Another 2 year Extended Civil Restraint Order handed down preventing any further Applications to the RCVS, with the threat of a Contempt of Court Indictment if I do.

My Appeal to Court of Appeal will re-iterate the law stating the RCVS must convene a  public court to hear my application to practice veterinary surgery.

A witness statement setting down the conspiracy facts between the South Wales Police and College is on 'Most Recent Downloads' with a lot more to follow.

B2/2006/2307, CO/734/2005, CO/54/95/2006 CO/8751/2007, CO/2006/1602, CO/397/2009

Dolmans, Solicitors
Windsor Place

17th June 2009

Maurice Kirk v South Wale Police

1st Action BS6141159‐MC65 delayed by Mr Justice Andrew Collins

2nd Action CF101741 delayed by Mr Justice Andrew Collins

3rd Action CF204141 delayed by Mr Justice Andrew Collins

4th Action 7CF7345 delayed by police failed disclosure

5th Action 8CF02269 delayed by His Honour Judge Chambers QC

6th Action 9CF02983 delayed by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

7th Action CO/397/ 2009 delayed by Mr Justice Goudie QC

Outstanding Witness Statements

‘Hairy Students'

Dear Mr Oliver,

Mr Justice Goodie QC and your client's ‘hairy students', as they so described themselves when approached by Patrick Cullinane Esq., all strategically positioned around Court 6 of the Royal Courts of Justice this week, know or should know the matters to which you now refer in your letters of 17th Dec 2007 and yesterday, pretending to seek specific disclosure as they are currently in your possession [Action 3. 8.26].

You know police sergeant Rowe was seen wielding a sledge hammer while other police with crow bars broke into my veterinary surgery in Ely, Cardiff, during June 1995. Eight surgery break-ins I suffered and your Sgt Runnalls in Cardiff Crown Court denied every one of them telling the jury each incident, at the Llantwit surgery, had been ‘criminal damage' not a ‘burglary', [God forbid, it could put off the tourists].

And why was Sgt Rowe smashing his way into my building without first contacting me with the key, Mr Oliver? They told you in order to put back into my overhead flat a drug dealer, then shacked up with an Alison Jenner, a daughter of a police Inspector he being a long time client of mine. Read the police statements again that Goodie J predictably declined and ask yourself just why Wilding had to bury the incidents and Goodie had to quash any chance of an adjournment blocking any further legal process for discovery of documents by handing me down a two year ban using an Extended Civil Restraint Order. The police about the court in plain clothes may consider wearing white coats next time as I may feel more at home.

All this evidence and more has already been given to you relating to this incident highlighted in my 4th October 08 letter, yet another to Barbara Wilding, Chief of South Wales Police, listing well over 40 police incidents caused by the police surveillance team specifically assigned by her predecessor to follow me.

These 40 odd incidents were relevant to Mr Justice Goodie QC as well, relating to the gaggle of lawyers representing the Royal College, but I could not disclose them to him without your client first being forced to admit that they existed and I was swindled. As for HM Attorney General, currently five years into attempting to have me certified, he did not even bother to send representation. She was needed to answer to the content of the leaked HM internal memos between HM Treasury Solicitor and Cardiff court staff and other seemingly undesirable trysts featuring in this seventeen year running litigation. An ECRO is a poor second to being certified as a Vexatious Litigant, but will at least block my lawful right to have Section 31 disclosure of conspiracy between the RCVS and the South Wales Police.

The 10 years of unrelenting police harassment I have suffered until, of course, they had me struck off the veterinary register, is compounded by your client's continuing refusal to disclose, contrary to the Fraud Act, causing my 7th Application now, to rejoin my family's profession, to have been refused awarding £7,000 costs for the purported expense for a brief hearing and the photocopying of the same court documents from my previous application before Mr Justice Lloyd Jones in June 2008. That case is still smoldering somewhere in the Court of Appeal, smoldering because statute law states the college must convene a public hearing for my application to work and refuse for fear of previously withheld evidence, as with you, coming to the notice of the veterinary profession and tax payer.

I have again been refused a public hearing, contrary to 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act, 2004 rules on procedure and 1415 Magna Carta, the decision having been taken by some girl, I'm told, sitting alone in some gloomy back room of the college's head quarters in Horseferry Road, London.

