M is feeling much better and has sped off to Brittany on his motorbike. Or that was the unlikely story which went along the lines of: need to sort out accounts, the garden the cottage etc., etc.

M obviously became bored v quickly as accounts, gardening, sorting out the cottage are not really his things and so it was no surprise to learn that he is now actually in the South, enjoying weather (good), food (v good), wine (even better). He sounds quite cheerful when we speak via telephone.

So many people ask me why I don't seem to mind his taking so many holidays, enjoying so many trips...

Suffice to say that while the cat is away this time, Gen and I have found her a new pony and M is too far away to object or censor. She will be installed by his return and, as he can't now fly over our fields to do a head count, he won't even know that she's here (until we choose a suitable moment to tell him).  My mare has gone away to stud and Morgan's horse will be in the stable just starting work (which means that M's car will be out of the stable).

Happy days.

KK (M's wife)