5am 15th Nov 2012

A 'melange' of subjects all relevant to what Geoffrey Scriven Esq fought for:

Another Bristol 93.2 Dialect Radio Broadcast next week



12 11 13 SWP Disclosure Request.doc

06 10 06 SWP RCVS Oct 06 Court of Appeal Application.doc

07 02 03 SWP RCVS 3th Feb 2007 Court of Appeal Office.doc

STOP PRESS ----- MY JURY NOTES REVEALED    Names of some of Wales' judges implicated in this conspiracy to pervert the course of justice helped by NHS doctor and management, Crown Prosecution barristers South Wales Police officers and HM Court staff who will be listed on cyber space, in due course.

They include and headed by the then Recorder of Cardiff.

He had my daughter crying in court with his arrogance, deceit and threats, sectioning me , under the 1983 Mental HealthAct, on what he well knew were falsified psychiatric reports and. in his next breath, had me expelled with Norman Scarth because His Honour could not stand the truth ( read 1st Oct 2009 transcript), later falsly promising me the Caswell NHS records only to retract his offer while having me promply jailed for 'contempt of court'.......


Nicholas Cooke QC, Llewellyn Jones QC. Vosper QC, Morris, Hughes QC, Llewellyn, Hughes, Eleri Rees, Neil Bidder QC, Paul Thomas QC, John Curran QC  and so the list goes on.....

Their deceitful Professor Rodger Wood, from Swansea University, for example, not just wrote fraudulent jibberish in my Caswell Clinic prison psychiatric report, to have me sectioned to Ashworth High Security asylum, he and other NHS emplyees in South Wales HQ, Port Talbot, have continued the cover up as it is just the proverbial  tip of the ice berg of what has been going on. here in Wales, for decades and all at  the UK tax payer's expense.

 But, then, who in London cares or gives a dam if the Cardiff judges don't?

Psychologist Wood actually falsified a second report, in a panick, by back-dating it to 18th September 2009, on finding I, on 9th February 2010, had escaped from Cardiff prison.

He hurriedly substituted the original medical document for the new one forgetting to correct his comments about the 'ex Chief Constable', Barabara Wilding, she having not yet retired for another three months!!!

 The original medical report had been written in a conspiracy with a rogue doctor protected by Port Talbot NHS management, several running similar private establishments funded by the tax payer. 

I was mysteriously MAPPA level 3  'de regististered', at the same time, from my much enjoyed elevatated status in Cardiff prison, remains a covered up conspiracy also in keeping with the routine behaviour of Cardiff's prison, police, CPS and ubiquitous dubious judges who should, at least, no better.


Meantime, watch this space

[photo of my veterinary surgery in St Sampsons, Channel Islands circa 1986]

That  described Guernsey's incestous judiciary but I left there for South Wales!!!!


A string of, no doubt, masonic Cardiff Crown Court judges, tried their damdest to have me jailed with mandatory prison sentances totalling 10 years all over this antique decommisioned WW1 Lewis machine gun.

 I was, years earlier, invited to fly my replica DH2 at Farnborough by the express 'orders' from my old mate Captain Brian Trubshawe of Concorde fame.

Rumour at the time was that his air show committee's 'slight mis understanding' with the CAA (campaign against aviators) cased them to vote I and only me was to fly her in the display! I had both lost and won numerous court case skirmishes, over 40 years, with my persistent adversaries, based at Gatwick, the most recent being  a win over 'low flying' in Taunton Crown Court.

Successive Cardiff based and very corrupt Welsh Crown Prosecutors were ridiculed in Brisol Crown Court, recently, by fellow but English barristers refusing to dirty their hands over my  transferred appeal for a 'common assault'.

The facts were that a rather nasty ex South Wales Police police officer, Derrick Hasan, protected by his HM title as a Cardiff Crown Court official had pushed me off my walking stick, pushed me down the stairs and had broken my leg.

The Cardiff judges, with  a similarly string of district judges, leaped to the suggestion that I had assaulted him!


 IPCC                  Refs 2099/0116588  &  2012/001471

Cardiff Wales



5th November 2012

Dear Sir,

Re More South Wales Police Bullying

Further to my ongoing complaint please note the latest complaints, enclosed, of at least several more examples of criminal conduct being occasioned:

  1. South Wales Police cross to England to influence a witness that has caused my name being removed from the veterinary register and receive a criminal conviction.

Enclosed website blog with one 27th Oct 12 statement agreed and signed by Christopher Paul ALEXANDER originally MR EBBS and witnessed by several people.


