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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Emergency Application to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

     13 07 28 Emergency Aplication re Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police BS614159.pdf

     13 07 28 MJK Statement of Truth.pdf

    13 07 29 MJK Statement.pdf

    Bristol Solicitor Instructions

    13 07 30 MJK Instructions.pdf

    Let us not forget the lucrative child snatching industry, no doubt yet another of Blair's wicked schemes to bleed the unsuspecting taxpayer of their right for a peaceful existance

    Visit, today, to Melissa Laird in Holloway prison fighting extradition, without snatched son...... will your child be next?


     Maria, Moi et Sabine

    WITHIN HOURS I am back in gaol and Melissa bundled out of the Country and deported to US


    Maurice invited to compete in Schneider Trophy above Alderney but only if G-KURK WW2 Piper Cub is ready?

    Now I need some quick piece of transport...ah my CBR 600..ideal!


  • Police Bullying Continues (Bullying by Helicopter)


    Fly away or 'as is' classic 1940 Taylorcraft aircraft for only £4,000/microlyte single seater rebuild job £1000





      24th July 2013   Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police  BS614159

    Claimant’s Application


    1.       Further to the court’s indication of  offering assistance for the Claimant in obtaining access to his own flat, in order to retrieve his relevant legal papers, video records, post and personal medical records for the next trial, Kirk v NHS (Wales) Defendant’s psychiatrist, he must now retract his originally decline the court’s offer.

    2.       The Claimant’s then instinctive impression, that it was for a Welsh criminal court, not a civil court, to intervene, was entirely misguided.

    3.       The Claimant applies to the Cardiff County Court to order the Defendant to cease, forthwith, the continuing acts of harassment against the Claimant, all contrary to Section 2 of The Prevention of Harassment Act 1997.

    4.        The Claimant now only enters South Wales to expedite outstanding litigation against the Defendant and agents thereof and with the hope to see his past wife and daughter.

    5.       It has became apparent upon enquiry, to day, that neither the Defendant nor HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) will cease in their joint course of conduct of harassing the Claimant to prejudice the Claimant’s closing submissions while openly protecting the unlawful occupation of the shop below his flat.

    6.       Mark Davenport’s conduct includes switching off the Claimant’s electricity, changing the lock of the Claimant’s front door and garage gate, has reported the Claimant, by witness statement, to the Defendant for committing fraud and common assault while he continues to employ labour, on the ‘dole’, to allow lorry loads of builder’s waste and other hazardous materials to be dangerously fly tipped onto this Claimant’s land. 

    7.       The Defendant’s resistance, now, to allow its 2000 custody video record to be an exhibit, following the Llantwit Major’s brutal arrest in the town square, is fanciful. The Claimant left his exhibit with the court and just because it was not ‘played’ to Sgt Khilberg is, the Claimant humbly submits, quite irrelevant as it still remained a Claimant prosecution exhibit of this sergeant again caught lying and this time to another custody sergeant, re “F******skunk”.

    8.       The fact that Claimant’s legal papers are now missing from his flat and arising from several break-ins to his motor vehicles compounds the reason why there should be an immediate intervention from an outside police force if the Claimant’s own MP cannot influence this inherent culture of deceit committed by too many, around here, in positions of privilege.

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    13 07 26 Kirk v South Wales Police Defendant's Response to Claimant's Application of 24.7.2013.pdf

    During the 23rd July hearing and  while the Defendant's QC was rabbiting on and on with quite fanciful and irrelevant arguments in 'air law', trying frantically to quash the very idea his client just out to 'GET KIRK', His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC quietly directed him to their client's 21st July 1999 letter to the Civil Aviation Authority when asking just where is the air to video (recording the lettering on my t shirt....I'd Rather be Flying G-KIRK' ?

    The court was told that the police had sent the video to the CAA with the view of my being prosecuted, with it, for daring to not just sit in the back seat of a cub but in one that then  had 'broken the bonds of earth' and left the ground!

    To produce the video proof of just how dangerously close the police helicopter was prepared to go, just to 'GET KIRK', I had to ply the air traffic controller, 'JC' to his mates, Jonathan Clayton with many shots from a bottle of whisky until he was so 'rat arsed' he sang like a canary. His Honour's following remark was something like, "and I suppose the pilot of the police helicopter, Captain Jim Moseley, also disappeared into the mist and clouds?" 


