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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

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October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • Seven Years for Child Cruelty and a Lying little Coronation St Actress Michelle Collins

    Where I would simply say this actress is a BL**DY LIAR because her conversation, at her door of her house, was tape recorded and the rest is a fairy tale. Her subsequent conduct was also witnessed by several, including my self when I took photograghs anticipating the shallow attitude such a woman would make of this family's tragedy.

    Sabine best puts it well when writing to the gutter press:

    Dear Anissa Haddadi

    Given your article of 14th August, I presume that you were neither in court nor have you visited the parents in prison, let alone the children in ‘care’.

    I must assume that you were simply copying a press release, and I am most curious to learn who issued it. Who is benefitting, besides Michelle Collins, one must wonder?

    I don’t want to go into the details that are simply wrong in this one case, except for the most outrageous claims of ‘possessed by evil spirits’. Please watch the mother, an ordained Bishop, in her passionate preaching to know otherwise.  

    As publisher of Victims Unite, I had received many emails about the Musas before starting a website to publicise their ordeal, whilst caring for my mum in Germany. Eventually, I received a ‘gagging order’ from Haringey Council – the third one to wear with pride... For I’m a systems analyst, mathematician and computer scientist. I look at Punishment without Crime and note that the Musa case is acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases known to all experts in the field.

    Why should International Business Times be interested in either Michelle Collins, Haringey Council, Nigerians or child snatching? Or is it simply the summer trough that needs to be filled with sensationalism?

    Still, should you be interested in more biased, truthful and ultimately investigative reporting, I’d be happy to supply you with more information, including a photo of the 23 files of documentation that Haringey Council produced to keep some lawyers busy...

    Who benefits, must always be the overriding question, it seems.

    With kind regards, 


    Post prior to sentencing:

    Blog Private Prosecution on the UK Judicial System.docx


    Mr and Mrs Musa are to appeal their conviction and sentence

    Gloria Musa is too ill to see visitors in prison.

    Today the Holloway Prison concocted excuses, varied as repeated, that a wheel chair was not parturent bleeding, cannot walk etc etc


    Westminster Magistrates there also

    Dear ALL!!!

    ONE WEEK WARNING.....!!!!!!!!!!

    2nd Private Criminal Prosecution - FIRST APPEARANCE WEDNESDAY 15TH AUGUST 2012 AT 10AM

    The first appearance of Metropolitan Police officers Sergeant Gareth Blackburn and Detective Constable Stephen MacDonald will be before;

    Westminster Magistrates Court
    181 Marylebone Road,
    NW1 5BR
    Tel: 020 3126 3050

    Nearest tube :- Marylebone or Baker street

    I have confirmed with the court all is on for next Wednesday. As you will all be aware this is a historic case in which the officers concerned have been summoned for the following offences;

    - kidnap (max sentence life imprisonment)

    - false imprisonment (max sentence life imprisonment)

    - aggravated burglary (max sentence life imprisonment)

    - burglary (max sentence 14 yrs imprisonment)

    - affray (max sentence 3yrs imprisonment)

    - Misconduct in public office (max sentence life imprisonment)

    The hearing at Westminster will be simply to 'send' the case to the Crown Court. Most likely Southwark Crown Court.The BBC have confirmed coverage of this case, cameras will be rolling outside the court house. Do try to attend if you can as this case could have massive implications. Bring placards and banners and show your concern for the failure of the state to hold the police to account.

    If you haven't seen the Guardian coverage of this, please see here;

    See you all there!!!!!!

    The discredited Independent Police Complaints Commission

    As many of you are aware, I have reported that the Deputy Chair of the IPCC, Deborah Glass to the police for perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office. The nature of the offence relates to evidence I presented which demonstrates a willful failure to investigate the criminal conduct of the Metropolitan Police. (effectively the supposed primary purpose of her role)

    I have had confirmation from the Metropolitan police in two letters that this investigation is indeed underway. The crime reference attached to this case is CRIS 2314237/12 and is being investigated by the 'Specialist and Economic Crime unit SC09'.