  1. . 2nd Nov 2010 conviction of common assault fabricated to use to oppose bail over a two year period only for it to be then withdrawn police never ever having intended to fight my appeal as the two year use of successfully opposing my bail had served its purpose..


Enclosed as a summary from my current website blog simply to indicate the extreme length Cardiff judges are now actively supporting their own police force’s criminal conduct

  1. False imprisonment re 2nd allegation of Breach of a Restraining Order from approx 21st Sept 2012 imprisonment for nearly 3 months on evidence later withdrawn as the police knew full well my action to fax a pre action protocol draft witness summons to Caswell Clinic was lawful.

My request for the MAPPA fabricated withheld medical evidence, used by police, CPS and rogue doctor, to apply for my transfer to Ashworth Psychiatric prison on 2nd Dec 2009, requires immediate disclosure in order I may apply to be put back on the veterinary register and for me to be eligible to update my professional flying licences.


Please do not allow this new evidence slow down you outstanding investigations of 'shoot to kill policy, 'machine gun' malicious prosecution and the falsification and maladministration of my being registered a MAPPA level 3 victim. Just when will you instruct an outside police force?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


NHS (Wales) has always been a most lucrative and easy source of income for lawyers but I am experiencing, as a tax payer, something quite unprecedented, at this very moment, here in South Wales.


The protection from criminal prosecutions currently being awarded, for services rendered, to certain Caswell Clinic personnel, in Bridgend, Swansea University and elsewhere, the centres of investigation for a recent run of unfortunate teenage suicides, is only just the tip of the ice berg.


Its collateral damage now includes at least the tenth Cardiff Crown Court judge drawn in and clearly contented to be part of a judicial conspiracy to cover up twenty years of South Wales Police bullying of a man who, despite contrary advice from both his mother and father, chose to settle in South Wales to practice veterinary surgery.

Cardiff's cabal turns to its Bar Council for its added protection this being yet another example as to what really goes on in our Cardiff law courts for the tax payer to unwittingly fund..


12 05 04 T20120090 Judgment REDACTED.pdf


12 05 03 T20120090 lee barker REDACTED.pdf

Now, please compare the evidence of 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrate's Mike Williams, the clerk of the court, you remember, the one who 'hid ' in a cell and admitted a part hand  written draft restraining order remained on court file, NEVER disclosed despite countless applications.

Once the CPS and Court clerk was rumbled they doth now deny any records exist----------shredded , of course.

12 05 02 evid of williams REDACTED.pdf.

So, following examination and cross examination, that makes four versions as to what went on in the cells if you now study, please, clerk and custody guard's original police written statements so thoroughly contradictory that  the judge should have stopped the trial as 'unsafe for a jury to deliberate upon.

But had an agenda all of his own, as the transcript extracts reveal.

DAMNATION.....these statements are only on my stolen computer......looking for them.......[will insert here later]

WITNESS STATEMENTS sent in by an avid reader:

 Clerk of Cardiff Magistrates Court, Mike Williams, who said he saw me, that day, on crutches, in the cells!

Custody officer, Lee Barker, another typical example of  of deceit.




NEEDING A RIGGED JURY? Well, what do you think? 


Evil forces infuencing the jury for them to ask these obvious same questions as I did and still find me guilty?

Should freemasons, before being castrated, be banned as jurors?

Extract from my letter to GEOamey Custody Services HQ re  their working manual when serving court documents on prisoners.

" Could you please send true copy of the regulations laid down..........

What did HHJ Curran QC not hear throughout the trial? More than even me?  Did he actually hear my Article 6 applications or not?

Dd he hear my list of defence witnesses written out in the cell and given to Jackie the manager ? She confirmed the list was given to the CPS and His Honour Judge Curran QC on her return but this Royal Courts of Justice letter suggests otherwise.

What are all these vjtal missing 'inaudible' prosecution answers to my 'inaudible' questions marked on the official transcript? No wonder more and more victims should be allowed supervised tape recordings of their own .

Foreign transcribers, as is currently the case coupled with the corrupt practices of HM Partnership co unavailable mean both Meirion Bowen and myself  have repeatedly   been refused the right to 'hear'  when asking for the  original Crown Court tapes in both March Appeal and May jury trial hearings.


It stinks, doesn't it?

A rigged jury? consider the possibilities:

This was my signed Wanted poster, of  5th July 201I, handed in at Cardiff's police station as part of my formal complaint under the 1997 Act for the culprits to be arrested.

But , instead, the police ran around like headless chickens until I was arrested for 'threats to kill the Lord Mayor of Cardiff'!

