Maurice Kirk has had rectal pain, an excruciating  situation, which has been impinging on his sleep and more recently, during the day, since late last year. HMP Cardiff rightly organised a colonoscopy at 'The Heath', Cardiff University's Hospital with a Dr/Mr Adam which was supposed to have taken place last March 2014. Maurice travelled to the hospital under escort but before he even saw a doctor the examination was cancelled and he was returned to HMP Cardiff.
As he was in court during the end of March, he missed his appointment with the Prison Medical Department, Dr Rose Marnell, and so another appointment was made for 6th May 2014 (some 7 weeks later). When this date finally came around, and in regular agony with only paracetamol issued at 8am and mid afternoon each day when he had to take it and not allowed to save it for the pain in the small hours of the night, THE APPOINTMENT WAS CANCELLED with no explanation.
Since then he has continued to ask for a proper examination as he has previously had rectal problems due to sitting on an extra fuel tank in his Piper Cub from Biggin Hill to Sydney Australia. A seat would have added to the total weight of the plane and restricted distance covered between refuelling.
Two weeks ago he was able to ask/beg the two main doctors at the unit for a proper appointment and examination but both doctors separately ignored him and would not talk with him. On Bank Holiday Saturday afternoon he was handed a letter from Wing Governor Reed which had been dated Friday 23rd May 2014 suggesting that if he desired a medical examination the Prison could offer the following:
a) At his own expense he could invite a GP into the Prison to examine him
but failing that
b) At his own expense he could visit the surgery via a taxi and escort.
What is the Prison playing at? One was led to believe that Her Majesty's servants were duty bound to show 'duty of care' of prisoners, but it appears that South Wales 'servants' can do anything, ignore decency, ignore rules, ignore justice. Who can defend inmates from these Welsh 'servants'?

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