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Litigant in Person

The thorn in the eye of the legal professionals, Litigants in Person run the risk of being labelled “vexatious litigant”. But also THE opportunity for strengthening one’s character and one’s ability to help others and get help from others, eventually to make a difference to a system of financial exploitation and legal oppression. Here are [...]

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Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal Court of Appeal,  ref: 201203241 D Administrative Court  ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012 Royal Courts of Justice Court                                              



12th January 2013


Dear Ms Bracken,


Prosecution Refuse to Supply Depositions to Litigant in Person   


  1. Police evidence, for the 2nd May 12 ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ jury trial and this subsequent appeal, was sent to Cardiff prison by the CPS but I was not allowed them  in court unlike any other prisoner, on my prison wing, on legal aid.
  1. I repeatedly requested for a duplicate copy for a solicitor or Mackenzie Friend outside the prison in order to help an incarcerated Litigant in Person prepare his defence.
  1. During my 2009 farcical ‘machine gun’ trial and acquittal, again being unable to give evidence, I was given duplicate copy of deposition papers and even legal aid, without examination of my financial status, anything to stop my cross examining the police officers in the MAPPA, Chief Constable and NHS conspiracy. It was blackmail to use a Luigi Stranati, HMCTS Delivery Director’s hand picked Welsh nobbled barrister.
  1. A fat lot of good, no need, as His Honour Paul Thomas QC simply refused me either deposition copies in the court room until the closing stages of a two week trial.
  1. During 4th May 12 ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ trial I was again refused, in court, any legal papers at all [See references on transcript, court log, prison and GEOamey Custody Services records and prison and court cctv except an extortionate obviously redacted and inaccurate Luigi controlled HM transcript, bought on borrowed money].
  1. Both at original 1st Dec 11 magistrates ‘harassment’ conviction and at its 1st March 2012 Crown Court Appeal, Luigi, again refused my legal papers in court, eye witnesses or those to confirm I was, any way, immune to prosecution by sub section 3 a) & c) of 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act.
  1. In July 2012 I was again jailed for alleged ‘Breach of Restraining Order’, again only reliant on the false information from the original ‘on the sick’ police psychiatrist.
  1. The CPS continue to refuse to provide copies of those depositions for this appeal that must have been in existence by my September12 release, with all charges dropped.
           Yours truly,             Maurice J Kirk BVSc                   Copies to CPS, Cardiff & GMC, London, very shortly to receive my visits.


Luigi Strinati's title is a Delivery Director (for the whole of Wales)
He is one of only seven delivery directors across the UK. Thats how powerful he is.


Ha? What is this?

Caswell Clinic doctors in Cardiff court next week?

13 01 07 Magiistrates reply re Dr witness summons appl REDACTED.pdf

12 02 04 Assoc Mackenzie Friends to HM Gov Cardiff Prison.pdf

Solicitor's Regulatory Authority letter re Morgan Cole, NHS(Wales)Cardiff solicitors

13 01 10l SRA re Morgan Cole_0001.pdf

Notes from the public gallery of the extent the doctor was CPS barrister Evans 'examined' and little shyster, Swansea solictor, appointed by court against my wishes, 'cross examined!

Neither asked any relevant questions needed to 'put to proof' or 'challenge'

The tape recording of the case is available for any one as to publish may place me 'in some difficulties'.

Dr Magistrates Evidence.pdf 

Your Police Budget.pdf


Please Sign The Petition


To Mr Sashy Nathan, Solicitor, Bindmans, & to Mr. Amos Waldman, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers.

Re the Application by the Attorney-General's team for my 'COMMITTAL', to be heard before the Lord Chief Justice, the Right Honourable Lord Judge, in the Royal Court of Justice on the morning of 23rd January 2013. I have been looking again at The Treasury Solicitor's letter dated 21 December 2012 (received by email from you on 2nd January 2013). & note it invites written questions for the 'witnesses'. I believe this could be better than questioning verbally.