I was then jailed, brought before another notorious and wicked conspirator, district judge Bodfan Jenkins, who refused to take my 'not guilty; plea, for fear of further bad publicity and fined me £50 !

These evil Cardiff people will stop, it seems, at nothing.

This Wanted poster, in the harassment magistrates case, barrister Evans, of course, pathetically attempted to substitute in front of us all for the 'Dead or Alive' one following the prosecution witness not producing the evidence needed for the pre planned conviction.

 Judge Charles 'throws in the towel', intimidated by so many of my helpers in court and decrees this poster as, NOT HARASSMENT

 SO, how can it have been so descibed by this same barrister Evans in the 2nd May 2012 jury trial as the breach of restraining order?

And when you ask yourself that how, then, could DJ Charles be caught saying, "all seven incidents had been proven"? The doctor quote extract indicates criminal conduct, does it not? 

Nine of the 2010 'machine gun' trial jury told all of us, in the pub afterwards, that the only dessenter of a 'not guilty' verdict was one male who, throughout the two week trial refrused, point blank, discussing the issue other than I was obviously guilty.

How many planted in the 'restraining order' jury when considering it was a majority verdict?

 Despite the remaining jury members reminding this possible 'plant' , "how can the prosecution use the museum staff from Dorset,who sold Mr Kirk the WWI DH2 aircraft attached to an antique gun and the man from the Lincolnshire museum, who bought the display aircraft from Mr Kirk, as prosecution witnesses without them also being in The Dock?

Evilness personified, perhaps, with that trial judge, HHJ Paul Thomas QC, for he also not stopping the gun trial but repeatedly blocking my lines of questioning once he woke up to the fact I could expose this inherent deceit in Cardiff's judiciary if I had the investigating officer, Hughes, crumbling in the witness box.

Each judge trying to cover up the mere fact that it was Dolmans, solicitors, for the Chief Constable's, private but  pending civil three month damages claim,  sstarting in January, might just be the the cabal's modus operandi?

Dolmans had orchestrated the whole MAPPA and police operation ' Orchid', to snatch my then 10 year old daughter, anything these cowards can dream up to go for the soft under belly


OF COURSE IT WAS A RIGGED JURY following their judicial *** up in 2010

Just enjoy His Honour Judge Hughes' St David's Day 2012 apparent pantomime of Welsh deceit and intrigue, reminiscent of any tax haven judiciary and my memories of Enid Blyton Guernsey when you read these extracts of the !st Dec 11 Harssment appeal hearing

12 03 01 A20110290 Harassment Appeal REDACTED .pdf

12 03 02 A20110290 _not ev of PC Lucas_REDACTED.pdf

And even before that typically run Cardiff Crown Court appeal enjoy the accurate record I treasure for Europe and publicity all around the world, later and of that slimebag District Judge John Charles, wash your mouth out, Maurice,  performing in the original August 10 to 1st December 2011 Cardiff Magistrates hearings, re common assault & contravention to the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act fiascos not being allowed to cross examining anyone!

Each court case dependent on a typical hurried piece of legislation dreamed up and misused by Blair and his cronies and the Youth Justice Criminal evidence Act designed to stop any embarassing cross examination when a preplanned stitch up as this is to unfold.

Magistrate accurate record of evidnce and criminal conduct in the court room, later....watch this space 

District Judge Charles, remember, used the excuse to prevent me from cross examining the police in any hearing because I was subjected  to, in 20110, high doses of morphine sulphate and on crutches because of the rogue police forensic psychiatrist,  currently enjoying immunity to prosecution, having an extended holiday on full pay and private insurance contrary, in fact, to which the harassment Act allows him to have! But that's the current state of our judiciary in South Wales.

By10th November 1012  this man switched the excuse that I could not cross examine anyone despite my having obtained, at last, a hip replacement in France, refused in Wales, due to the contnet of the bogus psychiatric reports and therefore my no longer needing the daily morphine.

This same individual then quickly switched to some other excuse dreamed up on the day, still not defined, as to why I could not cross examine policemen!

His Honour Judge Hughes, for its March 2012 Appea, thought for a moment and with no grounds what so ever, followed the same agenda of refusing me right to cross examining anyone. So why was I forced a Meirion Bowen as a witness and   allowed to ask him questions but not the police/

Well this, of course, led to HHJ Curran QC, for the 2nd May jury trial, with a real head ache as the jury, if not nobbled, would be mystified and smell a rat.

