bail was given but CPS demand the regulation 2 hours to appeak, keeping MJK in custody. The appeal was not forthcoming so MJK was released. Musas and MJK return to Tottenham Police Station to again try to lodge a complaint. Police continue to confiscate laptop, more legal papers and now mobile phones and camera.

    Sept 20 MJK returns to Kilburn solicitors to demand return of his own legal papers and statements given to their agent employed by MJK whilst locked up in Tottenham Police Station over the weekend. Power & Spencer refuse him his papers also and deny, before Police, MJK was a client or ever was. That might explain why section 12 psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse gained entry to MJK cell that weekend and wrote on 19th Sept 2011 medical report asking MJK be sectioned to a secure psychiatric prison, also reliant only on Dr. Tegwyn Williams 2009 medical reports during South Wales Police’s nearly 8 month false imprisonment, based on MJK trading in machine guns. MJK is arrested for racially related allegation at the solicitors’ offices and locked up. Refused the right xxx to inform someone.

    Sept 21 MJK to Magistrates but CPS fail again to have him remanded in custody.

    Sept 22 MJK reports as witness to a GBH on the street outside Tottenham Police Station only to be arrested for failing to answer to South Wales Police bail appointment on 20th.

    Sept 23 MJK remanded in custody by Cardiff Magistrates for harassing a Dr Tegwyn Williams still holding his legal records for court appearances and 28th Sept High Ct Hearing. Kirk v South Wales Police, entering its 20th year of litigiation.

    M J Kirk

    27 Sept 2011

    FAO Cardiff High Court, Magistrates Court and English Police & Administrative Court

    Re Common Assault Conviction and Dr Tegwyn Williams

    1. This 2/11/10 conviction was obtained in the absence of the Defendant with medical evidence explaining his inability to attend, being accepted by other courts but withheld from the hearing by HM Court Service (Wales). HMCS (Wales) continued to block due process of Private Prosecution of Dr Tegwyn Williams, Barbara Wilding and Adrian Oliver.

    2. Detective Hassan, the only complainant, employed by HM Court Service (Wales) in July 10, deliberately pushed the Defendant down the court stairs causing a suspect broken ankle, later to be diagnosed in Cardiff’s Accident and Emergency Unit.

    3. Hassan, in July 2009 but then as a police officer, supplied Dr Tegwyn Williams, Director of the South Wales Police Psychiatric Prison, Caswell Clinic, with a false forensic history of the Defendant with the Dr. Repeatedly refusing to correct it. Dr. Williams also repeated the claims at Multi-Agency Public Protection (MAPPA) arrangements, meetings between 8 June 09 to 17th Dec 2009.

    4. As the Liaison Officer between these monthly meetings, controlled by the Prosecution, no less than nine Crown Court Judges were also misled by Hassan, Williams and others, stating that the Defendant was so dangerous as to be registered as Category Level 3 MAPPA victim.

    5. “Significant brain damage” in the Defendant and a “possible brain tumour”, so described to HHJ Bidder QC on 2nd December 2009, by the Doctor, also led to the South Wales NHS and private medical services to not allow the Defendant his urgently needed total hip replacement surgery.

    6. 10 months of forced alternative medication has left damage with the Defendant’s inability between August 2010 to April 2011, to be appropriately fit to conduct both his litigation and private life.

    7. Therefore it was not until July 2011 that the Defendant was able to obtain witness statements after his 22nd June 2009 arrest for “being in possession of a machine gun” and “selling it”, that the Welsh Police had repainted the exhibit to fool the Jury.

    8. The Lewis ammunition magazine, when sold by the Defendant to the Lincolnshire Air Museum in June 2008 was black in colour.

    9. When Police seized it, with the rest of the gun, on 22nd June 2009, the magazine was now silver having been painted by the museum before witnesses.

    10. Before the January 2010 Jury, the magazine was now black again.

    11. The Defendant collected witness statements from Lincolnshire, all confirm the South Wales Police returned the decommissioned gun, after the trial, to the museum with the magazine now back as a silver variation to that of their original paint.

    12. On 24th August 2011, on the Defendant’s 4th attempt to inform the Police of his new evidence, he was, instead, arrested for harassing Dr. Tegwyn Williams and bailed to attend Cardiff Police Station on 21st Sept.

    13. The Police have not just confiscated his computer, mobile phones, cheque books, credit, cash, 2 cases of legal papers, scanner, photographic evidence and contact details of witnesses, they have refused to return any of it deliberately to cause havoc with his civil litigation.

    14. Only a cynic, maybe, would reflect on the possibility that the continued bullying by the Police delays 20 years of civil litigation brought by the Defendant, listed for a High Court 28th September hearing.

    15. This month the prosecution again relied on Dr Tegwyn Williams’ falsified 2009 psychiatric reports, when asking for the Defendant be again sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act and get locked up, again, unconvicted waiting for an I.P.P. (Imprisonment for Public Protection).

    16. The Defendant applies for an adjournment of tomorrow’s hearing for

    a. The return of his property in order he be able to prepare his civil and criminal cases

    b. A proper criminal investigation by an outside police force and

    c. That he be given his medication and receive proper medical attention on bail.