My questions to ALL witnesses - and everyone else involved in this persecution - JUDGES, LAWYERS, POLICE, COURT STAFF, 'SECURITY' STAFF, BAILIFFS & ALL, are:


 Did you read the story that Prime Minister David Cameron had announced that an Arctic Convoy Star medal will be awarded "to those who braved the deadly missions." "I am very pleased that some of the brave men of the Arctic Convoys will get the recognition they so richly deserve for the very dangerous work they did," the British prime minister told MPs."? It is notable he says 'some of the brave men'. In fact, more than 3,000 died on the convoys: Of those who survived, only a couple of hundred or so are still alive to receive the medal.


 Are you proud to be playing your part in sending one of those men, a man who fought to give you the 'Freedom' which YOU now enjoy, a man who has worked honestly & hard all his life, A MAN WHO IS COMPLETELY SANE, to die in a Stalinist 'Mental Hospital' - for the 'crime' of exposing the rotten apples in the judiciary?


 Or would you claim there are no rotten apples in the judiciary? QUESTION 4: Did you ever wear a poppy, & if so, what did it mean to you? Norman Scarth.


Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal      ref: 201203241 D Royal Courts of Justice Court    ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012  1CF 03546  9th January 2013  

Royal Courts of Justice Court



Dear Case Worker,


                                    Regina v Kirk               Breach of Restraining Order Appeal 


Supervised Personal Recording of Cardiff Courts’ Evidence 

The Cardiff Crown Court continue to refuse to reply to my applications to both hear and purchase digital CD record of my 4th May 12 jury trial when I was refused my legal papers in court, witnesses to give relevant evidence and carried on despite my need for medical attention following my attempts to extract some of the CPS deposition paperwork from my rectum.


In the past I have been allowed to hear court tapes but now I am blocked despite clear evidence of erroneous record on delayed and expensive transcripts omitting critical words as ‘inaudible’.


Yesterday I visited an almost fruitless Cardiff Crown Court encounter, following your advice following their refusal to deal with the matter over the telephone.


HMCTS Amanda …… flatly refused my hearing or obtain true copy of evidence subject to appeal in the Royal Courts of Justice .


I even summoned police from the street to witness and record in note book as no one, around here, seems to believe a word I say of what actually is going on in Wales as they barter for judicial autonomy.


 I APPLY to the Criminal Court of Appeal to allow me the right to hear and keep, at my expense, what /I heard on official digitally recorded CDs under the control of Luigi Stranati, HMCTS Wales manager.


I managed, by using the police presence, to make the court manager hand over copies of letters instigated by Luigi Stranati ….fairy tales relied on in blocking my access to any of the court buildings in order to frustrate appeals and civil actions for ‘s damages.

Website Blog summary of yesterday’s Cardiff Crown Court experience: .I have repeatedly been refused the right to hear my Crown Court hearings or buy the digital recorded CDs. Interesting that in England friends have not been so hindered by their courts, under the same jurisdiction.So I asked the police to attend Cardiff Crown Court this afternoon and PC 4215 witnessed it all,,,,,,eventually, an hour later, after the usual inherent deceit from one or two, I left ,faxed from County Court, Luigi Stranati's 2010 letter and Neil Pring's letter both refusing me access to any Cardiff courts unless I have a case.....as for listening to or getting CDs I was again flatly refused by Amanda MaCafrey, manager.


The Criminal Court of Appeal are therefore also being denied the proof that despite my asking my defence witnesses be named to HHJ Curren QC, in 4th May jury trial, re breach of Restraining Order, we are both refused proof that what is on the 'official transcript' is NOT what was accurately recorded by someone in the public gallery.no wonder the Norman Scarths and Patrick Cullinanes are also so frustrated to be convicted for taping their own cases strictly for their own use and serve prison sentances....interestingly Norman Scarth’s appeal in London is on 23rd January...PLEASE BE THERE


JUST IN FROM A MACKENZIE FRIEND I think the answer to the issue of refusal to supply the digital copies must be article 10 ECHR in that it is denying legitimate freedom of expression and also receipt of ideas etc.There is nothing in law to say that you shouldn't have copies, so any decision to deny you copies won't be prescribed by law. Also article 6(1) ECHR is involved, as you want the transcripts in connection with your appeal and JR. I think that the only remedy would be a Human Rights Act challenge by JR. However, it would be desirable if you obtained a written decision as to why you are being denied the transcripts.Have you received anything in writing explaining why you are being refused permission to obtain the copies? 