    These supported facts went out in a press release stating that the Deputy Chair of the IPCC was currently under criminal investigation as of the 3Aug2012.

    Predictably the IPCC then issued threats of legal action if a retraction is not made, typical bullies using public money to threaten us into silence. Well I suggest you may wish to email Director of Business Services and tell her what you think of the IPCC. Maybe you also think there should be a full criminal investigation of their role in covering up the criminal behavior of the Police.

    If Deborah Glass wishes to take me to the High Court for a defamation case then she can be my guest. I am happy to confirm that I reported her for what I believe is criminal conduct, the cover up of clear blatant criminal behavior of the Met Police. I am happy to confirm my communications with the Police, that they have confirmed that this criminal investigation is underway.

    Should the case go ahead (which I doubt very much, even they wouldn't be that stupid) I will be calling upon other victims of the IPCC to give evidence of the IPCC and their cover up of police criminal conduct.

    Ms Glass states that the fact she is under criminal investigation is 'damaging to her reputation'. I would suggest as the head of a widely discredited organisation, her reputation is like that of the IPCC, severely under doubt. Indeed if she was an honorable individual she would have tackled police criminality when presented to her.

    Indeed if the IPCC think this is not the case, I guess their problem lays with the Metropolitan Police and their communication on the matter. Maybe they could put in a complaint....... see how far they get with that! lol

    Defamation case

    The Metropolitan Legal team still need more time, always delaying and the window for mediation rapidly closes.

    Parliamentary Inquiry into the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

    The Parliamentary Inquiry into the IPCC has started back in July with it's first hearing. Giving evidence was a representative from the Police Action Lawyers Group (PALG), Deborah Coles from INQUEST and Doreen Lawrence (mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence).

    They were scathing of the performance of the IPCC......

    Finally, the new head of the IPCC, Dame Anne Owers gave evidence. She was instantly made aware that the committee had already heard some very serious criticism of the IPCC. Dame Anne Owers was very much on the back foot and offering her own ideas on reform of this much maligned organisation.

    My opinion remains, the IPCC must be abolished, a new organisation formed made entirely of civilian investigators. I am willing to take up the post of head of investigations. I will be fearless and act without favor in my pursuit of criminals acting in the post of constable.

    A number of people have now been called to give evidence infront of the Committee, including our much loved fellow campaigner Ian Puddick.


    I have been attending the Inquest into the death of SEAN RIGG at the hands of the Metropolitan Police in Brixton Police station. SEAN's death happened in August 2008, like all deaths at the hands of the police, the families are facing an uphill battle to find the truth behind the death.

    The inquest was shocking and the jury, much to their credit, delivered a damning verdict against the metropolitan Police for their involvement in the death of Sean. For example they stated;

    "whilst Sean Rigg was in custody, the police failed to uphold his basic rights"

    Still, everyone of those officers is still in full employment with the Met police, indeed many have had promotion. Of course once again the IPCC's hand in covering up the circumstances behind the death of Sean is evident. It is alleged that on the evening of Sean's death, IPCC investigators' attended Brixton police station and in conjunction with Met police professional standards officers instructed all police involved NOT to make any statement about events!!!!!!

    This is clearly so that they can prepare statements once they have gathered all evidence, statements to present a benign narrative to events. Of course, officers were caught lying on oath at the Inquest. (there is currently a separate investigation into this) As with all lies, they have short legs and generally go belly up under the slightest of scrutiny.....

    The Rigg family are an inspiration and a true example to all those fighting the injustice of police corruption. I met Sam Rigg about 3yrs ago and from her impassioned speech about her brother's death, you could instantly see she and her family have what you need to get behind the police lies and uncover the truth.

    Please support the Rigg's in their continued quest for both justice and accountability.

    Police accountability

    I attended the very interesting evening put on by "Defend the Right to Protest" titled 'policing on trial - How do we get justice?'

    I suggested we ignore the IPCC and they sham police investigations into their own conduct and prosecute them in the criminal courts ourselves. Quite simply this is the only way, as with all SELF REGULATION, it never works.

