The Schneider Trophy AIR RACE over Alderney on 28th/29th Sept 13

I have just been released from Cardiff prison

My cell window on 'lifer's E Wing 



 for a day or two, at least and am about to drag out of the shed another one of my an old WW2 D-Day Piper Cubs, hopefully, for winning your King's Cup race over my beloved Alderney where I practiced as a veterinary surgeon in the 80s.

The old gal looks tired, like me but remarkably similar, bar one digit, to my dearly missed 'Liberty Girl' sadly left behind miles below the Caribbean.

I need to get her stable mate, I suppose, 'certified to fly' this time and she has not even 'broken the bonds of Earth' for at least 20 odd years.



I have a small problem over current bail restrictions which prevent my landing on Alderney because I had applied for asylum there when seeking protection from the South Wales Police. See u tube clips on home page.

Also the South Wales Police appear to have my passport, HM prison hold my legal papers, for appeal and so,  coupled with the fact the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) are also 'burning the mid night oil' in finding ways of having me again sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act,  I now await a psychiatric report and brain scan.  Before I fly, as I have been diagnosed with ‘significant brain damage’ possibly , the CPS, told  the Crown Court, cancer and the lawyer must be right as he is now a Cardiff judge and may be trying my jury trial booked for November. (Not, this time, for ’trading in machine guns’ bolted to a replica DH2 1916 biplane).

Do I, in the circumstances, qualify for any special handicap or get a couple of hundreds yard start? 

If the flight organisers have any influence in Guernsey, maybe, to 'grease the wheels of officialdom' or can put the word about so I can flog, in time, a couple of my cubs, Pacer or Taylorcraft, then my chances of financing another win in an air race is considered almost 'in the bag'.

Despite getting from West Wales to Sydney Harbour Bridge first, on a 'test flight', the last time I seriously raced, I was not even allowed to loop the ‘coat hanger’ bridge but received a magnificent pair of Aussie made boots, instead, from Prime Minister, Mr John Howard!

Thank you.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

PS The 'other' Alderney Race I battled through, many times in the dark in 1970, was when perched on top of a very rotten 16 foot catamaran, bought for £65, stuffed with whiskey and two shillings a packet King Size Number 6, which was just enough to buy my first aircraft, a super  Sipa 901, registered G-ASXC (and could she 'flick-roll' and the rest, legend Neville Browning taught me!).

Tel 07907937953                                                                 7th September203





 G-KURK nearly ready for  Falklands via South Africa





'Nitwit 2' on a Jersey beach, in 1969, just before solo night sail to West Bay, Bridport,  Dorset, stuffed to the gunnals with Standfast whiskey and, triangular bottles please note, that don't roll around and break!

 GAOLED for non arrestable offence (My aircraft banner usually trailed my 1946 6a Tugmaster ......  See Photo Gallery

DO READERS of this BLOG wish me to name the doctor(s) before I return to prison? Your family may also have been contaminated by Caswell Clinic's petty politics, with their immunity to prosecution, when so reliant on local HM greed??

My e-mail:

 Following fabricated evidence, last summer, put in a 'victim' statement to South Wales Police, it appears the GMC have, at last, decided to act on both this aborted trial by jury 'stitch-up' and why the police had painted the machine gun a different colour to try and fool the 2010 jury...........I, for one, am not holding my breath as 'devil worship' is the dominating influence in both South Wales courts and UK police stations.

What is suspension?

The term suspension is used in two entirely different circumstances.  It may be either a neutral act while an investigation or other proceeding takes place or, in the case of a final decision by a Fitness to Practise Panel, suspension may be disciplinary in nature.

10 06 07 One Million Pound Claim against NHS (Wales)_only R (1).pdf

Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, great masonic friend of a certain psychiatrist, examined me in Caswell Clinic for nearly an hour. With, I must say, Ruth Bagshaw, the latter, I suspect, having none of his 'mumbo jumbo' that I had 'significant brain damage' because (quote from his well paid/ Caswell Clinic concocted 2009 report to get me to Ashworth for life) writing:

1.I was a drinking partner of actor Oliver Reed

2. I sunk a WW2 Piper Cub in the Caribbean

3. I had flown the same aircraft to Darwin (to beat Amy's, circa 1932, 19 day record) and  Sydney Harbour Bridge (to loop) from West Wales  without a map!....Dr Bagshaw was a witness , remember. And, remember I am still registered as a 'mental patient' despite refusing medication (food and liquids brought into Caswell almost every day by very loving wife) ......if only the sheeple 'knew what really goes on in our courts'... But there's hope: Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Division, calls for courts to adapt to the realities of the internet! See I Want to Sing, I Want to Scream, I Want to Shout: Parents and Grandparents Unite!


Dr David Roger Thomas and others at Caswell Clinic medium security NHS (Wales) prison, Bridgend, all in on the lucrative taxpayer funded scam of funnelling off vulnerable patients into their syndicate private clinics scattered across Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan.