Yours truly,


Maurice J Kirk BVsc








Cardiff Crown Court,Wales  UK                                                                                                                          ref: 201203241 D & CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012 & 1CF 03546

11th January 2013


Dear Amanda Mackafry,


 Litigant in Person Refused CDs or Hearing Trial’s Digital Record .The Criminal Court of Appeal have suggested I ask yet again to hear the digital record of just what was said in 4th May 2012 Crown Court following my messages from the cells, for witnesses, being stifled. 

I wish the previous applications, over the past 20 years, also to be reconsidered for the civil damages claim hearing commencing 18th February 2013.


If I were a lawyer or on legal aid I am assured the recording is freely available and a doctor has just confirmed she was supplied with court CDs of a hearing in England so why so different in Wales?


It stinks, doesn’t it?


No wonder more and more, not on legal aid, tape record hearings for them selves.


In order to get that to which I am entitled do I really have to disclose publicly my mother was a Jenkins and grand mother was a Morgan, being a direct line from a notorious locally born pirate?


Yours patiently,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Copy to Criminal Court of Appeal




Cardiff Cabal Poster.doc    

In Cardiff County Court               Case No. BS614159

30th January 2013


Before: His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC








Application to call witnesses

I, Maurice Kirk, make application to call further witnesses, contained in the enclosed witness list, that have become relevant, since 1992, when these damages proceedings were first commenced. Between now and during the trial, commencing 18th February 2013, more prosecution witnesses will be identified and traced requiring, from time to time, still further applications for disclosure of evidence from parties to include both serving and retired police officers, HM court staff, HM prison staff, Probation staff, participants of MAPPA, FTAC and Special Branch, New Scotland Yard employees, Civil Aviation Authority officers and NHS(Wales) personnel.                        