So all these crooked litlle Cardiff S barristers got into a huddle, no doubt at some incestuous Lodge meeting and got Curran QC, in Feb 2012, to order I could cross examine all prosecution witnesses except the Dr complainant, the main player. [but he was not the complaqinant any more . the taffiaq had not thought it through. The whole welsh audience wanted to see the rogue doctor properly cross examined so the judges had to dreaqm up something to prevent it ever happening. His performance at magistrates, shortly to be broadcast world wide is an indictment in itself as the evilness pervading the Cardiff court rooms.

first  Dr ****************** was to enjoy cross examination similar to the court appointed solicitor,  Swansea solicitor,Williams' nonsence where he, to date, had challenged no prosecution evidence in magistrates or at its appeal what so ever !!!! 

But I soon scuppered that idea by speaking on the Cardiff prison monitored for police to hear along with reading all my ingoing and outgoing mail.

The freemasons call it  'the disemination of mis information'.

 Sure enough  the devil worshippers showed their hand by blocking certain phone numbers on the already very short Cardiff prison list of allowed recipients in my attempts to prepare for trials whilst on remand.  

So what did my Cardiff judges do?


A couple of months later these judges realised the jury may see through the scam so another judge was wheeled out and had me out of my cell for a video link hearing.

He orderedld you believe, that the Dr, the purported complainant, will not be a prosecution witness making the whole saga even more ridiculous. This would not prevent me calling him as my own witness but they could risk that with the obvious consequences! 

 Wait, reader, until you examine the full 'machine gun' transcipt (Cost in excess of £4,000) and this latest Cardiff Cabal Curran conspiracy, then we will hear the pips squeaking from across the River Severn.

Rogue NHS (Wales) personnel, a doctor Thomas, Professor Rodger Wood and certain others, at NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic and Swansea University started all this simply due to my winning too many court cases brought by the bullying South Wales Police.

My 2010 quite unintended release from Cardiff prison had now caused the Welsh authorities a serious head ache following their failure to having me interred in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison or having me, as a MAPPA victim, shot.

Having been incarcerated, until then, for nearly eight months on remand, three of which having been a terrifying experience in Caswell Clinic, their dealt Gulag card having now failed, meant just what will they try next?

Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable of South Wales Police, in the Spring of 2009, had not chaired countless clandestine IAG and MAPPA  meetings in Caswell Clinic or police stations for nothing just to allow my acquittal for trading in WWI machine guns and live ammunition. 

This, coupled with her senior police officers' backing for her MAPPA level 3 status of me, mysteriously, incidentally, being dropped just before the January 2010 'machine gun' trial started with no reason leaked, is but 'small beer' of things yet to come when the January three month civil action for damages starts coupled with this


and this:

and this:

[Photo taken just before Liberty Girl hit a lorry in Kanazawa, Japan following a 'donkey stop']

and this


 All pending one million pound damages claims blocked by the Cardiff civil Justice Centre in cahoots with CPS, Dolmans and the South Wales Police.

This letter  is one of various applications to the Chief Constable for disclosure that instigated her orders to MAPPA classification with the hope in having me shot:

The details of much of this I left with Inspector Hunt, last w it seems, at nothingtempory Bridewell police station!

and the heart of the matter:


This sign's significance slowly unfolds.

NHS (Wales) doctors and management in Port Talbot, responsible for my falsified forensic history,  employed private lawyers, Morgan Cole, solicitors, Cardiff with no proper checks on either the sanity or voracity of some of the combatants.

All at  tax payers' expense, mind you, employed just to fight my £800 petty debt court claim, a test case to expose  their filthy conduct before the one million pound claim is heard, for my costs following countless visits, by bus ,train and taxi, to that notorious building in Bridgend simply to retreive my post 19th October 2009 Caswell Clinic written psychiatric reports used before the judges ever since to oppose me bail.

The falsifed NHS records state I possibly have cancer but definitely have irreversable MAPPA level 3 most dangerous 'significant brain damage'.

I note His Honour Judge Curran QC's 4th May 2012 remark to the jury, see link above, indicated I was not supposed to have been told by any of these Cardiff Crown Court judges, staff  of Caswell Clinic or a chain of, scurrying away to hide, GPs that I may have a brain tumour!

Curran makes the 10th Cardiff Crown Court judge, at least, proven, since 7th August 2009, to be conspiring to pervert the course of justice .

 Just how high up the devil worshipping chain within these Welsh doctors and Welsh judges do we need to go, for God's sake, to stop all this?

[Both spineless Cowbridge Health Centre doctors, Cowbridge and Ravenscourt Surgery doctors, Barry, banned me from their premises rather than be dragged into this fraudulent conduct]. ,

God help Wales and our next generation when these vile individuals shortly take full command of our law courts and health services with complete independance from England.