    So, last Tuesday's  hearing brought to my attention of page 97 Vol 2 of Action 2 so I thought I had better read it. (Never did manage to read all the files because of the heightened police harassment during the three month trail (including an unofficial D notice being served on the press)  


    I suppose I should of read all the docs before the three month trial started but life is short at 68

    What an indictment, this police letter to the 'Campaign Against Aviation', in itself!

    An indication and stark reminder of the evil mentality of South Wales Police

    God Help you lot I leave behind, because I am nearly out of here....... 

     93 08 04 Western Mail Vet in Jail.pdf





    'Get Kirk'?

     93 08 04 Western Mail Vet in Jail.pdf




    Today we have petition to hand in a Downing Street re  UK Snatched Kids Industry for lawyers and only for lawyers.


    11 09 22 MUSA SNATCH KIDS BACK ORDER (part).docx 



     Back at my flat police arrest me as I am not allowed to enter and get my legal papers despite court order to the contrary 

    1. St Vran cottage (blue and cream) (11th &12th picture on for sale blog) 2 bed modern electrics and central heating   £70,000
    2. St Vran (6th picture on for sale blog) two houses one completely gutted with large garden to rear road  £55,000
    3. St Doha (aerial shots from my aircraft) (on second page of blog) two houses plus carp lake only  £130,000
    4. Ville D'Ane  barn once lived in plus acre field  £25,000
    5. St Guano burnt down house (see Norman arch of front door on blog ) shed an large garden with sheds  £25,000
    6  St Doha barn and 2 acres  £25,000
    if the blog link does not open type my name in Google for web site and look to left for 'FOR SALE ' blog 
    Just back from France with a few of the 'more sensitive' files for the seven police and NHS (Wales) damages claims.

  • Police Falsify 4 Breath Test Readings MP to Reply

    Is it a just a coincidence that the LION factory for the manufacture of both roadside and police station breath test machines, for detecting the amount of alcohol  there is in a drivers blood stream, is situated just down the road from Barry Police Station?

    Come to court this morning and be reminded of the evidence that was given over the past three months, from amongst the ninety nine witnesses of those that were allowed, of three positive road side tests to a zero reading within the hour and only this week, following yet another unlawful arrest on the road side, I registered  zero on the Cardiff Bay Police Station's Lion Intoxilizer.

    My letter to my Member of Parliament;

    13 07 24 Alun Cairns Esq Complaint re Breath Tests.docx.pdf

    13 07 24 2nd Letter toAlun Cairns Esq.pdf


    History of South Wales Police Gang Mentality on previous blogs


    Thames Valley Police accused of 'bullying' Katie Bowman

    Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General, has got involved in the case


    South Wales Police and their continuing conduct

    Unusual, indefinite and extreme

     a.     What does unusual mean ? It is a polite way to introduce the abuse of power. In other words in the absence of good faith - malice. In this case targeted malice.

    b. .      Is it usual for so many incidents from 1992 to 2002 and once they achieve their target to strike me off for being in conflict with authority they stop? No more prosecutions

    c.     Was I in conflict with authority to win most of my cases? Was I just a madman causing problems for authority to go to win most of my cases? Or was there an abuse of the power of authority to target me more than is usual reasonable or proportionate attempts to prosecute?

    d.   How does the unusual occur? One way can be as the case taken up by the current Attorney General Dominic of  Kate Bowman.. – Police abuse their power and act maliciously by false and mischievous intelligence reports that are intended and designed to cause harm

    e.        Where did the intelligence reports come form to first trigger all this? Guernsey 

    f.      Does Guernsey matter to this case? It does when SW Police ignore my endless complaints to senior officers that I am being targeted, and targeted  disproportionately. As in the Katie Bowman case who is helped by the Attorney General a conservative constituency MP mischievous use of intelligence reports that amounts to Targeted malice. They knew of a problem and did nothing about it 

    Indefinite and extreme

    a. What does extreme mean in this situation ?  It means that from 1992 to the present day my being bullied by their abuse of power, - 20 years of “Get Kirk” - the targeted malice means as at present, today, Police will not allow me to go to my home but lay magistrates will.

