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Reports on his current court case that started September 7, 2010 and previous stories. Please sign our online petition asking for Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities - in defence of Maurice and many other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here's the newsletter that invited people to sign. And here are the first wonderful comments by signatories.

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October 2011: Maurice on hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. See Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... For first time visitors, a one-page summary is on a complementary and introductory blog. Also, Maurice on a 12-minute video in Jersey.
  • The decommissioned, triggerless machine gun: reason for imprisonment, sectioning and torture by withholding medical records

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    Mike Robinson wrote this excellent article in UKColumn in October 2009, while Maurice was still in Caswell Clinic. It also shows that machine gun as 'corpus delicti' (body of crime) on a photo that Maurice took when he sold it.

    Another related article on the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is here and leads to a more elaborate one here.


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     "In Britain we have a bad system, run by very bad people!"

    A quote, tonight, from some 'old man' of  special WW2 naval history, I forget the name, thrown out of my 1st October 09 Crown Court hearing, he was, whilst I was applying, yet again, for bail with His Honour Judge Nicholarse Cooke QC presiding. What a classic example of 'HM Partnership' in that Cardiff cess pit, Norman witnessed that morning, as they waded through their own excrement to further 'screw the tax payer' and ridicule what two world wars had been fought for. That specific judge and his HM Crown prosecutor both knew, of course, I had long been classified a South Wales Police MAPPA level 3 terrorist, trading in machine guns, weeks before my arrest, but no one thought it expedient to inform either me or my family. That is why being hundreds of miles from there, right now, is just a lot more fun.


    Another quote from Lancashire. I have just put 'les moules' qui J'ai achete a la ville, ce matin, sur une cuisiniere chaude avec les  garlic {iiiiii), creme fraiche, un peu de poivre, deux tomates et voila: un repas formidable....

    A demain, une autre guerre...

    Bon soir!

  • News Release: Accessing Medical Records becomes a Political Issue

    NEWS RELEASE    26 October 2010

    Accessing Medical Records becomes a Political Issue
    Flying Vet approaches Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman via his MP

    The CEO of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board has not responded to letters from Mr Kirk, his MP Alun Cairns and the Health Minister Edwina Hart AM. Hence he has asked his MP to complain to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman and request the release of the medical records required.

    Maurice J Kirk is a private pilot, veterinary surgeon and property owner, whose hip replacement was scheduled first for June and subsequently for July 22nd this year.  However, his surgeon and anaesthetist are still waiting to read the medical records produced while Mr Kirk was held in the psychiatric Caswell Clinic for 12 weeks in 2009. This stay was enforced as part of seven months in South Wales prison due to “threats of criminal damage” and “possession of prohibited weapon and ammunition”.

    In reality, Mr Kirk had bought and sold a plane that had attached to it a machine gun. But South Wales Police would not accept that the machine gun was decommissioned. The machine gun case is one of many allegations between Mr Kirk and South Wales Police. In fact, he has won over one hundred of them.

    However, he has not yet won the current action for civil damages in which lawyers’ costs of South Wales Police have reached £800,000. As he is on morphine sulphate and other pain killers with serious physical, mental and emotional side effects, Mr Kirk is medically unfit for the trial which has been adjourned until November 8th. The judge has stressed the unusual aspects of the case which, due to its complexity, is planned to last for 10 weeks.

    During the court proceedings in September, Mr Kirk wrote to Mr David Sissling, the CEO of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, without getting a reply. Hence he asked Alun Cairns MP and Edwina Hart AM for help. In his case before Cardiff County Court, the Flying Vet,  charges South Wales Police with countless false imprisonments, malicious prosecutions and failure to investigate crimes against him, his family, surgery and law courts, in particular, the court of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

    "We have been following your ‘trials and tribulations’ with some sadness here in Florida. So sad that your own country men would treat one of the last true British Explorers with such cruelty and stupidity. Please know that at least all the tail dragger pilots in the world are rooting for sanity to prevail in your case.” Tom Frohne, Florida

    Maurice J Kirk on 07907 937 953,
    Sabine K McNeill on 07968 039 141 or in Germany 0049 33876 90166, email

    1. The Forum for Stable Currencies campaigns to comply with the rule of law, see also Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 
    2. Victims Unite! and Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police are published by Sabine K McNeill

  • On to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

    Mr David Sissling, CEO of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board has not answered Maurice's letters of September 15 and 18, nor the one by Health Minister Edwina Hart AM or by Alun Cairns MP.

    Hence I have asked Alun Cairns MP, on behalf of Maurice, to send this form to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

    In support of 'having exhausted all complaint procedures' are two letters by Maurice and two by Health Minister Edwina Hart AM: of 7 September and of 20 October.

  • Of course it's justice! You're being tried by a jury, aren't you?

    What would have happened if Maurice had had a jury instead of 10 judges refusing him bail???

    Or is that too simple a question to ask? Here's how Cummings sees it.

    Well Cardiff Magistrates Court thinks that Maurice needs a lawyer to speak on his behalf...