Had it not been for the quick thinking of my sister, on 2nd December 2009, when the evil cabal were trying to use the Caswell doctor's report to get me to Ashworth Psychiatric Prison for life, the transcrippt would have been shredded.

09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

Seeing that my GP's surgery in Barry had been promised them, if I collected them at the porter's lodge, I visited only to be jailed for attempted burglary!


Following all charges dropped, at the court door, I return again only to be arrested, this time, for harassment (see below and previous blogs) quite contrary to what the 1997 Prevention of Harassment states, when any one is allowed to attempt in preventing or detecting further criminal conduct by a rogue team of professionals.

Dolemans, solicitors of Cardiff, adviser for the Chief Constable, MAPPA and my imoprisonment, NHS lawyers for Caswell and HM Treasury Solicitor lawyers for bent court officials and prison etc etc   http://kirkflyingvet.com/photos/legal/HM-Treasury-Solicitors-Office.aspx   have crowded out my friends, of late, from the court public galleries, again financed by the tax payer, anything to block disclosure of police/prison/GEOamey Custodial Services and Cardiff court records, all for unabated criminal conduct by devil worshipping HM protected vermin.


 But the petty debt action proceeds so Morgan Cole, solicitors, indicate the approximate £10,000 bill, accrued to defend the rogues, I will have to pay if I proceed any further.

Black mail ?

There being no form of taxation of such a bill then claiming the same sum from the tax payer when I withdrew was routine. At least there was blood on the carpet despite the hearing  not to be in an impartial environment like in Bristol, for example.  It was to be heard in the notorious Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, a den of vice, so I had to withdraw.

 Barristers, David Gareth Evans, Richard Ace and Richard Twomlow, ALL of 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff and barrister Hemmimgs acted as Crown Prosecution HM Queen repesentatives, for the South Wales Police, during my machine gun trial, bail applications and alleged seven breaches of the 1997 Protection of Harassment Act hearings heard between 10th November to 1st December 2011.

Not one of the above barristers were prepared to inform the respective juries there was 'no case to answer', decided, incidentally, by the 'machine gun' jury on the very first day of evidence, some told us afterwards.

 Where Harassment/Breach of Restraining Orders were concerned barrister Evans switched exhibits, by slight of hand in magistrates and consistently lied over many facts accurately noted by my Mackenzie Friends crowded in the public gallery. All to be published in full shortly for the English Bar Council to examine as an example of what daily goes on in Welsh law courts for local people to both fund and suffer.

This Dec 2011 Harassment debarcle terminated with an 18 week retrospective jail term conviction only because district Judge John Charles felt intimidated from so many witnessing and recording his and the barrister's  disgraceful conduct. A purported service of a restraining order, also much disputed, was, of course, planned to be given to me in prison and not in the cells.

Apparantly I was accused in harassing one of the Welsh doctors listed, I am informed by many, by this week's  NHS alarming report on how many victims had similarly been incarcerated under false psychiatric reports and pretences or, as in my case, with the doctor not even having the appropriate qualifications.

That was precisely the case as with my Caswell Clinic,Bridgend forensic psychiatrist, he being immune to prosecution because he, like this barrister Evans, worked for the South Wales Police.

:43pm Monday 29th October
Jeremy Hunt says up to 5,000 mental health patients may have been sectioned over the last 10 years by 'unapproved' doctors Jeremy Hunt says up to 5,000 mental health patients may have been sectioned over the last 10 years by 'unapproved' doctors

Up to 5,000 mental health patients may have been sectioned over the last 10 years by doctors who had not undergone proper approval, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said.

Mr Hunt said there were "irregularities" around the way doctors were approved before they could assess patients for detention under the 1983 Mental Health Act.

He told the Commons: "Our latest best estimate is that 2,000 doctors were not properly approved and that they have participated in the detention of between 4,000 and 5,000 current patients within institutions in both the NHS and independent sectors."

Mr Hunt said four of England's Strategic Health Authorities were affected, with some patients sent to Ashworth and Rampton secure hospitals, home to some of Britain's most notorious prisoners.

The Health Secretary said emergency legislation would be rushed through Parliament to deal with the scandal, which he learned of last week.

But he added: "There is no suggestion that hospitalisation or detention of any patient has been clinically inappropriate, nor that the doctors so approved are anything other than properly qualified to make such recommendations, nor that these doctors might have made incorrect diagnoses or decisions about the treatment patients need.

"All the proper clinical processes were gone through when these patients were detained. We believe no-one is in hospital who shouldn't be, and no patients have suffered because of this."