    I dare this court to resolve just that. 

    b.  It means that I could not drive through the Vale of Glamorgan with my wife (a Government adviser) without the risk of being incarcerated for no reasonable cause

    c.    It means they sought to deny me my livelihood which I understand – and I ask his Honour to note – that my understand is that denying livelihood is one of the more or most serious wrongs or abuses of power.


    d.      It means I was not safe to go out without fear of being targeted for arrest of prosecution.


    f.        Then we have a few examples of mischief targeted

                                          I.      The witness in Indonesia/scrap yard and Inspector Rice 


                                       II.      Mr Ebbs/Alexander  and again, Inspector Rice


                                     III.      The lady who saw me beaten up by a policeman in llantwit Major Town Square


                                    IV.      My receptionist who witnessed police say “Get Kirk” and refusals to investigate veterinary surgery burglaries

                       V      My Somerset insurance agent telling on how police were even ringing head office in order to block my getting motoring insurance

                       VI   The elusive Inspector Steven Parry and the fanciful stories of a bottle of high alcohol 'mouth wash'  etc etc

     g.       All this will continue unless the Court intervenes  



    1.   The Claimant asks the Court to note that the continued absence of good faith by senior police and officers of SW Police is evidence of bad faith. The Claimants submits that it is not believable that the Officers did not know the Claimant’s identity or that they could not find him on other occasion. But could find him and identify him when they targeted that he be arrested.


      2. That there were prosecutions and interference to cause harm, and when they succeeded to strike off the Claimant, all the prosecutions and interferences stopped until each time this case was listed for trial. Then the gang mentality came back with a vengeance.   

      3. The Claimant also submits that the prolonged absence of good faith of so many incidents could only have occurred because of there was targeted malice ......     

      4. The Claimant believes that the Defendants are liable for misfeasance.





  • Maurice Jailed Three Times in a Week Fourth Break in & Accused of Fraud

    On 20th July 2013 I am just released after another night in police cells because of liar, MARK  DAVENPORT, ringing police to block my getting into the flat for my legal papers required for the final day of my twenty year running damages claim against the South Wales Police.

    4th Break-in and theft (16th July 13)

    3rd break in and theft (1st June 13)


     After an hour in Cardiff Magistrates, before proper Cardiff magistrates for a change and not the usual District Judges, John Charles or Bodfan Jenkins, fundamental issues with the help of the Clerk of the Court were sorted out.

    But DAVENPORT had switched off the electric and had changed the locks whilst employing staff who were drawing the dole to help him allow fly tipping on my land.

    After I had heard the usual evasion of the truth and shouts of almost, "liar, liar, your pants are on fire", Her Majesty's Representative, as prosecutor believed be also from 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff, eventually was made to release, albeit far too late, my custody record including the video made under caution that will knock this new bit of trumped up nonsense right on the head.

    Yes, Mr Kirk must be allowed to live at the flat, the court heard  and what of the squatter in the shop below, was my reply?

    At the end of proceedings I felt it only appropriate to recommend that the Madam Clerk of the Court to be o0ffered a position as an inquisitional judge, as under the laws of Code Napoleon in a court somewhere in Brittany.

    Whilst the Cardiff Cabal continues to protect the rogue police doctor and the courts appearing protect the other ring leaders behind my twenty years of purgatory whilst resisting both extreme and unusual irregularities from those in positions of privilege the Cardiff courts will continue to have my most undivided attention.  

    Her Majesty's representative again misled the court concerning the outstanding matter of the rogue police psychiatrist.

    The Caswell Clinic psychiatrist and his Cardiff Cabal are still maintaining, three years on from the MAPPA level 3 'machine gun' acquittal, that their victim is still 'medically unfit to plead or stand trial' when it so suits but not when circumstances are not helpful for them (see The Times On Line' comment below).

    Meanwhile I remain diagnosed with 'irreversible significant brain damage' and possibly cancer that caused the current Defendant, in these current civil proceedings, on 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court, to recommend, via barrister Richard Thomlow of 9 Park Place Chambers , Cardiff, to recommend that I be incarcerated in High Security Psychiatric Hospital most likely for life.

    NHS (Wales), at Caswell Clinic, are reliant on not just a brain scan interpreted by someone without the appropriate qualifications after using the wrong techniques but on its supporting documentation for the Cardiff court stating I have significant brain damage because:

    1. I had been an old drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed Esq 

    2. I had ditched my WW2 aircraft in the Caribbean and 

    3. had flown all the way to Australia without a map


    (Extracted from 18th Sept 2009 supporting report by Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University e-mailed to Dr Ruth Bagshaw of Caswell Clinic prison all of which, so far, is accepted by eleven Cardiff judges)



    This continuing bullying by the police and causing false imprisonments, just as with their refusing to release of my own 5 page victim statement following complaint, last year, by this same Caswell Clinic psychiatrist having had me locked up in prison for weeks  following his latest fanciful delusions that I had been around to his home and harassed both he and a DR JANIS HILLIER I have never even met.

