Not being family means you don't get information from Holborn Police Station. As McKenzie Friend, I was eventually told he was detained for nearly five hours until 6.10pm, without any charges or further action.

Meanwhile, I've pieced this together from a witness of the Nigerian parents whose story was reported in the national Nigerian paper Leadership on 21 August 2011: British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple's Six Children as to some of what happened:
  1. Maurice went to court with snatched children's parents who have been named by the Nigerian newspaper.The children's Guardian solicitor Jonquil Houghton, apparently in league with of Haringey Council's barrister, Ms O'Donahugue, allowed several false claims before HHJ Carol Atkinson, new to the case


    a Coronation Street actress, I forget which and unsavory male habits appear to be mixed up in all this.........the next blog, after I have spoken to her or her agent, may clarify the whereabouts of six stolen children so a few poeple can be jailed and the family can GO HOME
  • that he was recording proceedings with a dictaphone or mobile neither of which he had in court.
  • Neither barrister nor solicitor corrected the judge when the judge assumed that Maurice was Paul Randle-Jolliffe who had acted as McKenzie Friend for the Musas before. [Both barrister and solicitor had acted before and had spoken to Paul numerous times in previous hearings but at 2pm deliberately told the judge, when Maurice was safely behind bars, that he was using two names to mislead the court!]
  • Maurice believes they did this to bar him from future hearings, because he had suggested to the judge, both lawyers stating 'the idea had never been considered', to simply 'deport' the children, not the parents, in the care of the NHS to the aircraft and allow the Nigerian authorities to take over from that point.
  • Maurice had also told the judge DNA tests, withheld from the parents for months, proved the six children was theirs afterall, making 'child trafficking' even more less likely
  • Maurice also had told the judge that the police, if that concerned with an allegation, armed with a positive opium drug result, illicit drugs inflicted on a one year old baby, would of had one or more of the parents behind bars months ago.
  • The drawback of this simple solution, pressed a year earlier by the parents, to send the children back to Nigeria, was that the huge 'gravy train', as Maurice calls it, would no longer be available.
  • Maurice suspects the UK is the only country in the world with such secrecy law to disguise this day by day fraud. 

That morning, in the presence of the parents and another witness, Maurice had arrested the solicitor for 'perverting the course of justice', by misleading the court and covering up, for the past 18 months, the original spurious reasons for the snatch that, so long ago, had been proved false. What finger has this law firm raised to help the children?

Maurice was told, by the clearly annoyed Holborn police due to being duped, that police drug analysis from the baby, in June11, would have been confirmed, either way,in a matter of days vwhich is one of the3 reasons why Hornsey police refuse to release the parents' custody records, Maurice insists with, clearly, Haringey being told to shut up.

Maurice says, "either there are drugs involved or there are not----if not then send the family home NOW" and that includes daughter, feared to be now dead.

Daughter's last alleged handwriting, when the parents believed she was still alive, submitted by Haringey BUT refused to be even looked at, yet alone examined, by three or is it six judges now, is a pointer as to where the truth lies. 

Death or worse is seriously now possible by examining the content of the 8th September 11 Haringey Council brief for the new judge, deliberately written to deceive: page 1, page 2 and see paragraph 17 of page 3 of this Case Summary, unless the Hornsey police have conspired in this enquiry from conception?

Incidentally, what  Maurice actually indicated, on the way out of court to get the police, was that he would use his megaphone, confiscated by court officials earlier, to call the public to save the family from this room full of criminals. The plan, put off until next time now, is for him to stand in the middle of Higher Holborn road, outside the 42-49 numbered Principal Registry of the Family Division, broadcasting the appalling facts and cover up by so many lawyers/judges and police all determined to swindle large sums from the tax payer by dragging out cases with no concern for the families in a secret environment unique within Europe.

With Maurice now safely locked up in the cells of Holborn police station and his captors now having perused court documents, they soon realised the lawyers had lied.

There never was a tape recorder and together with the false documentation the barrister had just served  on Her HonourJudge Atkinson and Maurice's few words as the parents's Mckenzie Friend, had caused her to swiftly vacate the court room. She soon realised, by her repeating the ICO Haringey application, would be unlawfully settled now  in court if it was done on 5th. Maurice has warned that the ordered transcipts would not be complete and to prolong yet another separation of children from each other and from each parent was further crimiinal conduct.

On the Monday, 5th September, when the ICO was 'nodded' through, with neither party, the lawyers now say, privy to it, now triggers an emergency Judicial Review Application commmencing after the parents visited to 'that place' in the Strand. 

Examination of served papers, at commencement of the 8th September hearing, suggest the Council, if you wish to believe it, had 'no knowledge' of the Monday, 5th September, hearing, despite being listed before a District Judge for parents with the subsequent court order for the 5th Sept hearing (Copy redacted as identifies all six kids) served on both parties, to lodge rebuttal.

Maurice has studied numerous cases riddled with sharp practices and cover-ups in both South Wales and in the RCJ, indicating the problem is endemic in the cartel of 'family law' since incidents of child abuse were taken out of the criminal courts in 1948 to be hidden in this new but lucrative medium.

He vows he will therefore now campaign to make family courts go public and the crimes committed by lawyers to be put back into the criminal courts. Ther will be some exceptions, of course and supervised recording for the applicants' immediate use and ownership is also of paramount importance. See The Secrecy of Family courts should be Lifted NOW! and Send the Musa Family back Home to Nigeria - WITH their Children!

What also is clearly outdated is the UK adversarial systerm, with no checks as to the voracity of the players, is no proper taxation of the huge bills fabricated for the tax papyer.

Here is custody record page 1 and here's page 2.

What is clear from all this shambles is that avarice has once again prevailed and Haringey should be subjected to an external police enquiry.

Punishment without Crime is an article that Ian Josephs based on his experiences, with golden rules for parents.


.......Sex Worker/Child Trafficking/Paedophelia all concluded by police but Haringey Council continue withholding the whereabouts of the six children and if they are still all alive?