  • VIP Support for Access to Medical Records required for Hip Replacement

    On 7 September, Health Minister Edwina Hart AM writes that she has written to Mr Sissling, CEO of Abertawe BroMorgannwg (ABM) University Local Health Board to "look into this case and reply to you directly."

    On 19 October, Alun Cairns MP confirmed that he had written to Mr Sissling, but had not yet received a response.

    On 19 October, I Cc'd Alun Cairns MP in my email to ABM Complaints and got an anonymous acknowledgment - with Cc to Alun Cairns MP.

    On 22 October, Danielle Conroy, the Investigation Officer of the Fitness to Practise Directorare of the General Medical Council, writes "we are unable to correspond with any third party"...  

    On 20 October, Edwina Hart AM reiterates that Mr Sissling is responsible.   

    Will Maurice or his GP get his records before Christmas???

  • Too ill to demonstrate - the real indicator of Maurice's health

    Maurice LOVES to 'be out there' with his banner, megaphone and hand out leaflets. He knows he speaks for hundreds and thousands across the country. But this week he did not feel up to it. 

    Meanwhile some of his friends and supporters have communicated with the General Medical Council and the Health Board in Wales to find out the real reasons for withholding his medical records. 

    And his case is one of five that have been put before European Organisations in Brussels. For Article 47 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights guarantees an 'effective remedy and a fair trial'. Well, Maurice has certainly had neither on more than one occasion. 

    So watch this space! We'll keep you posted!

  • Maurice's demo handout: Complaint to General Medical Council, Cardiff

    Tomorrow, Monday, Maurice will demonstrate at the Welsh Assembly, from 11am onwards. He'll buy lunch for everybody who is going to give him moral support by being there.

    As a handout, he will have copies of this letter to the General Medical Council available.


  • Today's Position Statement - with reference to Police Video

    Despite headaches from his pain killing drugs, Maurice managed to put this position statement together that also refers to the video that he put up on his front page, despite its bad quality.

    The Police ought to disclose the good quality original! But they seem to think they make the law as well as enforce it... 

  • William Bunting, Orthopaedic Surgeon Extraordinaire, Extraordinaire

    I have just found out, two minutes ago, my old friend, William Bunting, died 19th August, in Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.

    He had lived in Milverton, Somerset in the original house of the famous Deaken family, one daughter, Lavinia, very hot red head, I used to know, whose father signed the cheques for my Council grants, each year, to get me though veterinary college when not resitting and having to rely on selling the 'home brew' revenue, instead, made in two large dust bins squeezed into our tiny student flat.

    I remember William very well. It must have been the Spring of '78, being carried into East Reach Hospital, Taunton, by John Long, he, by the way, having jumped off some water fall in Brazil for some chap called Mr James Bond, in some film called 'Moon Raker', as Roger was, apparently, a bit scared of heights....join the club!

    John had slipped a £5 note to the Weymouth ambulance boys, on the cliff top, to 'buggar off', once I had realised I was not going to my regular orthopedic surgeon in Taunton. John took me in his own car to Taunton that night, my screamiing in agony having bounced as I hit the ground at an estimated 50 mph. The net result in executing a very, very lucky perfect parachute roll, from a starting point at a 100ft up with a completely stalled airfram facing a 15 mph head wind resulted only in smashed ankle, compound, bruises dissipated along my right side of knee, elbow and shoulder, meaning I would walk, one day and not be a wheel chair job. The classic 'pilot error', running out of height, air speed and ideas all at the same time.

    We had been flying hang gliders off Golden Cap, the famous fossil cliff near Lyme Regis, Dorset, long before the advent of microlights. Yes, I had been asked, as a commercial pilot, to put a Stihl chain saw engine on her, with home made propellor and to, literally, run off a cliff. The first accident was near Minehead, near Doone Valley country, 500 ft up.....we were not allowed wheels on our kites, in those days.....CAA strict regs ....."she who has to be obeyed," you know.

    As for this second accident, William Bunting told me, as the morphine wore off, he had, that previous night, both condyles of my right leg, tibula and fibula, in his hands, musing the possibilities before causing fixation screws to have me walking, today, over 30 years later!!!! .....see web photo gallery.

    Getting back to flight tests for, possibly, the first UK microlight,....... Mr Bunting sorted my fractured shoulder, on another occasion, on another late night, following my test flight, that afternoon, off a 100ft bluff, with my 'chain saw kite' off Hay Moor, North Curry, where we had, most Christmas Eves carried dad's double barrelled 8 bore, used with his home made and loaded black powdered cartridges, to have that 'grey' fleshed goose for dinner. Oh, the memories, trigger pull, pause, 'poumph', a jet of flame out of the barrel, not a bang. As the flight of Teal, less one, continued climbing vertically, me, eight years of age, crouching in dad's home made punt, watch him divert the left remaining barrel for our main meal. The other 'Flight', the old golden retriever, is dispatched, unserimoniously, into the ice broken water to retrieve both birds.