    The release of these 13th July 13 custody records together with the video record of my 'Defence Statement', in rebuttal to an allegation of two common assaults on DAVENPORT and another,  are needed as exhibits inTuesday's County Court hearing before His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC on the final day of the first three of seven damages claims listed soon for a hearing.

     On that 13th July 13 I was arrested by a PC Charles......"Any relation?", I asked the court.


    And by 7.30pm on 19th July  I am again arrested and with hand cuffs behind my back hauled into a police car with not even the right to have a road side breath test. Hang on here, I said, it was I that asked for police officers to attend this time!



    I was also arrested just  a few weeks ago whilst quietly parked on private property, on the pretext of 'drink drive' but with no moving traffic offence as their excuse.

    In both these 'drink drive' incidents there was significant delay for over one hour before having to provide a specimen of breath!

     The 2nd delay was one hour and thirty five minutes and was deliberate for senior officers, no doubt, to be contacted to set up another conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Remember, please, the numerous police incidents in the three current claims for damages contain three road side incidents recording positive specimen of breath taken but all zero within one hour of my arrests. 







    I am now told MARK DAVENPORT had reported me to police for fraudulently drawing up a falsely represented lease causing the severe banging on my door to occur recently and  my camera to recording from my window,  a 'paddy wagon' sitting patiently outside following my subsequent arrest.

    Despite my repeated visits to Ely, Fairwater and Barry police stations, in an attempt to establish just what is going on and to file a statement of complaint, I am ignored.  

    Paranoia? Deja Vu?

    175 Attempted Arrest for Fraud.docx


    On Tuesday at 10.30am, in The Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, the police may need  to attempt to explain away not just how on getting a positive road side breath test and back at the police station my sample of breath was zero on the definitive test but how was it my specimen of breath on the 19th July was zero when a pocket book entry should have recorded I was drinking from a wine bottle at the time of my arrest


    Maurice Kirk <>
    13:45 (0 minutes ago)
    to Cardiff.crn.cm2
    Further to my suggestion of putting the sledge hammer down and using my car to break in me, that is what I will do if the court does not immediately take appropriate action on the police in preventing my visiting the premises and the squatter, Davenport, for switching off my electricity supply, changing the lock and allowing illegal fly tipping on my land.
    Be so good, please, as to inform the 19h July 13  three lay magistrates and lady clerk of the court of the current situation, also summarised on my current blog:



     Smart v The Forensic Science Service Ltd [2013] EWCA Civ 783 (02 July 2013).mht

    The Cardiff judges have decided to protect the corrupt NHS (Wales) administration who , in turn, on mass. are protecting two doctors pleading 'off sick' at YOUR expense for well over a year now so neither can be summonsed to the Kirk v south Wales Police final hearing on Tuesday to explain their employment by MAPPA and  NHS (Wales) following The then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, having failed in having me shot MAPPA level 3v victim in June 2009 when a police helicopter and Operation Orchid failed to snatch our 10 year old daughter.. Her ordering that the machine gun be painted a different colour, to fool the jury was known by the trial judge.......a further indication aod just what rwally goes on in our UK courts and one near you.





    My Telephone  number::     07907937953

    My  e-mail address: 


    AND after

    Test fly ( preferably with wings on)




    And then test fly G-KURK to South Africa!

    (Waiting at the northern most aerodrome in Japan, for two weeks, waiting for a 30 knot tail wind to get Liberty Girl to Alaska)


           Not forgetting petition to be handed in on Friday, in Downing Street, re Snatched Children Petition  like South Wales Police Operation Orchid on our 10 year old daughter:



    13 07 22 Mr M Murphy 3rd Witness Statement


    Statement of Truth

    22nd July 2013


    I, Michael Murphy of The Old Police Station, Barry, confirm that the content of this, my statement, is true to the best of my belief.

    Back in the mid 90s Mr Kirk had flown over my scrap yard, situated next to Barry harbour to identify his car lying there and then reported me to the police for theft.

    A neighbour had previously arranged to have Mr Kirk’s car towed off private land to the rear of his veterinary hospital in Tynewydd Road, Barry and onto the adjacent public road.