Despite my 2008 Abuse of Process Application, granted by Mr Nicholas Chambers QC, leading to Ms Wildings falsely sworn 25th February 2009 affidavit, denying court cases and police incidents ever occurred, you have the apparent audacity to delay, yet again, when you know, full well, I was arrested and charged, your client continuing to pretend these 40 odd police occurrence numbers are purely a figment of my imagination? I need a substantive reply to my 4th Oct 2008 request in order to assist your enquiry. Blackmailing me with the same threats as before is to be expected bearing in mind the law is only as good as the integrity of those entrusted to administer it.

Are you therefore seeking a further 2 weeks to exchange witness statements?

Both Mr Justice Goodie QC and your client's myriad of lawyers present witnessed as to just why I raised these matters before the High Court my doing it to obtain yet another pretence letter from you stating your client still has no knowledge of the 40 police incidents listed in my 4th October 2008 application for disclosure, being some from a hundred or more similarly drafted letters my secretary will confirm she typed over many years whilst in my employ.

Your ‘systemic risk' taking to the whole legal industry may come to fruition, as it has done with Penningtons for the RCVS, ridiculing the good name of the veterinary profession.

I need our trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC to read Monday's transcript but far more importantly, the UK tax payer to hear it and to consider your proposed conduct before embarking on your lucrative 6 month Trial without a Jury needing well over 200 hundred witnesses not all yet disclosed.

One of my various secretaries, over the years, only yesterday reminded me that she would arrive at my surgery each morning only to ask, "What new police incidents do we have today to record?" We would then set about gathering evidence for the latest criminal court pantomime or current JR nonsense between a castration and retained afterbirth, no doubt. Retention of police records by the police was my secretary's paramount policy, writing, telephoning all and sundry. Incident numbers, custody records and where necessary, attending court herself when I have been locked up over night.

One such case, your client still refuses to fully disclose, was Action 3 paragraph 2.1 where she witnessed, from the public gallery, my asking, hemmed in by prison officers, just why was I in prison?

Both Jackie Seals, prosecuting and the clerk of the court refused to disclose any information on the matter, saying later there were no documents as to why, but instructed the Magistrates, also none the wiser, I assume, to order my immediate release with no apology or bail conditions.

Jackie Seals again refused even to tell His Honour Judge Gaskell, in one of my earlier Abuse of Process Applications, as to why I had been arrested, jailed and kicked out the door by your client.

She went further, having been silent in Magistrates, saying, before the Crown Court, she refused to answer my questions as my witness, "for fear of incriminating myself". Counsel for your client, the South Wales Police was made to admit to Judge Gaskell I had been arrested for refusing to leave the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show where I had been Honorary Veterinary Surgeon for most of the day. The arrest, he admitted, was for Breach of the Peace and nothing else.

The RCVS struck me off for it, for life, it appears, now Mr Justice Goodie QC has refused to grant a Judicial Review, while the college's thoroughly deceitful lawyers keep the cash, originally awarded £66.000 costs by HM Privy Council, £12,000 by Mr Justice McComb and your client's HM Crown Prosecution Service, also immune to any ‘accountability', awarded £11,000 by Mr Justice Griffiths Williams who was performing, incidentally, in the court next door to Patrick and myself, on Monday.

It stinks, Mr Oliver, doesn't it?

I was therefore at Barry magistrates yesterday putting the finishing touches on my private criminal prosecution of both you and Ms Wilding, my intention being to produce tape recordings, gathered over the years depicting, in particular, the demeanor of presiding judges when I have dared to suggest that lawyers and police in UK courtrooms have a signed and sealed arrangement to act with impunity should any past indiscretion come to the surface of their gutter during any subsequent court proceedings. It was drawn up by The Law Society and called The Memorandum of Understanding to support the already existing HM Partnership.

There I had a chance meeting of the original lawyer in Cardiff Magistrates, Action 3 Para 5.1, my having been ordered by the police to produce motoring insurance for the 35th time. I refused winning the case including the 7th time police had stopped me as a banned driver only to be proved they knew I was not.

My secretary yesterday, when told of our meeting, remembered my showing the court my driving licence, pressed up against the prison glass for all in court to see, my being imprisoned overnight for "having no driving licence"!

I have a set of hand cuffs and I will be around to your offices later this week.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy Court of Appeal &