After my release from London's Holborn police cell, with all allegations laughed out of court, I might even have experienced a touch of sadness to leave such a bunch of 'Peelers' of the old school. I was treated throughout my incarceration with both respect and courtesy for PACE so unlike my 20 years of experiences in South Wales.

The two arresting officers were of exceptional quality, restoring much of my lost faith in those who, so often, are given such a thankless task in their attempts to keep the peace in our kingdom. My memories of the Principal Registry of the UK Family Courts near by, however; were quite a different matter!

Were these letters written by the same person or who wrote this letter?

Well, Haringey Council used this letter to justify their snatching 5 children on 8 April 2010 as a precursor for taking the 6th baby on 11 June 2011, after birth. 

The letter that went out this morning:

Dear Home Secretary and dear Foreign Secretary

This is to request you to do everything in your powers to send the Nigerian family – with all their children - back to Nigeria. They were taken into “care” by Haringey Council on 8 April 2010.

As the latest of their apparent cover up activities, Haringey Council have refused a request for a consular visit on the basis of the children “not being Nigerian”.

British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children was published on 28 August 2011 by the National Nigerian paper Leadership.

Please find attached a copy of the High Commission’s request for a visit together with the confirmation that Mr Chiwar Musa is the biological father of Bishop Gloria Musa’s five children.  Their sixth baby was taken at birth by five police officers.

The DNA confirmation was carried out for the Council, for they alleged that the mother was a sex worker and child trafficker, when it could be the opposite.

Trusting that you will deal with this request with your most urgent attention,

Yours sincerely,

Sabine K McNeill, Web Publisher and McKenzie Friend

Bishop Gloria and Chiwar Musa
The Prime Minister
The Deputy Prime Minister
His Excellency, The High Commissioner of Nigeria
The Deputy High Commissioner, Sierra Leone, personal friend
Lord Harris of Haringey, former Council Leader
Claire Kober, Leader of Haringey Council
Maurice Kirk, McKenzie Friend
Ian Josephs, Publisher of Forced Adoption, Monaco
John Hemming MP


We are now leaving to go to stand outside the police station with my loud haler and remind the police the Musas have refused to sign in for bail on Monday , Wednesday and today and will not until they get the results of their baby's drug tests results no doubt already given to the Haringey mob two months ago.

Then it is proposed to visit, with loud haler and swelling crowd of supporters, the last known address of the last known foster parent and then, by dividing the small army of liberators,  on to several schools similtaneously for trouble. 

This only just the beginning of what is planned unless the Uk Parliament does not step in and save the family and help them home to Nigeria

Links coming shortly:

 1. Audio tapes of Michelle Collins' involvement with the six children and Africa

 2. Gloria Musa's mother's letter to Nigerian High Court

 3..Both Musa's custody records and police medical results on alleged drug doping of their baby

4. Cardiff graphologist's opinion on authenticity of alleged F's complaint letter

 5. Resignation letters from Haringey Council

 6. Private Prosecutions of both culpable lawyers and Haringey council officials

7. Family Court Reform


Gloria on video just wishing her kids were no longer a burden on the tax payer! However, more and more foster carers, corrupt lawyers and judges get fat by dragging parents through courts while their children are paid for...