    Mr Button had then telephoned me to say that I was to remove the vehicle from the public highway but was to keep it for a minimum of fourteen days.

    If by then it had not been recovered by the rightful owner then I was allowed to dispose of it as I pleased.




  • 23rd July 2013 Final Submissions @10.30am Cardiff Civil Justice Centre Why Maurice Jailed Yet Again


     Closing Submissions for 23rd July13 final hearing of 20 year running case, Kirk v South Wales Police before we all move onto five more damages claims similarly blocked for years.

    The machine gun and rogue psychiatrist cases may be first

     The latter tried to get me incarcerated in  Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital for life.

     FINAL PAGINATED VERSION 13 07 16 Claimants Closing Submissions KIRK v SOUTH WALES POLICE BS 614159.pdf






    11 09 22 MUSA SNATCH KIDS BACK ORDER (part).docx

     re 25th July 'hand in' of SNATCHED CHILDREN PETITION  to Number 10 Downing Street.


     ACCOUNT OF INCIDENT     13 07 14 Claimant Position Statement.pdf

      AND JUST WHY? 13 07 15 five page interim submision BS 614159.docx

     Extracts from three ladies e-mails


    He said he was just being delayed to make life difficult before submitting his final summary. 

    Chicaneries and shenanigans – before denials, lies and crimes to cover up crimes...

    He had given them my phone number in the afternoon, and they called at 12.40 in the night!!!


    Just as Maurice had one page to complete his response for Civil action it appears that SWP are at it again. I have no idea what has provoked them but he is being 'processed' at Cardiff Bay Police HQ as I write as I have phoned the custody suite (via three operators) A Sergeant Morgan informed me that he would tell M that I had phoned.

    Dear Maurice.docx


    The South Wales Police painted my old decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun a different colour, deliberately, in order to try and fool the Cardiff jury for their planned mandatory ten year imprisonment to stop this 20 year running damages claim once and for all.

     When that failed they resorted to playing their 'gulag card' by blackmailing their very own NHS Caswell Clinic prison psychiatrist to satisfy no less than eleven Cardiff judges, so far, that I have a paranoid delusional disorder with significant and irreversible brain damage all possibly because of a tumour.

    When that only achieved, for their victim, an three extra months in jail there only remains the ultimate deterrent other than having him shot.

     A Section 42 is again in the grubby hands of the Cardiff Cabal ready for HM to deal to prevent the very real risk of further embarrassment  within the Principality's judiciary.





    Inside The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons  building while being Struck Off the veterinary register

  • South Wales Police Three Month Trial Closing Speeches on 23th July 2013


     Extract from Claimants Closing Submissions

    On 29th May 2002 the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, upon receipt of 7th January 2001 written complaint from the South Wales Police, removed the Claimants name from the veterinary register, for life, because the Claimant had been found guilty of having disrespect for authority



    This three month trial produced NEW EVIDENCE re below extract from RCVS 2002 London enquiry when the convictions was used to have me struck off

    This trial confirmed I delivered valid motoring insurance proof to Ely police station most likely under the control, at the time, of either Chief Inspector Brian Genner (the daughter of whom had a miscarriage blamed on me) or Inspector Robert Nelson Roe who used a sledgehammer and crow bar, helped by a van load of officers, to smash their way into my Cardiff veterinary surgery  to put Alison Genner back into my overhead flat with the drug dealer boy friend, Anthony Glen Gafael.





    Both these incidents produced statements on the same day by Inspector Roe from Gafael and guess who produced O' Brian's

    What these two incidents have in common is that Dolman's drafted 25th Feb 2009 Barbara Wilding Affidavit with her denying any knowledge of the break in and miscarriage Ely incident or the Llantwit Street incident with O'Brian saying he issued a HORT1 + demand to see Registration docs for the Guernsey ambulance.

     The reader following previous blogs may now guess why the defending QC denied seeing the O'Brian incident pleaded in the Action by the Claimant and the court refused me the right to call any of the conspiracy identified by Special Constable Deryn Wilson blurting out she had telephoned Guernsey police pretending she had lawfuly issued a HORT1 (for O'Brian) as by the time the trial came for 'not producing valid insurance'  for O'Brian circumstances changed, with 'trouble at mill'!