Prosecution Witnesses for Trial




1.  Barbara Wilding ex Chief Constable c/o South Wales Police HQ, Bridgend

2.  David Vaughan, Chief Constable c/o South Wales Police HQ, Bridgend

3.  Luigi Stranati HMCTS Delivery Director c/o Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

4.  Neil Pring HMCTS Manager c/o Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

5.  Inspector J Dave MAPPA

6.  AJ Richards ACO MAPPA

7.  Assistant Chief Officer Granville Brunt MAPPA

8.  Nine of ‘machine gun’  25th January 2010 jury trial

9.  Jerry Cooper  machine gun buyer

10.         Original machine gun seller

11.         Detective Inspector Hughes c/o Cardiff Bay Police Station

12.         Chief Superintendent Tim Jones, Professional Standards Dept,

13.         Christopher Paul Alexander, (Ebbs) Hintern Airfield, Banbury

14.         Inspector Grothier Professional Standards Dept, South Wales Police HQ

15.          Dr Phillips, FTAC, London

16.         Dr S Coleman Cowbridge Health Centre, Cowbridge Vale of Glamorgan

17.         Dr Andrew Metters c/o Princess Of Wales hospital Bridgend

18.          Dr Gaynor Jones c/o Caswell Clinic, Bridgend

19.         Dr Seely HMP Cardiff c/o HM Cardiff Prison

20.         Dr of MAPPA c/o NHS (Wales) HQ, Port Talbot

21.         Dr Aisling Butler of Princess of Wales Hospital Bridgend

22.         Dr Tudor Princess of Wales Hospital

23.         Ian Mulholland Deputy Director Custody HMP

24.         HMP Governer Richard Booty, Cardiff

25.         HMP Governor Heidi Murray, Cardiff

26.         Dr John Azami, Anaesthetist, Vale Hospital, Vale of Glamorgan

27.         Professor Rodger Wood  c/o Swansea University

28.         Jim Mackenna CAA Investigator, CAA House Kingsway

29.         DC Evans c/o South Wales Police HQ

30.         DC Jones c/o South Wales Police HQ

31.         David Gareth Evans c/o 9 Park Crescent Chambers, Cardiff

32.         Ms Caress, Barry Magistrates

33.         Mr M Williams Cardiff Magistrates

34.         Inspector Trigg Rtd c/o Barry Police Station

35.         Sgt PS Warner c/o Barry Police Station

36.         PC Nigel Brown c/o Cardiff Central Police Station

37.         Crown Prosecutor Ms Jackie Seals, Capital Tower, Cardiff

38.         Sgt Runnels c/o Llantwit Major Police Station

39.         Sgt Phil Davies Rtd c/o Bridgend Police Station

40.         Maurice John Kirk

41.         Diane Graham, Brittany

42.         Scott Parry Highbridge Somerset

43.         Jane Walker, Llandow

44.         Michael Powell, Cardiff

45.         Jennifer Hanson Tynewydd Road

46.         Mr Thomas  Tynewydd Road

47.         Linda Holland, Barry

48.         John Francis Clode, Barry

49.         Gerald Thomas, Thompson Street

50.         Mr Murphy The Old Police Station Barry

51.         Ieuan Rees, Barrister, Angel Chambers, Swansea

52.         Antony Glen Gafael Cardiff

53.         Kirstie Kirk, Llantwit Major

54.         Angus Turnbull St Athan

55.         Jonathan Clayton ATC Cardiff

56.         Andrew Aishe, Taunton

57.         Crown Prosecutor Robert Mundy New Scotland Yard

58.         Sue Jenkins Dinas Powis

59.  Dr Bruce Fergusson NHS(wALES)

60.  Dr Push Mangat NHS(WALES)


This list is not exhaustive



The Gravy Train


Back in 1992 I was originally granted a jury trial by my then English solicitorand in around 2003 His Honour Judge Chambers QC granted one!


But the 'powers that that be', the Cardiff Cabal that run all the courts, had other ideas.....the Welsh papers being at reious risk of breaking rank with the obvious outcome. Cyberspace, remember,was still in its infancy.


No, I as given a jury purely to waste nearly three years of of my time and money with it being over turned in the Welsh High Court in a matter of nana seconds. Another court settled in a bottomless pit of tax payers' money and a cosy relationship between the 'all powerful' Welsh judges and a pack of unscrupulous lawyers, yapping at their heals soaking up the cash.


They have managed to draw this one out, so far, for twenty years. Der.oes it matter? The more they delay the more cash they get either from me or from the tax payer. [The usual arrangement is to steal from both as their is no effective taxation of lawyer bills in the UK and never forget the 'Memorandum of Understanding' between lawyer and theie local men in blue.


Cardiff civil justice centre pg1.pdf

Cardiff civil justice centre pg2.pdf

Cardiff civil justice centre pg3.pdf

Cardiff civil justice centre pg4.pdf






My Witness if the cabal dare






SWP Witnesses Kirk v SWP.doc


schedu;le motoring.pdf





On the 23rd Norman Scarth RN Rtd will challenge the current law with one hand , if not both hands, well behind his back.


My trial, similarly, will be another Cardiff traversty of justice its outcome settled years ago....only dragged out to steal cash, mine or yours.


Compimentary to any Whitehall Farce of Brian Ricks the stench from clumsilly hidden evidence from within police records will not be stiffled and is further arguement to allow supervised recording, for litigants in person (LiP) of magistrates and other proceedings HM runnning the extortionate game of selling you a so called accurate transcript at nearly £10 a page!!!!


I used to listen to court tapes but the evil bastards who run Cardiff Courts now refuse my listenng to or buying CDs as is allowed in the English High Court.





EBERT another case I have studied in detail......clearly swindled by corrupt judge...(it took three hours, under tuition to go through the papers)





Princess Diana and Royal Courts of Justice






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