He said doctors recommending patients to be locked up would not have known they had not been properly approved to make such recommendations. "They acted in good faith," he added.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said: "Detaining people under the Mental Health Act raises the most serious issues of fundamental rights and of patient and public safety. Any reported failure will therefore always be a matter of the highest concern."

Mr Burnham said MPs wanted to "get to the bottom of the unacceptable breaches of procedure we have just heard about".

BUT HERE IN WALES things are quite different.

My so called 'shrink'  neither had the qualifications nor competence to inform the then nine Cardiff Crown Court judges that I had 'significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour, as written in his psychiatric reports. He always left that to the police barristers, as with His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009,  for example, while I was held in a cell beneath being refused any legal representation.

Judge Neil Bidder QC WANTED BQ REDACTED.pdf

09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

CPS barrister Richard Thomlow, from the same 9, Park Crescent Chambers, Cardiff, waxed eliquent determined to have me incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison, IPP, imprisonment for public protection. Why? because he had arranged with Dolmans, solictors, the Chief Constable's private solicitors, also of Cardiff, for my MAPPA level 3 registration  with the deliberate three week delay hoping I  would approach the Chief Constable, guarded 24/7 and my lawfully being shot.


Thomlow and the South Wales Police were facing an ignominious defeat in my shortly to be heard 'machine gun' trial  http://kirkflyingvet.com/photos/legal/Vengeance-is-Mine-.aspx  so Cardiff's cabal hatched a scheme in trying to stop the trial without the conspiracy, headed then by the Recorder of Cardiff, Nicholas Cooke QC, from being compromised. 


As was his collegue barrister Ace? lies before Judge Cooke, in June 2009, quoting my Texas USA psychiatric reports, concerning my aircraft ng been a slight too close to President Bush's ranch and his SAMs.

Both Judge Cooke QC and barrister Richard Ace set out to stitch me up, even before I was arrested, following the IAP 1st June 2009 meeting in the South Wales Police HQ headed by Barbara Wilding. They all knew my being registered MAPPA level 3 (top 5% most dangerous in the land)  was only to allow an opportunity in having me lawfully shot.

The 'machine gun' nonsence was further fabricated to allow the rogue psychiatrist, on 8th June in Barry police station, to have me recommended a MAPPA victim.

NOW, perhaps, my readers can start to see the extent of the corruption in Cardiff's judiciary currently negotiating autonomy to break away from England

Barrister Richard Ace

09 06 25 MG Transcript.pdf 

09 06 07 MG Trans.pdf

09 07 16 MG Transcript.pdf

09 07 30 MG transcript.pdf     BAIL APPLICATION                                                                   7th August, 2009

Just a few of the lies uttered by HM Crown Prosecution barrister, Richard Ace, before his honour judge Hughes on 25

th June, 2009 to overturn Barry Magistrates granting of unconditional bail.

Maurice Kirk is unemployed  (He is a company director)

Maurice Kirk is of no fixed address.

Maurice Kirk was arrested at Marlpits, St Donats.

Maurice Kirk refused to cooperate when arrested.

Arrested primarily for threats of criminal damage (only for the allegation to then be withdrawn)

Likely to abscond he could obtain an aircraft and fly away.

Likely to interfere with witnesses including police officers (not a shred of evidence)

Maurice Kirk has had full disclosure of evidence.

At interview he refused to cooperate ・] (detailed reply plus 64 page statement of explanation tendere

Maurice kirk offered £10,000 reward, threatening violence on members of the public

 (actually advertisement on his website requesting the whereabouts of police officers to be witnesses in the 6 month trial for damages against South Wales Police commencing in January 2010 despite failed police disclosure)

11.Kirk must remain locked up until we have obtained a witness statement from the previous owner of the circa 1916 Lewis machine gun

(police have had a warrant for his arrest for many years, it has just been established, living abroad)

12.Richard Ace omit's the fact that that the Chief Constable's very own solicitors laid the complaint to lay a smokescreen relating to her 25th Feb 2009 false affidavit denying police incidents ever occurred.

13. MJK refused right to apply for bail.



10th August 2009  Frederick Place

Bristol BS8 1AS


To the Clark of the Court, (Bristol Crown Court)

Dear Sir

My Father, Maurice John Kirk (MJK) was refused the right to apply for bail before four judges, consisting of Judge Morris, Judge Cooke, Judge Llewelwyn

Jones and one other, on 6th July, 16th July, 30th July and 7th August.