    A 'can of worms'  and the ususal I have suffered these 20 years fighting it in Wales

    13 05 22 A G Gafael Court Order.pdf 




    1. Despite considerable data having been passed between both the Defendant and Guernseys authorities, for a period exceeding thirty years, there was been no successful prosecution by either judiciary despite the unusual need for the Claimant to operate his respective veterinary practices on foreign motor vehicles or registered under fanciful names.  

    2. Despite the Claimant having been ordered by the Defendant to produce evidence of valid motoring insurance, no less than thirty five times between the dates of 1992 and 2002, there has been no successful prosecution despite countless Defendants direct communications with the Claimants insurance companies.

    3. Despite the Defendants successful complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons the Claimant has since received no notices of intended prosecution for failing, no less than eight times, in producing his driving documents when stopped by a uniformed police officer.  

     schedu;le motoring_0001.pdf

     Schedule with names of registered keepers



     13 07 14 Claimant Position Statement.pdf





    So what do intend doing about it?

  • Guernsey Unfinished Business Required a Discreet Flying Visit via Alderney Air Show & France



    NICK'S NAT WEST  BANK AND OWN LAWYERS, OZANNE VAN LEUVEN and PERROT, not forgetting PETER FERBRACHE , the ring leader, SWINDLED THEIR OWN CLIENTS, Partners in a veterinary practice.


     Meanwhile the unsavoury bunch of gentlemen, after tearing up the veterinary partnership agreement, throw every thing they can at Nick's partner, bar the kitchen sink left  on that miserable piece of rock while he is trying, lawfully, to recover their joint property. 

    When over twenty illegal incarcerations, so often meaning locked up for a few days and then released without charge, to break his single handed business and a string of fabricated criminal charges the incestuous bunch resort to playing the Stalin 'gulag card'

    Deja Vu?

    I awaited the South Wales Police 'machine gun ' equivalent' and it came in the shape of ACK Day (HM Comptroller), Nick Blackwell's past swindling advocate, falsifying, while the jury waited, the charge sheet

    No one seemed to care but I had been originally charged the maximum fine of £200 as no statutory prison term existed in the law books

    Deja Vu?.

    Months later, while kept in prison, as the partnership swindle was now publicly blown from the top of a crane it was decided to change my charge to a substantial one, changing it to 'contempt of court'.

    But someone had forgotten to cook all the paperwork records  when all I had done was simply standing up in court and speaking what they did not anticipate.

    Deja vu?

    I had demanded 'Best evidence' Achbold 39th Edition , in those days, page 1001, sight of the original charge book

    Day had oozed himself out of the Royal Court, in the special adjournment, to the nearby police station and to his horror had found the charge was only a possible fine!

    Deja Vu?

    So Day and de Vic Cary, set about sticking over a new charge that could carry a long prison sentance- Deja Vu?

    Incidentally, the latter's grandfather as Bailiff, had identified the young Jewish girls to the N*z*s, in 1942 and had them sent to a concentration camp to be exterminated

    Deja vu?.   

    ACK Day then took a photocopy of the charge sheet after a card with typed new was stuck over the , rather like I had done  in Taunton, of a Chief Superintendent Hawkins  borrowed personal note book and had produced it in court to cause the quashing of serios fire arms charges

    Deja Vu? (not a Lewis Machine gun , that time but an 18th Century flintlock type 'Brown Bess' rifle currently stolen by the South Wales Police 

     [ The South Wales Police did something similar in order to  try and fool my Cardiff jury by painting over this silver painted Lewis, originally  bought from me, a year earlier,  as painted 'all black'.

     Not just this guy as the new owner, the police used as a prosecution witness but also the arms dealer who sold it, anything to try and get the mandatory 10 prison sentence to stop this three month trial nearly over.

    The Lincolnshire air museum were told to keep quiet about the new 'paint job', carried out by South Wales Police or he could go to prison instead!] 


    In those days, in Guernsey too many lawyers and bankers were involved in day to day fraud or 'white collar crime' and as it is now, immune to prosecution.

    I knew none of this culture, of course, it was a British island for Peter's sake!

    And I had caught the little b*st*rds 'red hande, red handed for fraud and in the subsequent  theft of both Nicholas  Blackwell and my veterinary business they attempted a cover up

    Deja Vu? (their MAPPA level 3 card was played

    Joseph would have been so proud of them and their cousins in Bridgend HQ.