    The flight, I am drifting, oh , no, so contrary to my our experimental aircraft, that Autumn of ?78 caused my 3rd accident (first ...fractured left scaphoid and ulna....explaining the state of my hand writing...(my story and sticking to it).

    William Bunting, once again, sorted me out with a clever op on the shoulder , a putti plat ..spelling, at this time of night , is not importent but to tighten the ligaments and muscle layers over the glenoid cavity which has stopped a re occurence of subluxation or dislocation.

    Ah, but the finest memory of all, with my very special orthopod was at Tredegar magistrates, circa, 1994, at the very top of the Welsh valleys.The magistrates case had already been in Chepstow, lost, appealed to the Royal Courts of Justice, won on JR but referrered back to Cwm Bran, whereever that is, stoppped, part heard, for some reason I forget and then retried, for the third time in Tredegar!

    I was beginning to get the feeling the courts in Wales or CPS had some vendetta to pursue such a minor motoring matter to such extremes. But, of course, I was new in South Wales.

    Brooksy, of all people, demanded he sit in the gallery, to witness the fiasco, my having briefed him in advance of their predictable conduct. Brian Brooks was the local scrap dealer who, too often, had beaten me to French aircraft hangars for neglected 'french beauties' near snow covered Eperney, I remember, Moet country, East of Paris.

    But John just recalled the story to me when, in my passeger seat, just days of leaving hospital with William's brilliant work on my ankle, me on crutches and plastered leg, getting my Charlie 150 into Brooksey's scrap yard, 200 yds, uphill, in thick fog, and out, purely to have roast beef lunch, with lots of fat and to take, later, tadpoles in a jam jar for Caspar, my then, first son, is only a smidgeon of what occurred that day.

    Back to the plot:

    William Bunting, circa 1993, volenteered to give evidence at Tredegar magistrates court, refusing any travel costs, that he had replaced pieces of bone in my right ankle, found in the wrong place, as he produced the x-rays, holding the court's complete attention. His brilliance, for me, to evade the young PC and later police dogs, tracking, allowed my leaping across the very wide watery ditch, up onto a wall to a five barred gate, walking along, trapeze style, to the next wall, keeping my scent well off the floor. Next it was up on to the roof of the hay shed of local farm, to watch for an hour or so as police fanned out across the fields, blue lights flashing, alsatian dogs barking, between sniffs down each hedge row. Then things quietened. William's ankle allowed me to walk two miles to a Chepstow hotel where the hot bath, a double brandy or two, for medicinal purposes, and good company, was all truly appreciated.

    William had found it difficult to believe, he said, that an ageing veterinary surgeon, with such an obvious impairment, could have succeeded to have 'outrun' a 25 year old Welsh rugby player. But I could not run, if I had tried, for more than 25 yards, due to the severe arthritis. But was reminded, later however, that Maurice had been picked for Twickenham, as a young lad, for the finals of the public schools seven aside.

    It was all too clear that a conspiracy was afoot relating to my Guernsey registered car. If you believe it, he wanted to arrest me for 'failing a road side breath test', for his third attempt! Two perfectly good breath tests had been carried out, but he was then heard to call for 'back up' with no positive reading on the dial.

    A slight shiver went down my spine......Guernsey harrassment, all over again. Noone would arrest me in the following months, only stepped up night surveillance outside my Barry veterinary surgery with incidents now before the Cardiff County Court. When he came to collect the car, another veterinary surgreon was dispatched for the purpose only to find the car, retrieved off the M5 by police, in the Chepstow police private car park, but with ignition leads all disconnected, for all the obvious sinister reasons. Another shiver trickled down my spine.

    The Chepstow court, refusing legal representation or proper disclosure of records, found me guilty, later, in my had been nearly 6pm and the case had continued all day. I was on duty as from 5pm. The nurse's bleeper went and she left the public gallary to call the surgery. A possible caesarian was needed at Farmer Williams, Michelston Le Pit, Dinis Powys, meant the obvious, immediate exit. The warrant was soon issued for my arrest. The ensuing 29 minutes bike ride, from Chepstow Court car park to farm gates, was timed by cowman and myself. The nurse had been left, meantime, arguing my corner with Their Worships who, in the end withdrew the bench arrest, much to the chagrin of CPS.....the real cuprits of what was yet to come.

    A long outstanding feud, with incompetent, arrogant 'authority', was beginning to re-gurgitate old tactics, at what everthe cost, finally, to block income, for lawyers in the RCVS, to jump on the band waggon, following a direct request from Barry police.

    The fact that the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, on 29th May 2001, had relied on this Tredegar conviction, to have me struck off the veterinary register, did not help my demeanour when, later, before the 6th January 2005 RCVS court, for reinstatement, when Sheila Crispin, the then President, said...."each conviction rendered you unfit to practice veterinary medicine."

    Time to find another good bottle of Medoc and raise my glass to William and his family on behalf of, not just my old joints but from other similarly grateful patients.

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