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Evil Cardiff Magistrates


Re Arrested re MUSA Conspiracy

Thoroughly deceitful District Judge John Charles not only arranges my being  convicted in my absence he refuses me my legal papers, right to cross examine any witness or call witnesses of my own.This evil man would not even allow me to plead guilty in order I leave prison.

Equally wicked Cardiff Crown Court judges, at the same time, deliberately avoided the continuing 'abuse of process' by avoiding my bail applications being heard. Cardiff County Court just struck out about five of my  actions due to my 'failure to attend' blaming the HM prison who, in turn, blamed the prisoner!

So much for the stench of the Welsh Judiciary currently snivelling to the UK tax payer trying to become 'independant' of Whitehall so they can steal and pillage even more un taxed cash from  their Principality 



  • Posted By: Maurice Kirk
  • Posted : 12-17-2011
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Maurice Kirk said:

13th May 2012 ....I have now interviewed those in the public gallery of last week's Cardiff Crown Court  scandalous trial.......think about, it, a truly scarey event, could have been a murder trial.

All it needed was an 'order' from some wicked man and the jury shrunk into the wood work