Obviously, an application for asylum has got to be done in French.

But in case you want to know what it means, here's the English text of the request sent.

It's actually quite simple: you just supply some proof of being persecuted and we think that this website does the job.

The terrible loss of Suzon Forscey-Moore whose funeral Maurice could not attend this week, for fear of arrest and jail before reaching Cambridge, was a timely reminder as to what  may ly behind the current 'ratcheting up' of police oppression in South Wales. 

Suzon was approached by Maurice, many years ago, for her interpretation of the apparent anomilies in the 1844 RCVS Charter and its subsequent replacements. Maurice believes the latest version is clearly in breach of the 1998 Human Rights Act and contrary to current European legislation. Suzon wrote this marvellous legal document as a 'Friend of the Court'.

'In house' lawyers for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons should have made it clear, very clearto Maurice, that at the  commencement of legal proceedings against a member of the veterinary profession, in 2002, the 1967 Royal Charter granted the College and its agents, 'out house' lawyers, (literally), full immunity to either civil or criminal prosecution in any UK court proceedings.

Likewise, the South Wales Police, the complainant giving evidence on oath at the RCVS court, were also granted immunity, when giving false evidence, by The Memorandum of Understanding between The Association of Police Constables and the Law Society.

Her Majesty's Judicial Committee has done EXACTLY what the College has done each year, since 2006 by refusing for a court to convene. The clerk in the Supreme Court building, Parliament Square, just as with the RCVS single member of their 'in house' jury, has refused Maurice's June 2010 (see photo gallery) application to their Lordships to intervene, Maurice dependant on the terms laid down in the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act.

Why, you may ask, are the RCVS so desperate not to allow Maurice ever to practice veterinary surgery again?

Maurice took the precautionary step, to see what support he had within his father's and wife's profession, by standing for election to college council, just before Their Lordship's dismissed his appeal.

Should Maurice be re-instated, both camps of lawyers believe there is a very real risk of him being voted on to Council which will give him automatic access, at last, to the contemporaneous record of the years of expensive enquiry made by both College staff and Penningtons, solicitors of Gutter Street London.

The Information Commissioner's Office, ICO, has flatly refused to reveal the College's excuse for withholding the information gathered for the trial, asked for under Article 6, ECHR, before 2002 proceedings before his HM Privy Council 2004 Appeal, in Downing Street and each year since, in his Royal Courts of Justice Judicial Review applications.

Asylum details will follow shortly. Meanwhile, he has appealed the clerk's refusal.to place the grievance in open court.