    Someone had forgotten the existence opf the island's ubique prohibitive injunction

    81 Fraudulent Collusion between NatWest Bank.docx




      (Maurice was arrested on his return to UK) 




    MAPPA ring leaders are getting away with it 

    Dressed appropriately for a HM Guernsey Law Court



    Who  else was so bloody stupid?



    Forced to all live of a boat, for two years, having been refused the right to buy and live in a Guernsey house


     Maurice found, this week, his harbour crane had gone!


    Guernsey Legal aid Association really gets up their noses


    I left Guernsey via a boot of a car after threat to have him drowned


     South Wales Police files hidden in Brittany



  • South Wales Police Require Outside Investigation

    Count the lies in Police Lawyers Closing Submissions                           BS614159        

    No wonder I was never allowed a jury

    The lawyer defence team for the Defendants Skeleton Closing Submissions, to defend the 1992 -2002 bullying by the South Wales Police, have printed out such a thoroughly misleading account, in well over thirty or so, so far heard, of a hundred or more appalling incidents of criminal conduct, by three Chief Constables, no less, obviously requiring an outside  intervention.

     13 06 24 Kirk v SWP Defendant's Closing Submissions.pdf 

    Talk about blatant Common Purpose, Masonic Plot and the New World Order agenda!

     Is it not time for us to go away and read the small print of political parties such as UKIP?

    At least no one in South Wales can say they have not been warned of things yet to come.

     The countless written lies that are so fraudulent and so contrary to what is on court transcript, witness statements and 20 years of stored Claimant court exhibits, the matter should not be left to the HM discretion of a single judge but be reported to an outside police force immediately.

    Truth Will Out

    Counter submissions, the actual facts rather than a fairy tale, will be published later after my proposed visit to Avon and Somerset Police with the complaint.

    [Much of evidence, contradicting these defence submission, is already on the last three months of blogs]

    (My telephone number for more is 07907937953)


    SAMPLE of Claimant's closing submissions



    2nd Action Paragraph 7 

    Yet another account riddled with pre confirmed lies due to the usual information, available to the lawyers, of any aircraft movement in a controlled air space

    Para 295

    No, not true the helicopter flew double that distance

    No, not ‘suspected’, police already knew the Claimant was pending the successful Taunton Crown court appeal requiring no evidence needed to be given. (difficult not to be prosecuted for 'low flying' when landing in a farmer's field for lunch.

    Para 301

    This outrageous account of launching a hugely expensive helicopter just to assess who the pilot was!!!

    All it required was to look in log books of aircraft/pilots onboard/ ring ATC Gloucester for records/ get ATC Cardiff to ask or simply send the Llantwit Major’s police car two miles to landing strip and enquire after the aircraft had landed.

    Police identifying the pilot as being in the front ‘pilot’s seat was a joke, in itself, assuming a WW2 J3 L4 is usually piloted so. Which seat did I fly from when I then flew her to Australia, solo and stuffed with fuel cans?

    No, they kept no safe distance and in fact, it was all very dangerous, as close as the length of the court room, plus a foot or two.

    Both pilots confirmed it was illegal, inside the 500ft Air Navigation Order rule. unless the police had a justifiable reason to put so many lives at stake?

    Interesting how the ATC Cardiff asked G-KIRK to orbit until the police helicopter arrived. We could have diverted and landed, quite easily, at the Cardiff police heliport, in time we were made to wait, if the matter was so very urgent.

    Paragraph 303

    No. The radar facilities at Cardiff cannot measure distances between such aircraft to ensure safety

    No, not true. To prove the point of just how dangerous it was the two helicopter crew both had to admit they each lost sight of the cub for sufficient time to get her an imaginary five second burst from a WW1 Lewis machine gun, ‘up their tail’.

     The CAA should have investigated the police dangerous prank but I was not going to report another pilot simply being black mailed by a bunch of bullys sitting at HQ calling the shots.

    Paragraph 306

    All part of the police bullying, harassment and ‘money no object’ mentality, following the Claimant only because:

    I)      being blamed for their Chief Inspector’s daughter' miscarriage,

    ii)   ‘sour grapes’ Guernsey asking to ‘put the knife in’ as it carried far too an embarrassing consequence if the outstanding ‘open arrest warrant’ for the Claimant’s was to be implemented

    iii)   and not let us not forget their anger of their recent string of lost prosecutions, against the Claimant, ‘stitched up’ yet again, by too many, proving malice.