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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

Breaking News:

October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • It happened in Bristol: Maurice, for once, felt listened to as a Litigant in Person

    Nobody hardly ever gets to know when and where Maurice is taken to court, not even he himself.

    But yesterday he was in a Bristol court and Justice Morgan listened to his ordeal. The result: his medical examination is being adjourned. If and when this brain scan will take place, that doctor in that clinic will have a hard time justifying his report and having held Maurice incarcerated in his clinic. But we begin to know that 'expert witnesses' are writing what their paymasters expect from them, don't we, at least for the purpose of child snatching...

    Until then, the legal profession is trying their hardest to make Maurice bankrupt, while prison staff make it impossible for him to conduct his legal proceedings: no way to send money to lodge Judicial Reviews, no photocopying. Carbon paper that has been sent, has never reached him. 

    What does it take to bring HMP Cardiff to the 21st century? Tomorrow I'll visit the prison in Berlin Tegel. After all, the German SS seems to have been the model for what is happening in the UK...

    May my mum have saved me from the bombings of Dresden for really good reasons! And may McKenzie Friends be accepted as public interest advocates: in prisons - for legal visits, in courts - to access court documents, and the committee rooms of Westminster - to be heard as REAL voices for 'the general public'!

  • MAPPA or NOT MAPPA - is that the Question?

    MAPPA stands for Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement. It is being applied to the 5% of the most dangerous criminals in the country. 

    Being registered as MAPPA means that prisons can co-operate with Police, NHS and other agencies more freely than otherwise. Meetings take place, minutes are being taken, reports are being written. In theory, prisoners are to be informed of their special treatment. In practice, it seems to mean controlling 'political' prisoners. 

    For from the two cases I know of, Maurice Kirk and Joseph Chiwar Musa, MAPPA is being used to ensure that "everybody knows" - except the prisoner.

    Why should s/he know how they are being administered / processed? Who cares about prisoners anyway? Why should "justice" be administered to people who defend themselves, so that lawyers can't make a living out of them? Is this the essence of the adversarial system? Or have things only become that badly, because the whole financial system has become so bad? Wikipedia writes that "justice is done when the most effective adversary is able to convince the judge or jury"...

    I have this image of a clothes wringer that is being used to 'squeeze' people and wring their lifeblood, their finances and possibly even their fighting spirit out of them. Meanwhile, lawyers and courts are making their living by turning the handles...

    Maurice received this letter about not getting 'disclosure' of MAPPA records. First no medical records. Then no MAPPA records. Then "this evidence must not leave the prison". Next week I'll be visiting a prison in Berlin so that I can compare notes... 

    What's the point of Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts, one wonders? 

    What's the point of writing about prisoners, if they don't know what is written about them? 

    What's the difference to those 'expert witnesses' who have never even seen their patients? 

    I just wish I knew why the Ministry of Justice believes its services are such that they deserve being exported...  

    Forgive me for applying my Germanic sense of scrutiny and Slavic sense of passion on behalf of prisoners whom I consider seriously badly treated. But there must have been a reason why my mum saved me from the British bombs in Dresden... 

  • Extreme Police harassment + extreme prison conditions => chronic litigant + extreme violation of human rights

    Maurice's ordeal makes it clear to everybody who sees the Emperor's clothes:

    • any document on any human right is a farce: the Police run the country, as they have the 'force to enforce' which is always stronger than any individual
    • South Wales Police, in particular, don't mind re-using a false report from that doctor of that clinic in 2009, to get Maurice sectioned by Tottenham Police, when he helped the Musas, as criticised even by Dolmans, the solicitors of South Wales Police, in this letter
    • the Courts are complicit in oppressing people, as their law is "accountable to the court" not to the court's "client", as demonstrated on this site previously
    • Litigants in Person have a hard enough time to defend themselves against the 'legal mafia' when outside; being inside makes it virtually impossible, as letter 1 and letter 2 between court/judge and prison show; only Maurice with his incredible capacity for endurance and juggling oodles of court cases can keep going.

    Let's hope that his lifestyle in prison is conducive to the 43-day trial in his civil case for damages that is scheduled for nine weeks, starting 26th April 2012.

    But then there is a criminal case listed for 2 May 2012. It's up to HMP Governor to decide Maurice's fate, it seems... Another reason for our newly formed Association of McKenzie Friends to campaign for legal visits in prison (and hospitals), besides NOT banning anybody from the list of people that prisoners can telephone.

    Here's his TO DO list until then - in a letter to one of his keenest supporters. To the Manager of Administrative Courts, he has expressed it in this letter.


    In a dramatic development last Friday at the Crown Court in Cardiff, Maurice had the chance to inspect the evidence presented against him by the South Wales police.

    One of the exhibits was a poster that he had allegedly sent to The Doctor in July of last year. Once he had it in his hands he noticed that there was an envelope attatched to the poster that bore a postal franking mark, the kind that you get on a letter that has been posted from a largeish office, or from an official source, like, for example, the offices of the South Wales police or some such organisation. Maurice NEVER USES A FRANKING MACHINE, as anyone who has received a letter from him will be able to confirm, so he called this to the attention of the Judge, who of course pretended not to hear, (but it will be on the transcript, or it had better be). Maurice then turned and showed the envelope to those watching from the public gallery. It was clearly visible to those who sat there watching: franking mark and all.

    Now this is where it gets really interesting: Maurice had intended to send  the envelope to the Judge in his civil case against the SWP, but yesterday the Police contacted the prison to insist that the exhibit in Maurice's hands is "NOT TO LEAVE THE PRISON". Why on earth would they do that with an exhibit that was presented in open court?

    Of course the principal reason that Maurice does not use a franking machine is that he hasn't got one. They have to be rented, and moreover they have a unique serial number which is included in the stamp mark. One can tell precisely where a particular envelope was posted from!

    It appears as if they may have shot themselves in the foot, AGAIN!!!

    It seems that the web they weave is a bit more tangled than they can cope with, as Maurice keeps saying: "the truth will out".

  • McKenzie Friends are Wisening up: CPS and Judge are misquoting the law to stop cross examination

    It's clearly up to McKenzie Friends to play 'voluntary watchdog' and check what 'professionals' are doing to their victims. Whether it's the Family Court that allows the Musas to be arrested and not to be given bail, or whether it's Maurice who is being prevented from cross examining witnesses: McKenzie Friends know better!

    The CPS and Judges are misquoting law to stop cross examination by MJK. CPS and Judge say they decide to stop a defendant cross examining under sections eg 36

    • “where it would enhance the quality of the complainant’s evidence..”

    But they leave out the full sentence of the law that actually states:-

    • “where it would enhance the quality of the complainant’s evidence and it will not be contrary to the interests of justice to make such an order.”

    In the Musa case, the plan is clearly to get the children adopted, while the parents are in prison and to drop the case to deport the parents.

    But, there is case law that states clearly that civil proceedings must stop while criminal ones are pending! Meanwhile, the criminal case is being prolonged as much as possible - without any contact with the children of course! Fairness and justice in the UK - especially towards black foreigners!...