On 6

th July, his Honour Judge Morris said "I am not hearing any applications" and then promptly switched the video screen off when MJK tried to respond. I am assured this was recorded, and therefore, presume this can be proved by the transcript/voice recording of the hearing. In addition, witnesses of our own were present also.

On 7th July and 30th July, MJK was even denied the right to be in court.

MJK was again refused the right to apply for bail, and was refused legal representation in the hearing when he was certified under Section 35 of The Mental Health Act 1983.

th August, MJK had been informed by a Doctor by the name of Dr **************, "it was to be a bail application".

I, son of the accused, apply for MJK to be produced before a competent court without further delay, in order that he be allowed to make a bail application as soon as possible, as due to his incarceration, he is unable to make this WRIT application himself.

Yours sincerely

ALEX KIRK (Son of the accused) 10/08/09

09 09 03 MG Trans Redacted.pdf

09 10 01 REDACTED transcript.pdf 

                                          HMP Caswell Clinic


                                                  South Wales


                                                                                                          2nd Oct 2009

The Office for Judicial Complaints


10th Floor Tower, 10.52 102 Petty France, London,

Re: Cardiff Crown Court

Your ref: 6563/2009

Dear Sir



On 01 October Judge N Cooke refused me bail. Since 25 June I have been denied the right to apply for bail as I appear to be under the control of MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement) without being notified for what reason.


Am I considered dangerous, despite FTAC (Fixated Threat Assessment Centre) clearance in January?


The Judge, after indicating I may be released, first asked if I would co-operate with further examinations at the clinic. I deferred my reply to establish just what was causing my having been locked up all summer and who instigated it?


The Judge then produced a single page extracted from my website, out of context, following the South Wales Police refusing to identify any of the police officers at the 43 incidents listed with police authority ‘occurrence numbers’ stored on the Police National Computer for easy reference.


The Chief Constable’s 25 February 2009 erroneous sworn affidavit refers to this matter – see website downloads www.kirkflyingvet.com.


Both the Chief Constable and Adrian Oliver of Dolmans solicitors, Cardiff, are the subject before the Barry Magistrates Court on 23 October in a private criminal prosecution and other related alleged offences originating from 1993 covert police surveillance by South Wales Police on my veterinary surgeries and home and which is ongoing.


The Judge indicated I would offend again and sent me down to attend court on 26 October. The page he referred to identified my £10,000 reward for the home addresses of retired Police Officers and Crown Prosecution personnel. 

In order to serve a witness summons private investigators have explained the only method left open to me as the police refuse to even answer my letters.


Welsh MAPPA meetings regularly include police, members of Caswell Clinic personnel and agents for the Judiciary, including the CPS

 Judge Cooke knows the relationship between the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, South Wales Police and the HM Attorney General as co-defendants he having sat on one of my cases, only to witness the Jury catch the police ‘red handed’ signalling to the PC on cross examination. They even put it in writing to Judge Cooke, but the Judge let the culprits get away ‘Scot free’.


Judge Cooke already knows I have been subjected to intrusive techniques, including SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) and the refusal by the HM clinic to disclose any of my medical records.  


Judge Cooke knows there is no right of appeal to this 3rd 28 day consecutive court order when well over 35 hours of intense interrogation has already taken place with doctors alone.


Psychiatrists from both Cardiff and Swansea University, with funding from the USA in their research, have played a major part.


For him to refuse me the right to hear the 03 September court hearing tape (transcript omitting both my request for a bail application and allegation that the clinic had ‘put something in my tea’ is but ‘small beer’ to his ignoring my need for analgesia due to a splitting headache.


Not the court fraternity, custodial staff of the cells, nor even the numerous psychiatric nursing staff, that it needed to get me there, would supply anything to alleviate the acute pain.


Judge Cooke will know that on 26 October Dr (name redacted 01/11/12) will reiterate his previous suggestion that I may now be subjected to anti psychotic drugs, possibly by force and further sectioned to remain in custody indefinitely purely at the discretion of the Ministry of Justice.


Judge Cooke again refused to take a pleading saying I was not fit, despite the 29 September psychiatric report clearly stating to the contrary!

It was Judge Cooke with two other barristers on 16 July who all discussed a submission that it was not about who was holding the parcel when the music stopped.


Judge Cooke reused to seize exhibit AJR/1, the antique weapon following my written request to prevent the police from furthering tampering with it. Now, I wonder why?


Judge Cooke is just another in a string of court cases where successive judges have refused to establish just who instigated my arrest in the first place, who appointed the Caswell Clinic and who instigated a Section 35.


