Guernsey Monday 29th Nov, Alderney 30th November, Jersey 2nd Dec.

 Not the 'salty' sort, Jersey Friday, Guernsey Saturday, Alderney, Le 'Centre de l'Univers', Sunday, ...for the rest of my life, if I could fiddle it...

Researching 'HM' Dependant Territory, Guernsey and its relationship with apparant  'melt down' in the South Wales courts, in the Principality

Have computer...produce digital projector.and white pub wall....London to Sydney Race, Japan crash, Ditch in Caribbean, drop in to Mr Bush's Ranch for tea, Target to be shot by South Wales Police, 10 Cardiff judges backing MAPPA covert surveillance, whatever ....shout quick as I am a 'moving target'...have sticks, will travel!


CORRUPT BRITISH POLICE WANT TO TAKE DOWN WEBSITES...what's this all about?  Every one warning my site is going to be pulled by judges, AGAIN! Of course not, not while I am out of the country....that's just not cricket, chaps....

HM Jersey...oh what a shock and I should have known better, havng experienced 10 years in the Channel Islands in the 80s. Arrive by boat, from St Malo, hobble over to Royal Courts to listen to some 'angry young man', another Health Minister, well ex, as if my coping with the Welsh environment is not enough, just to get my own medical records! This chap, Mr Syvret, had 'rocked the boat', perish the thought, so the GANG had him thrown out of the States of Jersey parish council and given a prison sentence...hang on, have I not heard all this before in Guernsey, 25 years ago, with some questioning their lack of human rights?.

As a tax payer, whose money subsidises this HM dependent territory of the Crown, not of the UK Government, therefore outside the standards expected by UK, am I not entitled just to walk the corridors of this court ? No, apparently. A couple of 'little Hitlers', at the door of the Royal Court, left overs from 1945, no doubt, quickly argued I could not even come without escort? Now this sounded good, Maurice, what kind of escort? Your tourism has dropped 75%, but I didnt think you would stoop to this, despite the island's insatiable appetite for money, of whatever origin. 

This court is where once I went, to win a bit of typical insular nonsence at their appeal court, with the prosecution offering no evidence. Only to be given not a penny costs for a night in prison... Is this not a serious Deja Vu? Did I ever leave Wales? Is it a public building or not, I quietly ask, do the general public have access to the criminal courts, to just observe???

Without hesitation they called the police. Got to keep the Arab investors happy, I suppose. In an hour of hobbling around the Christmas streets I heard no one accent form Jersey. Unless inundated with Poles, Rumanians and the ubiquitous Irish is now the dominant work force?

Good old Channel Television. Were they nobbled by 'HM', to cause the the cancellation? Are we getting too close to the heart of the 'gravy train', based on HM Royal Charters? No interview, not a problem ...retire to the Prince of Wales pub, in St Helier, before supper... Two in a row, sent back, well 'off' beer, at prices in excess of most London equivalents, soon told me it was to be an early night, Maurice..... But the taxi restored my faith in my conclusions, I was not alone but too risky to quote untill well away from the island.

Tomorrow, having lunch with my old secretary, Grace de Carteret, in Guernsey, inerview with Guernsey Press and then a flight to Alderney, hopefully, to a real place, that put the 'Great' in Britain. Guernsey, now that stay is going to be quite different, might be delayed. Has anyone beaten the island's hunger strike record or have their veterinary practice stolen by the GANG, I wonder? Who of 1981 to 91 will I bump into first?