    You can watch the evenings presentations here;


    Hope to see many of you at Westminster Magistrates on the 15th August at 10am,

    Michael Doherty

    JUST IN ON E-MAIL from John Graham

    hi -

    Helen called Marcus and the asst. solicitor has pointed out
    that we should get Glorias side to what happened today Sunday 12 Aug at
    Holloway prison during the planned visit with her. I must say this may be the
    only time ive actually listened to what the guy has said.

    Perhaps we should wait and see what Gloria has to say on
    Tuesday, or if nothing is forthcoming, reassess the appalling situation then.
    This does not help her get medical treatment though, which must be urgent if
    she is issuing blood clots from her stomach. The prison is clearly covering
    things up perhaps in the hope she disappears completely out of their
    jurisdiction in the worst possible way. Helen says she has not heard from her
    since Tuesday - perhaps as she cant get to the phone and the employees refuse
    to help her get to the phone, or let her have the use of a wheelchair.


    excuse typos from my phone - sent earlier: 

    The screws lied thru their teeth ane the knew since tuesday
    to make arrangements for or to notifying us of cancelling the visit. If she has
    seen the medic who says she is fine they say how come she wasnt produced today
    in a wheelchair which attard says theo have? She has not been heard of since
    tuesday when she called helen and she doesnt know to call the new solicitor urgently
    which we were to tell her today

      Here is something seriously wrong. please tell all media / everybody. myseif,heather
    and helen went to holloway today but they refused to bring gloria saying she
    refused to come on the visit and she was well enough. the truth is they refused
    to give her a wheelchair or bring her there. she cannot walh now and is
    bleeding blood clots which they are denying. wf waited the entire hour wiile
    they made excuses and even an asst governer turned up called attard who said
    they had wheelchairs whilf the screws said she couldnt be brought because they
    had no wchairs. they are refusing her medicgl treatment but are saying shes had
    it and is fine but she cant get to the phone foi 5 days, is feeling giddy and
    is bleeding blood clots and cant walk and needs urgent treatment. tiease help.
    have told maurice who is thinking what to do.

     Here is something seriously wrong. Please tell all media everybody. myseif,heather and helen went to
    holloway today but they refused to bring gloria saying she refused to come on
    the visit and she was well enough. the truth is they refused to give her a
    wheelchair or bring her there. she cannot walh now and is bleeding blood clots
    which they are denying. wf waited the entire hour wiile they made excuses and
    even an asst governer turned up called attard who said they had wheelchairs
    whilf the screws said she couldnt be brought because they had no wchairs.

     They are refusing her medicgl treatment but are saying shes had it and is fine but
    she cant get to the phone foi 5 days, is feeling giddy and is bleeding blood
    clots and cant walk and needs urgent treatment. tiease help. have told maurice
    who is thinking what to do.

     jg -- I sent this from my 3 mobile


    I got home at half past eight
    As I said to Helen and John although I did not manage to see Gloria the visit was not completely wasted as I have now been completely convinced re the ongoing corruption at Holloway

    We got through the screening  process without any problems and sat down in the Visitors Hall. Gloria was nowhere to be seen. I asked a female warder at the desk whether Gloria would be coming soon and she said she was ringing to see what was the problem. This fair-haired prison officer ( John has her number)said she was able to walk but would not.  I asked whether they had any wheelchairs and was told no. We sat down and had a cup of tea and Helen advised that we should stay to end of the session so that the authorities couldn't say she turned up after we went.We noticed two extra people  were positioned near to us. John and Helen went and asked to speak to someone higher and were pointed in the direction  of one of these people , a Mr Attard. I thought three people might  have been a bit much so when John came to sit down I went up to him. He told me they DID have wheelchairs and apparently according to him she had been seen by medical services the previous day and told she was fine. I explained that I had worked as a biomedical scientist and if that was the case she must have had a haemoglobin and an x-ray to be able to say this. Ok, I know, but by this time  these people were really irritating me. Then  I got the privacy of information bit. We just left at the end of the session.