Maurice J Kirk


Cardiff's cabal ordered the lot from the State psychiatric hospitalm in Austin but on reading them Cooke ordered they be shredded.

I wish to make a formal complaints against these barristers Thomlow, Ace and Evans   in their appalling and unlawful conduct during trials, bail applications and the summary hearing ending1st December 2011 at Cardiff Magistrates and during the Crown Court trial, ending 4nd May 2012, before a bemused jury and audience.
What did each trial judge know about basic human rights?
I, for example, in the past year been refused fundimental disclosure of court and custody records, CCTV, time to cross examine, access to my legal papers, exhibits, all waiting in my cell. Judge Curren even refused me my right to see my witnesses before during or even after the ridiculous trial etc etc
No restraining order was ever served on me in the magistrates cells at the end of the case and the CCTV, asked for by both me and the jury, was deliberately destroyed because of my being beaten up by five GEOamey Custodial Services employees, throwing me out on the floor and chucking my crutches out on top of my head causing others to lay on a wheel chair.
Enjoy reading more of the transcript, some already on previous blog, to be published very soon but only after the Cardiff cabal have altered and redacted these official court documents to protect themselves. 
Evans' conduct at magistrates clearly showed the knowledge I was absent and in the cells. He knew just what he was telling the district judge JOHN CHARLES were bloody great lies.
The common assault conviction had already been arranged, for Peter's sake, to be quashed when it was to be heard well out of of wicked Wales, in Bristol Crown Court, nearly two years later.
See leaked High Court judge's clandestine interference for an example of Welsh judicial process and not unlike judge Hickinbottom's secret Cardiff County Court hearing with the RCVS lawyers blocking my witness summonses.
A slipped extract of magistrates court notes:
From a possible grateful client when this place once let me practice veterinary surgery
The other little CPS and police had already milked this common assault conviction for nearly two years to successfully bar my release on bail.
Remember, the police opposed bail even before the 2nd Nov 11 conviction with an already pre arranged 'no penalty' sentance!!!
I have countless witnesses who attended and made their own record of the conduct of this lawyer and district judge John Charles knowing both were immune to prosecution under the signed Memorandum of Understanding, between police and court lawyers and HM Prerogative.
And the Welsh County Court is no better.
After these conspiratorial letters were slipped to me, nearly five years ago I have been banned from the building! 
Frantic to have me registered  a 'vexatious Litigant' back in 2002, theses bast**ds will stop at nothing, anything to preserve their 'tax payer funded gravy train'.
Consider the daily stench that oozes out of the various orifices of Cardiff's so called Civil Justice Centre.....
I win a clear cut damages claim for one of many false imprisonments since I so stupidly crossed the Severn Bridge some 20 years ago.
But oh no......the court are quietly told to overturn the judgment, for an Englishman, by the inner Cardiff cabal circle now saying,  '"the court  have 'no record' of serving the papers on the prison governor in the first place""!!!
Bloody liars, so why won't they return my court fee?  Inherent deceit or inherent greed? 
Incidentally, HM Official Solicitor was warned off by the Cardiff cabal in asking the relevant Governor of HMP Cardiff if she had received the 'Particulars of Claim'.....far too risky. Ms West was not only retired and therefore no longer in their clutches she was retired and NOT, I strongly suspect, a Freemason.
The heart of your deceitful little fiefdom's problems, ladies and gentlemen, are under your control but you do absolutely nothing about it, now why?
Getting back to a Cardiff criminal court example, "a relatively minor offence" the evil judge Charles said.
Charles had been the one in the first place, over a year earlier, in August 2010, when he had ordered I was not allowed to cross examine any of the prosecution witnesses.... I was to have their own court appointed defence lawyer do it!
Quoted recently by Bristol CPS, when applying to not oppose my appeal against conviction of 'common assault'
"Your Honour, the complainant is now reluctent to give evidence" (in the light of being cross examined for the first time).
This x-ray of my ankle, after the ex copper, Derrick Hasan, had pushed me down the Crown Court steps and off my crutches. I have needed nine unnecessary months on them with almost daily morphine sulphate only because no one in the Welsh judiciary and NHS (Wales) had the balls to have my 2009 psychiatric reports corrected to allow me a total hip replacement operation in England.
All in a day's work here in Cardiff's stinking cabal.
Please email me forms to fill in for you to, no doubt, shred later.
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Who else would like copy of the proceedings?
Or more to the point, who has the moral fibre?
An e-mail, at 2 in the morning, from the legendary Diana Mitchell reminds me of my RCJ photo of both her and Sheida as to how inherently evil our UK judiciary really is and will remain, if we all stop.
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