Letter to Cardiff Magistrates:
5th Sept 13
Dear Sir,
This is my application in the light of proven fraud committed by Dr complainant to have me successfully gaoled yet again.
With it I require the medical evidence that I have 'significant brain damage' and possible cancer relied upon by His Honour Judge Richard Thomolow, back in 2009, to recommend , with 2nd Dr's signature, I be incarcerated in Ashworth for life.
The evidence needed is pursuant to 2rd Sept 13 Crown Court Order I that may obtain  an English brain scan using the correct technique this time.  
Maurice J Kirk
copy to MP

12 04 21 MJK REDACTED Psychiatric Summary.pdf

12 01 20 Remand Warrant &12 02 22 Judge Curran QC Court Order REDACTED.pdf

11 01 17 GMC REDACTED.pdf

09 12 02 Crown court Trans Extract.pdf


CPS Barrister David Gareth Evans fabricated document to placate jury withholding, throughout, the 1st Dec 11draft part hand written longer version all concocted in front of 10 helpers in the public gallery as district judge John  Charles scrawled all over it.

When jury asked, in writing, to see cctv and court/custody record of 'service' Judge John Curren QC said ' not available' (I, meantime , was in the prison , still unrepresented, following excessive rectal bleeding only because I was banned from having my legal papers in the court room!. (see transcript on earlier blog).

11 12 01 RO CPS Draft REDACTED.pdf 

13 07 05 15 @ 17.11 Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police BS614159.doc

23 08 13 prison letter to Recorder.pdf

5th September 2013



Clerk to the Courts of Cardiff Crown, County and Magistrates Courts

1. Please confirm  hearing is on the 17th of this month at Cardiff Magistrates as I need copy of the 14th November 20 Court Order issued to the magistrates by HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC, currently refused me, before I can defend it.

I had in prison a CPS letter dated 28th August over some suggestion I might agree with the case going to Crown instead. Some time period was given to me but I cannot remember what it was? This is not my current view but without proper disclosure of all correspondence, sent to me by e-mail and CCTV of the five police incidents just where is this case going?

2. On 2nd Sept 13 the prison confiscated  all my legal papers and clothes with it being the day of my release. I was refused access to my own 'high risk' category cell to even pack them up in some orderly manner. Can you send me copy please, of anything you may have sent since 30th January 2013?  Thankyou

3. Can one of the Cardiff courts, please, hand down an Order to get my papers back from the prison for the 17th hearing as, without, I am unable to take advice?

4. In prison I was refused carbon paper (removed from incoming post) so please return copy of my letters to your courts  and applications, in order to take advice...thanky0u


5. Last year on a longer prison sentence, whilst un-convicted, with all charges eventually dropped, I was promised the police depositions, including the doctors' statements I had harassed them both at home. I continue being refused by CPS....Can any court order them is it relates to the 17th September 13 magistrates hearing?

6. Now I am told, having telephoned Caswell Clinic as their registered mental patient, the two psychiatrists are that true?

7. Not just one but both doctors and each on one year joint £300,000 tax payer paid sick leave salary. AND that is not allowing for their joint income on the private psychiatric work they continue to do. Sickness is recorded as being due to my purported home visit when the police 'moved me on'.....I have no idea where they live nor any desire to know.

. The clinic promised to telephone me back but have not over the doctor who authorised my August 2009 brain scan revealing, unless miraculously cured by prison food, my 'significant brain damage and possible cancer. THE CPS told the Crown Court all this just to block my bail in 2009 for nearly 8 months so how can I be now eligible for bail or fit to defend this case in England without another brain scan, this time using the correct procedure?

Without clarification of the above issues the Bristol CPS, again, just like last time these judicial Cardiff games were played over an alleged 'common assault' allegation, will remain in some difficulties and so not oppose my appeal. A most unsatisfactory way of dishing out so called justice when the conspiracy cover up by failed disclosure wins the day.

7. In the five weeks of my recent incarceration I have asked all three courts for information and Crown Prosecution Service for disclosure disclosure of evidence under their control.  None of my letters had achieved a reply from any one department within Cardiff.

fg. Why would that be or may I transfer all cases, both civil and criminal out of the clutches of THE CARDIFF CABAL?


 ALL WE NOW WANT ARE THE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS THAT WERE BEFORE THE CURRENT RECORDER OF CARDIFF and Mr Justice Neil Bidder QC, in the Nov/Dec 2009 Cardiff court rooms, before the CPS applied for my permanent incarceration into Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital, any thing but anything to stop the current and six awaiting damages claims against the South Wales Police


Maurice J Kirk BVSc  







Luigi Stranati , HM South Wales Director of all courts, calls for  police to block my getting Criminal Court of Appeal and Legal Aid forms, with the hope I can appeal this latest preposterous nonsense designed, yet again, in blocking my swift determination of all my remaining civil actions. I am escorted from building immediately after being stopped from taking legal advise with a lawer.


I managed, just in time, to get Sue, in the office, to at least hand over copies of my unanswered prison letters before I am evicted. The time before, when there over appeal matters, I was violently pushed down the stairs, on a walking stick, causing ex policeman derrick Hassan to break my leg but that is just one of 50 odd complaints, in the past 20 years South Wales Police have refused to investigate. 







Another Classic WHITE COLLAR CRIME committed in CARDIFF COURTS


Rick outside Cardiff Civil Justice Centre yesterday

 So, just what is left in Cardiff that is lawful?

gaoled - definition of gaoled by the Free Online Dictionary ...

A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons awaiting trial under local jurisdiction. 2. Detention in a jail. tr.v. jailed, jail·ing, jails.                              


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