    Helen had previously said Don Marcus was going to visit Gloria on Saturday. After she left she rang him but couldn't get through. I should imagine she will ring tomorrow. We needed to know whether he had visited, whether he had seen Gloria and also had she been in a wheelchair.
    My mind is now going round in circles trying to decide what to do next. Helen has said that she is very worried as the last time she  spoke to her which I think was Tuesday Gloria wasn't very coherent and was saying she was feeling dizzy.These are symptoms  of anaemia.

    Lynne will speak to you tomorrow and hopefully by that time will have a reply from Helen with the info re Don Marcus's visit.


  • 13th/14th August Wood Green Crown Court London MR. GEDALJAHU EBERT and Nigerian MUSA Family SNATCHED Children face Sentancing

    • Typical examples of the daily widespread abuse in our law courts while lawyers cash in on the wide spread chaos.

    I have read and studied Ebert's and Musa files in detail. They are classic examples of the current state of bankruptcy and family courts in the UK with no one anserable for their mistakes.

    Some Council little Hitler or court official starts it, makes the mistakes only to be covered up by a string of judges frantically passing 'the buck'....Deja Vu, Maurice?

    Catch 42.pdf

    Even I was arrested there, while giving evidence for the Musa' refused bails, for failing to surrender to a Cardiff Police station when the appointment had already been cancelled, as I had been sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act at Tottenham Police Station!  my photo to prove a Musa reported in that day 

    The following official 1st December 11 extract from the court tape recording of District Judge Charles, in Cardiff Magistrates, indicates just how evil things are becoming in UK law courts......a million miles away, now, from King John's Magna Carta.

    I was jailed from 23rd September until 1st December while the CPS did not oppose bail overriden by the Recorder of Cardiff having given Judge Brown and Charles, et al, orders to keep me locked up, so I could not prepare for the 10th Nov Harassment hearing re a rogue Welsh police psychiatrist. He had just fooled the Metropolitan Police on falsified 2009 psychiatric reports still on Cardiff court file. The machine gun scam had failed so what are they going to do next?

    Judge Charles is heard on tape to go on and say CPS had 'offered no evidence' for my incarceration meaning I had been jailed under false pretences.

    Charles then says the offence, for what I was facing, Common Assault, was a 'relatively insignificant incident' when an ex police Cardiff court official broke my leg, by pushing me down a flight of court steps, whilst I was on my crutches and daily forced doses of morphine sulphate.

    A selection of court tapes will come on line shortly (when I can master the technical points to physically post windows media player snips.

  • Court Videos of Nigerian Musa Case 14th Aug for Sentencing

    Poor Haringey Council victims in Wood Green Crown Court on Tuesday having had their seven children snatched by Haringey Council. On 15th a private prosecution at Westminster Magistrates while Cardiff continue to refuse to list my private prosecutions on the ring leaders who had me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act now three years AGO!

    If there is a 'doubting Thomas' out there who still questions anything on this and other associated web sites about the current appalling state of Cardiff law courts then, may I suggest, you listen to and or watch a series of tapes and videos now available to you.

    While the Supreme Court is allowed to be filmed and Cardiff repeatedly refuse me the right to hear Crown Court tapes of hearings, at gross variance to their extortionately expensive transcripts, especially those made lately over their very own rogue psychiatrist and perjuring Cardiff HM court and custody staff, then be my guest and ring 07907 937 953 for details. 

    Until the day Cardiff's own judiciary is answerable to any one, as they bargain with Whitehall to write their own law, then just how bad can it get when they do finally get what they have already been promised?

    Last one to leave switch the light out.

    My latest letter to Criminal Court of Appeal, London


    Criminal Court of Appeal                               Criminal Court of Appeal ref: 201203241 D

    Royal Courts of Justice Cardiff Administrative Court   ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012


    3rd August 2012

    Dear Case Worker,

    Appeal against Breach of Restraining Order Conviction

    Only by Bristol Crown Court’s repeated  intervention have I been able to now obtain at least a few of the pages  of contemporaneous record from the Cardiff Magistrates court log, the latter having written , more than once, stating I that am not entitled to it.

    Within the late released pages, one enclosed, AFTER my 2nd May 12 Crown Court hearing for ‘Breach of Restraining Order ‘, subject to your appeal, there is a sealed set of Crown Court and/or Administrative Court Orders for ‘when Mr Kirk is convicted’.

     Several of my Judicial Review Applications were then current and have now been heard , again with my being quite unaware of the ‘sealed brown envelope’s content that directly related to them.

    I make application for the disclosure of the content of His Honour Judge Christopher Llewellyn QC’s ‘sealed brown envelope’ as there will be or there was, before they got warning , a finally  drafted Restraining Order, no doubt.

    Should the court require that  I have available the most accurate record of the full deliberations of District Judge John Charles Cardiff Magistrate’s, leading to the purported service of a Restraining Order, on allegations contrary to 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act, then I will supply.


    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    Copy to Bristol Crown Court

    Cardiff  Administrative Court


    Feedback from this blog now indicates why the content of the 'sealed brown bag' from the recorder of Cardiff was so hushed up by the Cardiff cabal.

    It is all about why  the prison prevented my attending the 28th Oct 2011 London court and my sentencing, re Musa Haringey Council solicitors fiddle and why my JR was blocked from process following my severe conviction, also in my dramatic absence, that notorious Cardfiff case, last year, charged for 'Threat to kill the Lord Mayor of Cardiff'.

  • Bristol Crown Court to Order Disclosure of HHJ Llewellyn Jones Nov 11 Orders re Harassment & Common Assault Unfinished Magistrates' Hearings

    Both Cardiff Crown Court and Magistrates, for eight months now, have refused to disclose the sealed brown envelope containing a higher court orders without my knowledge........see last blog post...

    This means not only my expected Appeal court intervened and I could not appeal by way of JR appplications, appeal to the Criminal Court of Appeal or Criminal Review Commission as I did not know about it!

    Surprise , surprise? may not surprise you to know that the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) have now cut my phone off to them, as my letters are not properly replied to,  so I cannot obtain the reason why their draft restraining orders, seen being handed about, commented on by both judges, are  no longer in existence. Who is lying?

    Neither courts nor CPS have them explainiing why they were both reluctent to disclose Mr Bowen's statement (last blog) nor allow me acces to hear the Crown Court tapes when the CPS was actually admitting their existance and ordered to produce them!

    12 07 29 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal ref.pdf

    12 07 31 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal re1.pdf

    These prior Crown Court Orders, blocking me right too cross examine, even the police, explains why HHJ Hughes refused to give a reason for blocking my having even my lawyer's legal papers, for me for the case and in the court. These files were either being withheld by GEOamey Custody Services, at the bottom of the court steps along side my cell or sitting in the arms of my Mackenzie Friend on the other side of the bullet proof glass!   See on 1st and 2nd  March transcripts below

    12 02 16 MJK Complaint to HHJ Hughes.pdf

    12 01 27 A20110290 - kirk - proc - 27.01.12.pdf   page 7 onwards

    12 02 22 RO trans re YJCE Act.pdf

    12 03 01 A20110290 - KIRK all proc - 01.03.12.pdf

     My legal papers deliberately included the lawyer drafted JR application, below, for HHJ Hughes, re District Judge Charles blocking my right on two separate cases, pending Bristol appeal and 'Harassment of a rogue forensic psychiatrist, using totally opposing, if not bizarre, reasoning but, of course, I forget , I was in a South Wales law court wholoed fighting for autonomy.

    11 05 10 JR MJK mod Common Assault [1].pdf

    And there is the small matter of District Judge John Charles, contrary to orders, having to suddenly release me from Cardiff prison, on that 1st December 11, without either the custody staff nor prison staff ready for it leaving the botch up of the so called 'service' of a restraining order being concocted for the pretermined jury trial later.

    These bizarre original statements then became even more contradictory following my very restricterd few questions on cross examination......the 2010 machine gun case all over again.

    And of course, the videos and tape recordings of court proceedings, exposing just how disgusting Cardiff courts operate, are  long over due for cyber space publicity

    Part of a later blog post.......

    Tape recordings of Cardiff Magistrates and other courts are easy to put up on cyberspace but those needing videos, for example, of court cases you need to e-mail me on: